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    metro illustrations
    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    Just what you want to read when it’s Monday and you’re already working out how many minutes it will be until you get get back in to bed. 

    Disney princess bridal gowns will make all your fairy tale wedding dreams come true

    According to sleep expert. Professor Matthew Walker, we are experiencing a ‘catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic’ which in turn is causing a host of potentially fatal diseases.

    If you had a big weekend you might want to look away now, because according to Walker, after just one night of only four or five hours’ sleep, your natural killer cells… Read the full story

    ***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** Sleep series new picturerebeccacnreidmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** Sleep series new picturerebeccacnreidmetro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    Kitty Misfit is a 23-year-old camgirl from Newcastle, who recently made her debut in the porn industry.

    Kitty, who makes a living by offering webcam shows to an online audience, first got into camming after modelling and doing burlesque for a couple of years with a friend who’d mentioned about taking up webcam shows on the side.

    For those who are unaware of what ‘camming’ is, it’s where a woman – or a man – entertains others for sexual purposes online. While many assume this involves the performer stripping naked or masturbating, that isn’t always the case.

    Some customers log onto the cam sites simply to talk to the models – while others join chat rooms in hopes of the models living out their fetishes.

    At first, Kitty brushed off the idea of camming, assuming that webcam shows were just ‘full on porn’. But once she realised camming depends on what a model is comfortable with doing on the internet and setting their… Read the full story


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    Gimme gimme (Picture: Besos de Oro)

    Last week, we brought you the incredible news that vegan Baileys AKA Almande had arrived in the UK.

    My life as a 23-year-old cam girl and porn star

    This was massive news for the vegan/lactose-free community who enjoy a little creamy tipple.

    But it was then brought to our attention that a company has quietly been making a form of vegan Baileys for years.

    Say hello to Besos de Oro – the more ethical version of vegan Baileys.

    Why more ethical? Because the company doesn’t use any animal products at all, unlike Baileys, who obviously still fund the… Read the full story


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    Picture: Getty Images

    WHY won’t my baby sleep? Is she feeding too much? Is she hungry? Is she teething? Is she eating her teeth?!! Is she in pain? What am I doing wrong? What does my baby need?

    Most new parents will have asked themselves (and Google) these questions at one point (usually at about 3am when they have been up with their bundle of joy for the umpteenth time). And in a desperate bid to find the answers – it is very likely they will have invested in a stack of baby advice books.

    A recent  study by Swansea University highlights a link between parenting manuals, namely the ones that promote a strict sleep and… Read the full story

    Mother and baby sleepingemilyjaneclarkMother and baby sleepingemilyjaneclark

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    (Picture: Lush)

    Look, we are brainwashed (washed in gloriously brightly coloured water that’s been turned into jelly, right?) bath product addicts, and will thus be excited by pretty much anything Lush does.

    metro illustrationsWhen you've got mental health issues, it's hard to do things you know will help

    We can’t help it. Every time we walk past a Lush shop, the scent lures us in. Then we’re entranced by bath bombs, convinced we needall kinds of fancy lotions that promise everything from glowing skin to improved sleep, and return home with a giant bag full of stuff we’ll promptly… Read the full story

    Lush perfumeellencscottLush perfumeellencscott

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    It only gets worse (Picture: Net a Porter)

    Look, I like fashion as much as the next person. 

    My life as a 23-year-old cam girl and porn star

    I like clothes, I love shopping, I get the whole creative artisty thing. But these shoe-trousers (henceforth known as shoe-trews because that’s a funnier name) are making me think that perhaps fashion has gone too far.

    Please take a moment and look at them. Just stare right at them and absorb them. Drown in the fact that they are both a shoe and a trouser and because of this they are neither truly a shoe, nor a trouser.

    Read the full story

    devil shoesrebeccacnreid channel frederator him ppg the powerpuff girls GIFdevil shoesrebeccacnreid channel frederator him ppg the powerpuff girls GIF

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    National Dumplings Day 2017: xx places in London to get your fix
    How many of these would you call dumplings? (Picture: Getty)

    If you love dim sum, September 26 is the perfect date for you – it’s National Dumplings Day.

    That’s right, a day that’s essentially dedicated to dim sum.

