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    Each week, for our You Don’t Look Sick, we speak to someone living with an invisible illness about what it’s like living with a condition that can’t be seen from the outside.

    This time, we’re with Rebecca Chapman, 28, who has Crohn’s disease- a bowel condition where parts of the digestive system become inflamed.

    It causes pain, fatigue, difficulty digesting food and frequent trips to the toilet, among other symptoms.

    Rebecca was first diagnosed in December 2014.

    The yoga teacher and restaurant supervisor from Southend-on-Sea, Essex, was going to the toilet more, suffering from stomach ache and was losing weight.

    A blood test also showed that she was anaemic (low iron levels) and her GP suspected Crohn’s disease.

    She was referred for a colonoscopy, where a thin flexible tube with a camera inside is placed inside the body through the bottom. The test confirmed that she had the condition.

    Rebecca had never heard of Crohn’s and admits that she thought she just had to take medicine and it would get better.

    Rebecca Chapman - Crohns Disease (Picture: Stephen Hawke for Metro.co.uk)
    Rebecca Chapman has Crohn’s disease (Picture: Stephen Hawke for Metro.co.uk)

    She explains: ‘Everyone said it couldn’t be cured but I thought they were wrong. When you’re younger you always think you know better, which I obviously didn’t. I felt a bit confused.’

    But Rebecca soon realised that this is something that would affect her for the rest of her life.

    She has periods where the condition is under control but when she suffers a flare-up, she struggles to eat, is in severe pain and can have bowel movements up to 25 times a day.

    She explains: ‘On a bad day, I wake up early around 4 am as I need to have a bowel movement. I can’t fall back to sleep because of the pain or side effects from medication keeping me awake.

    ‘I take strong painkillers throughout the day, use hot water bottles to try to help and peppermint tea – anything to soothe the pain.

    Rebecca Chapman, who has Crohn's disease, wearing a hospital gown and slippers
    Rebecca in hospital before her small bowel resection (Picture: Rebecca Chapman/@ChapmanChatter)

    ‘8 am rolls around and I have more painkillers and medication. I go back to bed and maybe watch Netflix or play a game on my phone to try and distract me from the pain – going out of the house or exercising is out of the option as I’m too weak and tired to move.

    ‘I don’t have breakfast as pain after eating is too much to bear. Around noon, I’ll have a nap, which will last until 5/6 pm.

    ‘I won’t wake up in between unless I need the toilet as I’m too fatigued. I’ll wake up and have painkillers, medication and toilet trips.

    ‘My joints will ache and I have headaches but I struggle to eat food as it’s too painful.

    ‘At night I’ll try to have a dietary shake that the doctors have given me to keep my calories and nutrition up, or something soft like mash potato or soup – we don’t want to aggravate the inflammation in the intestines.

    ‘I’ll have more painkillers and just sit in bed or on the sofa as moving is too painful and too tiresome. At 10 pm, it’s bedtime – drugs to make me sleep and more painkillers. Then I will wake up it will start all over again.

    ‘Sometimes I will not go to work for a couple of weeks when having a flare as it would be too much for my body to handle.’

    Rebecca Chapman, who has Crohn's lying in a hospital bed
    Rebecca after her operation (Picture: Rebecca Chapman/@ChapmanChatter)

    On a good day, Rebecca still needs medication and goes to the toilet more often than most people but she can get on with work and day-to-day life.

    She had a small bowel resection surgery four months ago that has helped with her condition and she is currently in remission but another flare could happen at any time.

    Dealing with the condition has been difficult for her but she says she has an incredible amount of support from friends, family and the online Crohn’s and Colitis community.

    She explains: ‘I have amazing family and friends which have taken the time to learn about my illness and care for me whilst I’m having a flare-up.

    Rebecca with a Crohn's and Colitis UK wristband
    Rebecca with a Crohn’s and Colitis UK wristband (Picture: Rebecca Chapham/@ChaphamChatter)

    ‘I also have an amazing team at Southend Hospital. They are always on hand so I can contact them whenever and they will usually get back to me that day.

    ‘Instagram is also a very helpful place for people with Crohn’s and colitis or other autoimmune diseases as so many people blog their journey of illness.

    ‘It’s great to connect with others and even get some advice. It helps to talk to people who are in the same situation as you and who understand.’

    Rebecca also says that working as a yoga teacher has helped her cope with her illness and the frequent pain she experiences.

    She says: ‘I like to meditate and use breathing techniques to help with the pain and general unwellness that takes over me.

    Rebecca Chapman showing her scar from her small bowel resection surgery
    Rebecca showing her scar from her small bowel resection surgery (Picture: Rebecca Chapman/@ChapmanChatter)

    ‘Doing these breathing techniques and meditation also breaks up the day and makes me feel like I have done something with the day and accomplished something, which is difficult when you’re housebound from fatigue and pain.’

    But Rebecca says that even when she is at her most unwell because her illness is invisible, most people don’t realise there is anything wrong.

    She says: ‘I get “you don’t look sick” loads, especially when I’m having a flare-up. People say: “You look great you have lost weight”. I say I would rather be heavier than be ill, but people don’t understand, they see it as a great side effect. If they could see me in pain they wouldn’t be saying that.

    ‘People try to sympathise by saying they have had the runs so they know how I feel. All I can say is that it’s not the same. No one understands the pain you go through when your body is sabotaging itself!

    Rebecca Chapman who has Crohn's at home
    Rebecca’s condition is currently in remission (Picture: Rebecca Chapman/@ChapmanChatter)

    ‘It not just the toilet trips – it’s everything else the disease throws at you, as well as extra side effects from medications.’

    Although Rebecca admits it can be embarrassing to live with Crohn’s, she is determined to speak out about the condition to help people understand more about it.

    ‘People need to grow up and have a mature attitude towards inflammatory bowel disease and the side effects that come with it,’ she says.

    ‘People who blog or post about the journey are doing a great job, and overall there is much better awareness now than there was when I was diagnosed.

    ‘Crohn’s and Colitis UK do a great job of raising awareness for the illness obviously and putting on their events help.

    ‘The UK is changing and even now there are signs which showcase that not every disability is visible. Things are slowly getting better but it’s so important for people to be knowledgeable about this.’

    Rebecca posts about life with Crohn’s on her Instagram.

    How to get involved with You Don't Look Sick

    You Don’t Look Sick is Metro.co.uk’s weekly series that discusses invisible illness and disabilities.

    If you have an invisible illness or disability and fancy taking part, please email youdontlooksick@metro.co.uk.

    You’ll need to be happy to share pictures that show how your condition affects you, and have some time to have some pictures taken.

