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People are stomping on Yeezy boots for the Instagram likes

(Picture: balenciagamens/Instagram)

Trainers are weird.

People get really obsessed with them and spunk obscene amounts of cash on ugly foot cushions.

Do they even play sport in them? No. They just wear them to be ~part of the tribe~.

Take the obnoxious Yeezy crew, for example.

They’re so smug with their bouncy, cool kicks that they don’t get why other sneakerheads just want to crush their Kanye creations.

Sling a pair on Instagram and you’re bound to be in for a good few likes.

Sling a photo of you flattening a pair of Yeezys, however, and you’re probably going to go viral.

Yeezy Boosts are getting a preeeetty rough ride

From Balenciaga Speed fans

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Someone discovered a handy hidden use for Fenty Beauty Match Stix

fenty beauty match stix
Picture: Fenty Beauty)

Fenty Beauty really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Not only is it the creation of Rihanna, which makes the brand automatically brilliant, not only does it deliver the diversity the beauty industry has been so desperately needing, and not only is it an invention of the year.

Nope, Fenty Beauty products are more than just makeup. It turns out certain products have secret second uses, too.

Take the invisimatte blotting papers, which people claim double as rolling papers. That’s handy.

Now, someone’s discovered that the magnetic Match Stix double up as… Read the full story

10 ways to spoil your dog this Christmas

A glamorous, well-groomed poodle in sunglasses strikes a pose
When your dog’s a queen and all you all know it (Picture: Getty)

They say there are two types of people: dog people or cat people.

15 Christmas gifts for the cat or dog in your life

If you’re ‘team cat’, then you’re definitely in the wrong place so click away now.

Those of us who are in the (clearly superior, let’s be honest) ‘team dog’ will know that we don’t tend to do things by half measures.

With Christmas day quickly approaching, spoiling our pooches is just as important as wrapping presents or attending… Read the full story

When does Elf on the Shelf start and where to buy it?

(Picture: getty)

You heard of Elf on the Shelf now get ready for…

The latest Christmas phenomeon to literally hit the shelves has been Santa’s Elf Scouts.

These are the top 100 baby names of 2017 in the UK

The Elf on the Shelf is the new Christmas decoration or game on the market as parents look for anything to keep the kids busy on the run-up to Christmas, because they are so close to bursting with excitement.

The idea is that each home has a little Elf doll who sits on the shelf and watches how the little children behave in the run-up… Read the full story

Brownie delivery claims to fix period pains

(Picture: mooncyclebakery/Instagram)

There’s nothing like a chunk of something chocolatey when you’re on your period.

Most of us, even if we don’t suffer from PMS, find ourselves craving sweet treats as our hormones sway and our body cries out for more serotonin (which we can release when we eat food associated with happiness).

But loading up on sugar can add to feeling a bit gross and grim.

Enter: Moon Cycle Bakery.

It’s a monthly delivery service which costs $15 (£11) for one treat, $20 (£14) for two and $30 (£22) for three – with free shipping (so no, not given away).

All cakes are free from refined sugar and contain nutrients scientifically proven to be beneficial for… Read the full story

Distraught greyhound stood by her owner’s body for a month after they died

distraught greyhound stood by her owner for a month after she died
(Picture: Harris County Animal Shelter Pets In Need)

When Dory’s owner died, the nine-year-old retired racing greyhound was distraught.

She refused to budge. She stood by her owner’s lifeless body in their home in Houston, Texas, for an entire month.

It wasn’t until weeks after her owner’s death that Dory was found, when people realised her owner had died. Dory was taken into the Harris County Animal Shelter to check she was okay after what she’d been through for the last month.

Thankfully she was in good shape – just stressed, upset, and a little slim.

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Sorry but dogs are actually smarter than cats

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Who’s smarter – dogs or cats?

It’s a debate as long as time itself.

But now, we FINALLY have an answer.

And for anyone who adores their dog, this won’t come as any surprise.

Sorry to break it to any cat lovers out there but dogs are *apparently* smarter.

That is, according to a new study which found that dogs have 530 million neurons in their brain while cats have about 250 million.

In comparison, humans have 16 billion.

