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Women are getting Botox in their scalps to make their blow dries last longer

Women getting Blotox - Botox injections to make your blow dry last longer
(Picture: Getty; Metro.co.uk)

If anyone knows the desire to make a professional blow dry last for as long as humanly possible, it’s me, a deeply lazy person who hates doing their own hair and has spent a truly absurd amount of money on going to professionals in the last year.

But would I go as far as getting injections in my scalp to make a blow dry last longer?

If it saves me from having to lift a hairdryer, then yes, probably.

I’m not alone in this.

According to Us Weekly, the hot new injections trend… Read the full story

If you don’t have a ladder Christmas tree this year then who even are you?

(Picture: Icolandrea/Instagram)

Are you planning to have an environmentally-friendly Christmas?

Or are you just too cheap to buy a tree?

Either way, you’re in luck because ladder trees were a thing last year and it’s time to bring them back.

All you’ve got to do is grab a latter, extend it out and then wrap a load of lights around it. Simple!

And if you want a little more decor on there, simply wrap a load of string around the legs from which you can hang an assortment of baubles.

For too long, the humble ladder has been confined to lofts and sheds. It’s time it had its moment in the spotlight.


It’s the perfect creation for all… Read the full story

A man on the internet says there’s ‘no evidence’ that women orgasm

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

You may have noticed that we at Metro.co.uk are fans of encouraging women to be sexually satisfied.

(Men too, but given that straight women are the least sexually satisfied demographic in the world, we’re most worried about them).

So you can imagine how pleased we were to see a twitter user named Parker Molloy taking some time out of their day to share the views of a Facebook friend named Kyle.

Kyle, who seems to feel that he is an expert in the area of sex and sexuality wrote:

‘Do women actually orgasm? There is no conclusive physiological evidence of it. Men are very clear, obvious… but… Read the full story

Fitness star says eating carbs is the secret to her incredible body transformation

(Picture: hayleymadiganfitness/Instagram)

Carbs have been demonised for years.

We grew up with our mums refusing to eat bread or cook pasta. Many of us are nervous about eating regular instead of sweet potatoes. We opt for ground up cauliflower over rice.

And that’s because we’ve all been taught that carbs = broken down into glucose = stored as body fat.

But that isn’t the whole story.

We literally need carbohydrates to stay alive, let alone do any strenuous kind of exercise.

And in some cases, eating carbs is the secret to creating a cracking body.

Just look at bikini model Hayley Madigan, for example.

The 27-year-old fitness star says that including slow-release carbs like wholegrain bread (YEP, BREAD), quinoa… Read the full story

Route 66 – California: Where to eat, what to see and what to do


You will never be short of things to do in California, whatever your interests are.

The enormous state is home to beaches, mountains and some fantastic cities.

Route 66 – Chicago, Illinois: Where to eat, what to see and what to do

It also happens to be the end of the line for Route 66, which finishes at Santa Monica pier.

If you, like me, started your journey in Chicago, you’ll have been on the road for a couple of weeks by now and be itching to finish your journey.

But don’t rush this final bit – it’s all about the detours in this last leg and it’s the only way you’re going to see all the hidden gems in the desert landscape of the Golden State.

Crossing into California

Neglected dog gets three hour makeover to shave off 4.5lb of matted fur

(Picture: SWNS)

When Rags the three year old Shih Tzu mix wandered into someone’s garden, he was covered in thick, matted fur.

His tangled hair was so heavy that Rags walked with bowed legs.

Underneath his matted fur he had hundreds of fleas and sores.

All in all, he wasn’t doing well.

Thankfully, Rags was saved by volunteers at Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort and Shelter, who dedicated three hours to helping to free little Rags from his furry cage.

The volunteers described Rags’ appearance as the ‘thickest mats’ they’d ever seen. They were too dense to cut with scissors, so volunteers instead had to gently snip away with multiple pairs of clippers to get Rags… Read the full story

Pizza is the first thing angels eat immediately after Victoria’s Secret shows

(Picture: Victoria’s Secret/Instagram)

It’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret angels work hard to look the way they do.

Show prep takes hours of hard training and healthy eating.