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    You Don\'t Look SickYou Don\'t Look Sick

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    Sufferers of Body Integrity Identity Disorder Psychology therapy life body beauty mental health mind Ph?be Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk Phebe
    I get reactions like ‘isn’t that what old people have?’ or ‘you’re far too young to have that’ (Picture: Phébe Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk)

    My passion has always been dancing but aged 13, whilst playing the lead in a show, I started to get rashes, a fever and my joints were in agony.

    At first the doctor thought it was a virus but I continued to get flare ups of the same symptoms and I was eventually diagnosed with Still’s disease at 15 years old.

    I had no idea what that meant but I soon learned it is a rare type of arthritis. I’m now 27 and people are shocked when I say have it.

    I get reactions like ‘isn’t that what old people have?’ or ‘you’re far too young to have that’.

    I find it really frustrating – there are 18 million people in the UK who have arthritis or a related condition and it shows there is still a huge lack of awareness of the condition in young people.

    Half of us experience pain every day, yet if you met me you probably wouldn’t know it because I hide my pain out of fear of being judged or feeling like a burden.

    Kaytie Hayward poses in a red dress and heels
    I have worried that I’m always going to be a liability to others (Picture: Kaytie Hayward)

    There have been times when I couldn’t pick up a glass of water or open the door because I was in so much pain.

    The simplest things become the hardest challenges – emptying the dish washer, making a cup of tea, doing my jeans up. Recently my ankles and hands have been bad and I’ve had to get a taxi to work as I can’t walk properly.

    If I have something on I just pray I’m going to have a good day but I’m constantly on edge wondering what the day will bring. Relying on other people to do things for you is pretty tough and I feel like I’m annoying everyone.

    My friends and family are understanding and always there to help but it can be hard for people to understand. I have worried that I’m always going to be a liability to others and I’ve struggled to open up to anyone in fear of how they’d react.

    I was on steroids for a period of time, which caused my face to swell up. On one of the days I was well enough to pop out for a drink, a boy from school commented on how different I looked. I pretty much cried for days afterwards I was so embarrassed, but they weren’t aware of my medication and the impact it had.

    When the charity Versus Arthritis launched their awareness campaign last year, I thought ‘finally, people are going to get what I’m going through’.

    Seeing other young people share their stories for something that depicted my reality so well has helped me massively, so I want to be as open as I can.

     Kaytie Hayward in a bikini on the beach
    I no longer have to dismiss or hide my pain, or let it define me (Picture: Kaytie Hayward)

    Taking something negative and using it in a positive way has only empowered me. I’ve created a healthy mind-set for myself and one of my goals is to help other young people who have been diagnosed.

    I’ve missed out on a lot of things through the years, including my dream to pursue a career in dance.

    A flare up might mean not being able to go into work but thankfully I’ve found medication that works for me and I hope by being honest with my employers about my arthritis from the outset, things will be easier.

    Knowing that there is no cure for arthritis at the moment and that I’m likely to have it forever is really difficult. I worry about how I’ll look after children if I have them. I love to host and cook for people but when I can’t even make a cup of tea, I feel very frustrated.

    I still get comments from people who don’t believe I’m old enough to have arthritis but I don’t get upset anymore. Too many people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions hold back from discussing their experience in case they are dismissed because it’s ‘only arthritis’ – but it doesn’t have to be like this.

    We need to speak up about the reality of living with the long-term pain. There’s a growing community of people standing together with the millions of people living with persistent pain – I’m one of them.

    We need to reach out, support each other and talk, because speaking out about my experiences has released a huge weight off my shoulders.

    I’ve gone from being a really private person about my condition to feeling like I no longer have to dismiss or hide my pain, or let it define me. It’s become a part of who I am, and I feel freer.

    Versus Arthritis’ #PainNoFilter campaign is shining a light on the reality of living with arthritis. For more information, visit versusarthritis.org

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    Metro IllustrationsMetro Illustrations

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    Son, Sader Issa with his dad who has downs syndrome
    Sader Issa explains what it was like to have a dad with Down’s syndrome (Picture: @saderissa)

    Syrian student Sader Issa, who is training to be a dentist, was raised by a dad who has Down’s Syndrome.

    His father, Jad, has the genetic condition where a person has three copies of chromosome 21, instead of the usual two copies, leading to learning disabilities and delayed development.

    The condition hasn’t meant that Sadar’s childhood was lacking in love, support and guidance in any way.

    Dad Jad showered his only son with as much attention as he could and made sure he focused on his studies.

    The wheat factory worker has also become an important pillar of the community because of his selflessness.

    He is well known for his kindness and for expressing love and admiration, expecting nothing in return.

    Sader said he is ‘proud’ to have such a dad, loved by so many.

    Sader as a baby pictured with his parents
    Sader as a baby pictured with his parents (Picture: @saderissa)

    Speaking to the Syrian Society for Social Development, Sader said: ‘I’m proud of my father. Throughout my life, he has been the greatest support for me when I needed it.’

    The pride goes both ways as Jad is also extremely delighted with his son’s choice of profession.

    Sader added: ‘It’s possible to see when his eyes are filled with joy and satisfaction as if to express: “yes, I have Down’s syndrome, but I raised this man and did everything in my power to make him become a doctor and help others”.’

    In most cases, Down’s Syndrome is not inherited as it’s caused by a one-off genetic change in the sperm or egg.

    According to the Down’s Syndrome society, if one parent has it, there is a 35% to 50% chance that the child may inherit the condition.

    Most men with the condition can’t have children while some women may be able to, making Sader and Jad’s story even more special.

    Sader spoke to Metro.co.uk about some of the comments he gets from people about his mum and dad, who are still together.

    ‘One of the concerns people have is how can a woman who doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome marry a man with DS?’

    ‘I believe if the two partners were on the same page then why not get married? They are intellectually suitable for each other; very simple but loving and caring people.’

    Son, Sader Issa with his dad
    Most men with the condition are infertile (Picture: @saderissa)

    Another comment Sader often gets is the rarity of seeing a dad with DS.

    ‘When people search Google they find that men with Down’s Syndrome (DS) are infertile so they get confused when they hear about us,’ he explained.

    ‘I know six more cases of fathers with DS and the studies that show the fertility of men with DS are very few so we cannot say these men are fertile that easily.’

    He wants other people with DS to know that while it might be rare, it is still possible to have a family.

    ‘We really appreciate hundreds of parents who have reached out to me and told me that we gave them hope for a better future for their kids,’ he added.

    Sader Issa with his dad who has down's syndrome and his mum
    Jad is a huge part of the Syrian community (Picture: @saderissa)

    The chances of a child having DS are even higher where both parents have Down’s syndrome.

    There is also a high chance that pregnancy would end in miscarriage.

