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    (Picture: Adam Hanlon / CATERS NEWS)

    Of all the water-based critters, the seal is surely the most snap-happy.

    43% of millennials have never used snail mail

    From group photobombs to hopping aboard kayaks to make sure their best side is captured, they’re a vain bunch.

    Now, one diver has gone and got up close and personal with the marine mammal, snapping a ‘sealfie’ in the process.

    Dan Patterson was diving off the coast of the Faren Islands, Northumberland last month, when one of the locals came in for a quick snap.


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    (Picture: Getty)

    Summer might be waving goodbye, but never fear – gin is here to stay.

    While the mojito might be one best kept for warmer weather, there’s a whole host of other gin-based festivities to ensure your favourite tipple remains a fixture all year round.

    One in eight Brits don't cook for themselves

    What’s more, they needn’t break the bank.

    Aldi have announced that they’ve got eight different types of gin on offer this Christmas, so there really is something for everyone.

    Here’s a quick run-through of all the gin-based delights you’ll be able to cram into your stocking from October 1st:

    Oliver Cromwell 1599 Sloe Gin (£9.99, 50cl)

    Read the full story

    Blueberry Mojito as Fresh Summer DrinktomconnickBlueberry Mojito as Fresh Summer Drinktomconnick

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    (Picture: Warner Bros)

    If you’ve ever wanted to make potions for a living or get paid to teach Defence Against the Dark Arts (given that you’re already a pro), then you’re just in luck – because Hogwarts is hiring.

    How to look after your mental health when you're feeling rubbish physically

    Well, sort of.

    Warner Bros. Studio Tour, aka the company behind The Making of Harry Potter, a tour documenting the history of Harry Potter, is on the look out for people to join them in giving Potterheads experiences to remember.

    hattiegladwellmetroBritain is a nation of Hufflepuffs according to YouGov surveyHarry Potter supper club opening in LondonhattiegladwellmetroBritain is a nation of Hufflepuffs according to YouGov surveyHarry Potter supper club opening in London

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    veggie fridge in pret
    (Picture: Pret a Manger)

    It’s fair to say Veggie Pret has been a runaway success.

    From its initial, temporary pop-up in Central London’s Soho area through to that becoming a permanent fixture and a second outfit opening up in Shoreditch earlier this year, the sandwich giant has led the charge in veggie and vegan convenience food.

    Lewis Hamilton is proof that veganism is no longer a minority interest

    We’ve been a huge fan of their every move, from the earliest offerings in the Soho store, through to the vegan mac ‘n’ cheese and salted caramel brownies that launched alongside Veggie Pret’s Shoreditch… Read the full story

    veggie fridges in prettomconnickveggie fridge in pretveggie fridges in prettomconnickveggie fridge in pret

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    ‘I will make you stay here for two minutes if you ask me how to get rid of belly fat again (Picture: Getty)

    Personal trainers work bloody hard.

    They’re up at the crack of dawn training people before work, and they’re busting their asses late into the evening giving people a good going over after a day in the office.

    This photographer's adorable photos of black dogs have a serious message behind them

    And when they don’t have clients, they’re busy working out themselves – coming up with new ab-crunching moves for us to try, working out the best leg-day routines, and generally making sure that they’re in… Read the full story


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    A Woman is Master of Her Womb (Picture: Rosina Godwin)

    Nasty Women is a fundraising art collective inspired by misogynist comments (remember when Donald Trump called Hilary Clinton a ‘nasty woman‘?) brought together over Facebook.

    First, they set themselves up in NYC in January and raised over $35,000 (£25,805) for Planned Parenthood in just one night.

    A baked cookie dough store is opening in London this week

    Then in March, they headed over to  Amsterdam to raise cash for Women on Waves (who deliver abortion pills to countries where it’s illegal), COC Amsterdam (LGBTQ rights) andRead the full story

    A Woman is Master of Her Womb_by Rosina Godwin_Image courtesy of the artistmkylA Woman is Master of Her Womb_by Rosina Godwin_Image courtesy of the artistmkyl

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    Why are there so many rules around school uniform? (Picture: Getty)

    Never has the return to school – and specifically, the purchasing of new school uniform – been so controversial.

    In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen outrage over a new gender-neutral uniform for a Sussex school, compelling all new starters – boys and girls – to wear trousers.

    Yes, children need to wear school uniforms but do they have to be so expensive?

    A 14-year-old boy from a Gloucester school has been threatened with isolation because his Kickers were ‘too much like trainers.’