So don’t expect to have a conversation with your favourite pooch about Marx anytime soon.

Neurons are the cells associated with thinking, planning and complex behaviour and are all considered hallmarks of intelligence.

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An alternative Christmas market that sells sex toys is coming

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We all love an alternative market.

From a Christmas market for dogs to a cheese village coming to London, we like things that defy our expectations.

After all, there’s only so much mulled wine and stalls selling the same crafts you can take before you can declare you’ve seen them all.

Luckily, Female Founders Present have come up with the goods, hosting an alternative Christmas market in London on 9 December and 10 December.

Describing itself as a one-stop Christmas shop, the Christmas market will showcase 50 independent female-founded small businesses including grandmother-granddaughter duo and mother and daughter pairs.

And the best bit?

The Christmas market will… Read the full story

McDonald’s Japan launches cheddar potato balls

(Picture: McDonald’s Japan)

There is nothing we love more than cheese.

From cheese tea to cheese festivals, there isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t appreciate the goodness that is fromage.

And now, McDonald’s has given us even more reason to rejoice, launching American Cheddar Potato Bites.

And what are they? Balls of cheesy goodness in bite-sized pieces of course.

They’re a combo of mashed potatoes and fried cheddar cheese in chicken nugget sized pieces.

They come as a side but we like to think if you have several, they could count as a main.

Instagram Photo

Before you go running to your nearest McDonald’s though,… Read the full story

You’ve probably been playing Monopoly wrong

(Picture: Hasbro; Getty)

Are you ready for the epic Monopoly battle on Christmas Day?

If you’ve sworn off the game after last year’s family feud (and who can blame you?), maybe this will change your mind.

We’ve just found out that we’ve been playing Monopoly wrong our ENTIRE LIVES.

Apparently, when someone lands on a property in Monopoly and they don’t buy it, it goes to auction for any player to buy.

Mind. Blown.

That means all that time fiddling with the dice in a failed attempt to get on Park Lane or Bow Street was essentially pointless.

We had to go and find the official bods at Monopoly to see if we HAD to stick… Read the full story

5 people share their worst first time sex with a new partner

couple in bed angry
First times are not always what it cracked up to be (Picture: Getty)

Oh the first encounter with a new sexual partner is just so magical, isn’t it.

A beautiful sensory voyage of discovery, both physically and emotionally.

metro illustrations6 people share the sex tips they learnt from their best shag

Will our bodies fit perfectly? Will we instinctively know what turns each other on? Will we intuitively agree on our first-born’s shoe size? Will we promise to never again mention the ‘throwing up on her chest as she came’ moment.

You heard. Oh grow up.

Sex for the first time with a new… Read the full story

Can you be a feminist and still watch porn?

metro illustrations
What are you thinking about? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I have a confession to make. 

When watching porn, feminism, women’s rights and equality of the sexes aren’t the usual thoughts that streams through my mind.

metro illustrationsWhat kind of porn turns her on? Four women open up about their porn habits

I don’t think you can really be a feminist and watch the one-sided, misogynistic stereotypes of porn that’s so readily available online. That, and I’m lazy about finding something that fits the feminist bill.

But maybe I should.

I mean, picture the typical storyline for a minute – it’s the lazy… Read the full story

Why we really need autism friendly Christmas grottos

All kids should be given the opportunity to experience the magic of Christmas, regardless of the challenges (Picture: Getty)

Most kids love Christmas – the build up, the lights, and especially that annual trip to Santa’s grotto in the local shopping centre.

But for some children, it’s not quite that simple.

Those on the autistic spectrum can be easily overwhelmed by the over-stimulation that often results from noisy crowds and queues – not to mention the basic weirdness of being asked to sit with a complete stranger and tell him their heart’s desires.

But why shouldn’t kids with autistic spectrum disorder enjoy the same things as everyone else during the festive season?

There are alternatives available.

Stockport-based… Read the full story

How to stop annoying all of your colleagues

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Ever get the sense that you’re really, really irritating your desk buddies at work?

Their grinding teeth and snappy responses to questions are pretty big hints.

But what are you doing that’s so infuriating?

