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    (Picture: Subway)

    Subway has had slim vegan pickings for some time.

    You essentially have to get a salad sandwich if you’re meat and dairy-free – and no amount of sweet onion dressing can make up for that.

    But, plant-based friends, that’s about to change.

    Because Subway is adding a vegan sub to its menu…and it’s going to contain ‘steak’.

    The ‘Vegan Delite’ has made is debut in a dozen-or-so Finnish locations.

    This coming after the massive success of the McDonald’s vegan burger, Finland seems to be becoming the plant-based fast food capital of the world.

    Vegan SubwayVegan SubwaymkylVegan SubwayVegan Subwaymkyl

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    Why aren’t dads queueing up to take shared parental leave? (Photo posed by models. Picture: Getty)

    As few as one in 50 dads are taking advantage of a UK Government scheme designed to help us stay at home and look after the kids.

    Even though around 285,000 couples are eligible for the scheme, according to research it seems that as few as 2% of us are actually using the opportunity.

    The scheme allows parents to share 50 weeks of leave, 37 with pay, after they have a baby.

    Shared parental leave as a benefit is paid at £140.98 a week of 90% of average earnings, whichever is lower.

    As a stay-at-home dad… Read the full story

    He's my main man!He's my main man!andyhillsiteHe's my main man!He's my main man!andyhillsite

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    (Picture: Handsome Properties)

    Listen up all you millionaires and trust fund kids.

    If you’re looking for a new holiday pile, then we’ve got just the thing.

    This beautifully idyllic Tuscan farmhouse used to be owned by the Michelangelo – you know, off the Renaissance.

    His manor is huge (as you’d expect from an absolute artistic legend).

    It’s got eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms split across three buildings which together span across six acres of land.

    The land includes a lemon orchard, an olive grove and vineyards meaning that you could basically live off the (good) fat of the land. Hello, own-grown vino!

    The property’s stayed in the same family for 300 years but now it’s up for… Read the full story

    HEY, RICHIES: This Tuscan Farmhouse Once Owned By Michelangelo Is Up For SaleHEY, RICHIES: This Tuscan Farmhouse Once Owned By Michelangelo Is Up For SalemkylHEY, RICHIES: This Tuscan Farmhouse Once Owned By Michelangelo Is Up For SaleHEY, RICHIES: This Tuscan Farmhouse Once Owned By Michelangelo Is Up For Salemkyl

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    (Picture: Matt Alexander/PA Wire)

    Smells you want on a first date include distinctive (yet not overpowering) perfume or aftershave, and perhaps some tasty food to share.

    Smells you don’t want? BO.

    But, apparently, it’s a person’s natural scent that attracts you to someone in the first place, and dating service Match is trying to prove it.

    They’re running a pop-up today and tomorrow called Eau Mon Garcon at Exmouth market, where you can sample the ‘olfactory portraits’ of male Match members and decide if you want to date them.

    Olfactory portraits are essentially the pheromones and odours someone has, and our brains pick up on whether someone would be a good mate based… Read the full story

    Match_Sniff a Date_2Match_Sniff a Date_2jessicacvlMatch_Sniff a Date_2Match_Sniff a Date_2jessicacvl

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    Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s largest city.

    A hot, bustling, chaotic arrangement of districts, each with their own character, and all filled with an unbelievable amount of motorcycles.

    Previously known and often still referred to, as Saigon, the city has a complex history, ridiculously good food and an array of attractions.

    Here are 11 awesome things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

    Ho Chi Minh City skylineHo Chi Minh City skylinehayleyalovelyplanetcomHo Chi Minh City skylineHo Chi Minh City skylinehayleyalovelyplanetcom

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    How are you enjoying your pancakes today? (Picture: Getty)

    Happy Pancake Day! Today is the day to get the frying pan out, grease it with some butter, make a mess in the kitchen, and off course – indulge in those fluffy treats of goodness. 

    Today isn’t just about the pancakes as Shrove Tuesday marks the day before Lent, however, people across the globe are enjoying the joyous sweet and savoury flat cakes.

    Before people are tucking in, some are posting photos of their culinary masterpieces, tweeting out pictures and posting hilarious memes too.

    So to get you in the mood today, here are the best of them (as if you weren’t already). Just make… Read the full story


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    ‘Springtime In Hermannshof’ by Volker Michael

    Spring is just around the corner which means that soon, we’ll have blossoms and blooms and greenery all around us.

    After months of cold, barren landscapes, we’re set (hopefully) to see nature at its most glorious, once again.

    But if you can’t wait another month, then take a look at some of the entrants to this year’s International Garden Photographer of the Year.

    Photographers from around the world have been snapping some of the most glorious garden designs, from city oases to paddocks of wildflowers.

    A couple of weeks ago, we found out that being in nature can improve self-image – and that it can… Read the full story

    International Garden Photographer of the YearInternational Garden Photographer of the YearmkylInternational Garden Photographer of the YearInternational Garden Photographer of the Yearmkyl

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    Today, friends, is Pancake Day.

