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Hamburg has been voted the ‘Best In The World’ for a wild night out

(Picture: global_underground/Instagram)

Everyone thinks Berlin is the epicentre of clubbing cool.

Sure, they’ve got a load of underground bars, hip DJs and, *shudder*, Berghain.

But turns out Germany’s got an even better night out to offer.

In Hamburg.

Germany’s second-largest city is now officially the world’s best city for a night out.

A new study lead by HostelWorld has ranked the most banging cities around the globe, based on feedback from over 4,000 people across 40 cities and 27 countries.

They were asked to rank cities using five categories: cost, how easy it is to get around, how safe people feel, friendliness of the locals and the quality of the nightlife.

And Hamburg came… Read the full story

9 mistakes people make when booking a sex worker

Mistakes people make when booking a sex-worker (Miranda Kane)
The nerve of some people… (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

Now, one might accuse me of being slightly biased and encouraging the lost and lonely among you to try hiring a sex worker.

Well, you’d be right.

A day in the life of a sex worker: Here’s what we really get up to

However, this is for many reasons; I want you to try new things in a safe, sane and consensual manner with a professional. I want to de-stigmatise sex-work and get people to see it’s a job like anything else.

But mainly, I’d love to… Read the full story

What the Queen eats and does on Christmas Day

(Picture: YUI MOK/AFP/Getty Images)

Christmas being a time of excess and mass expenditure, you’d think that our Royals would really push the boat out.

Perhaps a whole roasted hog. Turtle soup. Actual gold cake.

But no.

The royal family, it turns out, is pretty modest in their festive celebrations.

They celebrate Christmas over two days at Sandringham House, their private residence in Norfolk.

And according to former royal chef, Darren McGrady, it’s a pretty austere affair.

‘The Queen is not lavish, so the décor is minimal. The Royal Family has a large Christmas tree and a large silver artificial tree in the dining room, which is about 30 years old,’ he tells Good Housekeeping.

Coming from German… Read the full story

Sidebarring is the super rude trend you’re probably guilty of

Sidebarring is a dick move
(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

You’re at some sort of social gathering when you realise you are very bored. Or angry. Or irritated.

You can’t express these emotions, and the only person who would understand how you’re feeling is your best mate, who’s sitting at that social gathering with you.

So, you send them a message bitching about the other people in the room, or the situation, or the food. They reply. You message back. You’re now casually slamming people while you’re sitting in the same room as them, able to get away with being a little snake because it’s all done silently, over text.

If you’ve ever done this, you are… Read the full story

Here’s how different female fitness looks around the world

(Picture: Fit Rated)

We’ve never been so obsessed with fitness.

Women, in particular, are always being forced to adhere to tight beauty standards and these days, those seem to revolve around how fit, firm and toned we are.

But how people look at female fitness actually differs massively, depending on where you are in the world.

Over here, we might look at all these Instagrammers with massive glutes (read: bums) and tiny wastes and think that that’s the ideal but it isn’t the case elsewhere.

In the UK, strong is the new skinny. Gym and macros have replaced fat diets and fitspo is the new thinspo.

But what does ‘fit’ look like elsewhere?

Fitrated asked… Read the full story

These are the most popular festive baby names

A note: Do not wrap your baby in Christmas lights. (Picture: Getty)

So you’re pregnant at Christmas time and want to give your kiddo a festive name.

Who cares how often they’ll get pointed at during Christmas carols or how many inappropriate Christmas jokes they’ll hear? Christmas is magical and you wish to honour it with your child. That’s fair enough.

But which festive name shall you choose? Rudolph? Mince pie? Fir?

If you need some inspiration, never fear – parenting support website Emma’s Diary has rounded up the most popular baby names for the festive season, so you can easily pluck a catchy name from the list.

For baby girls,… Read the full story

Check out this collection of ‘power princess shoes’ inspired by Snow White

These Disney-Princess Inspired Shoes Are Amazingly Chic
(Picture: Ruthie Davis/ Disney)

Ruthie Davis has been designing shoes for celebs for ages.

She’s kitted out the most famous feet, from Beyoncé to Lady Gaga.

