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    (Picture: Oldushkamodels/Instagram)

    For years, the fashion industry has had a notoriously closed concept of beauty.

    Prepubescent-looking, ultra-thin, white women have paraded down catwalks, graced magazine covers and won campaigns.

    But things are changing.

    Last week, for example, Eyeko appointed Daphne Self – an 89 supermodel – as one of their new faces.

    And now we bring you news of a Russian modelling agency which exclusively represents models over the age of 45.

    Oldushka was born out of a photography project. Igor Gava was going around snapping the style of retirees for his blog, also called Oldushka…and eventually, he decided to set up an agency.

    And now, 18 months on, the company has four… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Roman)

    It’s 2018 and there’s an app for almost everything, some more useful than others.

    But if you ever found yourself thinking there should be an application on your mobile phone that tracks your morning erections, then you’re in luck.

    The aptly named app Morning Glory does just that.

    Users are asked every morning if they had an erection when they woke up. A streak, consecutive boners in the morning is celebrated.

    Erectile Dysfunction company Roman created the programme to promote sexual health as morning erections are an indicator of good overall men’s health.

    App to track erectionsfaimabakar1App to track erectionsfaimabakar1

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Dogs are man’s best friend, and they show us they love us in a myriad of ways.

    Licking us is one of these ways, but there can also be other reasons why they do this.

    Licking themselves is also common, but if they do it too much it can be something of a danger sign.

    (Picture: Getty)

    Reasons why dogs lick humans

    When puppies are born, the first… Read the full story

    Red headed British female with her dogjessicacvlRed headed British female with her dogjessicacvl

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    (Picture: Instagram)

    Oh good, another new advert that boats diversity and inclusivity has just surfaced.

    Women of all ages and sizes stripping down, embracing each other, laughing, staring pensively, touching sensually, and all the other cliched components are seen in the latest beauty campaign.

    Skincare brand Babor uses activists, mothers, designers, editors and more to advertise their products, showing off the models and their untouched bodies in nude swimsuits and underwear.

    They’re certainly not the first to peddle the fuzzy body-positive soundbite. Whether it’s Dove, Vogue, or Missguided, brands have capitalised on trendy movements such as body positivity and diversity for exposure and further visibility.

    And while this new campaign at least attempts to… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Amy Churchman)

    In case you missed it, fitness food outlet Protein Haus got in rather hot water this week.

    Protein Haus got called out on Twitter for calling one of their low carb options Thigh Gap.

    There was outrage from various quarters for naming the salad box after a beauty standard most of us assumed had been left in the past, after a university grad posted a photo of the meal and called for her followers to retweet it.

    While it’s obvious what the problem is, those of us who know and use Protein Haus and similar services were left feeling a little uneasy.

    At 210 kcals, 26.2g of protein… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Temple of Seitan/Instagram)

    ‘I’m fine with vegan food but I don’t want to eat any of that fake meat,’ a meat-eating mate said to me last week when we were discussing where to dine.

    ‘Bean burgers are one thing but if you like the taste of chicken, why don’t you just eat it rather than making fake fried chicken?’

    It’s a common question in both vegan and omnivorous circles.

    After all, even if you don’t want to eat meat out of moral compunction, there are plenty of non-ersatz options out there for the decerning herbivore. And many straight-forwardly vegan dishes are often way healthier than the fried seitan and soy products that go… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Dior)

    Reapplying your foundation or topping up your concealer throughout the day can be awfully taxing, not least because a foundation pot adds some weight to your make up bag.

    Thankfully, Dior is thinking ahead and is launching high-coverage make-up for the spring season.

    The Diorskin Forever Undercover Foundation claims to get rid of the cakey-looking bases so common with other more pigmented foundations.

    If you can’t go on a night out or even into the office without a full face of foundation but are looking for high-coverage, lower-maintenance makeup, this might be the one for you.

    The new collection was showcased at the Dior Spring 2018 show makeup up artist Peter Phillips applied it… Read the full story

    Dior Forever Undercover Foundationfaimabakar1Dior Forever Undercover Foundationfaimabakar1

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    (Picture: Anna Rhodes/Instagram)

    We’re used to seeing ‘Reality v Instagram’ posts all over our feeds.

