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    I WISH I could eat gluten (Picture: Getty)

    Contrary to popular belief, being gluten-free isn’t all about fad diets and celebrity bandwagons.

    Gluten-free travellers reveal their best and worst experiences with in-flight food

    Some of us have no choice in being gluten-free or not. A celebrity didn’t tell me to go gluten-free, my doctor did.

    So that makes it all the more frustrating when (often well-intentioned) people drop some of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard.

    I’ve heard them all and here’s a few of the greatest hits.

    1. I went gluten-free once, it was awful.

    It must be so awful to not have choice over what you eat. I… Read the full story

    Young boy covering face with toastbeckyexcellYoung boy covering face with toastbeckyexcell

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Social media is hard work.

    We’re encouraged to share the most vivid details of our lives to an audience that ranges from our grandma to that person we fancied down at the pub two years ago — and then we wait for people to measure how exciting our memories are by clicking ‘like’.

    How to travel on the Tube if you have anxiety

    The jury’s out on whether we’re chronically insecure or simply sadists, but we humans always did love a tough crowd.

    And if the likes of Instagram and Facebook didn’t give us enough to worry about, there’s yet another downside to social media.

    Apparently social media… Read the full story

    Women taking self portrait in camper vanjasmineanderssonWomen taking self portrait in camper vanjasmineandersson

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    Marshmallow gin
    Mmm vanilla (Picture: Naked Marshmallow/Getty)

    If you’re into vanilla (no, not that kind) and you’ve been stressing over the shortage this year, then there is finally some good news.

    Nope, sorry, the shortage is still real.

    9 kitchen gadgets that seemed like a great idea… and why you stopped using them

    But if you can’t get your usual fix of Madagascar vanilla ice cream, you can now indulge in some new vanilla-flavoured marshmallow gin instead.

    Yep, marshmallow gin is now a thing.

    Imagine: small batches of pot-distilled gin are infused with vanilla marshmallows. Extra vanilla seeds are thrown into the mixture for good measure, creating… Read the full story

    Marshmallow ginqinxieMarshmallow ginMarshmallow ginqinxieMarshmallow gin

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    Let’s stick to our own hands on our own hips.

    When I was eighteen I worked in a pub. 

    As teenage jobs go, it was pretty bearable. The money was okay, and the company wasn’t terrible. The only part that I really hated was my boss.

    Pizzas are going to shrink by 20% and we are not okay about it

    He was, to use an old fashioned phrase, a lech. He told me to dress to ‘show off’ my ‘curves.’ He looked down my top when I bent over. And his most frustrating habit was that whenever we were both behind the bar and he wanted to move… Read the full story

    Woman in sequin dress against skyrebeccacnreidWoman in sequin dress against skyrebeccacnreid

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    Whenever I write about mental health medication on the internet, I can guarantee I’ll get at least comment, message, or email telling me how the pills I’m putting in my body will ruin every part of my life.

    ‘Pills are not the answer, except for Big Pharma’s balance sheet,’ wrote one commenter on my article about finally realising I need to get help. ‘This is the mistake of the almost ‘shamanic’ imaginary magic bullet for very real and very human issues of suffering, trauma and deep emotional pain.’

    ‘Drugs are merely escape, a postponement of the inevitable,’ wrote another.

    Inside the anti-antidepressants movement

    ‘The brain needing extra serotonin complete rubbish there has never been any proof that depression is caused by lack of chemicals.’

    I’ve received messages from mates from secondary school and great aunts, advising me to turn down the Fluoxetine and try running, talking, and ‘natural Chinese herbs’.

    They nearly always come with a… Read the full story

    Long formellencscottmetro illustrationsmetro graphicsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsLong formellencscottmetro illustrationsmetro graphicsmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    metro illustrations
    Braids are a way of making hair manageable – NOT a statement (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro)

    I wish I could wear my hair however I like. But the fact is I can’t.

    Most of my friends work in corporate FTSE100 companies and they all say that there is an invisible pressure to wear their hair in a European way, i.e. extensions/weaves/wigs that are straight or are a kind of wavy that moves with the wind.

    metro illustrationsHairdresser fear: how switching to an Afro-Caribbean stylist helped me get over my phobia

    They don’t feel they could have their natural… Read the full story

    Opinion - I didn't know what my hair texture was like until I was 25 years old -Transitioning from straight to Afro hair.funmio7metro illustrationsmeetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsOpinion - I didn't know what my hair texture was like until I was 25 years old -Transitioning from straight to Afro hair.funmio7metro illustrationsmeetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    Would you trade plump lips for crooked teeth?

    Lip plumpers, which have been popularized by pouty stars like Kylie Jenner, could be really bad for your teeth. 

