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How becoming a mum has made me more ambitious

Metro Illustrations Ambitious Mother
Motherhood is important, but so is work (Picture: Phebe Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk)

I recently decided, as I am pushing 40, that it was about time I switched to Radio 4.

I was rewarded with a brilliant Woman’s Hour interview with the singer Jessie Ware, who had her first child last year.

Are TV and social media scaring younger generations away from having children?

She talked about how becoming a mother had actually made her more ambitious because she wanted to prove to her doubters that she wouldn’t give up on her career after having a baby.

It’s something I, as… Read the full story

Can we please stop treating mental illness like it’s a competition?

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

Mental illness is not a competition.

I’m sick of hearing two people with anxiety arguing over whose symptoms are worse, or two people with bipolar disorder talking about whose mania is more debilitating.

Mental illness is not something that should be, or even can be, compared. It affects everyone differently, and this needs to be remembered.

Just because you may share the same illness as someone else is not to say you’ll live with the same symptoms.

One of the most terrifying things about mental illness is that episodes can strike at any time. With any form of mental illness, you can go from feeling totally fine to wanting to huddle… Read the full story

To all the people living with inflammatory bowel disease: You are not a burden

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

It’s taken me a long time to realise that my inflammatory bowel disease does not make me a burden.

Inflammatory bowel disease can be debilitating and dangerous. Sometimes your symptoms get so far out of control that you need surgery. But surgery isn’t the only thing that makes you take time out of life.

IBD is often dubbed a ‘toilet disease’, simply because yes, it does affect the bowels and yes, this does mean that there are days when you might as well move into your bathroom.

But IBD is so much more than that. It’s horrendous stomach cramps, heavy fatigue, and mental exhaustion. It can leave… Read the full story

You’ll be able to enjoy a two-course evening meal while watching a live post-mortem next year

(Picture: Anatomy Lab Live)

Dinner and a show has been taken to the extreme with a unique event that’s coming to the UK next year.

If you’re into blood and gore, this event is for you – as Anatomy Lab LIVE, the world’s only interactive anatomical dinner and dissection experience, is going to be hosting a two-course evening meal which will take place in a transformed dissection lab.

Guests will be able to watch a live post-mortem examination as they eat their dinner, as they learn all about the human body.

The event will be led by Nationally acclaimed human anatomist, Samuel Piri, who will head a team of physiologists as they use… Read the full story

Fragrance, perfume and aftershave Black Friday bargains include Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and SJP


Nothing smells sweeter than a Black Friday Bargain and the day doesn’t have to be all about electronics and appliances – let’s take a look at the fragrant side of things:

Marc Jacobs Eau So Decadent

Marc Jacobs Eau So Decadent EDT
Image: The Fragrance Shop

It’s classic yet irreverent and works for both day and night, offering juicy fruit notes and sparkling florals. It’s a sheer, light women’s perfume that will please most.

Notes of sweet Nashi pear, jasmine and raspberry mingle beautifully with warming white amber and cashmere wood.

Marc Jacobs Eau So Decadent 50ml EDT (Was £64) Black Friday Deal! £43, The Fragrance Shop

Michael Kors Women Eau de Parfum Gift Set

Read the full story

12 Christmas outfit ideas for the dog in your life

Never seen such a sad bunch of hounds (Picture: Getty)

You’ve probably been thinking about your own Christmas party outfits, haven’t you?

Even if you live in black all year round, you’ve no doubt been knee deep in a velvet/glitter/gem-encrusted ASOS order recently, haven’t you?

Or perhaps you’re more of a novelty Christmas costume type?

But have you ever stopped to consider that your loyal canine companion might want to dress up this Yuletide?

You probably haven’t, have you? Because you’re one heck of a selfish human.

Here’s some inspiration – 12 days of dog-mas, if you will.

1. Gingerbread costume, HalloweenCostumes.co.uk, from £15.99

Read the full story

Black Friday opening times: When do Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury’s close?

Black Friday <br /> getty/myles

Most people these days are doing their Black Friday shopping online, but if you want to feel the rush of shoving women and children to the ground to get 10% off a hoover, then you really have to get down to the shops in person.