After all, being paid to be semi-naked in front of the entire world does sort of come with the expectation of perfection.

But once the show is done, the girls can afford to relax a little.

And the first thing they run to the moment they get off the catwalk, apparently, is…pizza.

Yep, these impossibly slim, toned angels love nothing better than a good old pizza party to celebrate the end of their shows.

‘The first thing that I’m… Read the full story

Coles rolls out autism-friendly shopping hour after successful trials

(Picture: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

A supermarket chain in Australia is rolling out an autism-friendly hour across nearly 70 stores, following a successful trial.

Coles’ Quiet Hour programme reduces noise and distractions in order to make shopping easier for autistic customers.

Store lighting is dimmed by 50%, the radio is switched off, trolley collections are halted and scanner volumes are reduced.

There are also no PA announcements and free fruit is offered at customer service.

The hour will happen every Tuesday between 10.30am and 11.30 and various Coles stores across Australia.

‘At Coles, we are always looking at ways we can meet the differing needs of our customers by creating a shopping environment in which our… Read the full story

Debenhams Black Friday 2017 deals offer huge discounts, but some are only today

(Picture: Dinendra Haria/REX/Shutterstock)

Debenhams are starting the week-long run-up to Black Friday the right way, by slashing the prices on some of their must-have goods for one day only.

Fitness star says eating carbs is the secret to her incredible body transformation

Get on their site today to nab these amazing deals with reductions of 50% across a range of items that will be perfect for Christmas gifts.

There is up to 40% off toys, including major reductions on Lego Ninjago and Lego Stars Wars as well as sale prices on Little Tikes Bikes and 20% off Play-Doh.

You can nab half-price deals… Read the full story

Why I fear the bad days in depression recovery

Metro illustration illustration
Bad days can be terrible and terrifying (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I think about is my own mental state.

Am I feeling OK? Do I feel refreshed after a decent night’s sleep, or exhausted because of disturbing dreams and restlessness? Is today going to be a good day or a bad day?

Why I couldn’t admit to having postnatal depression – not even to myself

At the moment, I seem to be in the midst of a run of bad days, after a few much-needed months of mental… Read the full story

5 things that will happen when you transition from one gender to another

transitioning illustration
It’s not just physical things that change (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

When you make the decision to transition from female to male, you know that some things are going to change.

But I tended to just think of the physical things that would be different.

Why coming out as trans doesn’t make me brave

In reality, things change on all levels, from the opening of the door to male privilege, to being eyed with suspicion if I talk to a child in the park while walking my dog.

Here are a few other things I never realised would happen when I… Read the full story

How about throwing your money away on this £360 leather bin bag?

(Picture: BIIS)

In recent times, fashion has really been pushing the whole ‘trash products’ agenda.

First came Balenciaga with their rip-off IKEA bag (£1,672).

Then Moschino started selling dresses designed as actual dry cleaning overlays (£560).

And now, a brand has decided to cut the crap and start selling mega-expensive leather bin bags so you can chuck your money away in style.

Spanish label BIIS is selling the sizes of black plastic sack, ranging in price from €220 (£194) to €360 (£319).

Apparently, they’ve been designed as an alternative to the standard work backpack.

But really…is it actually a sartorial statement? Or is it just a bit RIDICULOUS?

Read the full story

Why the trauma of cancer doesn’t end after treatment


‘When you have cancer, it’s like you’re auditioning for the part of yourself and you’ve forgotten all the words.’

When you think of cancer recovery, chances are you think of someone bouncing back into great shape and health. After all, you’d assume that the worst would be over.

But surviving doesn’t always mean living well.

This is something that Adam Golder knows all too well. After being diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2015, the 25-year-old says his body and mind were completely devastated by the treatment.

‘In three weeks, I had aged 60 years,’ Adam old Metro.co.uk. ‘There wasn’t one part of me that wasn’t worse off than before.

‘I found the infamous “chemo-brain” the most disconcerting. I’d already felt what it was like to be physically weak or immobile but this was altogether worse.