    Normally, they’re done by bloggers showing themselves to be more bloated in real life, more lumpy, more slouchy.

    And yeah, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that these influencers tend to only upload pictures of themselves when they’re looking and feeling at their peak – why would anyone take a selfie with a distended stomach and a gut full of pain?

    But Anna Rhodes, a PT and bikini model, has done something different.

    She’s just shared a side-by-side comparison of what she looked like during one of her competition phases.

    She’s equally as slim and toned in each image,… Read the full story


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    ‘You’ll find what works for you’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Although mindfulness, exercise and talking therapy are often praised for their healing power with regards to mental illness, it seems more and more of us are turning to antidepressants for help.

    In fact, the NHS reported that 64 million items of antidepressants – an all-time high – were dispensed in England in 2016.

    metro illustrations4 people tell us how their mental illness led to a career change

    If you were ever offered antidepressants would you know what to expect from them?

    Here’s what I have learned from taking them every day… Read the full story

    Mental health series #3 Metro Illustrationsfr040780metro illustrationsmetro illustrationsMental health series #3 Metro Illustrationsfr040780metro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Kate Alice/Twitter)

    People have gotten tattoos of things they’re passionate about for centuries.

    Whether it’s your significant other, a family member, a pet, a favourite sports team, getting a permanent inking on your body is not unusual.

    But for Katie Alice, choosing to tattoo the word ‘vegan’ on her face has opened her up to public scrutiny and backlash.

    After she tweeted a picture of the black ink above her eye, which she also accompanied with a suicide prevention wrist tattoo, people were quick to criticise.

    She told Metro.co.uk about how she feels about the public having an opinion on her face art.

    Vegan face tattoofaimabakar1Vegan face tattoofaimabakar1

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    (Picture: Everlast)

    ‘Build it and they will come,’ is the capitalist mantra.

    Get a few people interested in something and eventually, everyone will want it. That’s how crazes big. No one really wants a Pokemon trading card but once a few kids have them, you’ve got to catch ’em all – amirite?

    And that’s a similar (I imagine) to what’s going on with fashion brand Everlane’s new trousers.

    Everlane has just brought out The Work Pant – a very simple, classic pair of trousers which come in a few non-offensive shades like beige and navy.

    They’re sort of peak Dr Foster vibes.

    They’re nice, they’re reasonably priced (£33) and they’re quite flattering.

    Read the full story


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    Love song (Picture: MMUFFIN for Metro.co.uk)

    Valentine’s Day is looming and it’s got me thinking about dating apps. Since their invention, the romancing game has changed quite dramatically.

    Forget traditional wooing, we’re generation DTF.

    Your partner pandering to your weird quirks is apparently the greatest act of love

    Don’t get discouraged and start your own version of Bridget Jones’s Diary just yet, because Prince Charming hasn’t actually left the building.

    He’s just traded in his horse for a smartphone.

    These ten people are here to tell you that there’s more to love than failed Tinder dates, Netflix & Chill and awkward dick pics.

    Rochelle, 27, Liverpool

    My… Read the full story

    Metro IllustrationsallieabgarianMETRO ILLUSTRATIONSmetro illustrationsMetro IllustrationsallieabgarianMETRO ILLUSTRATIONSmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Getty Images/Backgrid)

    Last night, the great and the good of the music industry gathered together in New York for the Grammy Awards.

    Beyonce and Jay Z got outshone by their daughter Blue Ivy (no doubt a sign of things to come), Kesha brought the house down with her epic #MeToo moment and Bruno Mars basically walked away with every gong going.

    This year’s awards were particularly pertinent; artists took white roses onto the red carpet for Time’s Up, after a group called Voices in Entertainment called on stars to show their support for the campaign against sexual misconduct and gender inequality.

    Suffice to… Read the full story

    grammys best dressesmkylgrammys best dressesmkyl

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    (Picture: Getty)

    In 2018, there’s quite a lot of conflict between the generations.

    Millennials are seen as entitled and oversensitive, while baby boomers are seen to have had everything simply falling into their lap.

    It’s certainly true that the era you grew up in shapes who you become, as well as the opportunities you might be afforded in later life.

