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    (Picture: Getty)

    Sex doesn’t always go to plan. And, much as most of us don’t like to think about it, sometimes it can get messy.

    If you’re not getting frisky in bed, and decide to go at it on the floor, or in the car, there’s more risk that certain…stains end up getting left behind.

    Advice from the dating wreckage: How do I deal with a partner who’s sh*t in bed?

    When faced with such a dilemma, it can be too embarrassing to ask for advice – it’s not exactly something you’d tweet about (unless you have no such filter and similarly-minded followers, in which… Read the full story

    Lipstick on collarimigroome3Lipstick on collarimigroome3

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Many people will regularly have cold hands and feet, with these feelings resulting in arguments over whether or not the thermostat should get cranked up.

    There are many reasons why people feel chilly in these areas, and most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about.

    Why wearing socks in bed is good for you – and ‘can even make sex better’

    As warm-blooded beings, humans self regulate their body temperature. So if you’re exposed to colder temperatures, the body will constrict its small blood vessels, which keep the core warm and leave the extremities cooler.

    Many of these small vessels are found… Read the full story

    detail of woman lying in bed showing feet in woollen socksimigroome3detail of woman lying in bed showing feet in woollen socksimigroome3

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    Keep things simple with a holiday here (Picture: Getty)

    Sometimes you need a basic bitch of a break – sun, sea and shopping.

    Enter Fort Lauderdale, which is every bit as simple, expected and satisfying as a Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

    It’s in Florida, perhaps overshadowed by its glitzier cousin Miami, and boasts fine beaches, a quieter scene than the aforementioned party city, and brands galore.

    It’s also been nicknamed The Venice Of America thanks to its network of canals but, if you’ve been to Venice, prepare to be confused as there’s no real similarity at all.

    You could easily come for the beaches, bars and buys alone.

    Here’s why Fort Lauderdale should be your next beach… Read the full story

    Fort Lauderdale strip aerial viewyvettemcasterFort Lauderdale strip aerial viewyvettemcaster

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    Pie with some fish heads poking out. Lovely. (Picture: Wikimedia)

    As far as culinary treasures go, we’ve got some absolute gems, like Sunday roast, bangers and mash, and of course fish and chips. 

    Nude blogger fires back at Instagram after they finally reactivate her account

    But sadly it’s not all delicious battered fish and fluffy Yorkshire puddings, because we’re also guilty of enjoying some foods that are quite frankly absolutely revolting.

    Whose idea was it to add a chunk of black pudding to a lovely fry up? Or how about casually munching a few pork pies at a picnic?

    Please make it stop.

    1. Jellied eels

    Chopped eels, boiled… Read the full story

    disgusting foods that Brits love (Taran)taranbassidisgusting foods that Brits love (Taran)taranbassi

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Prepare yourself for a Finding Nemo tale of epic proportions.

    Thousands of captive salmon have recently escaped their fish farm in a bid for freedom – and actually succeeded.

    Please enjoy this delightful dudeoir calendar

    Breaking out of captivity, the massive shoal has managed to actually get back into the ocean.

    According to Canadian company Cooke Aquaculture, a strong tide resulting from the solar eclipse cause a net to break at the fish farm, allowing the fish to return to the ocean.

    Up to 5,000 salmon broke free of their shackles, swapping a future of being made into gravlax for one of surfing the ocean waves.

    But…there are complications.

    Read the full story

    Adult Atlantic salmon swim up the Saint Jean River from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to spawn.mkylAdult Atlantic salmon swim up the Saint Jean River from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to spawn.mkyl

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    (Picture: Karl Lagerfeld/Instagram)

    Generally, Vans are shoes for kicking around in.

    They’re the sort of shoe that looks better the more battered and distressed they become.

    ridiculousw swan thingWho needs a trendy swan pool float when you can have a ridiculous inflatable swan-thing?

    What they’re not generally associated with, however, is luxury.

    So imagine what kind of mash-up is going to happen when Karl Lagerfeld brings out his own collection of Vans in Septemeber.

    That’s right – the king of couture is working on a collaboration with the footwear brand for a footwear and clothing collection which is set to be released globally on 7 September.

    No… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Getty)

    People can get burned at any time, in any place – whether there is an accidental fire, you accidentally pour boiling water on yourself or get burned by an electrical supply.

