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This Christmas tree has an actual slide inside

(Picture: Slideatron)

When you think of Crimbo trees, you probably think of classic fir or pine. Or ladder Christmas trees or Christmas pineapples if you’re the trendy type.

Upside down ones are apparently the thing to buy now and some even have popcorn on them.

But now, a 20-metre Christmas tree is giving visitors the chance to try out a 14-metre slide inside the tree.

Yes, you heard correctly.


Forget mulled wine or standing around at crappy Christmas markets, the Slideatron propels visitors down in 18 seconds.

If you’re looking for a fast thrill, this hits the spot.

Why do we have advent calendars?

Lightning the first candle of an Advent wreath (Picture: Getty Images)

I mean why would you even ask that? Are you an enemy of Christmas?

They are a wonderful addition in our otherwise dreary lives and should not be questioned.

Weed bath bombs picture: : miraiclinicalWeed packed bath bombs might be the ultimate in relaxation

But if you really want to know the answer, here goes.

Advent, comes from the Latin word for ‘coming toward’ and the period of Advent is coming toward Christmas.

The Advent tradition is closely related to the Christian religions as for Christian’s Christmas is one of the holiest events of the year… Read the full story

Where is the Coca-Cola truck 2017? Here are all the dates and locations

Make sure to catch the Coca-Cola truck this year (Picture: PA Wire)

Nothing quite beats the glorious sound of the Coca-Cola trucks advert before the Christmas holidays start.

It’s December, and that means holidays are coming, my friend.

IKEA xmas stockingsIkea inspired Christmas stockings are now a thing

In my secondary school days, I started a casual debate with my friends asking which Coca-Cola advert they preferred, the trucks or the polar bears?

Let’s just admit that Christmas sandwiches are rubbish

(Picture: getty/metro.co.uk)

I’m going to say this delicately.

I’m not here to enrage, or get thrown out of the country, or be declared a miserable Scrooge.

love Christmas. The second December hits, I believe you officially have permission to start stringing up fairy lights and covering things in tinsel. I love mulled wine, I love Christmas markets, I love wrapping presents.

But I think it’s time that we all admit something and stop fearing the backlash.

And yes, there will be backlash, because I understand that what we’re about to discuss is widely considered an essential part of British culture.

I’m talking about Christmas sandwiches, and the fact that they… Read the full story

What Meghan Markle wore for her Nottingham visit

(Picture: Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Meghan Markle may be the new queen of coats – as well as being seriously excellent at hair, makeup, and all other fashion-related decisions.

After the white coat Meghan wore to announce her engagement sold out online, Meghan showed up to her first official royal appearance with Prince Harry, to Nottingham, wearing another truly great outerwear option.

This time around, Meghan’s gone for a maxi-length navy, double-breasted coat rather than pristine white.

Yet again it’s from a Canadian brand – Mackage. The coat Meghan wore is the Elodie Navy Wool Coat from Mackage,… Read the full story

How to survive the party season if you’re not drinking

(Picture: Dave Anderson)

I recently made the decision to give up alcohol for a while.

As much as my love for a glass of red runs deep, alcohol had started to make my anxiety symptoms worse.

Santa fetishWhat you need to know about having a Santa fetish

I started noticing a pattern: after an evening of drinking, be it one glass or two bottles, I’d wake up the next day in the grip of a horrendous panic attack.

I suffer from borderline personality disorder and anxiety and depression come as a fun part of the bundle with this mental health issue.

I was also… Read the full story

Christmas recipe: How to make easy mince pies

easy mince pies recipe
(Picture: Mandy Mazliah)

Mince pies have always been one of my favourite things about Christmas. When I think back to the Christmas of my childhood, my mum’s homemade mince pies feature strongly. From the sticky glaze and her crumbly pastry to the incredible aroma that filled the kitchen while they were baking it simply wouldn’t have been Christmas without a mince pie. Or twenty.

