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Tumblr account dedicated to Hot Guys Laughing – go on then

Adam Levine
(Picture: hotguyslaughing.tumblr.com)

Hot blokes cracking out a few LOLs in the form of gifs was always going to be winner.

The Tumblr account Hot Guys Laughing is for real, ladies – and just in time too, because we were starting to tire of Men & Coffee and Hot Blokes Reading. Oh, and Tube Crush.

These dudes are slightly less hipster, more celebrity and have all phwoar to qualify as a Diet Coke man. And p.s. there’s 136 pages to click through at your leisure.

Here’s a look at the good stuff in order of our favourites.

Ryan Gosling. Yes, just yes.

ryan g gif

Trey Songz *melts*


Bradley Cooper giving… Read the full story

Sipsmith and Judes have teamed up to make GIN & TONIC ICE CREAM

(Picture: Sipsmith)
Yes, this is happening (Picture: Sipsmith)

Can you actually believe it?

If we wrote a list of the things of our favourite things to eat and drink during the summer months, ice cream and gin & tonic would come pretty high up.

So you can imagine our excitement when we heard on the foodie grapevine that someone was making a gin & tonic ice cream.

And low and behold, the rumours turned out to be true!

This most genius of foodie mash-ups is a collaboration between London-based distillery and purveyors of top-notch gin, Sipsmith, and artisan ice creamery, Jude’s.

Read the full story

Dolls with disabilities range launched after #ToyLikeMe Facebook campaign goes viral

MANDATORY CREDIT: Makies/REX Shutterstock  Mandatory Credit: Photo by Makies/REX Shutterstock (4774781a)  Vision impaired doll with walking stick, hearing impaired doll with hearing aid (making an ?I love you? sign in American Sign Language) and doll with birth mark on face  Dolls with disabilities range launched thanks to online campaign, Britain - 14 May 2015  FULL COPY: http://www.rexfeatures.com/nanolink/qe6l  An online campaign calling for dolls to reflect children with disabilities has seen a new range launched.  In recent weeks, the Toy Like Me Facebook campaign (www.facebook.com/toylikeme) has rallied for greater 'diversity in the toy box', calling for toys that reflect children in more inclusive ways than the market currently offers.  Toy Like Me?s Facebook posts of toy ?makeovers? by parents of disabled… <a href=Read the full story

Someone’s dug up the first ever UK McDonald’s menu from 1974 – guess how much a value meal cost?

Back in the 1970s
Check out Maccy D’s back in the day (Picture: McDonald’s)

McDonald’s Big Mac landed in the UK on November 13, 1974. And where did this seismic event take place? Sexy Powis Street, in Woolwich, south east London, of course.

The company wanted a West End site but took what they could get.

The mighty Big Mac (Picture: McDonald's)

How to make McDonald’s ‘secret’ spicy Big Mac sauce

On opening day, crowds gathered outside the shiny new fast food outlet from across the pond. Inside, they found wooden seats, an ashtray on every table, and some of the cheapest meals-out Brits had ever seen.

As we’re currently celebrating all things 70s (and because Maccy’s is celebrating its 75th anniversary in… Read the full story

Baby tries avocado for the first time; completely freaks out

baby tries avocado for the first time and freaks out
What are you doing to me? (Picture: Youtube/KentuckyFriedIdiot)

Sure, you’ve seen loads of babies freaking out over the taste of lemons (if you haven’t, grab a small relative and try it. It’s hilarious).

But did you know that giving a baby a spoonful of avocado results in an even better reaction?

One brave parent decided to treat his baby to her first ever try of avocado.

The bad news: she wasn’t a fan. The very, very good news: her WTF reaction is hilarious…

The fear of taking that very first bite

Read the full story

The world’s first Hello Kitty restaurant has opened and the food is adorable

hello kitty
But could you eat them? (Picture: Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine)

The world’s most famous cartoon cat – who’s apparently not a cat despite the whiskers and being called Kitty – has now got her own restaurant.

When we realised there as an actual Hello Kitty Con in LA, we suspected that bloomin’ cat was after worldwide domination.

And now we have indisputable evidence.

The world’s first Hello Kitty fine dining restaurant is set to open on June 1 in Hong Kong, but has already had a ‘soft launch’.

While there are already cafes inspired by the cat in Adelaide, Australia, and Orange County, California, this is the first restaurant that will feature Chinese food on the menu.

Everyone’s going totally cray-cray for… Read the full story

Bacon and egg porridge – now available at the Porridge cafe

Bacon and egg porridge
See it, believe it (Picture: Porridge cafe)

Yes, this has happened. Someone has combined the health-nuts breakfast of choice – porridge – with the Britain’s greatest breakfast export – the full English.

