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We’re all going to need this ‘Snoozeliner’ to take us home after our Christmas parties

(Picture: Simba)

Remember the night bus?

*Shudders* Of course you do. Something always happened on the night bus which would have you reconsidering your life decisions.

Not that the night tube is much better. The central line after 12am on a Friday is a bit like that scene in Mean Girls where everyone turns into jungle animals.

It is chaos.

So imagine being able to hop on a calm, clean bus and actually catch 40 winks on your way home – safe in the knowledge that no vomit, beer or creepy guys are going to ambush you.

Well, Simba – the high-tech sleep brand – are here to make that dream come… Read the full story

Gin flavoured cheese is here to give your Christmas cheeseboard a boozy kick

(Picture: Getty)

Just in case chocolate orange cheese wasn’t enough for you, one company has now created gin flavoured cheese to jazz up your cheeseboard.

The Cheshire Cheese Company has just launched a block of gin and lemon flavoured Cheshire cheese – and no, we’re not sure about it either.

The cheese, which won bronze in the 2017 International Cheese Awards (yes, there really is an awards show dedicated to cheese), has been described as a ‘masterful balance of gin and lemons resulting in a totally unique and incredibly tasty cheese blend’.

The cheese features a ‘gentle balance’ of slightly sweetened lemon pieces, all packed into a wedge of the international, award-winning creamy Cheshire cheese.

Read the full story

Isn’t this all of us when we try to go ice skating?

Ice skating fall
(Picture: @ruu__2331)

Winter, generally, is rotten.

Christmas aside, no amount of mulled wine (trash), tinsel (trash) or Wham! (trash) can make up for the fact that it’s cold, dark and miserable.

And to top it off, you’ve got to engage in activities that just weren’t designed for humans.

Like ice skating.

Is anyone actually good at ice skating? No.

The only people who can do it are Torvill and Dean and Canadian ice hockey players, and that’s because if you can’t skate in Canada you’ll end up staying at home for six months of the year.

But still, you forget every year just how hard it is to stay standing up on the rink… Read the full story

The Christmas food you can and can’t share with your pets

(Picture: Getty)

It’s tempting to share your Christmas dinner with your pet. You just want to make them feel included in the festive fun, you know?

That’s why you always wrap a toy for them even though you’re aware little Nutmeg doesn’t understand the concept of Christmas.

But while giving your pup a bite of some turkey is perfectly okay, there are some festive treats that really aren’t a good idea to dish up for pets.

Pets at Home has shared a list of Christmas foods that are okay for pets to eat, and foods that are definitely not.

Dr Maeve Moorcroft, head of pets at Pets at Home (sweet job, bro) said: ‘A… Read the full story

Hundreds of dogs teamed up in the cold to beat a Christmas jumper record

(Picture: Splash News)

More than 300 pups and their owners came together on Sunday to brave the snow in a bid to beat the record for most doggy Christmas jumpers worn in one place.

The event was co-organised by online pet walking service BorrowMyDoggy, and was planned in hopes of raising money for Save the Children.

The fundraiser took place at Pear Tree Cafe in Battersea Park, and saw hundreds of pups dressed in knitted jumpers and Santa outfits.

The event aimed to break the world record for the most dogs to appear in one place wearing Christmas jumpers, raising awareness for the charity’s annual Christmas Jumper day, which invites people across the… Read the full story

Christmas gift guide for beauty lovers from GHD and Huda Beauty to Kiehl’s and Glossier

ILLUSTRATION: The 8 types of mum you get in the run up to Christmas Illustration by Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro
(Illustration by Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro)

With just 13 days until Christmas, ’tis the time to finish your Christmas shopping.

And this year many beauty brands have upped the ante on the gifting front and have released some gorgeous gifts from stocking fillers, to special edition sets that would leave any beauty lover swooning.

So if you haven’t yet finished Christmas shopping (congratulations to those of you who have), relax, we’ve complied a list of some of the best gift ideas for every kind of beauty-obsessive in your life that are still… Read the full story

The myth that female orgasms are this big unfathomable mystery is the peak of straight male laziness


There’s an enduring idea that women are bloody complicated.

Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em, say cheery slogans on BBQ-ing aprons. Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars, declare book titles. Women: What are they thinking, ask those virus-packed articles that pop up when you try to re-watch Bridget Jones’s Diary.

The overall message is this: Women are so different to men, so complicated and impossible to understand, that you might as well just give up bothering to work them out.

Nowhere is this message stronger than in the world of sex.

While the penis is perceived to be pretty simple (rub it, lightly squeeze it, play with the balls if the owner so desires), female genitals and women’s sexual pleasure are discussed as if they’re one of the earth’s great mysteries.

And when they’re discussed in such away, men are given a licence to just give up trying.

If we accept that the female orgasm is… Read the full story

Why do we have Christmas trees and when were they first decorated?

Trump white house
What’s the meaning behind putting up Christmas tree? (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Christmas is nearly upon us and that means the vibrant decorations and Christmas trees are out in our favourite high streets, retailers and offices.

Decorating the Christmas tree can be a long process, not just putting the baubles and tinsel up, but finding them all in the loft or garage first.

Man sleeps as woman in underwear looks onStop letting lazy men pretend that the female orgasm is this big unfathomable mystery

But when everything has eventually been found – putting up the Christmas tree is a captivating and… Read the full story

Nutella flavoured Oreos are perfect for dunking into hot chocolate this winter

Nutella-like Oreos are coming picture: OREO - Metro.co.uk
(Picture: OREO – Metro.co.uk)

If you love Nutella and you’re a huge fan of Oreos, you’re in for a treat, because Nabisco is launching chocolate hazelnut Oreos – and they sound amazing.

While it’s not an actual collab with Nutella, it should be – because Nutella-filled Oreos make total sense.

The Oreos come with a Nutella-like creme sandwiched between two golden cookies.

They were debuted on Instagram back in October by junk food review blog Junk Banter. And now, the company behind Oreo has announced that the flavour, along with several other new ones, will be coming to US stores in January 2018.

Read the full story

15 reasons why Bratislava is better than Prague


Little-known, yet packed with a tantalising blend of history and hedonism, Bratislava provides everything the world-weary weekend-break-taker needs for a refreshing, soul-reviving European jaunt.

Don’t say ‘It’s just like a mini Prague’, though. Bratislava is very much its own metropolis, with its own distinct identity, history and culture.

giraffeWhy you should add a safari holiday at Gondwana Game Reserve to your bucket list

Hardly anybody knows Bratislava. Everybody knows Prague.

Everybody’s been to Prague and everybody has a Prague tale; from a drunken mishap after a stag do, to a secret pub selling the best beer in the world, to a beautiful Czech local who stole their heart.

Only the select few – those in the know – talk about Bratislava.

I sometimes think that maybe we should keep it that way.

Happy Hanukkah 2017: What the Jewish festival of lights is all about

Family celebrating Hanukkah (Picture: Getty)

Happy Hanukkah!

Today is Sukkot 2017 – the Jewish harvest festival

It’s the start of the eight-day festival of lights today and that means more than a week’s worth of celebrations.

That means getting the family together, exchanging presents and lighting eight very special candles.

Here is everything you need to know.

When is Hanukkah and how long does it last?

The weirdest injuries an ex sex worker has sustained during sex

weird injuries illustration
Ouch (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

As a former sex-worker, I’m often asked ‘what were the most dangerous aspects of your job?’

It will often come from skeptical interrogators who are just desperate for me to spill all about perverts and pimps, street hustles and unsafe sex.

Mistakes people make when booking a sex-worker (Miranda Kane)9 mistakes people make when booking a sex worker

In fact, the most dangerous aspects of sex work come from the difficult laws surrounding it (where women are not allowed to work together, and are often targeted by police instead of their abusers.)

Oh,… Read the full story

What is a cuck and what is cuckolding? A beginner’s guide to the fetish

Beginners guide to cuckold (Miranda Kane)
What is the turn on? (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

In modern day parlance, ‘cuck’ has unfortunately become tied to far-right movements and Men’s Rights Activists as they try to insult other men who stand up for nifty ideas such as feminism.