    Women with Down’s syndrome are also more likely than other women to have a premature baby, or to need a caesarian section.

    Some may choose not to have children or not be sexually active.

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    MORE: Parents of kids with Down’s syndrome are the lucky few

    MORE: World’s longest Down’s syndrome marriage stronger than ever after 27 years


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    In news about things we didn’t know the world needed, a company has created a mini hot tub just for your testicles.

    Yes, the testicuzzi is a real product to let you soak your balls.

    Co-creator Pride Smith told Metro.co.uk that it all came from a joke between friends – but they actually followed through and created the product.

    Pride said: ‘It started with a conversation on a houseboat two summers ago about trends going on with college students. The conversation was about how there’s a trend of people filling a dixie cup with water, dunking their testicles in it and having a girl blow into the water with a straw.

    ‘My business partner Ryan, who was a part of the conversation, called me up right away laughing and told me, “We should totally make a real hot tub for people’s testicles.” He told me about the conversation details and I immediately set out to design and 3D print a prototype.’

    Company Selling Mini Jacuzzi Just For Your Testicles - the testicuzzi in the three different coours, white, jet black and 14k gold
    The three colours (Picture: Testicuzzi)

    The testicuzzi features a pillow to rest your penis with a chamber to dunk your balls and a battery-powered jet to create the bubbles.

    It’s available to order now, with delivery expected around 10 December so perfect for Christmas.

    Pride says that it’s already had some pretty great reviews.

    He said: ‘Those who have used it have said: “It’s a magical experience.” They genuinely love the way it feels. It’s comfortable, It’s refreshing and relaxing on the testicles.’

    At the minute, it comes in one-size but the creators promise they’ve done their research and it should be big enough for most people.

    Pride added: ‘We did a lot of research on testicle size and averages. Penis size varies a lot, but testicle size is actually fairly consistent across the board. We designed the Testicuzzi to be just above the statistical averages and so far everyone no issues with size. We do have plans for varying sizes, more for the ego and the comedy.’

    There are three colourways available – jet black with a red pillow, white with and black pillow and the extremely fancy 14k gold-plated testicuzzi.

    The white and black versions are currently on sale for $39.95 (£34.35), with a standard price of $99.95 (£85.94), while the gold-plated version is $10,000 (£7,701).

    Go nuts.

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    A pensioner who was taking medication to help with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and acid reflux decided to hit the gym and get healthier.

    Retired Joan MacDonald, from Ontario, Canada, used to rely on food to escape difficulties in her marriage.

    But with her health concerns, which include progressive arthritis, the 73-year-old wanted to turn her life around.

    Soon, Joan began working out at the gym four times a week and completely changed her diet.

    With the help of her daughter and son-in-law who coached her, Joan’s lost four stone in seven months.

    Joan is now no longer on any medications as her health has vastly improved and she is able to hip thrust over 90kg.

    To help document her journey, Joan’s daughter also set up an Instagram account for her to post regular updates.

    Joan pictured now after her weight loss weightlifting.
    Joan is able to weightlift and can also hip thrust over 90kg which is equivalent to her previous weight (Picture: MDWfeatures / Joan MacDonald)

    ‘I could barely walk up and down the stairs and I hadn’t even been to the gym in several months because my knee that I had replaced was really hurting me,’ explained Joan.

    ‘I started out pretty overwhelmed as it was all online, and I had to get an iPhone and learn all about apps. I was in tears at times, ready to throw in the towel, but luckily, I was too darn stubborn.

    ‘What really helped me was that this time I was okay to go slowly, and just take my time.

    ‘This fitness journey will undoubtedly improve my quality of life as I move deeper into old age.  I’m very grateful for that.’

    Joan pictured before (left) and after (right) her weight loss.
    She lost four stone in seven months (Picture: MDWfeatures / Joan MacDonald)

    Joan’s diet prior to the fitness journey included two slices of toast with jam and coffee for breakfast, a sandwich and fruit salad for lunch, meat and vegetables and dessert for dinner.

    She would also snack on sweets, chocolates or nuts.

    Now she sticks to a healthier meal plan; egg whites, cheese, meat, vegetables and bread or half a bagel for breakfast, coconut milk, protein powder, fruit and ice blended for a smoothie for lunch and for dinner she now has meat, vegetables, and a salad.

    She now says that her new look has prompted attention from younger men who give her compliments that have boosted her self-confidence. Her husband has also noticed a change in her.

    ‘It has changed the way I feel about myself; people at my gym would approach me and compliment me on the changes they saw in me,’ she added.

    She is also determined to keep the weight off and has words of advice for those looking to transform themselves too.

    ‘For those who truly feel at a loss, I’d say change one thing with your food intake and one exercise to do and each week add something new.

    ‘Don’t expect miracles right away, take it slow and steady but keep building.

    ‘For those who prefer a challenge, go to a gym and if possible get yourself a legitimate trainer, someone who can help with food as well and you will achieve results faster.’

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    MORE: Grandma, 61, wants to show people there’s no age limit to bodybuilding

    MORE: This 97-year-old grandma who weightlifts is the fitness inspo we all need


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    Aldi Christmas battery powered log burner
    The burner is battery-powered (Picture: Aldi)

    The weather is getting colder and it’s making us want to curl up on the sofa with a blanket.

    If you want to add to that cosy atmosphere, this battery-powered lantern from Aldi sounds perfect.

    The lantern gives out light and heat to make it seem like you have a real fire, even if you aren’t lucky enough to have a fireplace.

    It can even be controlled with a timer so it can come on as you come home.

    And best of all, it costs just £9.99.

    According to the description on the website: ‘When the weather turns colder, there is nothing better than curling up inside.

    Aldi Christmas burner
    Make any room feel cosy (Picture: Aldi)

    ‘Give any room in your home a lovely inviting glow with this Perfect Christmas Flame Effect Wood Burner Lantern.

    ‘The soft real flame effect simulates a real fire, meaning you can feel cosy, whatever the weather is doing.’

    The lantern is cast iron and comes with batteries so you can use it from the moment it arrives.

    It’s already received some good reviews. Leanne said: ‘I can’t explain how beautiful these are, I purchased 2 and the warm glow they give off with the flame effect just makes me feel cosy, it’s like smoke rising from a crackling log fire.

    ‘For the price I’m so impressed, it’s like a thin metal or may be a thin cast iron and glass, very well made.’

    The lanterns are sold out online but still available in store while stocks last.

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    Woman wearing 10p charity gown
    Nina Dixon (left) wore this evening gown that she only paid 10p for to a charity event (Picture: Kennedy News)

    A mum-of-two has a stunning wardrobe full of designer goods, all purchased from various charity shops and car boot sales.