The breakfast-in-a-bowl plays off the American love of combining sweet and salt, and is comprised of pure maple syrup porridge topped with a runny poached egg and crispy morsels of bacon.

Bacon and egg porridge is the latest oat-based innovation of Porridge Cafe London, who have just opened their latest pop-up in London’s Victoria station.

Someone has made a burger bun out of french fries, because chips

French Fry Burger Bomb
This is the bomb (Picture: Instagram / TheVulgarChef)

Chip burger buns? STFU.

Introducing the French Fry Burger Bomb brought to you by The Vulgar Chef, aka Kyle Marcoux.

It’s all your happy meal essentials, beef burger and cheese, but with a bun made entirely of chopped French fries (because bread buns are out) dunked into the fryer for a few minutes. Voila, you got the BOMB.

Holy mother, this bad boy is a heart attack waiting to happen.

french fry burger bun by the vulgar chef
(Picture: Instagram / The Vulgar Chef)

Those not… Read the full story

19 work moments that are the WORST for awkward people


Jim Halpert the office awkward look to camera

Being awkward is okay when you’re at home, alone, and don’t have to interact with actual people.

But once you have to go into the outside world, and sit in a proper office, it all starts getting a bit uncomfortable.

Because while for most people workplaces are just where you go to get work done, for awkward people, a 9-to-5 is just a long series of moments ripe with social weirdness…

1. The horror when someone has the audacity to accept your offer of making tea

I was just being polite. Don’t make it weird.

2. Followed by the tense moment when someone offers to make you tea, and you’d actually quite like one, but you don’t want them to make it for you

Now you have to wait at least an hour to get up and make it yourself, so you don’t seem rude.

3. ‘I’m leaving’ announcements

Are you… Read the full story

Photographer takes pictures of homeless pregnant women to help them feel beautiful

Pregnant crop
Keri Vaca gives mums who are struggling a moment to treasure as they wait for their new arrival (Picture: Keri Vaca)

An amazing photographer is giving women who are pregnant, but struggling to get by, the chance to have their maternity portraits taken free of charge.

By offering professional portraits, Keri Vaca, the photographer and mum-of-two behind Small Miracles Photography in San Francisco, helps women who are down on their luck to feel beautiful during their pregnancy.

She has been volunteering her time and skills once a month for nearly eight years at the Homeless Prenatal Program, a local nonprofit that helps women living in poverty.

Keri takes pictures of mums who are in the later stages of pregnancy and attend prenatal classes at the… Read the full story

You’ve been peeling garlic wrong your whole life



This garlic hack is so good.

If, like us, you live by the ‘garlic goes with everything’ rule then you’ll be familiar with the faff of peeling it on the regular.

And yes, like us, you’ve been doing it wrong the entire time.

All you need to peel the outer skin of a garlic clove in a speedy few seconds is a small glass jar and some strong wrist action. Throw your garlic into the jar as it is, tighten the lid and really shake that baby up. Then open up and voila, the outer layer of skin will have fallen off.

Thank you to the team at Diply for bringing this wisdom into our lives.

Watch and learn, guys. Watch and learn.

MORE: 7 kitchen hacks that will change your life for the better

MORE: Life hacks: How… Read the full story

These 47-year-old twins are addicted to being identical

***EXCLUSIVE***....HOLLYWOOD, CA - UNDATED: Collect picture of twin sisters Amy and Becky seen together.....OBSESSIVE twins Amy and Becky Glass are so close they haven't been apart for more than 30 minutes in 15 YEARS. The 46-year-old twins share everything, including a joint Facebook profile, a bedroom, the same mobile phone, a business they run together in a shared home office and once even shared a BOYFRIEND who they both had sex with. They go to extremes to be mirror images of each other - and wear the exact SAME outfit every day in slightly different colours. The pair say they are not interested in relationships anymore, and feel like they are ?married' to one another. Incredibly, Amy and Becky have been measuring out every bite of food… <a href=Read the full story

These four sisters have a combined age of 391 – and their secret to long life is avoiding spicy foods

Collect photo of the Latham sisters pictured in May 2015 from left Gladys Camp, Phyllis Friend, Doris Latham, and Freda Latham. See SWNS story SWSISTERS: Four British siblings have been hailed as the world's oldest SISTERS with a combined age of nearly 400 - and say their secret is a 'Good Life' diet and no foreign food. Twins Freda and Doris Latham have just celebrated their 101st birthday alongside Gladys Camp, 96, and Phyllis Friend, 93. Between them they have lived through nineteen Prime Ministers, five monarchs and survived two World Wars. Their 391 years beats the previous record of the world's oldest set of sisters who had a combined aged of 386. And the four siblings from Devon put their long and record breaking life down… <a href=Read the full story

Artists cut raw food into 98 perfect squares that will fill you with unexplained pleasure

cubes 1
Strangely soothing (Picture: Lernert & Sander)

These pictures of raw food cut into 98 perfect squares will give you instant inner peace. Guaranteed.

