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10 things you only know if you’ve had an affair

On the plus side, you’ll build up your points on Trip Advisor (Picture: Getty)

Having an affair with someone you shouldn’t is still a fairly taboo subject.

Despite not being something a person usually sets out to end up in, having an affair is surprisingly more common than you’d think, with, according to a YouGov poll, an estimated one in five people admitting to an affair.

11 reasons sex is better in the morning

Whether it’s a bit of hanky panky in your lunch hour or a full-blown double life, it looks like we’re all struggling to keep our pants on and, regardless of your… Read the full story

Can we please stop telling people they’re hypochondriacs?

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

While we’re becoming vastly more aware of mental illness, focusing on the likes of depression, anxiety and mood disorders in particular, there are still a few disorders that seem to get overlooked.

Health anxiety being one of them.

The traditional term for health anxiety is Hypochondriasis.

While some may believe health anxiety is simply worrying about being sick, there’s so much more to it than this. It can be debilitating, life-consuming and can stop a person from living their life to the fullest.

Health anxiety is an anxiety condition that according to Anxiety UK actually falls within the OCD spectrum of disorders.

Those affected by health anxiety have an… Read the full story

River Island’s new RI Dog collection will make you squee

(Picture: River Island)
(Picture: River Island)

Christmas jumpers are now part of the fabric of the festive season – so much so that now our pets are involved too.

And, thanks to River Island, you can pick up your dog’s Christmas jumper at the same time as your own as the store has launched a line of dog clothing.

As well as Christmas knits, the cute line RI Dog’s clothing includes biker jackets, metallic parkas, cosy knitwear and glittery harnesses, so there’s something for every dog’s tastes.

The range is filled with over 15 pieces, a mixture of practical and frivolous so when you’re next refreshing your own winter wardrobe, you can pick… Read the full story

Best winter coats 2017: 10 of the dreamiest winter coats to invest in this season

Burberry wool trench with fox fur collar
Burberry wool trench with fur collar

1 Black wool trench, £1,495, Burberry.com 

The absolute godmother of all winter coats this season – for style, wearability, longevity, and investment into fashion history – is Burberry’s wool trench (pictured above).

Beautifully sculpted to fit the figure, you cannot get a more flattering winter coat than this one and the classic style will remain wearable season after season. Plus it’s the last winter season with the legend that is Christopher Bailey at the helm (he steps down in March 2018, though he will be ‘providing support’ until the end of the year), so this could be the last… Read the full story

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about micro penises

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co,uk)

Micro penises are, very often, a punchline. 

The fact that we use men’s penises as jokes is a long and complicated article for another day where we question why the apparent most important thing that we base a man’s abilities on is in his pants.

But, because of the importance that society places on penises and more specifically the size of penises, the micro penis has long been mocked, regarded as an amusement rather than a medical condition that can cause the owner notable emotional difficulties.

Micro penises are rare – they occur in just 0.6% of men worldwide. But, when you take in to account how… Read the full story

The UK’s first ever Muslim pantomime is coming this December

(Picture: Penny Appeal)

Forget the likes of Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, and Aladdin because a Muslim panto is coming to London this December.

The charity Penny Appeal is presenting a world first – a pantomime by Muslims, for Muslims.

What is a Muslim panto you ask?

Crazy costumes? Check. Silly songs? Check. Slapstick comedy? Check.

The Great Muslim Panto isn’t too different from your average panto then.

A panto within a panto, If The Shoe Fits is a lighthearted story of one family’s search for a ‘halal’ panto that isn’t too rude and enjoyed by all the family.

It’s the creation of the Kissoon family who created their own theater company, Once Upon A… Read the full story

Candy cane dildos are a thing, so it’s going to be one hell of a merry Christmas

(Picture: DearLady, Getty)

Candy cane dildos are a thing, and it’s going to be one hell of a merry Christmas.

While most people will be using candy canes to decorate their trees, others will be using them to get off – now that sex toy retailer DearLady has started selling glass sex toys which come in the form of the stripy, festive sweet.