    Of the generations likely to be alive today, it starts with the traditionalists, and goes right through to generation Z. Find out which one you are (and fuel your pointless Twitter arguments) here.

    Family celebrating birthday of older woman in restaurantjessicacvlFamily celebrating birthday of older woman in restaurantjessicacvl

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    Credit: Getty Images/Rex Features/Backgrid

    Men traditionally have got a raw deal when it comes to red carpet fashion.

    Throw a black suit on and you’re done…unless, of course, you’re P Diddy.

    But not everyone wants to walk around like some kind of caped 18th-century don, do they?

    Well, menswear is changing and male artists are becoming ever more experimental.

    Last night’s Grammys showed just how far suits have gone in terms of challenging the status quo. Sure, there were a few classic black tie outfits but they were few and far between.

    You had Khalid in a lime polo neck, lilac suit and…what looked like my old running trainers (albeit Gucci).

    Donald Glover… Read the full story

    grammys best dressed dudesmkylgrammys best dressed dudesmkyl

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    Don’t suffer in silence (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

    If you have never heard of vaginismus, it’s time to get it on your radar.

    Aly Dilks, sexual health expert and clinical director at The Women’s Health Clinic, says: ‘It is the term used to describe recurrent or persistent involuntary tightening of muscles around the vagina whenever penetration is attempted,’

    Man sleeps as woman in underwear looks on14 things I wish I’d known before losing my virginity

    According to Vaginismus Awareness, the condition affects at least two in every 1,000 women at some point in their lifetime.

    Approximately 10% of adult women have… Read the full story

    Metro Illustrationsrmve86woman on laptopwomen with arms around one anotherMetro Illustrationsrmve86woman on laptopwomen with arms around one another

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    (Picture: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS)

    If you were in control of the hottest make-up brand, who would you choose to debut a new product?

    Beyoncé, of course.

    In what’s perhaps the best marketing ploy ever pulled off by a beauty label, Glossier – the brand du jour – revealed its newest product at last night’s Grammy Awards…on Bey.

    Glossier took to Instagram to announce that Queen Bey was not only wearing the brand, but that she was wearing a product that was yet to launch.

    ‘Beyoncé wears ___ in ___ (coming soon), Boy Brow in Brown, Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream, and Perfecting Skin Tint in Dark + Dee,’ the post read.

    But what is it?

    Judging… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Getty)

    Some people require a solid twelve hours of sleep a night, while others are happy with a three hour nap.

    The amount required is completely dependent on who you are, and tends to be between four and eleven hours each night.

    The advice usually given by experts is that if you’re feeling tired in the daytime, you need more or better sleep.

    However, there are two different types of sleep (deep and light) and you should really be getting over a certain amount of the deep kind.

    Woman asleep in bedjessicacvlWoman asleep in bedjessicacvl

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    (Picture: theveggiepilot/Instagram)

    Being a pilot must be the dream.

    There you are, travelling to all these exotic countries, staying in lush hotels and eating all the delicious grub from first class.

    But when you’re a vegan pilot, you’ve got to come prepared – you can’t just rely on cabin fodder, even if it is dead fancy.

    ‘I pack my own meals. I go into a trip with enough food to eat almost every meal out my lunchbox,’ vegan pilot, Matthew Ayer, tells Metro.co.uk.

    ‘This way, regardless of what happens and where I end up, I have tasty, nutritious food.’

    Matthew, AKA The Veggie Pilot, is something of a cult figure on Instagram in his striped lapels and… Read the full story


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    (Illustration: Ella Byworth/Metro.co.uk)

    If you’d asked me how normal it was to have sex at work, I’d have told you ‘not very’.

    According to research from SaucyDates.com, I would have been wrong.

    The poll, which surveyed a whopping 20,000 people, found that 9 out of 10 people have had sex in the workplace. Though, to be fair, we’re talking about people who are on a website called Saucy Dates, so it might be a bit of an unrealistic sample.

    But why, apart from the fact that sex is more fun than working, are people deciding to have sex when they’re at work?

    Thrill seeking, apparently. David Minns, who ran the poll for Saucy Dates… Read the full story

    xx top tips for enjoyable anal sex (Katy Red)rebeccacnreidxx top tips for enjoyable anal sex (Katy Red)rebeccacnreid

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