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    (Picture: Getty)

    Kids can be averse to healthy eating.

    We all knew someone at school who refused to eat anything other than crustless sandwiches and Pomme Bears.

    It's not a good idea to use herbal yoni tea to detox your vagina

    But there might be a very simple solution to getting children to eat their vegetables from an early age: breastfeed them.

    Women who eat vegetables while breastfeeding expose their babies to the flavour of vegetables through the milk.

    New research from the Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia claims that babies who are exposed to vegetables while being breastfed are more likely to want to eat vegetables when they’re… Read the full story

    Mother cuddling with her babymkylMother cuddling with her babymkyl

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Nail technicians don’t only do your nails. They double up as therapists, stylists, and stand-in mums.

    The girls that do my nails are amazing, juggling long hours with the constant smell of acetone, as well as dealing with some of the most difficult customers I’ve ever seen.

    Body confidence coach wants you to know that there's no secret to body positivity

    They go through a lot of crap as part of their job, so it’s no surprise they don’t suffer fools too gladly. Here are some of the things to avoid saying to your nail tech if you don’t want side-eye and to be bitched about… Read the full story

    Flat lay. Accessories on the marble table. Mockup product . Woman desktopjessicacvlFlat lay. Accessories on the marble table. Mockup product . Woman desktopjessicacvl

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    (Picture: bakingsupply.co/Instagram)

    You want to whip up a load of edibles.

    You vaguely remember how to make hash brownies from university but you also vaguely remember that they tasted like trash.

    10 things not to say to your nail technician

    If only there was some sort of herbal bakery delivery kit available which would provide you with all the means necessary to create a wonderful tray of weed-infused treats.

    If only there was some way of getting gluten-free, sugar-free ingredients without having to bum it with the other plebs down the Tesco free-from aisle.

    Enter: Baking Supply Co.


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    Little angels (Picture: ideabug/Getty)

    What is a wedding without children – they are the first on the dance floor, look cute in their occasionwear and help to break the ice between guests.

    Okay, so you also worry they don’t shout out something inappropriate during the ceremony, won’t spill anything down the bride’s dress or be responsible for a police call out after going missing in the venue.

    All parents stress about how their children are going to behave during a wedding.

    And these are the 36 stages every mum and dad endures during a wedding.

    1.  The invitation drops through the letterbox. Great, kids are invited. No need to search for a babysitter. Feel elated.

    2. It does mean you… Read the full story

    Flower girl and boy at a weddingcelebricatFlower girl and boy at a weddingcelebricat

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    (Picture: Instagram)

    These days, Forever 21 seems to be forever getting called out for stealing the ideas of smaller designers.

    Last month they were accused of ripping off Wildfang’s ‘Wild Feminist’ t-shirt design. Last summer, Sporty & Rich claimed that the high street brand had stolen her hoodie design.

    Forever 21 has been accused of stealing designs again

    And now, Forever 21 is being hauled over the coals for plagiarising yet another designer’s designs.

    They’ve just launched their #ForTheLost collection with Sami Miro – a vintage designer whose clothes are worn by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez.

    Forever 21 announced… Read the full story


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    (Picture: @caligirlgetsfit/Instagram)

    Instagram would have you believe that in order to be a fitness influencer or model, you’ve got to be a size 8, ab-cracked machine with a Women’s Best shaker glued to their hands.

    But one fitness guru who has nearly 315,000 followers herself is proving that fitness models come in all shapes and sizes.

    IKEA launches new app that lets you try out furniture in your home before you buy it

    Shannon Michelle, AKA @caligirlgetsfit, has been sharing triptych posts of various fitness influencers after someone called her a fitness model the other week.

    ‘Last week, someone called me a “fitness model.” I laughed… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Danny Lawson/PA Wire)

    Food banks have been a hot topic ever since their usage exploded after the recession.

    One of the largest food bank charities the Trussell Trust recently stated that they provided 1,182,954 three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis between April 2016 and March 2017. That’s a lot of hungry people, and a lot going on behind the scenes to pull that together.

    Apparently, you'll become a friendless loser if you start eating 'clean'

    Some of those people making it happen are volunteers, and others work full time to ensure people across the UK aren’t going hungry. In 2010,… Read the full story

    Foodbank researchjessicacvlFoodbank researchjessicacvl

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    (Picture: EFTMOnline/ Ikea/ YouTube)

    Furniture shopping can be stressful.