    A dad p*ssed everyone off by giving this horse a fringe

    When Ellen Scott brought a load of lip plumping suction cups to the Metro.co.uk Lifestyle desk, obviously we all wanted to have a go. So we spent an afternoon writing away with red cups stuck to our lips, trying to see if we could get super-pouts.

    You can read about the effectiveness (or lack therefore) of these suction cups in Ellen’s post. But it wasn’t the… Read the full story

    Hey sweet lips!rebeccacnreidHey sweet lips!rebeccacnreid

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    Edgy equine (Picture: Reddit)

    You’re either a fringe person or you’re not.

    Inside the anti-antidepressants movement

    I finally realised I wasn’t after spending the majority of my life blocking the sight from my right eye with a sweeping side fringe.

    If you’re lucky enough to be a fringe person, you might have been able to enjoy such faddy trends as rainbow and heart-shaped fringes.

    Of course, most of us have probably tried hacking at our own fringes at some point in our lives, and let’s be real – some do it better than others.

    But have you… Read the full story

    Everyone's mad at the guy who gave this horse a fringelisambowmanEveryone's mad at the guy who gave this horse a fringelisambowman

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    (Picture: Lush/metro.co.uk)

    If you’ve been on parenting forums, beauty blogs, and, well, the general internet in the last few weeks, you’ve probably spotted people singing the praises of Lush’s Sleepy body lotion.

    Every cat lady needs this slinky cat print suit in her life

    Exhausted mums have been shouting all over the internet about how Sleepy has finally fixed all their sleeping problems, sending both babies and grownups into peaceful slumbers.

    The product’s been so popular, it’s sold out twice, thanks in no small part to being labelled a miracle insomnia-curing product.

    But does it actually work? Or has it been massively hyped… Read the full story


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    That pale pink colour though *fans self* (Credit: Zara)

    There are two types of ‘crazy cat lady’.

    Inside the anti-antidepressants movement

    You’ve got the genuine ones who live with 1,000 felines or do stuff like cover their house in cat memorabilia.

    And then you’ve got the ones who joke about it, but actually, they’re pretty balanced people and just own a couple of sassy little cats.

    The sort of person who would wear a chic little feline-collared blouse to give a gentle nod to her obsession.

    And who would give up one of her kidneys for this totally… Read the full story

    Zara cat suit Credit: ZaralisambowmanZara cat suit Credit: Zaralisambowman

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Scots have got a lot to be proud of.

    If they’re not bringing a world-renowned arts festival to the UK is the shape of the Edinburgh Fringe, they’re spreading the love through tartan, kilts, James McAvoy and deep fried battered mars bars.

    Inside the anti-antidepressants movement

    That’s why in a global survey, it warmed our hearts to hear that the Scot’s most popular beverage is something a little bit different.

    While the rest of the globe — and we mean the entire globe — vouched that their favourite drink was something from the Coca Cola company, Scots proudly declared that their favourite drink is the one and only… well,… Read the full story

    Scotland Fans Before World Cup Qualifier Against England In LondonjasmineanderssonScotland Fans Before World Cup Qualifier Against England In Londonjasmineandersson

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    This cat looks ready to pounce but ain’t going anywhere with that lead on (Picture: Getty)

    Cats have always been the most independent of household pets.

    The cuticle tattoo trend is the perfect way to show off your manicure

    In an ideal world, they roam free, staking out the house and coming and going through a cat flap as they please.

    But this isn’t an ideal world, and many felines are living more of a dog’s life, stuck in city flats or houses without cat flaps, bored indoors, twiddling their claws and contemplating whether or not to sh*t on the carpet or scratch open some cushions.

    Of course, most… Read the full story

    Cat on a lead on a walllisambowmanCat on a lead on a walllisambowman

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    Pupils at Newham Collegiate Sixth Form (NCS) in East Ham, east London celebrate their A Level results (Picture: National News)

    Going to university can be such a confusing time, you have to pack up your entire life and transfer it to a small bedroom, often in an entirely new city.

    Having some common sense when it comes to packing for University is essential, it will make your life so much easier and give you the extra time you need to stress about what you’re going to wear for your first day (I can tell you, it won’t matter).

    A dad p*ssed everyone off by… Read the full story


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    The only thing you should be shedding is that attitude. Picture: You Statement

    When you get engaged, people will start asking you if you’re planning on losing weight for the wedding. 

    It sounds unlikely, but I promise. It happens. A ‘friend’ of mine asked me if I’d like her to give me some personal training so I could be ‘wedding ready.’

    How to travel on the Tube if you have anxiety

    You do not need to lose weight for your wedding.

