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    (Picture: Disneyfind/Facebook)

    It looks like Primark is jumping on the Halloween costume hype. We couldn’t be more excited.

    The much-loved bargain fashion retailer is ditching the likes of vampires and skeletons for some Disney-inspired costumes.

    Facebook page Disneyfind came across the new adult-sized costumes on 8 October, unveiling the collection with a photo showing what’s on offer.

    Though we’re unsure of just how many characters are included in the line, judging by the photo there are costumes inspired by Beauty and the Beast’s Belle, Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse.

    Primark Disney costumeshattiegladwellmetroPrimark Disney costumeshattiegladwellmetro

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    Get you a bae that looks at you the way this koala looks at this firie (Photo by BC/REX/Shutterstock/Dave Raciti)

    Firefighters may do one of the toughest, emotionally-scarring jobs in the world but they prove time and time again that they’re just big old softies.

    When they’re not fighting flames and saving lives they’re creating epic dad jokes or cuddling up to cute baby animals.

    Proof: The Australian Firefighters calendar, whose 2018 edition has just surfaced.

    The calendar began 25 years ago, and has raised over $2 million (£1,180,030) for numerous charities.

    Each year, twelve of the fittest firemen from across Australia are selected to star in the calendar, mostly half naked (sure) but more importantly… Read the full story

    Australian Firefighters Calendar Shoot, Australian ZoonlisambowmanAustralian Firefighters Calendar Shoot, Australian Zoonlisambowman

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    This is not Rihanna. I repeat, this is not Rihanna (Picture: patrickstarrr/Instagram)

    Rihanna is one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

    Those green eyes. That cute nose. That cracking bod. How can someone be so perfect?

    But if you think she’s one of a kind, think again.

    Because she’s actually got a doppelganger who looks EXACTLY like her.

    Yep, this is Rihanna. Confused? Us too. (Photo by Fotonoticias/FilmMagic)

    Over… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

    I’ve only officially told two people I’m bisexual.

    The first was a friend of a friend, told while I was lying on bed off my face on things I shouldn’t have been off my face on.

    The second was a (now ex) boyfriend, and his reaction made me never want to come out ever again.

    I tried to drop it casually into conversation. He’d noticed me looking at another woman, and although I knew I could brush it off as liking her outfit or knowing her from somewhere, I decided to be honest.

    ‘She’s hot,’ I said. ‘I like women, too.’

    The conversation went tits up from there.

    He told me he needed… Read the full story

    Interview with sexual assault/rape victimellencscottmetro illustrationsGirl looking in mirrorInterview with sexual assault/rape victimellencscottmetro illustrationsGirl looking in mirror

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    (Picture: Instagram)

    This is not a drill: ASOS is doing same day delivery. We repeat: ASOS IS DOING SAME DAY DELIVERY.

    As of today, ASOS is offering same day delivery so you’ll never have to worry about your outfit not coming in time for an event the following day.

    Basically, ASOS is going to be the fast food of the fashion world and we couldn’t be more excited.

    The bad news, though, is that the service won’t be available nationwide.

    ASOS same day deliveryhattiegladwellmetroASOS same day deliveryhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: WB)

    It the movie’s release this September will have the Halloween craze full of clowns this year as people rush to re-create the latest version of Pennywise the clown.

    There are some that will prefer the 1990 Tim Curry version of Stephen King’s evil character, however, the Bill Skarsgard version from this year’s movie is set to be the big costume this Halloween.

    Is the McDonald's McVegan burger actually any good?

    Recreating the look can be as hard or easy as you like, you can really go full monty with this and get out the bald cap, prosthetics, contact lenses and glue or you can… Read the full story


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    Cat-cow just got super literal (Picture: Visit Santa Barbara)

    There are so many weird and wonderful types of yoga now that the original yogis will be (really gracefully) turning in their graves.

    We’ve had beer yoga, weed yoga and Drake yoga.

    There’s even an Australian Shepherd dog that is clearly so much better at yoga than we will ever be.

    And now? Now, you can do yoga with cats, at a cat café in Santa Barbara, California.

    Cat Therapy is Santa Barbara’s first cat café, but it’s a cat café with a difference – it offers cat yoga and cat therapy sessions.

    It was started by a musician and photographer… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Diandra Forrest/Instagram)

    This is Diandra Forrest.

    She’s the first albino model to front a major beauty campaign.