    Many of us know to run a burnt finger under a cold tap, and we’ve heard the ‘stop, drop and roll’ drill that got drummed into us at school, but what do we do after that?

    How to get sex stains out of a mattress, carpet, the car, clothing and more

    It’s essential to know how to react in such a situation, as preventing further damage, treating as many symptoms as possible… Read the full story

    Frying Pan on Fireimigroome3Frying Pan on Fireimigroome3

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    metro illustrations
    For luck? Or for sex? (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

    As a writer who specialises in sex and relationships, I am often asked about the strangest place I have ever had sex.

    I rarely answer, not because I am bashful but because the intrigue is so much more interesting than the truth (which is Richmond Park).

    Sex around the world: A museum of heartache in Croatia

    Instead, I refer anyone curious about unusual sex locations to the Pon Festival of Indonesia.

    During this centuries-old ritual, couples meet to have sexual intercourse next to a shrine, on the side of a mountain.

    The mountain in question… Read the full story

    ThePonFestival_Illustration_LibertyAntoniaSadlerrmve86metro illustrations Mount Kemukus.ThePonFestival_Illustration_LibertyAntoniaSadlerrmve86metro illustrations Mount Kemukus.

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    (Picture: Instagram/ boxburgerbray)

    Free up 31 August and book your plane tickets, because a Burger Festival is going to be taking place in Ireland.

    Israeli artist draws NSFW doodles on herself to challenge how we think about our bodies

    Box Burger, home to only the mightiest of burgers, is holding a Burger Bash event that will see food-fanatics eat all the burgers they can handle.

    Celebrating the end of summer with their annual summer party, the event is located in Bray, and will be filled to the brim with a number of different burger concoctions.


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    (Picture: Getty)

    It’s hard to know who has a more nerve-wracking time during a proposal.

    One hand, the proposer has put their heart on the line and might get shot down at any moment. Then, on the other hand the proposee now has the responsibility of their partner’s feelings to contend with, which is made even worse if it’s a public place.

    ***FEE FOR REUSE*** Metro IllustrationsDisliking another woman doesn't make you a bad feminist

    In the news this week was the story of Andrei Pavel, from Stoke-On-Trent, who proposed to his on/off girlfriend Andrea Nagy. She said no, and instead of accepting defeat, Pavel punched her… Read the full story

    Excited young woman getting engaged.jessicacvlExcited young woman getting engaged.jessicacvl

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    (Picture: PA)

    Flying can be a nervy and slightly unpleasant experience even for the most experienced of travellers.

    And one of the worst things about plane travel is undoubtedly the crap food that often gets served up.

    All the bra alternatives you'll need for Notting Hill Carnival

    The school dinner slop doesn’t do anything to alleviate flight nerves…if anything, it probably adds to the sense of impending doom.

    But one low-cost airline has come up with a menu designed to counter any flying anxieties.

    Monarch has teamed up with Oxford University’s Professor Charles Spence, who’s helped Heston Blumenthal with some of his most adventurous menus, to produce a mood-enhancing… Read the full story

    This Airline Menu Has Been Designed To Help Nervous FliersmkylThis Airline Menu Has Been Designed To Help Nervous Fliersmkyl

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    It’s a gift from the gods of caffeine and alcohol (Picture: Bosozoku HQ)

    Espresso martinis are a legit gift from the gods.

    Forget McDonald's: A burger festival is happening next week

    They taste like a dream and perk you up, while also getting you buzzed. It’s a real winning situation.

    Plus, they contain so much alcohol, that you only need a few to keep you going through the night.

    They just couldn’t get any better – or could they?

    The clever, creative bods at Bosozoku Burger Bar and Sake Den, a Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, Australia have made a clear version, which they claim is the world’s first!

    In… Read the full story

    featured imagelisambowmanfeatured imagelisambowman

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  • 08/27/17--01:08: Why is dating so draining?
  • (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

    I talk about dating a lot, and that’s probably because I date quite a lot.

    Most single people I know are the same, with some averaging a couple of first dates a week, and some even more.

    It’s likely got something to do with living in a city, where there are thousands of people free at the drop of a hat, to grab a drink with and decide if you connect.

    There’s just one small problem. It’s. So. Draining.