They’re the work of Dutch artists and filmmakers Lernert & Sander. To create the series of stunning photographs, they cut the raw foods into 98 identical 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm cubes and arranged them into a perfect square.

The images were commissioned by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, for a special food photography supplement.

And before you ask, the studio has confirmed there was no Photoshop involved.

We’re both soothed and slightly excited (don’t judge us) all at the same time. 

Its only blimmin’ National Doughnut Week: Here are 15 to try before you die



Once upon a time, doughnuts were an ‘exotic’ American thing for us naive and innocent Brits.

But, these days, the UK is swimming in enough doughy goodness to keep Homer Simpson happy for life.

Sweet or savoury, humble or gourmet, there’s no denying that nothing beats a face full of deep fried dough.

They’re not the healthiest snack in the world, but hey, it’s National Doughnut Week, (up there in our books with Easter, Christmas and our birthday) so let’s celebrate.

Here are 15 doughy delights to tick off your doughnut bucket list (everyone has one, no?) this weekend.

1. Deep fried Oreo doughnuts with salted caramel dipping sauce from the filthy-minded geniuses at Blues Kitchen, Shoreditch.

Woowzas (Picture: Blues Kitchen)


2.… Read the full story

13 pictures which prove penis-inspired interiors are not the one

Penis Interiors/ Houses
Well, it’s definitely a statement

Total c*ck up.

Penises may be marvellous, but unfortunately they don’t really translate into interior design.

Strange that.

And while we’re all up for celebrating the joy that is the willy, we can’t help but feel that the people behind these phallic interiors have taken things a tad too far.

So before you go and adorn your pad with a penis-shaped pool or four-penis-poster bed, we recommend you take a look at these 13 pictures which prove penis-inspired interiors are not the one.

1. This four-penis-poster bed.

Four poster penis bed

Which is ironically a MASSIVE turn off.


2. This penis shaped pool.

Penis shaped swimming pool

Jump in, the… Read the full story

Badly Drawn Models: When art is so bad it’s good



(Picture: Instagram/BadlyDrawnModels)
(Picture: Instagram/BadlyDrawnModels)

When very questionable art starts to get a good rep in the world of fashion.

Sean Ryan is the amateur artist behind our new favourite Instagram account, Badly Drawn Models. So basic are these illustrations of ‘beautiful people, drawn badly’ that they’re actually brilliant.

Because less is more.

Using Instagram as a medium for his work, Sean has racked up a very cool 23,900 followers all of which seriously dig his drawings. The best bit? You can get your own one done for £100.

All you do is send Sean a photo that you want ‘badly drawn’ in black and white (yourself/ friend/ family member/ pet) and get it delivered back in a cellophane sleeve and hardback envelope.


There is a small disclosure message to note, though: ‘Please… Read the full story

Young couple’s reaction to what they’ll look like aged 90 is amazing

100 Years of Beauty: Aging | Cut Has A Field Day
(Picture: Field Day)

Meet the bride and groom-to-be who braved the 100-year time-lapse video.

Imagine this: you’re set to get married in a month’s time but before the ‘I dos’, you get the chance to see exactly what you and your bae will look like 100 years down the line.

Enter Kristie and Travis.

This couple agreed to let a team of make-up artists age them from their late twenties to their late nineties for The Cut and Field Day. So far, so horrifying right?

100 Years… <a href=Read the full story

81-year-old cancer sufferer who rang 911 because he had no food is inundated with donations

ABC News
Clarence couldn’t believe the reaction to his 911 call (Picture: ABC News)

After six months in hospital following a stroke, 81-year-old cancer sufferer Clarence Blackman from North Carolina returned home to find the cupboards empty.

With no food or water, and unable to leave the house, he made a desperate call to the emergency services.

According to ABC News, he told Marilyn Hinson, the 911 operator: ‘I can’t do anything. I can’t go anywhere.

‘I’m not broken, I’m not bleeding, and I’m not in crisis. I just want somebody to help me buy some food.’

Marilyn decided she had to help. ‘He was hungry,’ she explained. ‘I’ve been hungry. A lot of people can’t say that, but I can, and I can’t stand for anyone to be… Read the full story

Sadly this guy’s Hebrew tattoo doesn’t mean what he thinks it does

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