    Thrifty mum Nina Dixon, from Blackburn, has snapped up bargains from designer brands including Moschino, Ralph Lauren, and Givenchy for a fraction of their original price.

    Patiently pawing through second-hand rails, Nina, 29, has even bagged a stunning black evening gown for a mere 10p, wearing it to a swanky black-tie event.

    The bargain-hunting beautician has even converted her family to her ways.

    Nina was introduced to frugal living by her mum as a teenager but was embarrassed to admit she shopped at such places.

    But now, she champions environmental living and wants to spread the message to others.

    She said: ‘I love the thrill of not knowing what you’re going to find in charity shops.

    ‘I’ve saved thousands of pounds over the years by shopping like this.’

    This top only cost her 20p. The skirt is also from a charity shop (Picture: Kennedy News)

    Nina says 90% of her wardrobe is second-hand and encourages others to reuse and recycle.

    Sometimes when she has worn some of the goods she’s come across, she donates it so others can also enjoy wearing it.

    The thrill of shopping second-hand is also more of a hobby than a necessity, says Nina.

    ‘It’s not that I can’t afford to go somewhere else for clothes, it’s just that I get the fun and excitement out of finding something that’s a lot cheaper.

    ‘I can get an outfit that looks just as good for a fiver rather than paying £50, why wouldn’t anybody want to do that?

    ‘It’s not only saving people money going to charity shops but it’s also helping charity and the environment by keeping clothes out of the landfill – it’s a win-win-win situation.’

    Nina’s best finds include a brand new Barbour coat for just £20 instead of £180, Hugo Boss and Givenchy shirts and Moschino and Ralph Lauren jackets and tops for less than a fiver.

    It’s also all about luck, she adds, as she had bought the black evening dress at a charity shop that was closing down.

    ‘They had an offer to fill a bag for £1. I picked up the dress and had nine other items in the bag, meaning it cost just 10p.

    ‘I wore it to a black-tie event at a charity boxing match and I got compliments on it.’

    Nina and her mum at a charity shop
    It was her mum that introduced her to frugal living as a teenager (Picture: Kennedy News)

    Despite being embarrassed at the prospect of buying second-hand clothes when she was younger, Nina said becoming a teenage mum changed her outlook.

    Nina said: ‘I had my daughter when I was 16, having a home and baby was very expensive.

    ‘There’s a stigma towards charity shops but once you’ve brought an item of clothing home and washed it, it’s brand new.

    ‘Some still have the tags on them, so they’ve never been worn.

    ‘Baby clothes are barely worn before they’re donated to charity shops, a newborn baby’s probably been in it twice.

    ‘The clothes are like brand new, it’s such a shame that all these lovely things aren’t getting used.’

    Nina now shares her bargains from charity shops, car boots and discount chain Steals to show people the stylish second-hand outfits that can be found.

    She said: ‘The items I buy are things I would never have gone looking for, I end up falling upon it.

    ‘I want to look different, stand out and be unique and you can’t get that from just shopping on the high street.

    She adds: ‘With charity shops, you don’t have to worry about someone wearing the same outfit as you.’

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    Mum wears 10p dress to black-tie eventMum wears 10p dress to black-tie event

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    Outfits from the ASOS DESIGN x Christian Cowan collaboration
    The ASOS DESIGN x Christian Cowan collaboration has just been released. (Picture: ASOS)

    Ever felt like you weren’t entirely 100% that b*tch? More like, 60 to 95% perhaps? Well, you can change that with the help of ASOS’s new collection.

    The online retailer has joined sartorial forces with Christian Cowan, the British designer who dresses ‘Truth Hurts’ goddess Lizzo.

    This isn’t the only iconic singer he’s worked with. The 24-year-old, who specialises in creating striking on-stage outfits, has also dressed Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus for concerts and red-carpet events.

    We might not all be owning the spotlight like this bunch, but with Christian’s new collection we can certainly rock some of his more everyday looks.

    And by everyday, we mean lewks that will bring an aura of ‘sell-out stadium tour’ to your after-work cocktails, cousin’s 30th and of course, your Instagram feed.

    The colourful new collection includes womenswear, unisex and ASOS Curve pieces, with some of the highlights being a lilac two-piece suit, a glossy lime green trench, and a puff sleeve dress to pair with a matching massive bow clutch.

    A sequined dress from the ASOS DESIGN x Christian Cowan collaboration
    A sequined two-piece look from the ASOS DESIGN x Christian Cowan collaboration. (Picture: ASOS)

    The designer, who graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2016, previewed some of his ASOS designs last month at his SS20 show at New York Fashion week.

    He also recently shared a series of videos of the collection with his 241,000 followers, so you can consider most of these pieces sold-out, or soon to be.


    Pieces from the ASOS DESIGN x Christian Cowan collaboration are priced between £6 to £130 and are available now.

    MORE: Kanye West blocked from selling Jesus Is King merchandise in Jamaica after ‘using flag without permission’

    MORE: Truth Hurts by Lizzo is now the longest-running #1 single by a solo female rapper in history

    MORE: People are confused by this ASOS bridal jumpsuit that is completely see through

    The ASOS DESIGN x Christian Cowan collaborationThe ASOS DESIGN x Christian Cowan collaboration

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    Always Ultra Sanitary towels on a white background with female logo next to it
    On some Always products, the Venus gender logo can be seen which some people object to (Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

    Earlier in the year, transgender campaigner Ben Saunders asked sanitary product brand Always why they include feminine logos in their packaging.

    At the time, another activist who goes by Melly Bloom on Twitter made the same complaint asking why it was ‘imperative’ to have the Venus sign on their products.

    Both feel that the company, owned by Proctor & Gamble, exclude transgender and non-binary people who use the items.

    Since both complaints were made, Always has said it will now aim to remove the signs from their packaging from December 2019, with aims to have it distributed everywhere by February 2020.

    Melly’s tweet to the brand read: ‘Could someone from Always tell me why it is imperative to have the female symbol on their sanitary products?

    ‘There are non-binary and trans folks who still need to use your products too you know!’

    In response to the tweet from July, the North American Customer Care Team wrote: ‘At Always, we care about the needs and preferences of our customers,’ urging Melly to get in touch.

    And now, they’ve written back to Ben saying they have taken on the advice and will be making changes. A delighted Melly has shared the letter sent to Ben on her Twitter.

    The letter read: ‘We listened to you and our marketing team worked a solution. We are glad to inform you that as of December we will use a wrapper design without the feminine symbol.’

    The note, signed from the Always team, reminded Ben that they might come across old packaging after December as distribution sometimes takes a while.

    It said that the new design should be available in stores early in the new year.

    While the move was praised by Melly, others felt it was somewhat problematic of the brand. The decision has polarised social media users.