    Soup dumplings dim sum recipe: Here’s how to eat like a guest of The Waldorf Astoria at home by making your own Xiao Long Bao

    In case you were confused and thought that dumplings were essentially dough balls cooked in stew, you are right too. But National Dumplings Day specifically celebrates the Chinese variety – the… Read the full story

    dumplings dayqinxieNational Dumplings Day 2017: xx places in London to get your fixUgly Dumplingdumplings dayqinxieNational Dumplings Day 2017: xx places in London to get your fixUgly Dumpling

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    (Picture: Instagram/shinybeautiz)

    Another day, another new brow look pops up on Instagram – and this time it’s the Lightning Brow that’s being experimented with.

    metro illustrationsWhen you've got mental health issues, it's hard to do things you know will help

    As the name suggests, the Lightning Brow consists of turning your eyebrow into the shape of a lightning bolt – complete with some eye-lightner (sorry) for extra effect.

    The look was created by makeup artist Zakia Wahbi, who shared the style to her Instagram account last week.

    Instagram Photo

    Zakia ditched her usually-arched brows for a straighter brow… Read the full story

    Lightning bolt browshattiegladwellmetroLightning bolt browshattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Pug Cafe)

    Attention, pug lovers: The Pug Cafe is back in Guildford next month and this time pug owners are preparing for a day of spookiness.

    Lush releases a snazzy new perfume range

    The Pug Cafe, a popup pug-themed cafe where pug owners and pug-lovers alike are invited to enjoy a day of delicious treats while hanging out with their favourite breed of pooch, is holding its very own Halloween event at the end of October.

    The ‘Double Puggle, Toil and Trouble’ event is taking place at Esquires in Guildford, where pugs, pug crosses, and their humans have been invited for a very… Read the full story

    Pug halloween cafehattiegladwellmetroPug halloween cafehattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    I’ll admit it, I am a huge fan of Instagram.

    Lightning bolt brows are here and we're hoping this is the end of wacky eyebrows

    I’m guilty of posting a selfie or two. Frequent photos of my cats: check. And obviously if my lunch looks glorious, I’m going to stick a filter on it.

    I also use the photo-sharing app to have a nose into the lives of other people. To see where they’re holidaying, how their fitness regimes are progressing (while I’m generally sat in bed stuffing my face with Oreos), and of course to take food inspiration for… Read the full story

    How to spend Valentine's Day alone/why you should romance yourself this V Dayhattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrationsHow to spend Valentine's Day alone/why you should romance yourself this V Dayhattiegladwellmetrometro illustrationsmetro illustrations

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    Picture: Instagram/KylieJenner)

    It’s only been three days since the news broke that Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant (she still hasn’t confirmed it, just saying), but the internet moves fast.

    Please stop it with those obviously posed 'nap time' selfies on Instagram

    After people’s predictions of baby names and people hijacking the news to talk about more important world events, Yandy has stepped in and done what they’re known for doing – rapidly responding with a ~sexy~ Halloween costume based on pop culture.

    Yep, Yandy, the same people behind the sexy fake news and Read the full story

    kylie jenner white dressellencscottkylie jenner white dressellencscott

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    Join the queue (Picture: Getty Images/REX/Myles Goode)

    Jobseekers’ Allowance has its benefits and hindrances.

    Anyone who’s ever been on benefits will agree it’s a pain.

    robotsGPs, lawyers and chefs: 7 ways robots are already taking our jobs

    The process, the forms to fill out, and the waiting doesn’t exactly ease your stress when you’re in times of financial need.

    And while actually receiving money you so desperately need, whether it’s for rent or food, the process is often monotonous.

    Here are eight things you’ll know if you’ve ever faced going to the Jobcentre to claim benefits.

    The help

    1 things you only know if you're on benefits (Mike Williams)mrmikepwilliams1 things you only know if you're on benefits (Mike Williams)mrmikepwilliams

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    A volunteer helping to scoop up the dogs and take them to safety. (Picture: Steve Earley/The Virginian-Pilot via AP)

    Be honest. In times of crisis, most of us only really think about ourselves. Our number one priority is making sure we’re safe, comfortable, and secure.

    There’s nothing wrong with that. You do have to take care of yourself.

    Lush releases a snazzy new perfume range

    But to decide to put someone else’s needs above your own comfort in a scary situation is a truly wonderful act – and one that needs to be applauded.

    So give it up for Sali Gear.

    Sali co-owns Island Dog Rescue, a nonprofit organisation… Read the full story

    Woman chartered plane to rescue 300 dogsellencscottWoman chartered plane to rescue 300 dogsellencscott

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    Keep those dorm squabbles to a minimum (Picture: Getty)

    Anyone who’s experienced life as a student understands that hygiene isn’t exactly the main concern of many.

