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    ‘I’ve had a lot of diagnoses,’ blogger Erica Crompton tells us on this week’s episode of Mentally Yours, metro.co.uk’s weekly podcast on mental health.

    ‘I’ve had bipolar type 2, based on the fact that I’d booked some flights to Milan with only £50 in my bank account, then paranoid psychosis.

    Boohoo launch a campaign for 'all girls' without a single plus size woman

    ‘I was told that I might not have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia because it’s a scary word, so they’d give me a diagnosis more like paranoid psychosis.’

    It took Erica years before she was finally given the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.

    During that period, she experienced hallucinations, delusions, and intense paranoia.

    ‘I quit my job, I started cancelling trips, I couldn’t leave my room,’ says Erica.

    ‘I started researching on Facebook and online, looking at unsolved crimes. I was convinced that I was the… Read the full story

    schizophrenia illustrationellencscottschizophrenia illustrationellencscott

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    (Picture: 7mayu2mayu/Instagram)

    You might think that the new Starbucks Pink Drink is just a cup of sugar and strawberries, but it apparently has special lactation-promoting powers.

    Mums are claiming that drinking the stuff has significantly boosted their breast milk supplies.

    metro illustrationsThe importance of having a partner who understands your invisible illness

    Laura Galvin, a member of the Milky Mamas breastfeeding support group on Facebook, recently posted a photo of the T-Shirt she was wearing soaked with breast milk that had leaked through.

    In fact, she’d been producing so much milk that this week alone, she’d pumped out 48 four-ounce bags of the stuff and was… Read the full story


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    The world’s most beautiful couple (Picture: Getty)

    My husband is older than me. 

    11 and a half years, in fact. The same age gap at Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, as I’m fond of telling people (sadly I fear that may be where the similarities between myself and Blake end).

    Sometimes you'll dread therapy

    Our age gap is not a big deal. Genuinely. Day-to-day, I barely notice it. We’re two adults, living adult lives.

    It’s only when yet another bit of research comes out, telling us that we’re doomed to fail, that I remember how much younger I am. And to be totally honest, it’s pretty… Read the full story

    2016 NBA Finals - Game Sixrebeccacnreid2016 NBA Finals - Game Sixrebeccacnreid

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    Cherie riding waves during the World Dog Surfing Championships (Picture: EPA/John G Mabanglo)

    You’ve tried surfing and you’ve failed at surfing.

    It looks so easy when you see actual surfers doing it but the moment you try to step foot on a board, you go arse over tit.

    Apparently, mums are ordering Starbucks' 'Pink Drink' to boost their breast milk supplies

    It’s all about your centre of gravity; the lower you are, the more balance you can get.

    As proved by these excellent surfing dogs.

    They’ve all been taking part in this year’s World Dog Surfing Championships on Linda Mar Beach, California.

    Read the full story

    World Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica, CaliforniamkylWorld Dog Surfing Championships in Pacifica, Californiamkyl

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    (Picture: Caters)

    This is the touching moment when a bereaved father received a ‘reborn’ doll in memory of his stillborn son.

    Shane Pointon, 44, has spent the past 11 years struggling to cope with the loss of his baby.

    Heartwarming moment a bereaved dad receives reborn doll in memory of his late son

    So wife Sharon decided to order him a doll replica of his son, Jay Lee – and she decided to film the moment Shane opened the box.

    ‘Losing Jay Lee was the worst thing that has ever happened to me,’ says Shane.

    ‘I have never been able to move forward with my life without… Read the full story

    reborn dollmkylreborn dollmkyl

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    ‘I take thee, Duckface’. (Picture: Getty)

    I’m not one to judge when it comes to a social media obsession. 

    I have, at time of writing, posted 51.9 thousand tweets on Twitter. Pretty much everything I’ve done since I was 19 has been chronicled on Twitter. My whole life is up there. Heartbreaks, new boyfriends, career highs, career lows.

    But despite my social media addiction, on my wedding day? I put my phone away. Unlike 84% of brides, according to a survey by Onbuy.com, who surveyed just shy of 900 brides.

    Please pipe down about age gap relationships being doomed to fail

    I didn’t take it to the hairdresser’s on… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Nando’s)

    A Levels Results Day is just around the corner, and regardless of your grades, Nando’s is offering you something that’ll make you feel fantastic.

    metro illustrationsThe importance of having a partner who understands your invisible illness

    To help you get over your results – or celebrate them in style – the restaurant is giving away free chicken.

    On Thursday 17 August, Nando’s will be offering students the chance to pick up a free 1/4 chicken or Firestarter, in hopes of giving all students some form of reward for their results.