    You’re going to wear an amazing dress, probably have a tan and most likely have the best hair and make-up of your life. Even without… Read the full story


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    (Picture: the Mother Octopus/metro.co.uk)

    Woman wears dress.

    That shouldn’t be a big deal, but in a society in which we’re bashed for our bodies, criticised for any hint of flab, and basically told to wear a giant burlap sack if we’re above a size 8, it is.

    These 'bridal' gym leggings might make you be sick in your mouth

    When a woman wears a dress that shows off her body, a type of body that we don’t usually see in adverts (you know, because it’s not photoshopped or perfectly posed), it’s pretty revolutionary – a reminder that actually, we can wear whatever the eff we… Read the full story


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    The new exhibition will be on display from November 2018 (Credit: Simon Frederick/PA)

    Portraits are a wonderful window into a person’s soul.

    Inside the anti-antidepressants movement

    Like this photographer’s striking portraits of homeless people, these shots celebrating the beauty of freckles, and, er, this artist’s visual depiction of Donald Trump created using her menstrual blood.

    And then you’ve the classic sit down portrait, like these great new ones from the National Portrait Gallery’s upcoming exhibition of successful black celebrities in the UK.

    The show features the likes of comedian Sir Lenny Henry, singer Tinie Tempah and athlete… Read the full story

    National Portrait Gallery new portraitslisambowmanNational Portrait Gallery new portraitslisambowman

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    (Picture: Topshop)

    As someone whose large butt prohibits me from wearing jeans crafted from actual denim (they’ll either stop midway up my thighs or hang off my waist. There is no happy medium), Topshop Joni jeans are essential.

    They’re super stretchy, have a high rise to hold in my muffin top, and cling just tight enough to my calves.

    It's not okay for men to move you out of the way by putting their hands on your hips

    But Jonis do come with their own issues.

    They fade fast, they rip if you do any high kicks (which I do quite frequently), and turn into sad,… Read the full story

    You can get a refund on your Topshop Joni jeans if they fade really fastellencscottYou can get a refund on your Topshop Joni jeans if they fade really fastellencscott

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    Classic Dog Selfie. (Picture: Getty)

    44% of pet owning millennials see their pets as ‘starter children’ says a study by business solutions agency Gale. 

    21% of adults between 20 and 36 said that when they brought a pet home, it was a deliberate attempt to practice having a family.

    A further 23% said that even though it wasn’t the whole reason they’d got a pet, it was part of it.

    Inside the anti-antidepressants movement

    In lots of ways, getting a pet to rehearse for having children makes sense. You learn a little bit about having the obligation to get home at a specific time, and not being able to… Read the full story

    Pet owner and her dog taking a selfierebeccacnreidPet owner and her dog taking a selfierebeccacnreid

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    Relationship deal breakers for men
    Sometimes, you just have to call it off (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    News flash: relationships are tricky. Like, super tricky.

    But how do you know when they’re simply not working and have run their course?

    15 signs you’re no longer in love (and it’s probably time to move on)

    What has to happen before you, as a bloke, is tipped over the edge and has no choice but to end things?

    It’s never easy to split up with anyone, no matter how bad (or even good) the times have been. But there comes a point where things become unmanageable and… Read the full story

    ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Relationship deal breakers for men (Mike Williams)s)mrmikepwilliamsRelationship deal breakers for men Young dark haired woman sits on the armrest an armchair next to a mature gentleman with bow tie and drink in hand. They are looking at one another in a a setting reminiscent of Film Noir with streaks of venetian blind shadows in the background.angry womanWoman texting or social networking on her smart phone in bed while her husband is sleepingILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Relationship deal breakers for men (Mike Williams)s)mrmikepwilliamsRelationship deal breakers for men Young dark haired woman sits on the armrest an armchair next to a mature gentleman with bow tie and drink in hand. They are looking at one another in a a setting reminiscent of Film Noir with streaks of venetian blind shadows in the background.angry womanWoman texting or social networking on her smart phone in bed while her husband is sleeping

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    Metro illustration
    I made the decision for myself (Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

    People often tell me I’m brave when I tell them I’m transgender. I smile awkwardly and mumble thanks. But in truth, I’m embarrassed by their praise.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of days when I feel I deserve all the praise going. I am, after all, a limited edition and that’s pretty special.

    5 transgender myths you’ll hear and why you shouldn’t believe them

    At least, that’s what I tell myself on the days when my self-esteem is closer to my pre-transition days than they are normally now.

    But am I brave?

    I… Read the full story

    Being-transgender-isn't-bravehleehurleyMetro illustrationmetro illustrationmetro illustrationBeing-transgender-isn't-bravehleehurleyMetro illustrationmetro illustrationmetro illustration

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