    And an Isle of Wight couple has removed their children… Read the full story

    Close up of student in school uniform using digital tablet at desk in classroommymummylifeClose up of student in school uniform using digital tablet at desk in classroommymummylife

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    (Picture: Shaina Fishman / Caters)

    We might like to think all dogs are created equal, but sometimes adoption numbers can tell another story.

    How to get incredible abs like Lilly Sabri in just 15 minutes

    For example, did you know that black dogs are usually the last to be adopted? And, sadly, are also most likely to be euthanised as a result?

    The issue has a name, Black Dog Syndrome, and New York-based photographer Shaina Fishman is looking to draw attention to it with her latest photo series.

    Black Dog Adoption PortraitstomconnickBlack Dog Adoption Portraitstomconnick

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    (Picture: Getty)

    Big news, junk food loving vegans!

    Pizza Hut – that glorious, greasy behemoth of the junk pizza realm – have announced plans to start including vegan cheese on their menu.

    This. Is. Huge.

    This diver got treated to his very own 'sealfie'

    The news comes shortly after fellow doughy bunch Pizza Express launched their own dairy-free cheese alternative this summer, following in the footsteps of vegan pioneers Zizzi. Vegan pizza options are slowly becoming more widespread as chains cotton on to the untapped market of trash loving vegans.

    Domino’s, meanwhile, still trail far behind, as they don’t even offer a vegan base. Boooo.

    MORE: Read the full story

    Taco Bell And Pizza Hut Restaurants Ahead Of Yum! Brands Earnings FigurestomconnickTaco Bell And Pizza Hut Restaurants Ahead Of Yum! Brands Earnings Figurestomconnick

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    (Picture: Cover Images)

    For many, caravans might be the preserve of rainy staycations and childhood memories.

    Not so for photographer Brendan Barry though, who turned his two-wheeled eBay purchase into something altogether more practical – a giant, semi-portable camera and darkroom.

    Get your quills out and perfect your CVs, muggles: You can now land a job at Hogwarts

    The thrifty, snap-happy guy took the cheapo £150 caravan to the next level, after a bunch of attempts to build a large-scale camera and darkroom fell apart.

    First off, he tried building a camera out of plywood, a pane of glass and some cheap blackout material from a… Read the full story

    Photographer Turns Old Caravan Into A Giant Camera And Portable DarkroomtomconnickPhotographer Turns Old Caravan Into A Giant Camera And Portable Darkroomtomconnick

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    (Picture: Instagram/mycookiedough)

    Cookie dough-lovers, rejoice: A baked cookie dough store is opening in London, and it sounds incredible.

    This photographer has turned an old caravan into a massive camera

    On 21 September, MyCookieDough, a cookie dough-filled store that’s proven to be a huge hit in the states, will open at Westfield Stratford, London.

    The popular cookie dough company, which already has stores in Birmingham, Leeds and Cardiff, will be serving up ‘warmed cookie dough treats’, bringing customers an array of freshly baked cookie dough flavours, which will be served with ‘fresh and creamy’ soft whipped ice cream.

    Cookie dough shophattiegladwellmetroCookie dough shophattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Morganshotelgroup.com)

    Alice in Wonderland fans can now enjoy their very own Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea, thanks to a London hotel.

    What not to say to your PT if you're serious about gains

    The Sanderson Hotel is inviting those who want to take a tumble down the rabbit hole to join them for a unique afternoon tea completely inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

    According to the description, diners can expect to be ‘reminded of familiar characters’ and to ‘recall childhood tales along the way’.

    ‘Discover menus hidden inside vintage books, teapots adorned with kings and queens and sandwich plates decorated with zebras, birdcages and ticking clocks,’… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Jjunkbanter/Getty Images – Credit: Myles Goode)

    Any Oreo-fan knows that the mint chocolate range is a clearly the best flavour.

    A baked cookie dough store is opening in London this week

    Which is why we were so excited when we saw that Oreo had paired up with Milka to bring us a new range of Oreo-mint-filled bars, that look as though they were inspired by the Oreo Mint Thin.

    The bars were first spotted by junk-food Instagram account @JunkBanter, where they were given nothing but positive reviews.

    Alongside a photo of the new chocolate bars, which come in the signature blue Oreo packaging, the review… Read the full story

    featured imagehattiegladwellmetrofeatured imagehattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Getty)

    City living can be a nightmare.

    What not to say to your PT if you're serious about gains

    For every cool cocktail bar or exciting event on your doorstep, there’s a grim commute or rent hike to take the shine off just around the corner.