    You see a sofa you like but you forgot to measure your living room before you set out and you’re not sure that it’ll fit or suit your crusty old living room.

    Sleeping on your front might be causing your skin to break out

    Do you buy it and risk having to arrange a swap? Or do you head home empty handed after wasting an entire day in a child-infested furniture store?

    It’s a Hobson’s choice – but one which mercifully you won’t have to make in the future.

    Because IKEA is launching a new app that’ll allow… Read the full story


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    Grab the popcorn and get stuck in (Picture: Getty)

    When it comes to movies we all have our favourites, but just how well do you remember famous quotes?

    Body confidence coach wants you to know that there's no secret to body positivity

    Can you tell apart your modern Hollywood from classics?

    Do you know which movie wanted characters to show them the money? Or which movie had a theory about bells ringing and angels getting their wings? Can you remember which movie had a character that wished for a stomach flu to reach their goal weight?

    Take our quiz and prove just how much of a movie expert you… Read the full story

    The perfect entertainment snacktaranbassiThe perfect entertainment snacktaranbassi

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    Getting your daily fruit intake can be a lonely business (Picture: Getty)

    If you want to continue leading an active social life, step away from the cauliflower pizza and matcha latte immediately.

    Because apparently, clean eating is ruining any chances of having mates.

    10 things not to say to your nail technician

    According to a new study published in the Journal of Eating Disorders, clean eating devotees are judged almost as negatively as those with anorexia.

    Researchers carried out two studies to see how people perceive clean eaters and those with orthorexia. In both, women who followed a ‘clean’ diet came off badly – being judged more harshly by participants… Read the full story

    Woman eating breakfast at homemkylWoman eating breakfast at homemkyl

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  • 09/03/17--06:45: Dealing with eczema
  • (Picture: Getty)

    I hear “stop scratching” at least once a day.

    For someone with eczema it’s one of the most annoying things. Do you not think I’d stop if I could? I’m certainly not itching because it’s fun.

    Definitive proof that 'fitness models' can be any shape or size

    According to the National Eczema Society, however, one in twelve adults have eczema, which is no small figure for something so misunderstood.

    Put in the most simple terms, people with eczema produce less fat and oil in their skin. This means they have less of a barrier against bacteria and infection, and skin can become cracked and inflamed. Everyone experiences this… Read the full story

    Dealing with eczemajessicacvlDealing with eczemajessicacvl

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    Bangladeshi food takes time and care (Picture: Getty)

    Proper Bangladeshi cooking cannot be hurried. Various stages need to be monitored and adjusted at regular intervals, usually by eye and through tasting.

    Recipes are passed down from one generation to the next not by writing them down, but by demonstrating – so observation is the golden rule.

    What is Bangladeshi cuisine? The classic spices, staples and desserts of Bangladesh

    Everything is executed through the art of estimation, a sensory type of cooking, and the way most Bangladeshis learn to cook.

    There’s an emphasis on variety and using seasonal produce. Mains of meat and fish are served with side dishes of… Read the full story

    Various spice on wooden spoons with herbsdinabegumyahoocoukVarious spice and wooden spoons with herbs and olive oil on wooden tableVarious spice on wooden spoons with herbsdinabegumyahoocoukVarious spice and wooden spoons with herbs and olive oil on wooden table

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    (Picture: Erin Aniker)

    As a nation, we’re obsessed with food programmes.

    Whether it’s people crying over soggy bottoms on Bake Off, or Dave from Stockport serving shop-bought ice cream on Come Dine With Me, we love nothing more than watching other people cooking and eating.

    In 2017, there are still no vegetarian or vegan British cooking shows

    Sometimes we sit there smugly eating our own tragic supper while watching someone else have a kitchen disaster.

    Other times we see how simple something can be to make and we’re inspired to try it out ourselves.

    If a prat on Dinner Date can make a Baked Alaska, so can… Read the full story

    Metro IllustrationsmkylMetro Illustrationsmkyl

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    (Picture: Getty)

    You’re either a McDonald’s or Burger King person, and you have to slot yourself into the Mac or Windows category too. 

    Daters will also be familiar with Tinder and Bumble, with everyone I know having a preference for one of them. They might have the same outcome (meeting fun people and going on dates) but they have two very distinct identities as dating apps.