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    But why though? (Picture: Getty)

    At risk of being banished from the Millennial generation, I just don’t understand selfies.

    I know how they work. I know they’re basically the only way to show off your new hairdo (acceptable), and that they’re great for capturing pics of you with friends/up a mountain/with a celebrity.

    World Selfie Day: 13 reasons to love a good selfie

    I know that, apparently, they help people feel good about themselves. But I also know that Instagram is supposedly the ‘thief of joy’.

    I’m a feminist, and I subscribe to the belief that women can do whatever the hell they like with their bodies.

    But I… Read the full story

    Woman in glasses taking a selfieabbychandlerWoman in glasses taking a selfieabbychandler

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    £650,000 in London would probably get you a two bedroom flat somewhere in Zone 3 – if you’re lucky.

    But head outside the M25 and that kind of money can almost buy you a castle.

    metro illustrationsDoes Larry King's curly hair remedy really resurrect dead curls?

    Or in this case, a massive courthouse.

    The Old Courthouse in Downham Market, Norfolk, has just come onto the market – complete with original witness boxes.

    It was originally built by architect Charles Reeves in 1850 and operated as a county and magistrates court until 1992.


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    (Picture: Morrisons)

    Forget your usual lunch-break plans, as Morrisons has launched a Foot Long Sausage roll – and it’s all our pastry dreams come true.

    Heartwarming moment a bereaved dad receives reborn doll in memory of his late son

    Believed to be the largest in the UK, the sausage roll measures one foot, and weighs nearly half a kilogram.

    Yes, it’s like Subway and Greggs all in one and we couldn’t be happier – especially as the huge pastry will set you back just £1.

    Morrisons giant sausage rollhattiegladwellmetroMorrisons giant sausage rollhattiegladwellmetro

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    metro illustrations
    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    One of the most important aspects of being in a relationship when you have an invisible, chronic illness is that your partner is supportive. 

    Please pipe down about age gap relationships being doomed to fail

    There are a number of reasons for this, but it all mainly comes down to the fact that if your partner doesn’t understand what you’re living with, you’ll begin to lack understanding yourself.

    As someone who lives with inflammatory bowel disease, and who has undergone several major surgeries in the process, it has been incredibly important that my partner has stood by… Read the full story

    Life after suicidehattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsLife after suicidehattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    Don’t forget to leave a tip (Picture: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty)

    Britain has been deemed one of the stingiest nations when it comes to tipping.

    This isn’t something to be proud of.

    But it also probably won’t surprise anyone who has worked in the service industry either.

    Long, unsociable hours spent constantly on your feet, difficult customers, cleaning up discarded food, spilled drinks, vomit and, yes, sometimes bodily fluids.

    Pub sparks anger with ‘sexist’ naked waitress joke advert

    Working in the service industry is rarely glamorous.

    And mostly it is for minimum wage.

    Unlike America, where it is customary to leave a tip, or Iceland, where it is not; in Britain the decision to leave a pound or two is… Read the full story

    Jar of coinscelebricatJar of coinscelebricat

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    Another week, another clothing related drama. 

    Boohoo.com, the low-price fashion retailer, were recently slammed for not using actual plus size women to model their plus size clothing.

    metro illustrationsThe importance of having a partner who understands your invisible illness

    And now they’ve demonstrated just how much they care about the perception of their attitude to plus-size women with their lastest campaign.

    The #AllGirls campaign is apparently about ‘inclusivity’ and girl power.

    Just not if you’re plus size. Or disabled. Or trans. Or over 30.

    We’re not idiots.We know how fashion works. You put clothes on beautiful people and the… Read the full story


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    In London, you’re lucky if you work somewhere which has a gym – or at least a deal with a sports centre for cheaper membership.

    Even then, working out at lunchtime is hard.

    metro illustrationsThe importance of having a partner who understands your invisible illness

    You’ve got to plan it like a military operation: you’ve got to warn your colleagues that you might be a few minutes late, already have the necessary underwear under your suit, hurry to the gym for a frantic 20 minute workout, have a 15 minutes shower-dry-change-makeup routine down and be back at the office, ready for your quick and expensive al-desco lunch.

    Relaxing, it ain’t.

    Imagine if your boss came up to you and actually encouraged you to take your time, to go for a nice run and to eat your lunch at a relaxing pace in the canteen afterwards.

    Imagine how much keener you’d be to workout, how much… Read the full story


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    She can put her own coat on. (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Nearly three quarters (73 per cent) of single women say that chivalry is dead, based on their experiences of modern men, according to dating website Match.com. 

