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Why do we have ‘types’ and can we change who we go for?

*** ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** Why do we have 'types'?
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Whether you like it or not, we all have a certain ‘type’ of person we usually date.

That might mean you only date guys with tattoos, or, in my case burning piles of trash.

If you happen to go for beautiful people with a kind soul, then it’s unlikely you really care about the fact you have a ‘type’.

But nine times out of ten, if you are aware you have a type it’s because you’ve realised they’re really not that great for you.

On a superficial level, I usually like a quite specific type of face. In general I go… Read the full story

Sex toy Christmas crackers are here for couples wanting to get spicier than mulled wine

Sex toy christmas crackers
(Picture: Kinky Crackers)

Sex toy-filled Christmas crackers are here, and they’re certainly one way to go all out at Christmas dinner – so long as it’s only you and your partner attending, of course.

Kinky Crackers is a site dedicated to turning Christmas dinner into something a little sexier, selling a range of Christmas crackers which all come filled with sex-themed prizes.

Kinky Crackers has four styles of crackers.

Each style come in packs of two and costs £19.99, with all mini-toys packaged in a cute little ribbon-tied bag.

Sure, it’s a little expensive for some crackers – but you’ll see it’s totally justifiable when we tell you… Read the full story

People compulsively unlock their phones 4,000 times a year for no reason

(Credit: Shutterstock/Getty)

If you’ve ever spent your lunchtime scrolling through your phone meaninglessly, you’re not alone.

A lot of us seem to be surgically attached to our phones, and now, new research has found that we unlock our phone 28 times a day.

And for ten of those times we do it, it’s completely unnecessary – meaning we’re unlocking our phones for no reason up to 4,000 times a year.

Researchers at an online casino company surveyed 2,000 UK smartphone users across the UK to find out whether they checked their device out of habit or because they needed it.

The survey found that the average person unlocked their phone more than 10,000… Read the full story

Stop everything: There is a 90s-themed brunch with bottomless fried chicken and rum cocktails coming to London

90s UK Garage brunc
The dream (Picture: UKG Brunch/RA)

When you’ve tried a Hip Hop Brunch and the Secret Brunch Party, what else is there to do on the London brunch scene?

Well, the only logical next step has to be a 90s-themed UK Garage Brunch with bottomless fried chicken and rum punch.

3 top places to get bottomless brunch in London

Yes, you read that right – bottomless fried chicken and bottomless rum punch.

And there’s dessert obviously, in the shape of doughnuts or chocolate brownies.

While you tuck into all those crispy wings and thighs, and necking back the cocktails, you can break out… Read the full story

Is the PMD Kiss lip plumping device worth the faff?

Is it worth the faff: Another weird lip plumping device
(Picture: metro.co.uk)

We are a generation obsessed with plumping our lips.

Blame Kylie Jenner. Blame all the Instagrammers and reality stars magically inflating their lips with fillers. We’re all desperate to have super full lips and will do truly bizarre things to get them.

Now, the logical reaction to this trend and desire would be to either get fillers. Or to just accept the size of our lips and move on.

But we’re not logical beings. Lip injections sound scary (what if they go wrong?) and we aren’t quite ready to give up on our dreams of giant pillowy lips, so we go for… Read the full story

17 ways to know you’re dating a f**kboy

Don’t call me, I’ll call you (Picture: Getty)

Sadly in life, not all relationships are emotionally aligned. And, where sometimes one person is thinking long-term, the other is all about the fun times.

There’s a lot to be said for no strings attached sex. However, when you’re hoping for something more, being on different pages in a relationship can feel pretty crap.

How to blow like a pro - the 12 tricks to nailing a great blow jobHow to blow like a pro – the 12 tricks to nailing a great blow job

The good news is there are certain fairly clear-cut ways to tell… Read the full story

Vegan body building week 4: taking the easy option to reach those macro targets

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Ok, so we’re a month into our vegan bodybuilding challenge with Salus London and the game is afoot.

Last week we amped up the effort and started overloading, upping the weights and reps as part of hypertrophy training.

That’s when you do between eight and 12 reps with up to a minute rest in between, to really get those muscles micro-tearing and rebuilding.

Has it worked?