    One person backed the move, saying: ‘I understand that you guys love girl positivity but please understand that there are trans men that get periods, and if you could please do something about the symbol on your pad packaging, I’d be happy. I’d hate to have any trans males feel dysphoric.’

    But another user felt it was eliminating femaleness, saying: ‘Why are corporates so willing to alienate their core demographic at the drop of a hat because a few people tell them that recognising female biology is ‘exclusionary’?’

    In the same vein, another wrote: ‘I’m so glad and thankful that people can be who they feel they are, but it feels like [cis] women are so offensive to people, being shunned and don’t have rights!’

    We’ve contacted Ben, Melly and Always for comment and will update the article if they reply.

    MORE: Man gets shut down after rant branding periods ‘disgusting’ and women’s ‘fault’

    MORE: University agrees to give out free sanitary products after student used own money to provide them

    MORE: Girls in primary school experience period poverty too – where are their free sanitary products?


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    A little boy watches Disney films
    Get paid to watch Disney films. (Picture: Shutterstock)dis

    If you’re a big Disney fan there’s now an opportunity for you to make some of the money you’ve spent on cinema trips over the years.

    Reviews.org are hiring five people to fill the dream job of watching 30 Disney movies or shows in 30 days.

    The lucky film fans will get $1,000 (£770) for their efforts.

    The tech review website launched the gig in a bit to receive some user feedback on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service, which is due to be launched on 12 November, 2019. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when the platform is coming to the UK.

    So who can enter?

    ‘We think it goes without saying that we’re looking for someone who really, really loves Disney,’ said Catherine McNally, a writer at Reviews.org.

    The gig is also only open to US citizens. While we’re sure there are plenty of little ones who can’t get enough of Disney, the position is open to people aged 18 and over.

    Reviews.org also notes that applicants must ‘be swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon’. Naturally.

    Oh and applicants may or may not get bonus points for video entries.

    The chosen fan will also be gifted a subscription to Disney+ for an entire year, as well as a movie-watching kit including a Mickey Mouse blanket, cups and a Pixar popcorn machine. Even the kernels will be included in the prize pack.

    If picked, what films would you select? Would you go for the modern classic that is Finding Nemo, or perhaps something a little more old-school like The Little Mermaid?

    Considering Disney flicks have been kicking around since 1937 (and there’s just a loooooot of work out there), Reviews.org have narrowed it down with a shortlist of 30 of their favourite Disney shows and movies.

    Their hitlist includes titles Frozen (duh), hate-it-or-love-it High School Musical, and even The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

    Get your entries in by 7 November 2019 at www.reviews.org.

    MORE: ASOS just released a collab with the designer who dresses Lizzo

    MORE: Thrifty mum wears 10p charity shop evening gown to black-tie event

    MORE: Someone has been replacing the covers on David Cameron’s book

    Get paid to watch Disney filmsGet paid to watch Disney films

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    A banana-themed handset which takes phone calls
    ‘Yellow, it’s me.’ (Picture: Banana Phone)

    Over time, we’ve conformed to a particular aesthetic of mobile phone.

    Sleek, rectangular devices with a full touch screen and no physical keypads have taken the place of hot pink Motorola flip phones, the *groundbreaking* LG Chocolate and that Hiptop/Sidekick phone that you’d see in like every RnB music video circa 2004.

    It goes without saying that feeling the cold aluminum of your iPhone in your hands isn’t quite as nice as holding a more novelty device, like Spongebob’s conch shell phone, or the hamburger landline from Juno.

    In a world with so many different tastes, how do we get by with such plain-looking phones?

    Fortunately, a tech company in San Francisco has designed a handset that will add some much-needed potassium to your smartphone game.

    The Banana Phone is a banana-themed Bluetooth device that you can use to take calls by pairing it with your incredibly standard and non-yellow smartphone.

    Banana Phone and iPhone
    Behold: the banana phone. It will pair to your smartphone and last up to 10 hours. (Picture: Banana Phone)

    The wireless handset does not discriminate, with functionality to connect with either iPhone and Android Devices.

    It’s also rechargable with a micro USB, has a 30ft Bluetooth range and 10 hour talk time. That means a lot of time for heart-to-hearts using your trusty banana.

    Picture this. Your long-distance partner calls, and you answer on the banana phone. They proceed to tell you that it’s just not working out and that the relationship is over. This is pretty sad news, but it doesn’t feel so bad because you’re hilariously clutching a banana to your ear, right?

    The same goes for happy occasions. The boss calls to announce you’ve got the promotion? The banana phone will make it even more memorable. Estate agent phones to let you know they’ve accepted your offer on the house? The banana phone is literally a good luck charm. Mum calls to tell you your great uncle has died, leaving you with a considerable fortune? Well it looks like you’re buying 10 more banana phones.

    Woman talking on the Banana Phone
    You could look this ripe, if you like. (Picture: Reshma Trilochun)

    The original banana phone was the result of a successful Indiegogo campaign in 2017, in which the developers raised £34,551 for the project. The phone has since been revised to include some new updates such as extended battery life.

    The banana phone has also been constructed from ethically sourced materials including 100% recycled ABS plastics. The packaging is also 100% fully recyclable cardboard.

    The folks behind the company are also members of 1% for the Planet, and thus contribute 1% of annual sales directly to conservation efforts of fellow banana-lovers/gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda.

    You can find this ripe little device on Amazon for £32.

    MORE: You can now buy a mini hot tub just for your testicles

    MORE: What I Own: Jade, a 26-year-old blogger who saved a £27,000 deposit for a two-bedroom flat in Harlow

    MORE: Thrifty mum wears 10p charity shop evening gown to black-tie event

    METROGRAB Banana phoneMETROGRAB Banana phone

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    Charlotte Blackmore's table before and after
    Charlotte Blackmore’s table before and after (Picture: Charlotte Blackmore)

    When your furniture looks a little tired but you don’t have a huge budget, sometimes you have to use your imagination.

    One mum has managed to transform her tired dining set for under £40 with two tins of paint and some chair covers.

    Charlotte Blackmore liked the shape and size of her table but it was marked and worn on top.

    Parts of the wood were discoloured and Charlotte was looking for something to replace it but couldn’t find anything suitable.

    With the help of her partner Johnny, she decided to completely transform their existing table to give it a new lease of life.

    She bought two tins of satin finish paint for £15 each from Homebase in white and grey and paid £10.78 for four new chair covers on eBay, meaning the whole makeover cost just over £40.

    The table before Charlotte Blackmore's makeover
    The table before was looking tired and discoloured (Picture: Charlotte Blackmore)

    Johnny sanded the wood down and they applied two coats of white using a brush to the legs of the table and chairs and three coats of grey, using a roller, to the top.