    Monarch Airlines has designed a menu to help nervous fliers

    After disastrous date after disastrous date, it’s so easy to get disillusioned and… Read the full story

    coffee-datejessicacvlmetro illustrationscoffee-datejessicacvlmetro illustrations

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    (Picture: Jason Connolly/AFP/Getty Images)

    Yesterday was Women’s Equality Day in the states.

    And, as it has been for the past decade, it was also the day of the GoTopless Day protests/celebrations – which is why places like NYC were overrun with bare-chested folk.

    ICYMI, Tooting has made it onto Lonely Planet's '10 Coolest Neighbourhoods' in the world

    Every year, thousands of people get together to expose their tits and pecks as an act of defiance against the laws prohibiting women from going topless in public.

    Founded back in 2007 by French spiritual leader Rael, the festival has since been celebrated across 19 US… Read the full story

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    (Picture: voodoodoughnutaustin/Instagram)

    If you struggle to make it through until lunch without delving into your snack drawer for a sugary treat, then you want to think twice about your morning Americano.

    Because a new study claims that caffeine could make sugar cravings worse.

    Israeli artist draws NSFW doodles on herself to challenge how we think about our bodies


    Well, caffeine might be altering our perceived sense of sweetness, making us crave sugar more than normal after a cup of coffee.

    The study, published in the Journal of Food Science, looked at two sets of volunteers who drank caffeinated and decaf coffees without knowing… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Getty)

    We’ve all felt curious about whether our urine is normal – and felt panicky if it ever changes.

    There are many reasons why it can suddenly start smelling different, and for the most part, there isn’t any reason to start panicking.

    METRO GRAPHICSHow often should you actually be pooing?

    Although urine shouldn’t have a particular odour, it can smell stronger in the morning, or when you’re dehydrated.

    But there are certain foods that can temporarily give urine a stronger smell – here are the most likely culprits.

    Bananas, salmon, turkey and chicken


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    (Picture: Instagram/ Snowflakegelato)

    It’s hard to remember a time when the 99 ice cream actually cost 99p. With an ice cream cone costing anywhere up to £2 – or even more depending on where you’re getting it, we can’t understand why it’s still even called a ’99’.

    What to do if a proposal goes wrong

    But now, there actually is an ice cream worthy of holding that name – though it it doesn’t hold up to the hopes of costing under a pound.

    Nope, this ice cream will set you back £99. Yes, seriously.

    The Billionaire’s Soft Serve, which has unsurprisingly been dubbed Britain’s most expensive… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Sophia M Weisstub)

    These are the doodles of Sophia Weisstub.

    She’s a Tel Aviv-based artist who uses her own body as a canvas to create amazing doodles.

    Randomly, Karl Lagerfeld is designing a collection of Vans

    Ranging from cute pandas to more sexually posed bodies, Sophia layers doodles over photos of lips, eyelids, nostrils to create fantastic illustrations.

    Writing for Sleek, she says that as an artist, she wishes the world would allow everyone to express themselves freely, ‘especially in regards to sex’.

    When she’s not drawing cute animals, many of Sophia’s doodles are suggestive and she’s making it her mission to promote sex… Read the full story


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    Think Florida and you think Mickey Mouse, theme park rides and, maybe, Route 95. It’s all about Disney World and Miami, right?


    Forget Barbados – Antigua should be your next Caribbean holiday destination

    While the world’s most famous theme park and the sunshine state’s most southern city grab all the attention from visitors, there’s a lot in between that often goes unseen.

    Kayaking with alligators and dolphin spotting are just a couple of things you could do instead.

    So if you want a taste of Florida you’ve never tried before, here are a few ideas:

    Go kayaking with alligators

    Instagram Photo

    It’s always good to return home with a story and, as far as stories go, kayaking with alligators is a tough one to beat.

    ‘You did what?’ is sure to be the response, understandably. And yet at no point do you feel you’re in danger as you peacefully float but… Read the full story


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    Mwah haha (Picture: Betsie Van der Meer/Getty)

    It is always better to take the moral high ground when someone has wronged you.

    We all know you should be the mature one, hold your head high and walk away.

    But sometimes that is just too difficult.

    Particularly if it is a meddling sibling, stirring colleague or crappy ex.

    While you should never do anything illegal, sometimes it feels good to give karma a helping hand.

    Here’s ten stories of revenge which will make you laugh or gasp.


    Young woman cutting heads off of roses in vase, frowningcelebricatYoung woman cutting heads off of roses in vase, frowningcelebricat

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