    Although it may seem excusable to get away with living in filth as a student, it can make for an extremely unpleasant living situation for both yourself and your flatmates.

    5 graduates share the advice they wish they’d been given as students

    So, save yourselves a lot of anguish living in squalor.

    Here are five ways to help survive living in student accommodation.

    Quick cleaning

    two flatmates washing dishes in the kitchen.samjsramsdentwo flatmates washing dishes in the kitchen.samjsramsden

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    (Picture: Getty Images/metro.co.uk)

    Before we get started, an important thing to remember: Penis size really doesn’t matter.

    If you’re concerned about your skills in bringing a woman to orgasm, remember that the majority of women don’t actually climax through penetrative sex. Remind yourself that the G-spot is only meant to be about three inches inside the vagina, and you don’t need a penis at all to stimulate the clitoris.

    You can spend your Halloween in a cafe surrounded by pugs and what's not to love?

    Basically, if you’re worried about getting a woman off, your time is better spent on oral than on getting… Read the full story

    How penis sizes differ across the UKellencscottHow penis sizes differ across the UKellencscott

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    (Picture: PA Real Life)

    Please send congratulations and napkin rings (is that what you get people when they get married?) to Truffles and Coco, for they have tied the knot.

    Truffles and Coco tie the knot in a luxurious island themed wedding ceremony

    Truffles is a Shih Poo. Coco is a Shih Poo-Yorkie. They’re both six years old and are already married, having tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in August.

    Coco and Truffles’ owner, photographer Stacia Morgan, was responsible for the organising the whole day, which saw the dogs swapping collars instead of rings and enjoying a three-course dinner with all their guests.

    ‘From… Read the full story

    Inside the lavish island wedding with a difference - the newlyweds are both dogsellencscottInside the lavish island wedding with a difference - the newlyweds are both dogsellencscott

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    squiggle wavy lashes
    (Picture: Instagram/ikhaniic)

    Don’t stress if you’re keen to get on the squiggle trend, but didn’t get on board with squiggle brows or squiggle lips (anyone? No?). There’s another way to add some waves to your beauty routine.

    How the average penis size changes across the UK

    Behold wavy lashes. They’re false eyelashes, but wavy.

    Sadly, these are not pre-waved false eyelashes you can buy, but are instead the FaceTuned creation of Instagrammer Menal Kahn, known as Ikhaniic, who created the look in response to all those other squiggly looks that spread all over the internet.

    But honestly, if… Read the full story

    squiggle lashesellencscottsquiggle wavy lashessquiggle lashesellencscottsquiggle wavy lashes

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    (Picture: Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press via AP)

    When it comes to booking a hotel, you’re probably more interested in the softness of its pillow or the range of pastries in its breakfast buffet than its involvement in political protests.

    Lightning bolt brows are here and we're hoping this is the end of wacky eyebrows

    But if you are keen for the place you rest your head to have some historical significance – or you’re a fan of John Lennon and Yoko Ono – you’ll want to book a stay at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal.

    If you didn’t know, that’s the hotel where John… Read the full story


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    (Picture: McVitie’s/Metro.co.uk)

    Jaffa Cake lovers, we’ve got some bad news. McVitie’s has downsized your favourite sweet snack – and some stores have the cheek to sell the new, smaller packets at the same price.

    How the average penis size changes across the UK

    Now, we’re not strangers to shrinking foods. Two Christmases ago we were disappointed at the dismal size of the new Quality Street tins. Then there was Toblerone-gate. And then, as if things couldn’t get any more disastrous, it was announced that the beloved Walnut Whip would no longer come with a walnut on top. It’d just be a… Read the full story


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    Sarah just does equations for fun. (Picture: Getty)

    I’m clever. 

    Really quite clever, actually.

    A man ate only potatoes for a year and lost 110lb

    Typing those words is a stressful undertaking. It originally read ‘very clever’ but I couldn’t cope with it, so I deleted it and replaced it with ‘really quite’.

    As a woman, if you announce that you’re clever, people will automatically seek to disprove the assertion.

    Typos in blog posts that you wrote at 19 will turn up. Questions about the caliber of your degree or what levels you managed in your year six SATs are raised.

    But the thing is, I am clever. I have two… Read the full story

    ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Relationship deal breakers for men (Mike Williams)s)rebeccacnreidILLUSTRATION REQUEST: Relationship deal breakers for men (Mike Williams)s)rebeccacnreid

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