Well, let’s look at our results so far:

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Quick translation: in four weeks, George has gone from having a body fat percentage of 29.9% to 20.4%… Read the full story

Guy upsets the internet with his melted candy cane pizza creation

(Picture: David Sanchez/Twiter)

Forget the does-pineapple-go-on-a-pizza debate, because one man has created an even bigger stir – by serving up a pizza smothered in melted candy canes.

Sure, it may be festive, but ridiculous amounts of red and white sugar on a cheesy base? No thanks.

David Sanchez doesn’t seem to agree with us – as he recently took to Twitter to share a guide to creating the incredibly Christmasy pizza.

David shared images of his DiGiorno Rising Crust pizza, which he’d topped with lots of candy canes before cooking in the oven thus melting the candy canes and serving up to his partner – who seemed to look as though she was… Read the full story

Take five minutes out of your day to smile at these cats enjoying the sunlight

(Picture: Jam Press)

If you’re having a bad day, stop what you’re doing and lend us a few minutes of your time – because we’ve found some photos that will be sure to cheer you up. As long as you’re a cat-lover, that is.

It seems despite the months getting colder and much darker, cats are still finding time to sunbathe during their days.

A number of owners have been taking photos of their fluffy friends enjoying some sunlight through cracks of curtains and windows, making them look as though they’re glowing.

Which would make sense because all cats are total angels.

We’ve dubbed these lit moggies ‘sun cats’, for obvious reasons.

Please, enjoy these… Read the full story

The curse of the last-minute Christmas shopper

(Picture: Getty)

You’re entirely aware that Christmas is fast approaching. This year, you tell yourself, you’ll be organised. You’ll make lists and buy wrapping paper and have everyone’s presents ready by the first week of December.

It doesn’t quite work out like that.

Blame a pattern of procrastination, how bloody busy you are, or the crowds putting you off nipping in and out of stores on the high street, but you just couldn’t manage to get it together.

Then it’s a few days before Christmas and you feel royally screwed.

This is the curse of the last-minute Christmas shopper, and these are the stages you go through.


Intense, all-consuming regret.

Despite having wasted many days doing… Read the full story

Bauble brows are here, just in case decorating your Christmas tree isn’t enough

Bauble brows
(Picture: @bronya_h)

Bauble brows are here and it’s actually a cute trend we can get behind.

Just in case you haven’t already found your Christmas makeup-inspiration, the bauble brows may be just up your street.

Instagram user Bronya came up with the look, which features a set of glittery brows and comes with festive red and white jewelled baubles hanging off the bottom.

Bronya says she got her inspiration from Pinterest, and though her photo hasn’t inspired any other bauble-decorated brows, many other Instagram users have been sharing their own Christmas-themed brow looks.

Instagram Photo

There are Santa hat brows

Read the full story

Fancy some deep-fried Baileys bites this Christmas?

(Picture: SWNS)

There is nothing more we love than deep-fried food.

From Nutella burgers to guacamole, there’s no end to the list of things made better by being deep fried.

And now, a chip shop boss has decided to whip up what may be Christmas’ booziest festive treat.

Not for the faint-hearted, John Clarkson, who runs Mister Eaters in Preston, Lancashire, has made deep fried Baileys Irish cream made up of 70% Baileys.

The resulting concoction? Each treat has a crispy coating on the outside with a soft warm Baileys centre.


You can now decorate your Christmas tree with doner kebab ornaments

(Picture: Eurekatec)

Doner kebab tree ornaments are here, and they’re perfect for anyone wanting to stray away from the likes of angels, shiny baubles and tinsel this year.

The doner kebab Christmas tree ornament was created by Eurekatec, a Canadian 3D-printing shop that was first given the idea by one of its customers, Gary Marsh.

Gary’s idea was inspired by the Donair Cam, a live-stream from the King of Donair, a kebab shop in Canada, which sees a chunk of meat constantly turning before occasionally being stripped away to be placed in some pitta and salad.

You can now buy half a Christmas tree if you haven’t got room for a whole one

(Picture: Getty)

While most people are now putting up their Christmas trees, others are left in frustration, unable to find room for anything bigger than a teeny-tiny fake pine.

But now, dozens of online stores have come to the rescue – with a new space-saving Christmas tree.

The ‘genius’ tree looks just like a regular Christmas tree, except it’s been chopped in half vertically allowing it to be mounted on, or pushed up against, walls.

The design means families can now enjoy having a tree up without it taking up the entire room. And hey, if you’ve got cats, being mounted means it can’t be knocked over – all cat-owners know the struggle.

