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    Who says only able-bodied people can go travelling? (Picture: Getty)

    I have been travelling for about a year now but there are some things that really get to me as a disabled traveller.

    I had a stroke in my 20s – but I didn’t let it stop me from following my dreams

    I had a stroke about five years ago and it has left me unable to use my right arm. So although I can do an awful lot of stuff there is still a lot that I have difficulty with.

    Of course there are many difficulties that apply to everyone, especially the 30-something traveller that isn’t up… Read the full story

    Man with prosthetic leg jumping on rocks to cross a riverabbychandlerMan with prosthetic leg jumping on rocks to cross a riverabbychandler

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    (Picture: Warner Bros)

    Attention, please: There’s going to be a Harry Potter-themed pub crawl in Ireland. We’re so ready to get our cloaks on and drink up some boozy potions.

    The Harry Potter and the Order of the Pub Crawl will be taking place in Dublin, Ireland, and comes courtesy of Bootlegger events.

    metro illustrationsThe importance of having a partner who understands your invisible illness

    According to the events page, the magical crawl will consist of a number of wizardly aspects as it takes place, with attendees asked to dress up as their favourite Potter character in order to take part (we hope… Read the full story

    There's A Full-On Harry Potter Pub Crawl Coming To Dublin This SummerhattiegladwellmetroThere's A Full-On Harry Potter Pub Crawl Coming To Dublin This Summerhattiegladwellmetro

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    A woman carries retail shopping bags during Black Friday events on November 25, 2016 in New York City. The day after Thanksgiving, called Black Friday, is typically the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. (Picture: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images)

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest days of the year for bargain hunters and Christmas shoppers to nab the deals in time for the gift-giving season.

    Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving each year, so the last Friday in November.

    Since 1952 it has been considered the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, a tradition that started in the US has quickly become a part of our tradition… Read the full story

    Holiday Shoppers Look For Bargains On Black FridayaislingtmHoliday Shoppers Look For Bargains On Black Fridayaislingtm

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    ‘We’re giving too much importance to these petty things,’ photographer Ben Hopper tells metro.co.uk.

    He’s the man behind Natural Beauty, a photo series normalising one of those little things that people keep making a big fuss over: armpit hair.

    Stunning photo series will make you want to grow out your armpit hair

    As part of Natural Beauty, Ben recruited women ‘who look like models and actresses’, asked them to grow out the hair under their arms, then took their photos.

    ‘The project started back in 2008/2009, and it was published in 2014,’ Ben tells us.

    ‘The motivation was both my own liking of seeing women with armpit hair, and a joke about modern art and contemporary art, how if you repeat something enough it will make an impact.

    ‘I personally like the look. I find it attractive.’

    Why women who looked like models and actresses? To challenge our expectations of beauty.


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    This is a coconut. Not a sex toy. (Picture: Getty)

    Today in ‘wow, kind of wish I didn’t know that’ news, apparently there are some men in the world who are turning coconuts into makeshift sex toys.

    Over on the TIFU (that’s today I f***ed up, for the uninitiated) subreddit, one man going by coconutthrowaway69, has shared a story titled ‘TIFU by cumming in a coconut’.

    Stunning photo series will make you want to grow out your armpit hair

    Right then.

    ‘Around eight years back I lived in Northern Mozambique, a coastal southern African country with quite a warm climate,’ this mystery coconut-banger explains.

    ‘My mother at… Read the full story

    Coconuts drying in the sunellencscottCoconuts drying in the sunellencscott

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    (Picture: Rachel Gardner/Twitter)

    Missguided is the fashion equivalent of a pumpkin spiced latte.

    Everything’s millennial pink and sparkly. It’s full of Kardashian-esque body con dresses that look like they’ll fall apart if you sneeze and which have been modelled by icons like Pamela Anderson and Baddie Winkle, in all their glittery glory.

    You can now rent an entire Caribbean private island on Airbnb

    You know where you are with Missguided.

    So it shouldn’t come as much surprise to find that their stores have some cringe-yet-peak millennial phrases etched in Tracey Emin-like neon lights.

    Like the one found at… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Lucy Mountain/Instagram)

    Calorie and macro counting can be a minefield – particularly when you’re constantly surrounded by images of food online.

    Many of us have said ‘so long’ to bread. Have swapped out refined sugars for ‘healthier substitutes’. Have given up the occasional treat of chocolate spread for peanut butter. We don’t exactly know what we’re doing but we see fitness bloggers doing it and we want in.