Hundreds of outlets are offering big discounts today, in fact they have been for some days already, and will keep doing so until Monday, but still, you might want to go to the shops this evening anyway.

its okay for girls to like fistingFisting is lovely and normal and lots… Read the full story

The best Black Friday iPhone X bargain we’ve seen today

(Picture: Getty)

The best bargains Black Friday has to offer will be plastered across every billboard and website you see today as the mania of the biggest shopping day of the year continues.

Everything you need to know before you get eyelash extensionsEverything you need to know before you get lash extensions

But what you won’t hear a whole lot of kerfuffle about is the iPhone X and its bargain basement prices, because they’re simply aren’t any.

Apple launched the iPhone X in September was met with widespread shock, in some part for its new design and futuristic features… Read the full story

Black Friday opening times for Argos, John Lewis and Currys

Black Friday will mean the shops will be quite busy (Picture: AP Photo)

Black Friday 2017 is upon us, bargains are being bought, deals are being done, offers are being obtained and reductions are being reaped across the country.

However, you don’t have much longer to make the most of these stunning prices being offered by many of your favourite shops.

Black Friday shopping might ruin your sex life

Whilst some deals will roll on till Cyber Monday (next week), many will start and finish today, and some are available in-store only, not online.

So don’t be left out in the cold, have… Read the full story

10 of the best gluten-free mince pies to stock up on today

Top 10 gluten free mince pies
Time to stock up on mince pies (Picture: Getty/various)

With Christmas just a month away, it’s time to pull on your knitwear, crank up the central heating and start bulk-buying mince pies.

If you have coeliac disease or are avoiding gluten for other health reasons, you may be struggling to know where to start when it comes to finding gluten-free mince pies.

Make the most amazing gluten-free-free Yorkshire puddingsGluten-free Yorkshire puddings recipe – 5 top tips for making the perfect addition to your Sunday roast

But fear not, from handmade gift boxes to supermarket finds, I’ve taken… Read the full story

Experts have worked out that there are 24 million possible ways to make a cup of tea

Which brew belongs to you? (Picture: Getty)

Us Brits love a good cuppa.

I mean, sure, most of us now *gasp* prefer coffee to tea, but tea will always have a place in our hearts.

Whether your fave brew is green tea, gin and tonic tea or aerosol tea, you at least know that you’ve got one thing in common with your neighbour – you know exactly how you like your tea (strong, yet really milky, thanks).

Now, experts have discovered there are 24 million different ways to make a cup of tea.

They realised this after looking into why so many of us are great… Read the full story

What time does Winter Wonderland close? And what activities are there to do?


Winter Wonderland is back in London Hyde Park for its 11th year.

Christmas is coming and there’s nothing better to get into the festive mood than by visiting Winter Wonderland.

This is an incredibly popular attraction for locals and tourists too and as of 2016 there had been 14 million visitors.

The park is is free to enter but you need to buy tickets for some of the extra activities and of course to purchase food, drinks and souvenirs.

Winter Wonderland will open from 10am – 10pm every day until January 1, 2018
It will open from 10am – 10pm every day… Read the full story

Today is White Ribbon Day 2017 – here’s what it is all about

He told the suspect where he could find his alleged victim – putting her and her unborn child at risk (Picture: Getty)

Millions of women, men and children will be wearing a white ribbon today in support of preventing domestic violence.

Police urge domestic abuse victim to get help in open letter on TwitterPolice urge domestic abuse victim to get help in open letter on Twitter

The day is specifically about ending violence against women, not only by wearing the ribbon but also by getting men to swear an oath never to commit, excuse or be silent about women being hurt.

According… Read the full story

7 gluten-free Christmas puddings to try this December

Top gluten free Christmas puddings (Sarah Howells
A fruity and boozy bunch (Picture: Various)

Rich fruit, lashings of brandy and warming spices – nothing beats a gluten-free Christmas pudding when it comes to a traditional Christmas lunch.

Whether you eat yours hot with clotted cream, or cold as part of a Boxing Day platter, the pressure is always on to find the perfect gluten-free Christmas pudding.

