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If you don’t like Botox then don’t have it – but don’t judge people who do

A doll is injected with Botox
Would you do it? (Picture: Getty)

Your mate’s dad has had it, your colleague’s best friend has had it – seems like everyone but next door’s cat has had it (and even she’s feeling the pressure).

When injecting your face with a toxin has become as common as buying a new lipstick, it poses the question: have we all gone too far in the pursuit of eternal youth?

Pain, embarrassment and sloppy kisses – the dark side of adult braces

Or is this just the new norm that we should accept?

As a non-user myself (I prefer my toxins in… Read the full story

Prosecco is awful – so why is the nation obsessed with it?

Glasses of prosecco in front of fairylights
You can’t get away from the stuff at Christmas (Picture: Getty)

As shoppers prepare for Christmas and New Year, thousands of fizz fans across the country will cram their trolleys with enough Prosecco to fill an Olympic-sized pool.

People even queued from 7am back in the summer when discount supermarket Lidl offered six bottles for £20.

Mulled wine with oranges and spicesHate to break this to you, but mulled wine is terrible

The nation is well and truly gripped with Prosecco mania, but I can’t be the only one that thinks it is ridiculously overrated… Read the full story

Demanding that galleries get rid of ‘offensive’ works is censorship of the worst kind

(Picture: Thomas Urbain/AFP/Getty Images)

Maybe it was only a matter of time before people called for art to be taken down for the sake of political correctness.

That is the world we live in.

The more we hear about abuse and sexual impropriety, the more we try to shield our innocent eyes from all things off-colour.

And so, a petition has been started, calling for the New York Met to replace Thérèse Dreaming by Balthasar Klossowski – which shows girl with her underwear visible.

Yep, people want a canvas painted in 1938 to be replaced because the kid featured is sitting in what might be interpreted as a sexual pose.

‘Given the current climate around sexual… Read the full story

No guarantee from Adidas that Black Friday purchases will be delivered by Christmas

Neither David Beckham nor Stormzy will probably have to wait for their Christmas gifts (Picture: Adidas)

Adidas’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have left many people waiting weeks for orders to be delivered.

Over the discount-filled weekend between 24 and 27 November, the company offered 30% off most items, with order volumes higher than expected.

Adidas has been forced to apologise for the delay and alert all customers to the problem.

‘You may have beaten thousands of others to the checkout on Black Friday but your commitment to the cause has left us drowning in boxes!,’ an email sent on 29 November read.

‘We’ve been packing, stacking and shipping… Read the full story

Do cinnamon face masks actually work?

Is it a good idea to rub cinnamon on your face?
(Picture: Getty/ Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Cinnamon – delicious in baked goods and hot drinks (add some cinnamon to your hot chocolate. It’s great). But is it good for your face?

There’s a lot of mixed information out there. All over the internet you’ll find instructions for anti-acne cinnamon masks, usually made by mixing up ground cinnamon with lemon and honey before smothering it all over your skin.

Proponents of covering your face in cinnamon note the spice’s antibacterial properties, suggesting that this means it can kill of bacteria and deeply cleanse the skin.

People who use the masks claim their faces are… Read the full story

I ditched my straighteners for good – here’s how my hair’s changed in three months

I gave up hair straighteners for good and here's how it affected my confidence
(Picture: Getty)

I recently gave up hair straighteners for good.

This won’t seem like a big deal to some, but for me, it sort of was.

I’ve been straightening my naturally wavy hair for years, ever since I was around 14 years old. So much so that I’d completely frazzled my hair. It was dead. But at the time, it didn’t matter.

I hated my hair. I hated the way it would frizz out if I brushed it. The way the ends would flick up in the end. How it would look like super-thick candy floss in the wind. Everything… Read the full story

A pop up dog crèche is here for all your cuddling needs

(Picture: Toby Wheale)

If you’re cold and snuggling under Santa doesn’t quite appeal to you, there may be a remedy.

A pop-up dog crèche has popped up in London, offering doggy day-care for local pooches.

If you’re sans pup, don’t fret – visitors can come and cuddle dogs at Shoreditch Dog House.

And don’t feel too guilty for overstaying your welcome either.

When you drop off your dog for one hour, £1 goes to charity All Dogs Matter, a rescue and rehoming charity for dogs.