Brie, walnut and cranberry filo parcel

I’ve never found a shop bought mince pie to match those homemade ones. They might not have looked perfect but the taste was divine. However fancy a shop-bought mince… Read the full story

10 Natural hair ideas for the festive season

Don’t worry, there are plenty of cool options for your hair this party season (Picture: Getty)

Christmas is almost here and so are all the parties.

Let's just admit that Christmas sandwiches are rubbish

You’ve got your LBD, killer heels and make-up sorted, but no outfit is complete unless your crowing glory is also on point.

For all the curl queens out there looking to up their style game, we’ve got you covered.

Courtesy of the ‘gram, here are some gorgeous hairstyles ideas for those textured tresses.

From twist-outs to buns, braids to up-dos, you’re sure to find a style to rock this festive season.

1. Fulani style

We love… Read the full story

McDonald’s has run out of bacon and people are losing it

McDonald's ran out of bacon
(Picture: McDonald’s/Metro.co.uk)

Tragedy befell hungry people across the UK today, as they nipped into their nearest McDonald’s for a McMuffin only to be greeted with terrible news: No bacon was available.

We know. It’s awful. People had to make do with egg and cheese McMuffin, longing for the joy of bacon for the rest of the day.

McDonald’s branches in Devon, Essex, West Sussex, and Greater Manchester were hit with the bacon shortage, and according to Twitter, the McDonald’s in Leicester Square has been affected too.

As a result of the missing pork, customers have been unable to purchase bacon rolls, bacon and egg McMuffins, and bacon and egg bagels.

Read the full story

Pretty Little Thing accused of promoting eating disorders with ‘Am I Skinny Yet?’ vest

(Picture: Pretty Little Thing, Mercury Press)

Online clothing store Pretty Little Thing has withdrawn a vest after facing backlash for its insensitive slogan: ‘Am I Skinny Yet?’

After being spotted online, the vest was slammed for promoting eating disorders – not only for the slogan but also because of its sizing, due to the sports vest having only been stocked in an extra small size on the website.

The vest first sparked outrage with customers back in January, when writer Emily Rose Grieve wrote an open letter to the brand telling them that ‘fitness is not just about being skinny’.

Unfortunately, the vest was only removed from PLT’s website… Read the full story

The arm vagina is the next hot body part to feel insecure about

armpit vagina body insecurity
Do you have an armpit vagina? Probably, yes. (Picture: metro.co.uk)

Oh, what fun it is to have a human body in the modern world.

All of your entirely natural features are hideous and wrong and must be corrected through pricey products or painful treatments. Your cellulite, despite 90% of women having it, is bad. As are your stretch marks, and thighs that touch, and a stomach that isn’t flat after eating a large meal.

It’s exhausting just keeping up with which body part we’re supposed to be stressed out over next, let alone dealing with the emotional wreckage caused by hating parts of ourselves which are entirely normal and healthy.

This… Read the full story

10 festive afternoon teas in London that will get you into the Christmas spirit

Festive afternoon teas
It’s almost Christmas! (Picture: Various/Metro.co.uk)

I love afternoon teas – they are the perfect excuse for hours of gossip and sweet tooth indulgence.

But just before Christmas, the experience is a special kind of wonderful (hint, I quite like the festive season).

xx new London restaurants and pop ups to try this December picture: Supplied/Metro.co.uk10 new London restaurants and pop ups to try this December

It’s the time of the year when hotels and restaurants pull out all the stops to incorporate a taste of Christmas into their menus.

And it’s definitely not just about the fancy turkey sandwiches and… Read the full story

Primark has opened a customisation station so you can design your own t-shirts

Primark customisation station
(Picture: Primark/metro.co.uk)

Primark has launched its own customisation station so that shoppers can add a personal touch to what they wear.

Last week, the fashion outlet launched its first customisation station in its Oxford Street East store.

Primark-fanatics will be able to create their own t-shirts, choosing out of two designs – so if you’re a Disney or a Star Wars fan, you’re in for a treat.

There will be several characters, slogans and patterns to choose from to customise your own shirt – designs include Aristocats’ Marie sat in a ring of flowers, and a very grumpy-looking Donald Duck.

How about looking like a demonic elf on the shelf for Christmas?