The glass toy, of which has been named the ‘Candy Cane Glass Dong’ (because apparently they couldn’t think of anything sexier), has been described as an ‘elegant’ and ‘luxurious’ massager that will leave you ‘breathless’. Aka, you should probably get all of your Christmas carolling out of the way… Read the full story

Mum creates toilet-themed advent calendar to prove we need better disabled toilets

(Picture: Sarah Brisdion)

One mum is creating an advent calendar with a difference this December to tackle the stigma around all things toilet-related, in hopes of raising awareness of the lack of toilet and changing facilities offered to disabled people.

Sarah Brisdion, is a mum to seven-year-old twins, Hadley – who has cerebral palsy and is also a wheelchair user – and Erica. She just started the ‘toilet advent calendar’, a calendar that will run all throughout December, and will see her taking a selfie on the loo every day up until Christmas Eve.

Sarah believes toilet stigma contributes hugely to the lack of awareness around the struggles disabled people face every… Read the full story

Study aims to uncover why twins have different sexual orientations

(Picture: Facebook)

Twins are fascinating.

Everyone assumes twins are *exactly* the same but what happens when twins have different sexual identities?

29-year-old Sarah Nunn and Rosie Ablewhite are identical twins from Essex.

One identifies as heterosexual, the other as homosexual.

And now, researchers are keen to find out why this is despite the twins having the same upbringing and the same genes.

The 29-year-old pair are part of 56 pairs of twins with varying sexual orientations that are part of a study at University of Essex.

Rosie told Metro.co.uk that she found it very ‘odd’ her twin was straight after realising she wasn’t attracted to boys.

‘It made me question myself for so long as I’d only ever heard of… Read the full story

10 reasons I dread Christmas – from the cost to the family feuds

10 reasons I dread Xmas
It’s just terrible, okay? (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

At the risk of sounding like Scrooge, or Oliver Cromwell (he actually banned some Christmas activities while he was in power) I’m going to put something out there:

I hate Christmas.

Loathe it. All of it. It’s something I dread.


Family donating gifts and toys to charity for Christmas holiday (Picture: Getty)Nine kind things you can easily do this Christmas to help others

Because it’s a time where the world takes stock to celebrate their families, friends and (allegedly) the birth of Jesus Christ, in the most lurid of… Read the full story

Aldi is selling a salted caramel flavoured gammon with caramel sauce

Aldi Has Brought Out A Salted Caramel Gammon Joint, No Seriously
(Picture: Getty/ Aldi)

Supermarkets are battling it out to see who can come up with the most bizarre Christmas food this December – or so it seems.

Just recently, we wrote about Asda’s new chocolate orange cheese – a large wedge of Wensleydale filled with chocolate chunks and candied orange peel. We weren’t sure about it, either.

And now, following in Asda’s ‘what savoury dish can we make sweet?’ footsteps, Aldi has just started selling salted caramel-flavoured gammon.

Aldi launched the sweet-but-salty gammon joint in stores three days ago, and it even comes with its own special side – a silky smooth… Read the full story

You can enjoy an afternoon tea with candy floss Prosecco this December

(Picture: Smoke Yard)

If you haven’t sorted your pre-Christmas dinner plans yet – AKA the miniature Christmas meal that’s an excuse for you and your friends to get merry before the magical day – then get your diaries out and start planning, because we’ve found the ultimate foodie experience.

Barbecue and burger restaurant Smoke Yard, which is located in Oldham, Manchester, has just started offering a super sweet afternoon tea, and it’s all very pink and incredibly cheesy.

Smoke Yard recently took to its Instagram account to announce that they would be serving their afternoon tea as of tomorrow, 5 December.

It features halloumi fries and tomato dip, avocado, radish and tomato bruschetta,… Read the full story

Everyone’s going mad for this giant ‘co-sleeping’ bed that can fit an entire family

(Picture: The Ace Collection/Facebook)

Sleeping next to someone who lays out like a starfish in their sleep isn’t pleasant.

They’re always grabbing the duvet and inevitably, you wake up with a foot or fist in your face.

You never sleep properly.

Which is why you probably need a SUPER mattress, like this one from The Ace Collection.

Ace Mattresses have just brought out a 12-foot-wide ‘co-sleeping bed’ which is designed for an entire family to sleep in.

But you know, it could also be perfect for making your housemates all sleep together to save on heating and room (granted, might lead down a rather weird path).