    The paint means they can wipe down any sticky marks or spillages easily.

    The stretch chair covers are also removable and washable so they can easily clean up any dinner time mess.

    The table after Charlotte Blackmore's makeover
    The table looks almost new afterwards (Picture: Charlotte Blackmore)

    Charlotte posted the makeover on the We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group and other members were very impressed with the transformation.

    One said: ‘Wow was thinking of buying a new kitchen table, mine is similar to yours but you have inspired me to get creative and get some paint.’

    Another added: ‘I want to do this. Big saving. Love it.’

    Of course, if you don’t have a table you could pick one up second hand and transform it using Charlotte’s tips to fit your own colour scheme.

    What a great idea.

    MORE: Get paid £770 to watch Disney movies every day for a month

    MORE: This banana phone can be yours for the ripe price of £32

    Before and after of Charlotte Blackmore's tableBefore and after of Charlotte Blackmore's table

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    Rent the Jim Beam Distillery for a night on Airbnb
    This place looks great (Picture: Airbnb)

    Never mind the all-inclusive bar on holiday, this accommodation is literally surrounded by alcohol.

    Bourbon brand Jim Beam is renting out a cottage on the grounds of their distillery on Airbnb.

    The drinks brand is offering the Stillhouse cottage, built in 1919, and during your stay, you will also enjoy in-depth guided tours and bourbon tastings.

    The distillery itself, situated in Clermont, Kentucky, was built in 2012, based on a 1930s stillhouse and it includes an original staircase from the Prohibition era.

    On sit, there’s also a bourbon bar and a restaurant that serves bourbon BBQ selections.

    You can stay at Jim Beam's Bourbon Distillery for £18 a night
    The outside of the cottage (Picture: Airbnb)

    The only catch is that there are only a few options available.

    You can book to stay between November 23-14 and December 7-8 from tomorrow.

    You can stay at Jim Beam's Bourbon Distillery for £18 a night
    It includes a cleaning area (Picture: Airbnb)

    The description on the Airbnb website says: ‘If you’ve ever wanted to stay on the grounds of a historic American distillery surrounded by delicious bourbon and gorgeous scenery, you’re in luck.

    ‘For the first time, we’re opening the Jim Beam American Stillhouse cottage for you to rent, so you can live like one of the seven generations of Master Distillers and sleep in a historic and charming Kentucky house on the distillery grounds’

    The house is suitable for six guests, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

    You can stay at Jim Beam's Bourbon Distillery for £18 a night
    And of course, some Jim Beam to try (Picture: Airbnb)

    Breakfast is provided, which will hopefully help you get over the hangover.

    Guests will be hosted by Fred Noe, the seventh-generation master distiller of Jim Beam and great-grandson of James B. Beam.

    It costs just $23 a night (£18) but of course, you will have to get to the U.S.

    MORE: Mum makes dining set look like new with paint and chair covers that cost under £3 each

    MORE: This banana phone can be yours for the ripe price of £32

    You can stay at Jim Beam\'s Bourbon Distillery for ?18 a nightYou can stay at Jim Beam\'s Bourbon Distillery for ?18 a night

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    Little kid with missing tooth next to a letter
    Get you a teacher who liaises with the tooth fairy on your behalf (Picture: Getty/Beth Schultz)

    Some teachers forge such special places in your heart that it’s hard to forget them (shout out, Mr James).

    And one six-year-old is going to remember his headteacher Curt Angeli.

    That’s because when little Landon lost his tooth – as in misplaced it – the principle of the school decided to step in and liaise with the tooth fairy.

    Landon was unable to locate the tooth and thus get that sweet bit of cash that the tooth fairy is known to drop.

    The first-grader at Gillett Elementary in Wisconsin was busy having a whale of a time and he didn’t realise a loose tooth had come out.

    When he came back to class after recess, his teacher and fellow pupils noticed the change in his face.

    They all searched the ball pit and around the playground but to no avail. Little Landon was not going to cash in today.

    But not if Curt could help it. He decided to write a ‘verification’ letter to the tooth fairy to appeal to her better nature.

    He even cheekily reminded her about some money she owed him from 1987.

    Headteacher writes letter to vouch for student's lost tooth for the tooth fairy (Picture: Beth Schultz)
    Let’s hope she replied (Picture: Beth Schultz)

    In the letter addressed to the tooth fairy, Curt pulled out all the stops.

    Making it as official as possible, he added the school’s letterhead and signed it off.

    In it, he wrote: ‘Dear Tooth Fairy, today [Landon] lost a tooth while playing outside at recess.

    ‘Unfortunately, it was lost in our ga-ga pit, and despite the valiant efforts of an intrepid search team, we were unable to recover the tooth.

    ‘As a trained principal and hobby dentist, I can verify that there is definitely a gap in [Landon]’s teeth that was not there this morning when he came in.’

    He continued: ‘Please accept this letter as official verification of a lost tooth and provide the standard monetary exchange rate you normally use for a real tooth.’

    Curt’s postscript was also pretty hilarious as he wrote: ‘I am still waiting for the money for my wisdom teeth from 1987. Please remit as soon as possible.’

    Come to think of it, there may be some owed payment around the ’95 era too.

    MORE: Headteacher writes children’s books to fund her school after budget cuts

    MORE: Little boy with Down’s Syndrome nicknamed ‘Smiley Riley’ lands work as a model

    MORE: Teacher writes sweet note to the tooth fairy to prove her student lost a tooth


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    A luxury property with a pool
    Everview Suite is a luxury property located in Cape Town. (Picture: Airbnb)

    If you’d house sit for your wealthy aunt so you could get time out of your five-person flat share or even water your mate’s 20+ houseplants so you could use their 4K telly, the next bit of information might interest you.

    Luxury online marketplace Hush Hush is seeking people to review homes all around the world, and get paid £2,000 per gig. So essentially, you’d become a housesitter without any actual domestic duties like putting the bins out or scooping up cat turds.

    The ‘Luxury Home Tester’ role involves staying in a posh property for a week, and writing a comprehensive 800-word report on the accommodation’s style, location, accessibility, comfort and suitability.

    We’re guessing that last point means: would rich people actually stay here?

    ‘Some of the properties already listed onsite include a luxury Chateau on the French Riviera, a 25-bedroom Spanish villa, an oceanfront home in Florida’s exclusive Ocean Reef Club and a 14,000 sq. ft mansion in the Pacific Heights neighbourhood of San Francisco,’ the listing reads.

    After a week of testing whether the toilet seats are perfectly heated and whether the property watchtower delivers 360° views, you’ll have five days to file your findings.

    Hush Hush are looking to hire five to 10 property reviewers, who will each visit 10-15 properties each year.