    In 2017, there are still no vegetarian or vegan British cooking shows

    Even if you’re new to dating, you should really know which camp you fall into, so here are the main differences between Tinder and Bumble:

    There are more people on Tinder

    Everyone… Read the full story

    The difference between Tinder and BumblejessicacvlThe difference between Tinder and Bumblejessicacvl

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    Dawn over the Chilterns (Picture: Getty)

    From leafy hamlets to grand stately homes, beautiful Buckinghamshire is about as English as England gets.

    And, despite being a fairly small place, a high proportion of notables have made it their home, from Mary and Percy Bysshe Shelley, John Milton and TS Eliot to Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton and Terry Pratchett.

    There’s Marlow, the Beverley Hills of Britain, and Milton Keynes, everyone’s favourite manufactured town.

    There’s the hustle and bustle of High Wycombe and the calm of the Chilterns.

    Whichever way you look at it, there’s plenty to see and do.

    Here’s 10 reasons to make Buckinghamshire your next weekend break.

    Midsomer Murders

    Dawn sunshine in English countryside.yvettemcasterDCI Tom Barnaby [John Nettles].Dawn sunshine in English countryside.yvettemcasterDCI Tom Barnaby [John Nettles].

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    Child = fine. Parents = neurotic (Picture: asiseeit/Getty)

    Tissues at the ready – we are nearing the end of the summer holidays and that can only mean one thing.

    Back to school.

    And for some of us, that also means that our not-so-little ones start high school.


    The children are going to be fine but as a parent it’s normal to be full of first day nerves on behalf of your offspring.

    Here’s  thoughts every parents has when their child starts high school.

    1. Are they ready?

    2. They’re still so young – can’t they just repeat year six?

    3. Does he know the route to school?

    4. What if he gets lost or walks in the wrong direction?

    schoolgirl stood outside her schoolcelebricatschoolgirl stood outside her schoolcelebricat

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    Free ice cream
    8,000 of these are being given away (Picture: Jude’s – Metro.co.uk)

    They tell us summer is over.

    Well, for the kids heading back to school today, it definitely is.

    La Gelatiera & Mercante 29There’s a restaurant where you can get ice cream with every course – so obviously we tried it

    But just because the weather is cooling a little, it doesn’t mean that we’re not in for a chance of an Indian summer (fingers crossed). Or that we should stop eating ice cream.

    Which is just as well because you can get some free ice cream this week thanks to the… Read the full story

    Free ice creamqinxieFree ice creamFree ice creamqinxieFree ice cream

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    Looks so good right now (Picture: David Griffen)

    There is no end to creative combinations when it comes to food.

    Truffle gin? Yep, that’s a reality. So is marshmallow gin, in case you were wondering.

    8 new London restaurants to try in September

    And for the recent National Burger Day, we’ve seen patties wrapped in a mac and cheese bun and sliders served on top of milkshakes, aka burger freakshakes.

    But now it’s the turn of the humble gnocchi.

    ASK Italian, who launched those Nutella-filled gnocchi earlier this year, are back with three new flavours: prosecco, popping candy and snowball – and… Read the full story


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    metro illustration
    It’s a difficult place to be in (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

    The door shut with a finality I’d never known before. Surely there was a way to leave, to breathe, to feel in control?

    The door remained locked, and I remained alone.

    Living with mania is one of the toughest parts of having bipolar disorder

    The ward was cold and stark, fluorescent light flooding the hallway, patients standing in the harsh reality of a shadowless space.

    This was my first sectioning following a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

    Although not all with the condition experience psychosis, in my case, it was clear that my mind… Read the full story

    Metro Illustrationsqinxiemetro illustrationmetro illustrationmetro illustrationMetro Illustrationsqinxiemetro illustrationmetro illustrationmetro illustration

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    A staple piece of footwear for all trendy 90s kids (Picture: Kickers)

    Going back to the school in the 90s wasn’t about having the latest iPhone, but all about having the sharpest zig-zag parting.

    Forever 21 has been accused of stealing designs again

    September always brings around the new school year, and 90s kids took their return back to school very seriously.

    The weeks leading up would be spent in Woolies picking out new crisp shirts, or stocking up on a load of Crayola to ensure that your pencil case was the envy of the entire class.

    And of course discovering your signature Charlie or Lynx… Read the full story

    What your school shoes said about youtaranbassiWhat your school shoes said about youtaranbassi

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