‘It felt like I had become a burden to family and friends and as if I wasn’t an active participant anymore. It felt like I was the sick man of my… Read the full story

When is Black Friday? The 10 biggest discounts we have seen so far

Shoppers pass a Black Friday banner in front of a store
(Picture: Getty)

Black Friday is approaching at breakneck speed as the biggest shopping day of the year will be ending your week in just four days.

Traditionally the day after Thanksgiving in the US, Black Friday will fall on Friday, November 24 this year.

Brits are gearing up for the discount shopping phenomenon as the US bargain madness has made its way over the water to the UK in recent years.

Why the trauma of cancer doesn’t end after treatmentWhy the trauma of cancer doesn’t end after treatment

With the slow build of… Read the full story

Is living in your overdraft really that bad?

(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

A few months ago I made an end of year resolution. By the time I’m 30 (that’ll be in March), I don’t want to ever be in my overdraft… unless I lose my mind again and buy multiple velvet suits for myself in which case it’s totally justified.

I sat down with myself and said that as a 30 year old woman, I should…. you know… have some money. It’s been nine years since I graduated and in that time I’ve only had two prolonged periods when the arrival of my pay check didn’t hoist me out of the depths of the red and momentarily into the black for… Read the full story

Best coffee machine Black Friday deals around including De’Longhi, Francis Francis for illy and Nespresso



It’s the most wonderful time of year – Black Friday.

Quality coffee lovers rejoice, there  are a host of incredible offers out there this year – promising upwards of 50% off on the perfect morning cuppa.

You just need to know where to look.

Anniversary Edition illy Francis Francis X.1

The Anniversary Edition Illy Francis Francis X.1 coffee machine black friday deal
The Anniversary Edition illy Francis Francis X.1 coffee machine Black Friday deal (Picture: illy)

To mark Black Friday this year, premium Italian coffee brand illy will be offering consumers its best ever deal to date: better than half price on coffee machines (!)  + 10% off… Read the full story

How to make money from selling clothes on Ebay

(Picture Metro.co.uk/Getty)

Selling old clothes on Ebay is a side hustle that I’ve used to pay many a bill, fund many a holiday and put many an otherwise lost pound back into my own pocket.

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and over the past few years, I’ve realised that never has an old saying been more true.

Given that last Christmas, the average Brit carried £636 in credit card debt into the new year, now’s a pretty good time to start thinking about trading in the unloved items in the back of your wardrobe for a tidy little sum of cash.

Because what’s more… Read the full story

Durex is bringing a naughty grotto to London in December

(Picture: Durex)

What’s better than Christmas? Orgasms at Christmas, of course.

And here’s your chance for adults-only entertainment (although we don’t recommend orgasming in public).

Durex is hosting a pop-up Grown-Up Grotto for one night only on 6 December at London cocktail bar Tonight Josephine.

Fitting, considering that Londoners have the most orgasms.

To mark their latest Durex range, Intense, the event’s theme is ‘well behaved women don’t make history’.

What’s on offer you ask? Good question.

Sex expert Alix Fox will be heading up Ms Claus’ cabin to hand out grown-up gifts from Santa’s sack and you can take a spin on the Durex ‘Squeal of Fortune’ where an elf will let you know… Read the full story

Quadriplegic woman can knit using just her mouth


Look away now if your biggest achievement is scoffing a pack of biscuits before your Netflix show’s started. This may make you feel more than a little unaccomplished.

This uplifting video captures the incredible skill of a quadriplegic woman –  who is affected by paralysis of both arms and legs – knitting using just her mouth.

Alicia Jones, 33, has been paralysed from the neck down after being hit by a car when she was two.

But… Read the full story

A weekend break in the Mendips in Somerset is a perfect winter treat


On a winter holiday, you’re generally in search of either sun or proper snow.

The UK often gets unfairly overlooked for winter breaks, despite boasting the sort of architecture and scenery that just SCREAMS cosy.

Route 66 – California: Where to eat, what to see and what to do

Okay, sure, you’re probably not going to find reliable snow, and there’s not going to be much sun around, but the UK is the perfect place for a winter break – especially the Mendips in Somerset.

They are an area of outstanding natural beauty just a handful of miles south of both Bath and Bristol, and just a little bit north of Glastonbury.

So we packed our wellies and our waterproofs and headed to the Mendips.

The walks

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