Currently,… Read the full story

Asda is selling a bottle of its award-winning Champagne for £8 this weekend

(Picture: Asda)

If your favourite thing about Christmas is the unlimited amounts of bubbly you’re totally allowed to enjoy, we’ve got great news for you: Asda is selling its award-winning Champagne for just £8 a bottle.

The Pierre Darcys Champagne Brut won Bronze at the International Wine Challenge Awards this year, and is said to have ‘delicate aromas of lemon and apple, with hints of ripe nectarine’.

According to the Champagne’s description, its ‘perfect balance and crispness of flavours’ goes down a treat when accompanied with shellfish or smoked salmon.

So basically, it’s the perfect addition to a Christmas day breakfast.

This blind Syrian refugee teaches music to kids with disabilities

(Picture: UNHCR/Christopher Herwig)

Miles away from home, 45-year-old Ehsan Al Khalili did not know what the future would hold.

But two years on, the blind refugee has overcome adversity and now uses his passion for music to counter negative stereotypes of people with disabilities.

The 45-year-old from Syria hosts music classes in Jordan’s remote Azraq refugee camp.

Using a traditional drum, his classes are aimed at children with disabilities living in the camp but are open to all.

And judging by a video of singing and clapping children, it’s hugely popular.

Read the full story

If someone says ‘thank you, it’s lovely’, they probably don’t like their present

If someone says 'thank you, it's lovely', they probably don't like your gift
(Picture: Getty)

Opening presents should be a joy.

But a lot of the time, it’s intensely stressful.

The second you pick up the package you need to fix a smile on your face, look around in excitement, and make sure your expression doesn’t drop for a split-second once you tear off the paper and see the rubbish present underneath.

Seriously, that performance is exhausting.

If you’re keen to make sure your ‘oh my god I loooove it’ is believable this Christmas, it might be worth avoiding a list of phrases, which a new study claims are common sentences people churn out when… Read the full story

Mum poses for lingerie photoshoot to inspire women to embrace their stretch marks

Stretch marks photoshoot
(Picture: Adam Gray / Barcroft Images)

Stretch marks are totally normal. Most of us have them, either from growth spurts in our teens, or weight fluctuations, or pregnancy, or even just the joys of being a normal human with skin.

So why are we still worrying about them? Why are we still making such an effort to hide our stretch marks or get rid of them entirely?

We’re made to feel ashamed of stretch marks by their absence on TV screens, on models, in ad campaigns.

One woman wants to fight back.

Part-time model Talmesha Jones developed stretch marks along her stomach and legs after the birth of her son Chase five years ago.

‘Being… Read the full story

What your mentally ill partner really wants – and needs – from you


Dating anyone involves a certain amount of nonsense.

It’s one of those ridiculous things that humans do and then make a big mess of and then do again. Don’t ask me to explain it.

Dating someone with a mental illness is a whole different set of nonsense.

Not the nonsense that the media will have you believe. Movies and TV shows have stitched us up pretty royally in this department. We won’t burn down your house or chase you around a nightclub trying to kill you. That’s The Terminator. You’re thinking of The Terminator.

No, your mentally ill partner isn’t a bomb waiting to go off, they just have a set of needs that might differ from yours. Here’s what your mentally ill partner really wants – and needs – from you.

Genuine understanding

We don’t want your cookie-cutter ‘you can do this!’ ‘I believe in you!’ bullsh*t. We don’t want you to refer to our serious depressive episodes ‘getting sad sometimes!’ or say that we’re… Read the full story

Man scoops out rice for family dinner with his wife’s menstrual cup after mistaking it for a measuring cup

Man mistakes menstrual cup for measuring cup
(Picture: Facebook)

Attention, people who do not have vaginas: Please learn what basic period products look like – tampons, pads, menstrual cups, the works. It’ll save you from a whole load of embarrassment.

Learn from Cindy Hobbs’ husband, who managed to mistake her menstrual cup for a measuring cup… and used it to scoop out rice for their family’s dinner.

Cindy discovered the mistake when she saw her menstrual cup in a bag of rice in the kitchen, and texted her husband: ‘What is this doing in the rice?’

‘I used it to measure the rice last night,’ he responded. ‘It said three cups of rice.’

Yeah, that’s… Read the full story

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