New Peaky Blinders bar is on the lookout for Tommy Shelby lookalikes

(Picture: BBC, The Peaky Blinders)

Back in September, we wrote about a Peaky Blinders-themed bar that was opening in Devon.

Now, there’s one opening in Liverpool – and it’s currently hiring.

The 1920s-esque bar is on the lookout for male and female actors to play the likes of Grace Burgess and Tommy Shelby to pour pints for Peaky Blinders-fanatics.

A recent casting call for the positions reads: ‘Urgently requiring male and female actors for Peaky Blinders bar opening event in Liverpool. please Email your head shot, cover letter and contact details to Ryan@cultnetwork.co.uk‘.

Obviously, we’re totally ready to quit our jobs and move over to Liverpool to pretend we’re… Read the full story

Can religion actually help you recover from mental illness?

hand with rosary
Many people use religion as part of their recovery (Picture: Getty)

‘If Jesus were around today, he’d probably be sectioned,’ a fellow mental health campaigner once quipped over a pint.

It was a powerful statement that got me wondering how religion is seen today.

Illustration of man with blue hair smokingWhy the smoking ban in mental health hospitals is cruel

For patients with severe mental illnesses like mine (I have schizophrenia), symptoms can include believing we’re a 21st Century messiah, Jesus reborn, or, as once in my case, the rebirth of a psychic Queen from the Chinese Ming Dynasty.

Delusions like this are not… Read the full story

Girl hits on guy in the smoothest way with a chewing gum parting gift

(Picture: Twitter/Getty)

While most students are parting ways for the Christmas holidays by sharing festive gifts, one girl offered her classmate, 22-year-old Jake Moreno, something more personal.

A packet of chewing gum.

Now, this wasn’t just any packet of gum. This was a long-awaited, inside joke – as the girl, Alissa, had spent an entire semester sharing her gum with Jake.

And considering how stingy most people are with their gum – despite packets being super cheap – we’ve got to give credit to Alissa for being such a generous person, especially given she’s probably on a student budget.

Having asked for one last piece of gum on the final day of school, Jake… Read the full story

Body-positive blogger explains why you shouldn’t call disabled people ‘inspirational’

(Picture: Instagram/ the_feeding_of_the_fox)

32-year-old Imogen May is a blogger and body positivity advocate who has a genetic impairment, though she doesn’t often discuss this online.

Imogen – who also works as a carer for another disabled woman – runs the blog The Feeding of the Fox, where she often talks about disability and being comfortable in your own body.

Back in July she wrote a post which sparked a lot of interest – a post in which Imogen talked about not calling disabled people ‘inspirational’.

While the post was shared months ago, it recently re-circulated on Instagram, and thousands of users have been talking about it since.

Imogen explained that disabled people are not… Read the full story

10 gluten-free and vegan sweets that you need to try

A selection of vegan and gluten-free sweets
No gluten or beef gelatine in these bad boys (Picture: Candy Kittens / Freedom Confectionery / Goody Good Stuff / Free From Fellows)

Finding gluten-free and vegan sweets can be a little tricky, but it is possible if you search hard enough.

Sadly, not all sweets are always gluten-free thanks to a rare few which can contain wheat starch.

Christmas Deserts (Picture: Getty)10 gluten-free festive desserts you need this Christmas

Or take liquorice for example, which always contains wheat flour.

For vegans, the usual problem with sweets is that they often contain beef gelatine.

But take a product… Read the full story

These are the UK’s most popular names for cats and dogs of 2017

tiny kitten
(Picture: Getty)

We’ve given a lot of name inspiration to people about to pop out children recently.

There’s been the list of the top 100 most popular baby names in the UK, the names predicted to be big in 2018, and even our favourite festive names.

But what about people who are preparing for a new fur baby, rather than a human one?

We can’t leave pet owners out of the naming game.

While I’m a fan of food themed names for both cats and dogs (pick any food and it’ll work – Spaghetti, Miso, Muffin), it’s worth knowing what the rest of the… Read the full story

Pink Christmas trees are the big trend of the festive season

(Picture: Getty/Ebay)

We’re all for unconventional festive decorations.

This year, people have been loving upside down Christmas trees, decorated ladders, and even festive pineapples.