    Dr.Jart+ has launched in Selfridges so we can finally get our hands on those rubber masks

    But most of them don’t know what they’re doing either. Which is why Lucy Mountain,… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Dr. Jart+/metro.co.uk)

    To the non-skincare-lover, Dr.Jart+ may sound like an offbrand line of multivitamin, or a TV ‘doctor’ intent on helping people through trauma by yelling at them in front of a live studio audience.

    Regina George is alive and well and this student’s yearbook photos prove it

    But beauty fans will know that Dr.Jart+ is a hero brand spotted all over Instagram and on the faces of celebs.

    It’s the brand behind all those face masks with pictures of pills on the packaging (because it’s ~medicine themed~, get it?), amazing BB creams, and, most importantly, the rubber mask.

    The rubber… Read the full story

    Dr Jart launches in SelfridgesellencscottDr Jart launches in Selfridgesellencscott

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    (Picture: Shutterstock)

    Following Tesco’s move the other week, Waitrose has cut the price of tampons in a bid to help customers fight the dastardly tampon tax.

    Today the up-market supermarket chain announced that over the course of this week, it’ll be cutting the price of women’s sanitary products by 5% – removing the cost of VAT.

    A London hotel is offering the chance to win a free wedding

    That price cut will cover 97 products, including both branded and own-label goods.
    And it’ll be both online and in store.

    ‘By covering the VAT cost and… Read the full story

    Scotland becomes 'first country in world' to give free sanitary products to women on low incomesmkylScotland becomes 'first country in world' to give free sanitary products to women on low incomesmkyl

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    I think she is thinking about kneading right now.  (Picture: Anthony Wallace/AFP/Getty Images)

    Kneading or padding is one of those strange activities that your cat may do on a regular basis, but why do they do it?

    Cats have many subtle ways to imply or suggest things to us owners, mainly so that we will get up and feed them.

    metro illustrationsWhy turning off my phone notifications was the best idea I’ve had in months

    They are not kneading in practice to make the world’s best pizza, unfortunately.

    Of course, there are many theories to explain why cat’s knead but there isn’t one definitive answer.

    It is likely that… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Barcroft)

    When you hear the word yoga, a specific vision comes to mind. 

    Despite being pretty far from its ancient Indian origins, that vision is probably of a skinny, tanned, blonde chick who posts Instagrams of her toes behind her ears.

    Meet the 'No BS' food comparison blogger who wants us to know what calories look like

    But yoga isn’t just for people who wear their Lulu Lemons from the studio to Wholefoods and subsist on Birch water and avocado fragments. Super bendy Maria Odugba is proving that.

    Through learning yoga, Maria has lost 120lb (8.5 stone). But her story isn’t really weight loss.

    Read the full story

    290lb Yogi Proves Size Doesn?t Affect Your Downward Dogrebeccacnreid290lb Yogi Proves Size Doesn?t Affect Your Downward Dogrebeccacnreid

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    (Picture: Airbnb)

    If renting a private room in a flat-share in Rome just doesn’t cut it when it comes to finding accommodation for a summer trip, then you might want to consider getting something bigger.

    Something, say…like a private island.

    Lush is definitely launching a bath bomb subscription in the UK

    If you thought that having exclusive holidaying rights to a Caribbean island was the sort of thing only Richard Branson could dream of, think again.

    Because Airbnb is renting out Bird Island, just off the coast of Belize, for a steal.

    For just $595 or £456 (how much do you think… Read the full story

    Airbnb Now Offers An Entire Off-The-Grid Caribbean Island For RentmkylAirbnb Now Offers An Entire Off-The-Grid Caribbean Island For Rentmkyl

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    (Picture: Ella BYworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Look, lads – we get it. Dating in 2017 can be a confusing, complicated experience.

    Why do cats knead or pad things?

    With all the right-swiping and kittenfishing, FWBs and, er, PowerPoint presentations, it’s a whole new world out there.

    Word of warning, though – don’t try to book as many dates into one evening as possible. It’ll all come unstuck.

    That’s what one man found out the hard way the other night, after he took Twitter user Lisette Pylant for a drink in a bar in Washington D.C.

    She went on a date with a… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Transformation Feed/Instagram/@April_ONLOVE/Twitter)

    Taking the perfect yearbook picture is a big deal for American teenagers.