    Although she’s always accepted her unique looks, not everyone has and she says she was teased about her albinism as a child.

    And the bullying continued even after she decided to become a model.

    ‘I had a modelling coach when I was 14 or 15,’ she tells Refinery29.

    Instagram Photo

    ‘He was so mean (and would say things) like, “You’re too odd, you will never be a model”.’

    Well, the joke’s on him now, because she’s a now a big deal as one of the five faces of Wet n Wild’s… Read the full story


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    (Picture: McDonald’s)

    When we first learned that McDonald’s would be trialing a vegan burger, we were pretty blimmin’ jazzed.

    Finally, we’d be able to actually eat a proper meal whenever out drunken friends dragged us through the golden arches, rather than just nicking a few chips.

    Finally, there’d be a way for us to satisfy our longings for McDonald’s without compromising on our animal-friendly morals.

    Yes, the McVegan is currently only a month-long trial in Tampere, Finland, but if all goes well it could be rolled out around the world. So we’re understandably enthused.

    But after that initial excitement mellowed, a big question emerged: Would the McVegan actually be any good?

    Read the full story

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    (Picture: studioEAST/Getty)

    The business of buying Instagram followers is kind of the seedy underbelly of the social networking site.

    No one wants to believe that it happens but the world of likes and followers has driven us so mad that we don’t think twice about instantly wanting followers and not working for the honour of bagging them.

    pizza taster jobThere's a job going for a professional pizza taster

    Hoards of fame-hungry bloggers, politicians, big brands, and celebrities have all been accused at one time or another of buying Instagram followers, and it must be said that it looks super obvious when you get 1,000 new followers within an… Read the full story

    Young man holds a smart device while using Instagram appaislingtmYoung man holds a smart device while using Instagram appaislingtm

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    (Picture: McDonald’s)

    Last week, McDonald’s announced that they were launching a vegan burger at their Finland branches – and the plant-based world went wild.

    Finally, Scandinavian vegans could visit those magical yellow arches and get their chops around some good old fashioned junk food.

    But should we really be applauding McDonald’s for making such a move?

    It’s a tricky one.

    Eating out as a vegan requires quite a lot of planning and money. Turning up to any old eatery can often result in you spending the evening eating your way through umpteen side salads and bowls of chips. The non-meat options on offer in mainstream restaurants are often miserable.

    And when you… Read the full story


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    (Picture: Nicole Coulthard/Khrystyna Mandryk)

    People, we have #dressgate all over again. This time in shoe form.

    Remember the dress that sent everyone crazy over whether it was white and gold or blue and black? Well, Nicole Coulthard recently came across a screenshot of a trainer which has the same issue – though this time people can’t decide whether it’s pink and white or grey and aqua.

    The dress in shoe formhattiegladwellmetroThe dress in shoe formhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: coreymaison/Instagram)

    This is Corey Maison with her dad, Eric.

    She knew that she wanted to be a girl from 11-years-old but was nervous about disappointing her parents.

    But little did she know that Eric – formerly Erica – was having similar feelings.

    Four years later, the two are living the way they always felt they were supposed to be – as father and daughter rather than mother and son.

    In fact, it was Corey’s bravery that inspired Eric to make the transition from female to male.

    Instagram Photo

    Just as Corey feared being judged and disapproved of by her family, Eric was worried about what his kids and husband might… Read the full story


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    It’s a crisp Monday afternoon and I’m lost. Very lost.

    I’m on my way to Nirvana Brewery in Leyton, a cycle journey which was supposed to take an hour. But it’s been 90 minutes and I’m still not there. Instead, I’m by a canal somewhere in East London. No thanks to Google Maps (Curses, Google Maps lady, curses).

    I’m on my way to meet Steve Dass. He’s co-founder of Nirvana, the UK’s first non-alcoholic craft beer brewery. I text him with an update for the third time.

    ‘Ha! Take your time, mate!’ he responds.

    He’s super chill about it all, and it’s a vibe that continues when I (eventually) get to the tiny brewery, nestled in an industrial estate in Leyton, East London.