Make the most amazing gluten-free-free Yorkshire puddingsGluten-free Yorkshire puddings recipe – 5 top tips for making the perfect addition to your Sunday roast

And with so many to choose from, it’s easy to find one that… Read the full story

We all love a knock-off, but Prongles have taken it a bit too far

(Picture: Instagram)

We all love a bargain knock-off.

Tesco’s Wild and Whippys taste just like Milky Way. Cheap, own brand cookies are just as good as Maryland and we can’t fault supermarkets’ on their multipack crisp selection, either, which taste much like Walkers’ own.

Following in Tesco’s footsteps is Cards Against Humanity (CAH), or at least so it seems.

Apparently, the hilarious card game-creators have stepped out of the games section to create some knock-off crisps: Prongles.

Prongles are basically a new version of Pringles. They look exactly the same and even come in similar tubes.

There’s a Drake-themed chicken wing bar opening in Scotland this month

Drake themed chicken wing bar opening in scotland
(Picture: Rex)

A Drake-themed popup bar is opening in Scotland this month, and it sounds like the perfect way to spend a night off.

A Wing and a Prayer is opening at The DockYard Social in Finnieston, Scotland, and it’s said to be a new ‘fun and fresh’ way to enjoy a night out.

The bar has been founded by entrepreneur Barrington Reeves, and will be an homage to the Fake Love singer, with dishes such as ‘Controlla’ – Caribbean chicken and Teriyaki wings – making an appearance on the menu.

There will also be vegan dishes and seitan options available to order.

The bar comes after… Read the full story

Parents, rejoice: Primark is now selling Harry Potter themed baby clothes

(Picture: Primark)

Parents, rejoice: You can now turn your baby into a real wizard as Primark has just released a range of Harry Potter themed baby clothes.

Primark debuted the new baby collection to Instagram two days ago, where they called for all ‘budding wizards and witches’ to magic themselves over to the store to take a look at the clothes, which cost €5 (£4.47) each.

The range consists of a grey babygrow which comes covered in the Hogwarts crest and a white babygrow with the words ‘Future Wizard’ sprawled across it in gold, alongside a pair of gold Harry Potter glasses.

Instagram Photo

There are… Read the full story

Grandmas who live 11,000 miles apart celebrate 70 years of being pen pals

grandmas celebrate 70 years being pen pals
(Picture: SWNS)

Elizabeth Martin and Barbara Finch have been friends for 70 years – despite living 11,000 miles apart.

New Zealander Elizabeth sent her first letter to Barbara Finch, who lives in the UK, back in November 1947, when both women were 14 years old.

The pair had been put in touch through an advert in Women’s Weekly magazine, and quickly bonded by writing each other letters about their favourite film stars.

While most of us lost touch with our pen pals out of laziness or lost addresses, Elizabeth and Barbara kept the relationship going.

They wrote each other letters throughout their teens, telling each other about everything… Read the full story

Try not to squirm while you watch a barber shaving the inside of people’s eyelids


I regret to inform you that reading this article may result in the following side-effects: squirming in your seat, inwardly cringing, flinching, and general despair.

If you’re not a fan of pimple popping videos or watching people pick out ingrown hairs, this is unlikely to be your new favourite thing.

Xiong Gaowu is a barber who works in Chengdu, China. As well as your standard haircuts and shaves, he offers a rather unusual treatment.

When I say ‘unusual’, I mean so terrifying that I wouldn’t even… Read the full story

The five most addictive substances in the world

Most addictive substances in the world
(Picture: Getty Images/malte mueller/metro.co.uk)

We’d never recommend anyone does drugs (especially the illegal ones).

But if you do have your heart set on mind-altering substances, it’s probably wise to avoid these five – as they’ve been found to be the most addictive substances in the world. Oh dear.

A group of addiction experts, chemists, forensic scientists, and pharmacologists, headed up by Professor David Nutt, analysed the addictive qualities of different drugs to have a go at ranking them in terms of how addictive they are.

The researchers averaged out three factors: pleasure given by use, psychological dependence, and physical dependence. They then gave each drug a ranking from… Read the full story

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