    But it’s also something even more fun. Forget tomorrow’s big commercial love fest – today is all about celebrating your best gal pals.

    13 February is Galentine’s Day, the day before V-Day.

    It’s the best day of the year (according to Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope), because it’s a day entirely dedicated to celebrating friendships instead of romance.

    Which is useful for those of us who a daym fine and have plenty of incredible friends but currently find ourselves sans lovers.

    Leslie celebrated it onscreen in the best way possible: gathering up all her female friends for a waffle-centric breakfast. At said breakfast, Leslie, Ann, Donna, April, et. al exchanged gifts and gave each other compliments. It was a truly beautiful occasion.

    Instagram Photo

    So how do you get involved in the celebrations?

    It’s simple – just gather your closest friends together, get a load of food and/or booze, and… Read the full story


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    (Picture: LIDL)

    Forget going out tomorrow evening.

    Restaurants will be super packed and super expensive and you’ll get so full that you’ll simply end up rolling home and falling asleep.

    No, this year it’s all about showing your love for your beau by cooking up a feast.

    And what better way to do so than with an absolute bargain meal deal?

    Lidl is joining dine-at-home kings M&S by launching its very first Valentine’s Day deal, which includes champers, flowers and seafood, for just over £20.

    You’ll get a garlic bread starter, followed by linguine that can be combined with Scottish cooked mussels in garlic sauce.

    For pud, there’s a deluxe lemon and mascarpone… Read the full story


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    Flipping marvellous: How do you like yours? (Picture: Getty)

    Happy Pancake Day everyone!

    Today is the day to celebrate Shrove Tuesday by feasting on the fluffy cakes, with some lemon and sugar, fruits or cream (unless you prefer savoury style of course).

    Trample on your ex's face with these anti-Valentine's shoe insoles

    Unsurprisingly, Pancake Day is the cause for many jokes and people also have to toss awful puns around.

    Here’s our favourite Pancake Day gags of all to impress your colleagues or family with…

    You batter sit down for these.

    Pancake Day jokes and puns

    • I can’t believe it’s pancake Tuesday again. Honestly, it just crêped up on… Read the full story

    Granary Square Buttermilk pancakesGranary Square Buttermilk pancakesavinashbhunjunGranary Square Buttermilk pancakesGranary Square Buttermilk pancakesavinashbhunjun

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    charity valentines picture; Getty Images
    (Picture: Getty Images)

    Now we’re not sure how true these claims are but almost a quarter of Brits say they would prefer a charitable gift on their behalf rather than get a present they can keep on Valentine’s Day.

    Needless to say, giving money to charities and supporting humanitarian causes is something we should probably all try to do from time to time.

    But would you really want your gift to go to a stranger rather than get the thing you’ve been hinting at for the last few weeks?

    You can always donate to charities any time of the year, but shouldn’t a day specially set aside to celebrate love… Read the full story

    Valentine GiftsValentine Giftsfaimabakar1charity valentines picture; Getty ImagesXX people reveal the embarrassing messages they've sent by mistake picture: MMUFFINValentine GiftsValentine Giftsfaimabakar1charity valentines picture; Getty ImagesXX people reveal the embarrassing messages they've sent by mistake picture: MMUFFIN

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    metro illustrations
    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Tomorrow is the day of love.

    If you’re single, it can be an awkward time. Everyone’s getting flowers delivered and posting Facebook statuses about ‘this one’ and ‘#blessed’.

    Instead of moping and being upset, though, the best way to deal with the FOMO is to make it the day of self-love instead.

    Let’s face it, relying on someone else to get you off – especially after a bottle of wine and a fancy dinner – could potentially lead to a whole load of disappointment.

    Better to DIY and guarantee yourself some no-pressure fun. How many orgasms can you have in a day? Now’s your time to find out.

    Read the full story

    Sex education needs to focus on masturbationSex education needs to focus on masturbationjessicacvlmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsSex education needs to focus on masturbationSex education needs to focus on masturbationjessicacvlmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Listen up chicken lovers.

    The UK’s first ever chicken nuggets festival is happening this year to satisfy all your wildest childhood food dreams.

    Hosted by We Love Food, the event aims to celebrate those little golden hunks of questionable white meat.

    It’s going to be taking place on 11 August in London and 22 September in Manchester.

    And more dates are rumoured to be announced soon, so don’t panic if you’re on your jollies around those times.

    There’ll be live bands and DJs, as well as a showcase of the biggest variety of chicken nuggets – from breaded to baked to battered. No variety will be left out.

    Oh, and there’s going to be a chicken nugget… Read the full story


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    This could be you and your partner, slobbering over pasta (Picture: Getty)

    Valentine’s Day can be a very expensive day for those in a relationship, those trying to get into a relationship and even those celebrating not being in a relationship.