    They’ve got to look their best or else they’ll end up being remembered by their classmates as a massive dork (or something like that).

    Plus size yogi proves you don't need to be skinny to be fit

    But one student’s end of school photos has been causing an internet sensation.

    Because April Turner is proof that Regina George is alive and kicking.

    The senior student uploaded her photos online and the internet lost its head over how much she looked like the Mean Girl.


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    They love their catnip. (Picture: Barb Wentzel / Barcroft Images London)

    It’s like Catnip – I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before, but where exactly does it come from?

    Catnip is a perennial herb that belongs to the mint family that makes cats go crazy and seem drugged.

    You can now rent an entire Caribbean private island on Airbnb

    However, it is not a drug, when the leaves of the herb are broken it releases a chemical that cats often respond to.

    Every cat will react differently to catnip, some may be indifferent – as cats are to everything us humans do – while some cats… Read the full story

    Kitten plays with toy mouseaislingtmKitten plays with toy mouseaislingtm

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    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Ding. Ding. Bzz-bzz. Ding.

    Woman gets revenge on guy for double-booking by stealing all his dates

    The onslaught of phone-related noises and vibrations is an ever-present facet of modern life – but what effect is it having on our health?

    We’re told the ‘digital detox’ is good for us, but how many of us have actually tried it?

    It’s always presented as a very all-or-nothing situation – either you’re duct-taping phone screen to your eyeballs, or you’re ditching it all for a life of nudism and celibacy among the mountains of the Andes.

    Neither of which seem very practical.

    As a freelancer,… Read the full story

    How to look after your mental health on technologytomconnickMETRO GRAPHICSHow to look after your mental health on technologytomconnickMETRO GRAPHICS

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    (Picture: Moon Lin/Instagram)

    This is Moon Lin.

    She’s an 88-year-old Taiwanese icon who’s completely owning the streetwear game online with her age-defying outfits and natural sass.

    Regina George is alive and well and this student’s yearbook photos prove it

    Moon Lin’s incredible sense of style has won her a legion of fans, with over 70,000 followers on Instagram following her every sartorial move.

    She can just about pull off anything.

    Whether it’s ripped jeans,

    Instagram Photo

    Yohji Yamamoto tops,

    Instagram Photo

    Or repurposed DHL gear

    Instagram Photo

    Moon Lin… Read the full story


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    The Funchal sea front in Madeira (Picture: Getty)

    The island of Madeira is often thought of as a more of a getaway destination for the grey of hair or simply a day visit for cruise tourists.

    And while it’s easy to understand why the Portuguese island’s relaxed atmosphere does appeal to retired holidaymakers – once paying Madeira a visit – it does feel a little like senior travellers have been keeping the secret close to their chests.

    16 reasons why you should visit Malmo the next time you’re in Sweden

    Thanks to a rise in low-cost flights bringing younger tourists to the destination, a range of exciting adventure… Read the full story

    General Views of MadeiranicolemorleyGeneral Views of Madeiranicolemorley

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    (Picture: nancythespycat)

    Cats are lovely, but fickle beasts.

    They’ll either love you immediately, running up to slam their head into your hand and weave between your legs, or they’ll reject you with an unbearable cruelty that leaves you hurt and humiliated.

    Meet the 'No BS' food comparison blogger who wants us to know what calories look like

    Or they’ll love you, then suddenly switch to scratching your hands off for rubbing their tummies (which they always seemed to like before).

    Take Nancy, for example.

    Nancy is a black and white cat who belongs to commissioning editor Steve Gardner.

    ‘She’s extremely gentle and very shy,’ Steve tells metro.co.uk.… Read the full story

    nancy on the bedellencscottnancy on the bedellencscott

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    (Picture: Getty)

    I hate the park. I hate doing crafts. I hate baking. I hate the soft play centre.

    However,  I do these things (Angel Delight counts as baking, right?) because it makes my children happy and I love them being happy but I still don’t really enjoy doing the actual thing.

    So when I find something that make the kids happy AND doesn’t bore me shitless it really is the best thing ever..

    Here are seven things I really like doing with my kids:


    While I would be the first to admit that playing board games with small children can be annoying and tantrum-filled there is a way to make things… Read the full story

    Lovely African-American family making silly faces and posingemilyjaneclarkLovely African-American family making silly faces and posingemilyjaneclark

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