Elf on the shelf make up picture: zoe_artistsharvest • https://www.instagram.com/p/BcHhFgDFUV6/?taken-by=zoe_artistsharvest
(Picture: zoe_artistsharvest / Instagram)

There are all sorts of festive ways to do your make up this season.

From Christmas tree eye make-up to festive nail designs, you could look different every day for the rest of the month.

But if you’re bored of candy cane eyes (although we’re not sure how you could be), why not look like an Elf On The Shelf the next time you go out?

UK make-up artist Zoe-artistsharvest’s recently posted her SFX Elf on the Shelf look, captioning it: ‘It’s that time of year again, time to literally keep your eyes peeled for those naughty little… Read the full story

You led me to my darkest place: An open letter to my mental illness


We first met seven years ago. I was still in school and I didn’t realise what you were. I was trying to live a normal, happy life, but it was hard when I felt you were always on my shoulder.

At the time, you were something I had but I didn’t understand. You were something lots of people had, and in turn they didn’t understand either.

You made me feel lost, alone, angry. Angry at myself for not feeling better. Furious with you that you wouldn’t leave me alone.

I saw my doctor but I was too young for them to do anything about you. Hormones were blamed, my mental health disregarded. And so I was stuck with you. But I didn’t know how long I’d be stuck with you for.

When I was 18, our relationship grew more intense. You started coming with me wherever I went. At times you consumed me. I felt as though I couldn’t breathe, a darkness lingering over… Read the full story

Hilarious Amazon fail proves you should always read the product description

(Picture: Amazon)

It can be a risk buying something online, as you never quite know what’s going to arrive at your door.

Whether it’s a pair of trousers that are way longer than they looked on the original product photo, or something different entirely, it’s incredibly annoying – especially having to take time out of your day to return and wait for a refund.

One parent, who purchased a dinosaur-themed pillow for their child, has been faced with the latter.

10 gluten-free festive desserts you need this Christmas

Christmas Deserts (Picture: Getty)
There’s no need to feel left out if you’re gluten-free this Christmas (Picture: Getty)

Often, we focus so much on making Christmas dinner gluten-free, that we neglect to plan for dessert too.

It’s not until everyone else is half-way through their desserts that you realise you’ve made a terrible mistake.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

That’s why I’ve made a round-up of the 10 best gluten-free desserts available in supermarkets this Christmas.

There’s everything from gateau to trifle, Christmas puddings, profiteroles and more.

1. Asda Free From Chocolate and Salted Caramel Naked Layered Gateau

9 reasons you should move to Totnes, Devon immediately

Why would you want to live anywhere else? (Picture: Getty)

When locals tell you Totnes is twinned with Narnia, they’re only half joking.

There really is something a tiny bit magical about the place.

9 reasons you should move to Brighton immediately

Even if you don’t much go in for the new age claptrap and crystal shops, Totnes’s artsy vibe and fiercely independent spirit make it a unique, and globally renowned, hub for alternative lifestyles.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider going west.

1. The hippies

8 ways to get out of a terrible Tinder date fast

bye tinder
Bye… whatever your name is (Picture: Getty; Shutterstock; Metro.co.uk)

We’ve all been there. You match with some cute guy or girl on Tinder or eHarmony, message each other for a while, and everything seems to be going well.

You then tentatively set up a first date, and arrive for the big night only to find that: you actually have nothing to talk about/they look about as much like their photo as the Queen looks like the banknote portrait/you really don’t get on/they’re a bit creepy (delete as applicable).

7 cheap London restaurants to try on a first date

Obviously, unless they’re a… Read the full story

Why it took me 12 years to be diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease

No matter how much I was suffering, doctors kept fobbing me off (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

It’s Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week and I thought it was only right to share my personal journey with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Self-Care Week: Why it’s so important for people living with IBD

One of the thing that frustrates many us with IBD is the many years of struggling it takes us to reach a diagnosis.

Every 30 minutes somebody is diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis – and for many of those people, they will have been fobbed off with ‘IBS’ or… Read the full story

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