    It’s fair to say that finding the perfect stress-life balance is a difficult task.

    Thankfully, a new Zipjet study has done most of the work for you, by discovering the most, and least, stressful places to live in the world.

    Woman relaxing and listening to radio at home.tomconnickWoman relaxing and listening to radio at home.tomconnick

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    ‘It was during getting school photographs taken my arm started bleeding through my white shirt.

    ‘So that was a really nice, public, embarrassing, dramatic way for them to find out that I was self-harming.’

    On this week’s mental health podcast, Mentally Yours, Seaneen Molloy opened up about how she began self-harming when she was just 12.

    My history of self-harm has left me with scars – but I see them as a mark of my survival

    Her sister, then her school, then the rest of her family found out about it.

    She said: ‘People’s reaction was a combination of things. One was ‘attention-seeking teenager’.

    ‘People were angry, I’m surprised how angry people were.’

    But, as she points out: ‘When you’re suffering what’s so wrong with seeking attention?’


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    JUST SLEEEEEP! (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

    After my first child was born I thought I knew it all. I mean literally everything.

    She was a DREAM baby, and by that I mean she spent a lot of her time actually dreaming. She slept pretty much 12 hours every night from the age of about two months.

    3 things you should never share with your children

    I could not have been more smug if she’d learnt to count to ten in Russian before her first birthday.

    And then my second daughter was born.


    It turns out that my first born was not an angel due to my super… Read the full story

    How to manage a threenager and win - METRO Illustrationsjomiddleton78metro illustrationsmetro illustrationsHow to manage a threenager and win - METRO Illustrationsjomiddleton78metro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    Ahoy Matey ! (Picture: Caisii Mao/NurPhoto/Getty)

    International Talk Like A Pirate Day happens this Tuesday, September 19.

    The International Day of talking like a pirate began in 2002 and is still going strong in 2017 as people gear up to speak a new sea fairing language for the day.

    What not to say to your PT if you're serious about gains

    It was initiated in 2002 by two guys who started to would start conversations by saying ‘Arrr!’ and a game od puns ensued and 15 years later here we are.

    The day was decided on as it was one of the founder’s ex-wife’s birthday and they couldn’t think of… Read the full story

    Kindergarten and Primary School Annual Day Celebration In IndiaaislingtmKindergarten and Primary School Annual Day Celebration In Indiaaislingtm

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    (Picture: Asos)

    Guys, you can now flash your nipples whenever you like with ASOS’ new ‘Extreme Longline T-Shirt In Mesh’ – otherwise known as the Mesh Dress (well, at least that’s what we’re calling it).

    The 'Pie Face' is every Northerner's sandwich dreams come true

    ASOS has recently released some rather questionable pieces of clothing, including the jeans that show your butt crack and the jeans-skirt-hybrid that confused the internet – and so the menswear addition comes as little surprise.

    The Mesh Dress is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: a long, dress-like T-shirt featuring an open mesh detail.

    While you… Read the full story

    Guys can now flaunt their nipples in this ASOS mesh dresshattiegladwellmetroGuys can now flaunt their nipples in this ASOS mesh dresshattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: The Pop Up Geeks)

    Stranger Things fans, it’s time to book some tickets to Edinburgh, because your favourite Netflix series has been turned into a pop-up bar, and it’s going to be filled with drinks inspired by the Upside Down. 

    METRO GRAPHICSSex and sleep are more powerful than money when it comes to happiness

    The Pop Up Geeks, a company in which has in the past brought many notable series’ to life in bar-form, including The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, is making the Upside Down a reality by taking Edinburgh back to 1983.

    According to the company, the night will… Read the full story

    A stranger things pop-up bar is happening in EdinburghhattiegladwellmetroA stranger things pop-up bar is happening in Edinburghhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    We’re all just chasing happiness.

    Graffiti Camp For Girls is empowering young girls through street art

    But – shocker – the thing that’ll make everything click won’t be finally getting Muji bedsheets or being able to buy a house instead of renting.

    In fact, it won’t be money related at all.

    The new happiness index, developed by Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research, and commissioned by Sainsbury’s, has found that sex and sleep are the two things that have the strongest association with a person’s happiness and wellbeing – well above money.

    Researchers found that while upping your… Read the full story

    METRO GRAPHICS eb_quiet-sexellencscottMETRO GRAPHICSmetro illustrationsmetro illustrationsMETRO GRAPHICS eb_quiet-sexellencscottMETRO GRAPHICSmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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