    So, prospective employees will be away from home for nearly four months in total.

    Hush Hush also notes that applicants cannot have a criminal record and must have a current passport.

    It will also help to have an eye for detail, writing skills, reliability and an ability to be available on short notice.

    Hush Hush has sought out people to do a number of odd, yet lucrative jobs in the past.

    Previously, we reported that the luxury site was recruiting a man to seduce a millionaire’s potentially unfaithful fiancée. There was another ad in which they were seeking someone to be paid £5,000 to attend music festivals with a wealthy man who had never been to one before.

    If you think you’ve got what it takes to live – and review – the lavish life, apply at HushHush.com.

    MORE: You can get paid £1,000 a week to review yachts

    MORE: A rich man is looking to buy a UK mountain for £12m so he can carve his family’s faces in it

    MORE: Mum makes dining set look like new with paint and chair covers that cost under £3 each

    METROGRAB Get paid to stay in luxury homesMETROGRAB Get paid to stay in luxury homes

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    The clear plastic bra from Wish and Shein
    The confusing plastic bra (Picture: Wish; Shein)

    We know the internet is filled with some interesting inventions but people are particularly perplexed by this clear plastic bra.

    The bra, from online shops Wish and Shein, consists of two hard plastic shells with clear straps.

    After spotting it online a woman said she felt like she need to ‘take one for the team’ and try it out.

    Posting on Reddit, she said: ‘It lasted 30 seconds but it squashed my nipples and probably broke a rib in the process. My nips looked so sad behind that cheap plastic.’

    She added that the plastic wasn’t at all flexible but more like ‘Christmas tree decorations cut in half’.

    Clear plastic bra (Picture: Wish)
    It was described as ‘like a Christmas bauble cut it half’ (Picture: Wish)

    She said she decided to buy it as she works as a stripper and it cost just £1.99 but said that it fell apart within 30 seconds of putting it on.

    ‘Hooks are clear, straps are pingy death traps and the whole thing broke in 30 seconds. It was a wild ride and I hated it, all for £1.99,’ she said.

    Another person said that they’d also tried it out but were confused that it only came in one size.

    They said: ‘I too brought this for the shits and gigs. I hate the 1 cup size thing. I have DD boobies. Its not a DD bolder holder. It looked like a shar pei smooshed into a glass vase. Was an experience.’

    Although most others hadn’t tried it, they agreed it didn’t look very comfortable.

    ‘My boobs are sweating profusely just looking at it,’ one said.

    ‘Why? Just why? This looks both extremely uncomfortable and extremely unflattering for any body type,’ another added.

    MORE: Dream job alert: earn £2k a week staying in luxury homes

    MORE: You can now stay in Jim Beam’s bourbon distillery – and it costs just £18 a night


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    Jewish people celebrating Sukkot at the Western Wall in Jerusalem
    Jewish people have been celebrating the festival of Sukkot but it’s about to turn into yet another festival (Picture: AP)

    It’s a bumper time of year for Jewish holidays at the moment, with yet another set to kick off at sundown on Sunday night.

    Following the Jewish New Year celebrations earlier this month and the fast of Yom Kippur, the last week has seen Jewish people celebrating the festival of Sukkot.

    That’s set to slide straight into yet another holiday, Shemini Atzeret, beginning this evening – but just what is that holiday all about?

    Here’s what you need to know…

    What does Shemini Atzeret mean and what is the holiday about?

    The words ‘shemini atzeret’ actually mean ‘Eighth Day of Solemn Assembly’.

    The festival immediately follows the seven-day holiday of Sukkot – the harvest festival which sees Jewish people eating and sleeping in specially constructed outdoor booths – and gets its name from its connection to that festival.

    However it is regarded as a festival in its own right in spite of their obvious links.

    While Jewish people may continue to eat and live in their sukkah during the festival, they no longer recite the blessings that are said in the booth during the week.

    What are the customs of Shemini Atzeret?

    The main custom on Shemini Atzeret is to recite a special prayer for rain during the morning service in synagogue.

    The rabbi or person leading the service will also wear special white garments worn on Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur.

    Shemini Atzeret is a ‘yom tov’ day – meaning that Jewish people observing the festival must refrain from work and certain other activities during the day – although certain activities prohibited on the Sabbath, such as carrying and cooking, are permitted on this day.

    Why is a prayer for rain said?

    Picture of a Sukkah in Israel
    The festival will see Jewish people bid farewell to their Sukkah for another year (Picture: Getty Images)

    The prayer for rain is recited on Shemini Atzeret as it coincides with the time of year when the Jewish people have been atoning for sins committed in the past year.

    Since the Jewish people are considered at this time of year to be free from sin and full of merit, they are considered deserving of blessing – and therefore it’s considered the best time of year to pray for rain.

    It also coincides with the start of the rainy season in Israel – with Passover, when the prayer is supposed to last until, marking the end of the rainy season.

    What should you say to someone celebrating the festival?

    Ultra-Orthodox Jews celebrating Sukkot in Israel
    Sukkot might be coming to an end but the holidays aren’t over (Picture: Getty Images)

    If you want to give greetings to someone celebrating the festival, you can wish them the standard festival greeting of ‘Chag Sameach – pronounced CHAG sah-may-ach – which means simply ‘happy holiday’ and can be used for any Jewish festival.

    Alternatively you can wish someone a ‘good Yom Tov’ – ‘Yom Tov’ referring to a festival day when work is forbidden.

    Are there any more Jewish holidays coming up?

    There have been a whole bunch of them this month – but they’re not quite over yet, as there’s one more to come.

    That’s the festival of Simchat Torah (Rejoicing Of The Law) which begins at sundown on Monday and lasts until sundown on Tuesday night.

    That particular festival rounds off the current crop of holidays with a big celebration, to mark the end of the reading of the Torah (the first five books of the old testament) in synagogue, and starting it all over again from the beginning.

    The day is an excuse for a big celebration, with the usual decorum of the synagogue service giving way to singing, dancing and a whole lot of food and drink.

    MORE: What Jewish holidays are left in 2019 from Yom Kippur to Hanukkah?

    Israel SukkotIsrael Sukkot

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    Kids at a Rebuilder workshop in Denmark, with David Aguilar - who built his own prosthetic Lego arm
    Kids at a Rebuilder workshop in Denmark, with David Aguilar – who built his own prosthetic Lego arm

    Lego teams up with National Park City Foundation for free half term Rebuilder workshops

    A series of free Lego-themed workshops will be held at London’s Southbank Centre to encourage kids to redesign a greener city.

    London becoming the world’s first National Park City is not something you’d naturally expect Lego to be involved in celebrating, but they’ve joined up with the National Park City Foundation to offer a range of Lego-building workshops at London’s Southbank Centre.