    Whether you’re treating your partner, trying to woo somebody or making the most of the single life, you might want to consider one of these meal deal bargains to save a few pennies.

    You don’t have to spend hundreds on dinner, drinks, teddy bears and flowers, thanks to the supermarkets of the UK, you can treat someone to dinner at home for a very meagre outlay.

    Here are some to the best options when… Read the full story

    Nothing inspires romance quite like Italian foodNothing inspires romance quite like Italian foodphilhaigh26Nothing inspires romance quite like Italian foodNothing inspires romance quite like Italian foodphilhaigh26

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    Meghan Markle debuted a tartan Burberry coat for her trip to Edinburgh (Picture: Rex/PA)

    Meghan Markle jumped head-first into the Scottish spirit of things by wearing a tartan coat for her first official visit to Edinburgh.

    The 36-year-old former Suits actress joined her groom-to-be Prince Harry as they made their first outing as a couple to the Scottish capital on Tuesday.

    Meghan stood out in the green and navy tartan coat and the good news is – you can still buy it online now!

    Here’s a roundup of what Meghan wore in Edinburgh…

    The coat

    Meghan outfit EdinburghMeghan outfit EdinburghamyduncanukmetroMeghan outfit EdinburghMeghan outfit Edinburghamyduncanukmetro

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    (Picture: Burberry)

    Christopher Bailey is leaving Burberry.

    He’s done a hell of a lot for the brand over the course of his 17-year stint. And he’s going on a bang.

    For his last LFW show on 17 February, he’s paying tribute to the LGBTQ+ community by unveiling a rainbow check.

    The motif will appear throughout the collection to show Burberry’s support for the global community.

    The label has also donated to three charities – Albert Kennedy Trust, Trevor Project and ILGA – all of which provide mentoring and resources to LGBTQ+ people around the world.

    Bailey, who’s married actor Simon Woods in 2012, says: ‘My final… Read the full story


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    Valentine’s Day is upon us (Picture: Getty)

    Love is in the air, the air suddenly feels warmer, your spine is tingling and there are heart-shaped balloons everywhere.

    This can only mean that Valentine’s is almost upon us, so hurry up and get to get your loved one a last minute gift and card, if you haven’t already.

    But before you do that and make frantic last minute dinner plans (naughty) – why do couples actually celebrate this occasion on 14 February every year.

    Just who was Saint Valentine and what does he actually have to do with Valentine’s Day?

    gettyimages-1167604261gettyimages-1167604261avinashbhunjunWho is St Valentine? Why is Valentine's Day named after him?Who is St Valentine? Why is Valentine's Day named after him? (Creative Commons)gettyimages-1167604261gettyimages-1167604261avinashbhunjunWho is St Valentine? Why is Valentine's Day named after him?Who is St Valentine? Why is Valentine's Day named after him? (Creative Commons)

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    (Pictures: Frontier Media Group)

    When Genella Pabianes Carabbacan was given some packets of a new charcoal face mask, she thought they’d remove her blackheads.

    What she didn’t realise is that it might remove something else as well – her eyebrows.

    The 22-year-old from Isabela in the Philippines, applied the peel-off mixture but forgot to read the instructions which stated to avoid hair and eyebrows.

    She let it dry on her face for about 15 minutes, but when she tried to take the mask off, it also took her eyebrows with it.

    Read the full story

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    (Picture: Cheshire Cheese Company)

    The Cheshire Cheese Company, the cheese-makers behind the gin flavoured cheese, has launched some Strawberries, Cream and Champagne cheese just in time for Valentine’s Day.

    And of course, it’s pink and comes in the shape of a heart.

    According to the company, the cheese was inspired by tales of Cheshire Cheese and Strawberry Jam sandwiches, which were ‘a very popular children’s lunchtime treat pre-1960’.

    The product description reads: ‘Think Strawberry Cheesecake and you are in the zone to enjoy this amazing special edition cheese. You can smell and taste the strawberry jam in the cheese and the subtle champagne note.

    Pink Strawberry Champagne Cheese Exists And It Sounds Weirdly WonderfulPink Strawberry Champagne Cheese Exists And It Sounds Weirdly WonderfulhattiegladwellmetroPink Strawberry Champagne Cheese Exists And It Sounds Weirdly WonderfulPink Strawberry Champagne Cheese Exists And It Sounds Weirdly Wonderfulhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Caters News)

    There’s an event where people with sausage dogs come together to walk them and it sounds like a cuteness overload.

    London Lowriders is a community where dog-lovers – particularly sausage dog owners – come together to walk their pups.

    It was set up in 2013 by sausage dog owner Laura Bright, who was hoping to connect with other Dachshund fans on Facebook. Since starting, the community has grown a cult following of over 1000 members.

    Averaging anywhere up to 400 walkers per event, London Lowriders unites pooch-pamperers from all walks of life – from students and OAPs, to lawyers and pin-up models.

    Being celebrated as part of Facebook’s European Community Summit,… Read the full story


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