    Now, we all know that we’re not exactly living in an age of knights and princesses. But when we talk about chivalry, we’re not actually going for white horses and turrets. According to Match’s research, which quizzed 504 single women, all we’re really asking for is a gesture of courtesy.

    In fact, the number one thing single women wished the men would do is to call when they say they will 84%, which hardly seems… Read the full story

    ***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** How I broke the golden rule of sex work and fell in love with a client (Miranda Kane)rebeccacnreidmetro illustrations***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** How I broke the golden rule of sex work and fell in love with a client (Miranda Kane)rebeccacnreidmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Twitter/gabbiejarvis)

    Vegans can eat pretty much anything – just without the meat, of course.

    Lush is definitely launching a bath bomb subscription in the UK

    Pizzas, pastas, delicious desserts and even roast dinners. It seems pretty much anything is possible with the right ingredients.

    Which is why we can’t quite believe that one girl wasn’t served any of the above while dining out at a restaurant while on holiday.

    Georgina Jarvis, who is vegan, was recently out for dinner while vacationing in Malaga, Spain, with her sister, Gabbie.

    The pair had gone out to eat, and luckily the restaurant they’d chosen had told them they ‘catered… Read the full story

    This 'vegan meal' would disappoint anyone who enjoys eating foodhattiegladwellmetroThis 'vegan meal' would disappoint anyone who enjoys eating foodhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Hot Topic)

    While Primark may have impressed us with their The Little Mermaid-inspired home range, Hot Topic has completely one-upped them with their latest beauty collection.

    Meet the company leading the 'corporate wellness' revolution

    The online retailer has released a line of The Little Mermaid-inspired beauty products, including eyeshadows, highlighters and even a cute rose gold mirror compact which features a silhouette of Ariel.

    While we’re no stranger to mermaid-like makeup, as we’ve seen many a mermaid makeup brush, we can’t help but love the ocean-like colours Hot Topic has to offer – and the fact they’re all really cheap.

    This £6 Read the full story

    The Little Mermaid makeup exists and it's everything we've ever dreamed ofhattiegladwellmetroThe Little Mermaid makeup exists and it's everything we've ever dreamed ofhattiegladwellmetro

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    Cat in the hat (Picture: Getty)

    International Cat Day on August 8 is a day that humans across the globe will celebrate our fine feline friends.

    The popular pets have been mankind’s companion for centuries.

    Celebrate National Pet Month with these adorable pets on Instagram

    Cats are loved for their cool, laid-back attitude, independence and often low-maintenance lifestyles, making them easy for us to live alongside.

    But Cat Day isn’t about us.

    It’s about cats.

    And those cats want to celebrate too.

    Who are we to stop them?

    So raise a glass of catnip and see how cats will be celebrating International Cat Day.

    International Cat Day you say?

    A day all about me?


    Read the full story

    Birthday partysaretapuriBirthday partysaretapuri

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    Here kitty! (Picture: Getty Images/Rex Features)

    Known for their sultry, sassy, independent ways, cats are one of the nation’s favourite pets.

    Celebrate National Pet Month with these adorable pets on Instagram

    More than 7 million reside in homes across the UK with each and every one of them having their own unique personality.

    London alone has more than 800 cats per square mile, but it is Birmingham that has the most cats in the UK.

    In Scotland, Ragdoll cats are favoured, but in Wales Bengals are the most common.

    What do these choices say about the people of Scotland or Wales?

    Or any of us?

    The close bond between… Read the full story

    International Cat Day: What kind of cat are you?saretapuriInternational Cat Day: What kind of cat are you?saretapuri

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    Malmo has so many different sides (Picture: Getty)

    What first springs to mind when you hear the word ‘Malmo’?

    Kurt Wallander staring gloomily at a grey landscape? That’s nearby Ystad, but I see your point.

    12 reasons to visit Istanbul this summer

    Prima donna striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring again with a balletic bicycle kick? The magnificent Saga Noren driving across the Oresund Bridge to solve another gruesome crime?

    Malmo is all these things and more.

    The city was founded in the 13th century on herring fishing.

    However, when the shipbuilding industry collapsed in the 1980s, Malmo converted itself into an eco-city filled with bikes and powered by renewable energy.

    The former industrial… Read the full story

    "Sweden, Skane, Malmo, Ribersborg, People on public beach, Turning Torso in background"lucymallowsmetromalmoBosjokloster, Skane, Sweden, Scandinavia, EuropeKim Bodnia, Sofia HelinBuildings at waterfrontMalmo.mainsquare02KallbadhusModerna Museet MalmoMalmo.railway01Malmo.StPetersChurch.Fresco02Malmo Castle, also known as Malmohus Slott in the afternoon light, SwedenFolkets Park 

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