And now, according to stats from eBay, online shoppers have replaced the traditional tree for pink trees.

There’s been a 615% increase in searches for pink trees compared to last Christmas, with shoppers still trying to get their mitts on pink conifers.

Apparently, 18 people every hour are searching eBay for pink Christmas trees.

One business, Lancashire-based Festive Lights, sold out of the unconventional festive item by the second week of November.


There’s a trip going to the world’s most festival hotels for £45,000

(Picture: Caters News)

Fancy staying in the world’s most festive hotel for £45,000 a pop?

If the answer’s yes, then look no further than the Ultimate Christmas Decorations Trip.

And what does that price get you (bar an empty bank account)?

Well, it gets you a whirlwind 18-day holiday to the world’s finest hotels famed for their OTT decorations.

Which is all a Crimbo superfan needs, really.

The ten locations include the Plaza in New York City, famed for being the backdrop to many a Christmas movie including Home Alone 2.

Other hotels on the list are The Mission Inn in Riverside California which has five million lights and the Fairmont Princess in Arizona, boasting… Read the full story

KFC customers can now vote on which new burger should be added to the menu

(Picture: KFC, Getty)

KFC has launched a competition which will see customers being able to choose which burger, out of two, will make it onto the fried chicken restaurant’s menu.

KFC has announced an internal Dragons Hen competition to identify the next big burger innovation.

The Dragons Hen competition asked KFC team members to come up with the most original burger recipes and find the ‘next big thing’.

While the competition received thousands of entries from KFC employees all over the country, the team members who submitted the top five ideas were invited to develop and refine their creations in KFC’s Innovation Kitchen at its Head Office.

After an intense round of taste tests,… Read the full story

Champy the horse and Morris the cat are the true meaning of friendship goals

Horse and cat are best friends
(Picture: Facebook/ Champy and Morris)

A horse and a cat have become the unlikeliest of friends after they were both adopted by their owner, Jennifer Boyle.

Jennifer has always owned both horses and cats – and she’s never had any problems. However, she didn’t expect Champy the horse and Morris the cat to become so inseparable.

Jennifer adopted Morris when he was 9 months old. He’d lived in a shelter up until this point, and therefore didn’t know what love was like.

It took him a while to get settled into his new home – but the move was made much easier as he quickly formed a bond… Read the full story

Jägermeister launches its first range of sneakers with Kangaroos and they’re decent

(Picture: kangaroos/Instagram)

It seems like every Tom, Dick and Harry is bringing out their own collection of trainers these days.

And some are selling for mad amounts of money, like Pharrell’s recent Adidas sneakers which are set to go for £30,000 a pair.

The latest odd collab, however, is way more affordable – even if it is mega random.

Jägermeister has partnered up with Kangaroos to bring out an orange, green, white and black trainer.

Made of deer leather and suede (vegans look away), it also features golden lace tips and eyelets and has the number ’56’ stamped on the tongue – in homage to the 56 herbs used in making… Read the full story

How to negotiate Christmas with social anxiety

‘Christmas is a nightmare for people with social anxiety’ (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

The countdown to Christmas seems to start earlier every year.

And if you suffer from social anxiety, this means your nerves have even longer to kick in – and escalate to paralysing proportions.

Self-care: it’s not all bubble baths and scented candles

Social anxiety is defined as an overwhelming fear of social situations, with symptoms ranging from a sense of dread about socialising to terrifying panic attacks.

For me, it’s tied in with my other mental health issues (I become increasingly phobic about socialising when I’m Read the full story

Victoria’s Secret has been accused of ripping off makeup artist Pat McGrath

Victoria's Secret accused of copying Pat McGrath
(Picture: Victoria’s Secret)

This time around, Victoria’s Secret isn’t getting bashed for the lack of diversity in their runway show, or for a dodgy bit of Photoshop. So that makes a change.

Instead the underwear brand is accused of majorly ripping off the work of iconic makeup artist and industry legend Pat McGrath.

If you’re not familiar with Pat McGrath’s work, you still might recognise the packaging of her products.

Pat’s trademark is selling her lippies in pouches filled to the brim with sequins, for the ultimate sparkly explosion when you unwrap your latest beauty treat.

This is something… Read the full story

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