But recently, she’s swapped the red carpet for the hallowed halls of Disney to create a collection of ‘princess power shoe’s inspired by the 11 princesses.

And she’s kicking off with Snow White – just in time with the film’s 80th anniversary this year.

‘The Disney people saw my designs and asked if they could work with me directly, and the rest is history,’ Ruthie tells The Hollywood Reporter.

‘I will cycle through the 11 Disney princesses as important… Read the full story

Why is it so much easier to talk about mental health online than in real life?

An illustration of a woman on sofa typing on her laptop
Why is it easier to open up online? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I love a good selfie.

You just need to take a look at my Instagram profile to see that I’ve mastered the art, found my favourite filter and figured out what app is best for discretely blurring out that annoying spot on my chin.

metro illustrationsAm I sharing too much about my mental health online and does my honesty put off prospective employers?

I post the odd barefaced selfie if I’ve recently used a face mask, but mostly I… Read the full story

Ferrero Rocher are now the UK’s favourite festive sweets

The Malteasers in a Celebrations box will be so sad. (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

If you’re already planning your strategic snatching of all the best chocolates from the tins of Quality Street and Celebrations, you may need to change your game plan – it turns out the Ferrero Rocher will go the quickest.

A new survey of 1,000 Baxendale, as well as an analysis of annual sales and food manufacturers’ research on products, has found that the most popular festive sweet in the UK is the Ferrero Rocher, which beat out After Eights and Quality Street for the honour.

The survey was carried out by Andy Baxendale, an advanced food manufacture scientist known as… Read the full story

Moving in with your partner can actually be pretty lonely

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Relationships can be pretty demanding.

You’ve got to carve out a couple of times a week for your beau and find time for mates, working out, and general life admin. Oh, and you still have to go to work.

Every moment of your social life is accounted for.

And because of that, those nights when you see your partner are pretty all-consuming. You stay around theirs or vice versa and that time is yours. No distractions.

You bone. You watch TV. You go out to eat. You’re all over each other.

And then you decide to move in with each other.

‘It’ll be exactly the same only BETTER!’ you squeal… Read the full story

19 genuinely funny alternative Christmas cracker jokes

19 genuinely funny alternative Christmas cracker jokes
What Mr Claus said (Picture: Getty – Metro.co.uk)

‘Tis the season to cringe hard at the dinner table

Like it or not, cracker jokes are a sacred Christmas tradition in the UK.

Gin cheers (Picture: Getty)The 31 best gins to try this Christmas

Just like necking Chardonnay with breakfast, or falling asleep during the Doctor Who special, the day just wouldn’t feel right without them.

So there must be at least some good cracker gags out there, right?

Here are a few funny, topical, faintly NSFW rib-ticklers, from my Christmas dinner table to yours.

Quick! Before gran remembers… Read the full story

Feel the force with your own set of Star Wars themed sex toys

Star wars sex toys
(Picture: Geeky Sex Toys/Cover Images)

What are novelty sex toys for, if not to ruin the innocent childhood joys you hold dear?

If the Pokemon sex toys didn’t do the trick, never fear – for Star Wars sex toys are here.

Geeky Sex Toys, the same brand behind the aforementioned Pokemoan range and unicorn horn dildos, has just brought out an eleven-toy range in honour of the upcoming Star Wars film, called Star Toys.

There’s all kinds of exciting stuff on offer, all designed with Star Wars references in mind.

Think a lightsaber style masturbation sleeve, a ‘dildoda’ (Yoda dildo, obviously),… Read the full story

This guy reads bad TripAdvisor reviews to restaurant owners


If you’ve ever had a terrible meal, chances are you’ve probably considering leaving a review.

And you probably hope you’ll never bump into the chef again.

But Matt White has a different approach: reading bad TripAdvisor reviews to restaurant owners.

Considering that being confronted by a screaming chef isn’t on our bucket list, what got the food and drink broadcaster from Manchester into it?

After being inspired by the Jimmy Kimmel Show where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, he said it… Read the full story

You can now get mistletoe deodorant in case you’d like a smooch on your pits

Lovely. (Picture: Native Deodorants)

Mistletoe is a super fun Christmas tradition, right?