    There’s a deliciously strong smell of bread in the air (it’s right near the Kingsmill factory) and I dump my bike and am immediately taken to the snug bar upstairs where Steve pours me a refreshing beer. A beer that just so… Read the full story

    We took a look around the UK's first non-alcoholic craft beer brewerylisambowmanWe took a look around the UK's first non-alcoholic craft beer brewerylisambowman

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    (Picture: Mercury Press)

    A teen was forced to tell fashion brand Pretty Little Thing that she does not have ‘legs like Kendall Jenner’ after ordering trousers online, only to find they were the length of her entire body.

    18-year-old Bethany McNamara had ordered some high-waisted flared trousers ready for a night out on 7 October, but was left looking like a toddler trying on her parents’ clothes when she discovered the waistband reached just below her chin.

    The five foot two hairdresser shared photos of the accidentally-oversized-flares to her social media, where she held the trousers up against her body in a set of photos accompanied by the caption: ‘When Pretty Little Thing think… Read the full story

    A teen was forced to tell fashion brand Pretty Little Thing that she does not have legs like Kendal Jenner after ordering trousers online - only for them to be the length of her BODYhattiegladwellmetroA teen was forced to tell fashion brand Pretty Little Thing that she does not have legs like Kendal Jenner after ordering trousers online - only for them to be the length of her BODYhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: PA Real Life)

    An 11-year-old boy from Dorset is undergoing hypnotherapy so that he can eat his first ever Christmas dinner this year.

    Josh Grove has only ever eaten custard, digestive biscuits, and baby food, with his restrictive diet starting when he was just 14 months old.

    Ever since he was a baby Josh has refused to put anything other than three types of food in his mouth, no matter how hard his mother has tried.

    Josh’s mother, 44-year-old Lorraine, first realised there was something wrong with Josh’s eating habits two months after his first birthday.

    She said: ‘He was really ill during his first Christmas. He was just going onto solid food and we… Read the full story

    Meet the 11-year-old boy who can only eat custard, digestive biscuits and baby foodhattiegladwellmetroMeet the 11-year-old boy who can only eat custard, digestive biscuits and baby foodhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Getty Images)

    We’re all looking for that one diet plan which actually works.

    Whether it’s losing weight, feeling healthier or having more energy, the diet industry had made billions from people looking for a magic pill.

    Go on Instagram and it’s full of people claiming that chowing down on chocolate proats (protein oats) or bone broth is the main reason that they’re a size 6 bikini model.

    Obviously, that’s bunkum but it can be tempting to buy into these solutions – particularly if you are struggling with intolerances, inflammation or you’re generally feeling run down. It’s not as easy as simply looking to slim down.

    Enter: keto.

    What is keto?

    Read the full story


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    (Picture: Instagram/candyhunting)

    Oreo is releasing some teeny-tiny Oreo Thin Bites dipped in fudge and they look amazing.

    Following on from the release of Oreo Thins, which hit supermarket shelves two years ago, the cookie brand is going to be selling bite-sized versions that come dipped in fudge.

    Fudge-Dipped Mini Oreos Are Hitting Stores SoonhattiegladwellmetroFudge-Dipped Mini Oreos Are Hitting Stores Soonhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Toasted Mallow)

    We’re huge fans of marshmallow fluff, and even bigger fans of cookie dough – which is why we were super excited when we found out one company has mixed the two together to create one hell of a sickly-sweet concoction.

    Toasted Mallow – an Arizona-based company that specialises in creating gourmet marshmallow fluff in a range of flavours – has just launched an edible cookie dough marshmallow whipped fluff. It looks dreamy.

    The jar features layers of handcrafted, edible chocolate chip cookie dough which is hand-piped and layered with vanilla bean marshmallow whipped fluff.

    Apparently it’s ‘perfect to eat by the spoonful’.

    You Can Now Buy Cookie Dough Flavoured Marshmallow FluffhattiegladwellmetroYou Can Now Buy Cookie Dough Flavoured Marshmallow Fluffhattiegladwellmetro

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    (Picture: Drinks by the Dram/Amazon)

    While baubles are all well and good, there are other Christmas decorations that we should probably think about getting ready for 25 December.

    Tinsel, fairy lights, candy canes, and of course, Christmas crackers. If you’re a lover of gin, we’ve found the perfect ones.

    Drinks By The Dram –  a company which we have previously written about when they released a collection of alcoholic advent calendars – is spicing up your Christmas table with a set of gin-filled Christmas crackers.

    Gin Christmas crackers exist and what a time to be alive!hattiegladwellmetroGin Christmas crackers exist and what a time to be alive!hattiegladwellmetro

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