    The National Park City Foundation is dedicated to making cities around the world greener, healthier, more wildlife friendly, and encouraging kids to play outdoors.

    The workshops are completely free and are being held at the Southbank Centre on Monday, 21st October and Tuesday, 22nd October, although other half term events are also being held around the country – following similar events in the US and China.

    You've probably already seen the Rebuild the World TV ad
    You’ve probably already seen the Rebuild the World TV ad

    At the two-day event, kids will be set three challenges: starting with ReWild your City with the National Park City Foundation.

    Meanwhile, ReWheel your City will be overseen by UK designer Dominic Wilcox and will focus on public transport and accessibility. Finally, ReImagine your City will be overseen by architect Dara Huang, and will deal with London’s buildings and infrastructure.

    The initiative is part of Lego’s Rebuild the World campaign, which aims to prepare children for the future job market by encouraging them to use their imagination and creativity more.

    Kids have already tried to redesign a British telephone box
    Kids have already tried to redesign a British telephone box

    In the UK this has already seen workshops set-up to rebuild iconic British landmarks – from telephone boxes to the Birmingham bullring – but with the National Park City Partnership they’ll be encouraged to reimagine the whole city, with more green spaces, better public transport, and other more futuristic additions.

    ‘Our mission is to encourage more people to enjoy the great outdoors by creating safe, green and wild spaces that children can explore and play in’, said London National Park City’s Daniel Raven-Ellison.

    ‘Through this partnership with the Lego Group we are giving kids the power to imagine and bring to life what they’d like from the city they live in. With no cap on creativity, who knows what the capital could look like, and what ideas could be brought to life in the future.’

    MORE: How playing with Lego could help prepare your child for the future job market

    MORE: Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer is the longest Lego set ever at 1.1 metres (and £650)

    MORE: Lego Friends set revealed and it’s going to (Central) Perk up your day

    Kids at a Rebuilder workshop in Denmark, with David Aguilar - who built his own prosthetic Lego armKids at a Rebuilder workshop in Denmark, with David Aguilar - who built his own prosthetic Lego arm

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    The 'sexy' chicken sandwich and Beyond Burger costumes from Yandy
    The ‘sexy’ chicken sandwich and Beyond Burger costumes (Picture: Yandy.com)

    Halloween is just 10 days away so have you got your costume sorted?

    If you don’t fancy the traditional witch costume, how about dressing as a chicken sandwich – but don’t worry about looking silly as it’s apparently still ‘sexy’.

    For vegans or vegetarians, American brand Yandy is also selling a sexy Beyond Burger costume too (maybe Piers Morgan would be spooked by that one).

    The Beyond Burger bodycon dress has ruffles to look like lettuce, speckles on the top to represent the bun and comes with a red ‘PLANT BASED’ label to make sure everyone knows your burger is meat-free.

    The costume costs $49.95 (£43.09) and the good news is they ship internationally.

    But be warned, a review on the website says that the costume is pretty short.

    Yandy Beyond Burger Costume (Picture: Yandy.com)
    Yandy Beyond Burger Costume (Picture: Yandy.com)

    Colette posted: ‘I ordered a size up out of fear it would be too small. It’s a shirt, not a dress! I am a very average height, and thin, and it is so small! My entire butt is out, it’s physically impossible to cover my butt and top at the same. It was so funny I sent a picture to all my friends.

    ‘I would return it but since I’m international it would cost me an arm & a leg to just return it. My plan is to turn it into a crop top and then find a new beige skirt that actually covers my butt.’

    The ‘sold out chicken sandwich costume’ which is basically a brown body with puff sleeves, a fuzzy textured chicken patty interior and ruffles to look like a chicken sandwich in a bun.

    The costume even has a ‘sold out’ stamp to show that you’re not just any old chicken sandwich.

    It costs $79.95 (£68.99) and comes in sizes small, medium and large.

    In the description on the website, Yandy says: ‘winner, winner chicken dinner…or so you thought. A few too many fast food lovers fantasized about this five star fried feast.

    ‘Is it due to that unbelievable batter or maybe its drool-worthy bun? Either way, these seasoned breasts will be back on full display in no time. Be the hottest Southern chick in town, and send your babe’s taste buds turning in this exclusive Sold Out Chicken Sandwich.’

    Apparently it’s a reference to the Popeyes chicken sandwich in the U.S. which was so popular this summer, it kept selling out.

    MORE: People are confused by this clear hard plastic bra

    MORE: Aldi is selling a battery-powered lantern for £10 to make any home feel cosy this winter

    Sexy chicken sandwich halloween costumeSexy chicken sandwich halloween costume

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    Two women sat at a Christmas dinner opening crackers
    No more plastic trinkets for Christmas (Picture: Getty)

    It might not feel like it but Christmas is just around the corner.

    With just over two months to go until the big day, The John Lewis Partnership, which owns both John Lewis and Waitrose, has revealed that its Christmas crackers will no longer feature plastic items.

    In a move towards sustainability, the group has announced that the festive trinkets featured within will be made from recyclable paper or metal going forward.

    Plastic glitter will also be removed from the material that is used to wrap the crackers – which will be embossed with festive motifs instead – and from the own-brand Christmas gift wrapping by two-thirds across the range.

    However, this change won’t come into play until next year, meaning that you can still find plastic toys in the 2019 products.

    ‘Reducing the amount of single-use plastic in products and packaging is really important to us and our customers,’ said Dan Cooper, the head Christmas buyer at John Lewis.

    ‘One of the challenges I face as a buyer is that we plan 18 months ahead, so it takes time for changes to become a reality.

    ‘I’m always searching for new, more sustainable products which will make Christmas sparkle but won’t end up spoiling our environment.’

    If you’re keen to make your holidays as green as possible, there are other options to choose from this year.

    A popular choice with John Lewis and Waitrose shoppers is the ‘fill your own’ crackers, but why not take things a step further and make your own entirely?

    This way you can choose environmentally-friendly materials – just make sure to recycle the packaging after the festivities.

    Alternatively, if crafts aren’t your thing, you can buy ‘eco crackers’, filled with hats, snaps, mottos and eco gifts, or get reusable crackers to cut down on waste.

    Meanwhile, with Halloween coming up, here are tips on how to have a sustainable celebration of the ghoulish holiday – and easy ways to make your costume plastic-free.

    MORE: How to have a sustainable Halloween

    MORE: Thrifty mum wears 10p charity shop evening gown to black-tie event

    MORE: Student hasn’t bought new clothes in four years to try to tackle climate change

    Friends opening crackers at the Christmas dinner.Friends opening crackers at the Christmas dinner.

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