Creepy bosses hang it over your head at Christmas parties, dates ‘jokingly’ pin it to their pants, and, on a very rare occasion, actual couples who like each other use it to have a surreptitious smooch at a festive event.

Once you’ve exhausted all the jokes for which you can use mistletoe, though, you might be at a bit of a loss. What are you supposed to do with the stuff? How can you convey your love for all things Christmas once you’ve pinned mistletoe to every doorway?

Well, you rub the stuff in your armpits, obviously.

Non-toxic deodorant makers Native Deodorant… Read the full story

Pringle and Charlie the penguins visit a care home to cuddle elderly residents

(Picture: SWNS)

Elderly people living in a care home had the chance to cuddle penguins during an unusual afternoon of animal therapy.

Father-and-son penguins, 5-year-old Pringle and 20-year-old Charlie, were given a warm welcome when they visited Madley Park House care home in Witney, Oxon, from a private zoo.

Residents at the care home regularly enjoy visits from animals, including ‘pat dogs’ – but were over the moon to find they’d be spending some much-needed TLC with the two penguins.

These cockapoos re-enact festive scenarios for sisters’ Christmas cards

(Picture: SWNS)

Given half an excuse, we love to dress up our dogs.

And these sisters are no different.

It’s an annual tradition for Becky and younger sister, Hannah, 24, who get their dogs to re-enact festive scenarios for their Christmas cards.

Cockapoos Fudge, six, and Poppy, eight (who are also sisters) have posed as Mary and Joseph, two of the three kings, and Santa and his reindeer.

Becky first came up with the idea four years ago when she was suffering with Lyme disease, which she’s had to deal with for twelve years.

The best words of wisdom from grandmas and granddads

They’re full of advice (Picture: Charly Clements for Metro.co.uk)

I was told by my granny that carrots would help me see in the dark.

My granddad said that eating the crusts on bread would make my hair go curly.

11 things you’ll only know if you’ve lost all your grandparents

Grandparents love to spoil their grandchildren, they arrive to stay, laden with sugary treats and loud toys.

They have fun and leave us parents to do the hard graft. Although they can be strict, when required.

From their years of being on planet earth, grandparents can offer words of wisdom – even though, when we… Read the full story

The Curl Talk Project is here to get us discussing all things curls, race and femininity

(Picture: The Curl Talk Project)

Having curly hair is both a curse and a blessing.

Curls are beautiful, bouncy, glorious if cared for properly. They can also make you vulnerable; for many of us, they’re signifiers of our racial identities.

Curl anxiety is also a thing. I’ve struggled to accept my natural hair for years because not all of it is in perfect ringlets – some are flatter than others, some sections of hair are more like wire.

And that’s exactly why Johanna Yaovi has set up The Curl Talk Project.

She’s been going around talking to 100 curly haired women about their relationship with their hair to gather together a ‘portfolio… Read the full story

Photo series captures just how engrossed Londoners are in their phones


We know by now that we’ve become worryingly dependent on our phones.

We sleep with them by our beds. We use them for everything from navigation systems to a way to stay in touch with our grandmas. We find ourselves feeling lost without them, our hands fidgeting, looking for something to grasp to connect us to the rest of the world.

We know this. We don’t like it. We know it’s a concern.

And yet we just can’t stop staring at those little screens.

That’s why it’s handy to have a little reminder – a jolt out of our smartphone bubble to tell us that there are things that exist offline, out in the world.

Take photographer Ritzo ten Cate‘s project, Caught In The App.

Caught In The App is a photo series that started back in 2016 and has captured hundreds of faces since.

If we want to truly embrace the festive spirit, we must bring back public transport on Christmas Day

Good luck getting public transport on Christmas Day (Picture: Matt Lloyd/Bloomberg via Getty)

Anyone who’s found themselves walking around London on Christmas Day will know how bizarre and eerie it feels.

It’s partly the weird anti-climax of the day – for more than a month you can barely turn around for Christmas music, decorations, chestnut stalls, shops blaring fluorescent holiday signs and forced cheer everywhere you look.

Picture of shoppers at the Boxing Day salesShops SHOULD stay open on Boxing Day – and this is why

Yet on the day itself, Christmas suddenly feels like an inward-looking affair.

Those still in… Read the full story

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