Or as space largely for your many pets to hunker down… Read the full story

If you’re struggling to sleep, have sex before bed

Metro Illustrations
(Picture : Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If you’ve been tossing and turning for the last few nights, it might be worth, um, tossing and turning in a different way.

Having sex before bed can help you drift off into sleep – and improve the quality of your sleep once your head hits the pillow.

That’s if you manage to have an orgasm, anyway.

New research from CQUniversity Adelaide has found that people sleep better when they had sex that resulted in an orgasm before bed.

Sleep research Dr Michele Lastella surveyed 460 adults between the ages of 18 and 70 to look at how sex can affect sleep, and found that 64% of respondents reported… Read the full story

The best gin distillery tours in the UK – the perfect Christmas present for the gin hound in your life

Picture of glasses of gin and tonic, with lime slices and juniper berries
Drink gin directly from the source on these tours (Picture: Getty)

Gin has had a makeover.

Gin cheers (Picture: Getty)The 31 best gins to try this Christmas

Once primarily the domain of ye olde ‘crying woman at the party’, in the past few years this botanical spirit has become distinctly more trendy.

Do we still cry at parties when we drink it? Sure – but then what more effective way to get bundled into a taxi home for cheesy chips, duvet and a DVD? All part of the plan my… Read the full story

People are in love with this man who put a load of effort into buying nail polish

man picking out nail polish for his wife goes viral
(Picture: Brittney Johnson/Facebook)

It’s the little things that matter.

Those tiny gestures of love. The little acts that show you care, that you’re thinking of someone. It’s not about spending loads of cash or planning something extravagant – I’d be much more touched by a partner making me a cup of tea without me asking than a bunch of jewellery on my birthday.

Take note from this man, whose currently getting love all over the internet for one simple gesture: Buying his wife some nail polish.

Brittney Johnson shared a photo of a man – whose name, sadly, we do not know – in… Read the full story

People keep falling on their bottoms trying to do the Invisible Box Challenge


The Invisible Box Challenge is simple.

All you’ve got to do is pretend to step on a box.

But do you know impossible it is to step on air? It is ridiculous.

And yet it’s possible – just look at high school cheerleader Ariel Oliver from Manvel High School in Texas.

She uploaded a video to Twitter of her touching an invisible box before stepping on and off it. Ahh, she makes it look so easy.

‘The video was my third time… Read the full story

Thighlighting is the next big plastic surgery trend

metro illustration
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Obsessively worrying about your arm vagina yet?

Don’t panic – if that hot new body issue hasn’t succeeded in giving you a complex, there’s still time to worry about another body part just before the New Year hits.

Just as we thought were finally moving away from praising the thigh gap (thanks for that, mermaid thighs), we’ve gone back to hating on our legs.

That’s judging from the next big plastic surgery trend, anyway: Thighlighting.

Thighlighting describes a range of plastic surgery procedures designed to give someone’s legs a full-on makeover.

Think thigh lifts, liposuction, trimming down the inner thighs, and even calf… Read the full story

Beyoncé has a doppelganger proving that she’s not that Irreplaceable after all

Glamorous Beyoncé lookalike gets CHASED down the street by fans desperate to snap a selfie with the pop superstar
(Picture: Brittany Williams / mediadrumworld.com)

This is not Beyoncé.

No, it’s production planner Brittany Williams who just happens to be a carbon copy of the singer.

She looks so similar in fact, that fans keep chasing her when she’s going about her business.

”I get approached all the time; whether it be on planes, at the airport or while attending events. I’ve also been chased, had pictures taken of me without my consent and pranks done without me knowing,’ she says.

A group of women once chased me and my friend to our car and… Read the full story

Neutrogena launches a dress that changes colour when you’re getting sun burnt

Dress changes colour when you're getting burnt
(Picture: Neutrogena)

Summer might seem far away but if you’re planning on escaping this dire weather at some point then listen up.

You’ve probably been sunburned a bunch of times. You probably didn’t even notice it happening.

But next time you head into the sun, you might have a better chance of staving off lobster skin.

Because Neutrogena has launched a UV-activated clothing prototype which changes colour to tell you when you’re getting burnt.

The white dress changes colour when exposed to UV rays and aims to show people that they can be exposed to UV rays even when the sun isn’t out.

‘People often think… Read the full story

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