Are you a constant chatter? Do you listen to music a touch too loudly? Do you eat cereal at your desk?

If you genuinely have no clue what makes you so maddening, this might help. A new survey from Olivet Nazarene University has collected the most common reasons people find their colleagues intensely annoying, so you can quickly avoid all these habits.

10 places in London to tuck into a cheese fondue this winter

Cheese fondue
Drool (Picture: Various)

With temperatures plummeting and whispers of snow in the air, now is the perfect time to tuck into some comfort food.

And the Swiss have got it so right – there’s nothing better than a hot cheese fondue in cold weather.

xx new London restaurants and pop ups to try this December picture: Supplied/Metro.co.uk10 new London restaurants and pop ups to try this December

Think gooey, oozy fromage with crusty bread and an assortment of vegetables to dip. And wine, of course.

But you don’t have to head for the Alps to get your fondue fix.

This winter, there… Read the full story

Girl has perfect response to random guy on Tinder asking for a ‘sex chat’

(Picture: @bridgetstfu/Twitter)

When Bridget received a message on Tinder from a total stranger asking her to talk dirty, she thought she’d have some fun.

Bridge had been asked by da.niel6460 to ‘sex chat’ after being called ‘hot as f***’. Obviously, this was very forward and let’s face it – not all that romantic – and so Bridge decided to give Daniel a taste of his own medicine.

While Bridge said yes to the ‘sex chat’, she said it could only happen on one condition – that the pair role play.

Daniel was up for this, and so Bridge started the conversation by virtually ‘leading’ him to his ‘room’.

Things went from zero to one… Read the full story

The vegan Christmas sandwich guide 2017

Behold, your vegan Christmas sandwiches for 2017
Behold, your vegan Christmas sandwiches for 2017 (Picture: Tesco. Boots, Eat/Metro.co.uk)

Some people would say that the best thing about Christmas is the lead-up to it all.

The parties, the advent calendars and the excuse to whop out your biggest, cuddliest (and ugliest) Christmas jumper.

Then there’s the influx of Christmas menus left, right and centre. This used to be an area that was dominated by omnivore offerings, but not anymore!

This year, there are even more vegan Christmas sandwich options than ever before from mainstream retailers.

And you know the best bit? Some of them have discovered vegan mayo.… Read the full story

18 perfect Christmas gifts to give your wonderful work wife

(Pictures: Zatchels/Etsy/Rise/Notonthehighstreet/Firebox/Made)

The working day is long and tedious.

You’ve got a tonne of work to get through but your progress is often hampered by the idiots who surround you.

But there is one person in your office who makes the hours slip by.

One oasis of calm amid your HR storm. One ray of light in an otherwise glum sky. One milk wielding, caffeine-offering glimmer of hope.

And that’s your work wife (WW).

What would the office be without her? A joyless hell of number crunching and misery, that’s what.

She’s funny, she’s generous, she’s always up for a bitch and moan, and she’s basically the only reason you don’t call in sick most days.

And… Read the full story

Vegan body building week 4: Overloading may cause pain but it’s absolutely wonderful

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

This week has been a painful one.

We were warned it was coming last week, after a two-week hiatus of gentle workouts and easily manageable calorie counting.

But nothing really prepared us for the onslaught of overloading.

I fondly remember the time when my body didn’t ache on a day-to-day basis. Not much of a gym pro prior to this vegan body building project, I’ve used muscles I barely knew existed, ached from head to toe – each day in a different place – and found myself continuously baffled by the sheer volume and variety of techniques the gym freaks at Salus London have… Read the full story

Is getting BDR, the ‘Benjamin Button Facial’, worth the faff?

(Picture: Ellen Scott/metro.co.uk)

One thing I’ve learned over months of doing Is It Worth the Faff is that there’s a lot of weird stuff you can do to your face.

Seriously – a facial isn’t just one thing. There are hundreds of different types using different fancy tools and promising different results.

And because I hate not knowing things, I’ll likely try them all just to figure out which ones are brilliant and which are bullsh*t. The good news is that if we go ahead and do them we can let you know which camp each treatment falls in to, so you won’t waste your time and money on a facial… Read the full story

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