Basically, it’s a term that gets thrown around on twitter a lot by people too scared to come out from behind their keyboard.

metro illustrationsMoney for nothing? Here’s a guide to financial domination for beginners

However, historically, it refers to a man who has an adulterous partner. In fetish terms, a cuckold is complicit… Read the full story

You can now buy Mean Girls inspired false eyelashes and they’re so fetch

You can now buy Mean Girls inspired false eyelashes picture: metro.co.uk
(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Mean Girls inspired false lashes are here and they’re totally fetch.

The lashes come courtesy of Spectrum, a beauty brand which has a whole section on its site dedicated to the Lindsay Lohan classic.

The false eyelashes come in three styles – ‘Regina George’, ‘Gretchen Wieners’ and ‘Karen Smith’.

The Regina George faux silk lashes are said to be a ‘little bit dramatic’, adding the ‘perfect finishing touch’ to your makeup. The lashes add length and volume to your natural lashes – and are said to be ‘full and wispy’. To complete the Regina look, we suggest a blonde wig… Read the full story

How to get through the Christmas party season when you have a chronic illness

(Picture: Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

We’re midway through December, and party season is fast approaching.

But while most of us are getting our glittery outfits sorted, our festive nails painted and our Christmas eye makeup perfected, there are a few left worrying about whether they’re even going to make it to the Christmas party – those living with a chronic illness.

Chronic illness can be hard to live with at the best of times. It can be tiring, debilitating, disabling. It can leave you unable to leave your bed for a day. Being chained to the toilet with sickness. Experiencing painful symptoms and feeling lethargic.

Having a chronic illness can mean… Read the full story

Primark is selling an Eeyore-themed slanket and it looks super cosy

(Picture: Primark)

We’re very nearly in winter, and so it’s only right we start stocking up on hot chocolate, hot water bottles and onesies.

Though if you’re more keen on blankets, Primark has the perfect item for you. Well, if you’re a Disney-lover, that is.

The high street fashion store has just started selling a Winnie The Pooh-themed slanket, which comes in blue and has a hooded Eeyore, his grumpy face and droopy ears.

The latest addition to Primark’s Disney winter range follows on from other products we’ve recently written about, including Disney themed baubles and the Beauty and the Beast-themed slippers.

Instagram PhotoRead the full story

Harry Potter themed Christmas stockings are here

The Harry Potter Christmas stockings every Hogwarts fan needs
(Picture: Etsy/Warner Bros.)

Harry Potter Christmas stockings are here to add some magic to the end of your bed this year, thanks to Etsy seller Tykesboutique.

The Harry Potter themed stockings, which come in three styles, are made in the UK and come in black and white decoration.

In the product description, the seller describes the Christmas stockings as being ‘hand-made luxury’ and perfect for all Potterheads this Christmas.

Little girl makes a ‘wall of sorrow’ to guilt-trip her dad into getting a cat…and it works

(Picture: Danielle Grubisi/Twitter)

Here is a lesson in getting what you want.

And our master today, is a 13-year-old Texan who shamed her dad into getting a cat with some fantastic collaging skills.

Danielle Grubisic’s sister has wanted a cat for ages.

‘She’s wanted one ever since our other cat died of old age about two years ago,’ Danielle tells Metro.co.uk.


But to make sure that her dad was actually going to get her another one, she decided to create a ‘wall of sorrow’ – complete with sad animal photos and guilt-trippy notes like ‘Your (sic) letting them die in a tiny box doing nothing but crying’, ‘But why??’ and ‘Your (sic) killing innocent… Read the full story

13 thoughts all teachers have the week before breaking up for Christmas

Is it time to leave yet? (Picture: Getty)

The, at times, seemingly neverending gap that stretches out between October half-term and the Christmas holidays can be the hardest one to tackle.

18 struggles all teachers understand in the last week before Christmas half term

It’s colder, nights are longer and there’s still a million things to do before the holidays.

The promise of two weeks of sleeping in is just around the corner, but you’ve got to get there first.  And for some reason the last week before you break up seems to last the longest.

Here are 12 thoughts all teachers have just before the Christmas holidays.

1.… Read the full story

A student night has started a massive debate over how to cut toast

how should you cut toast?
(Picture: Hallamnation/Twitter)

What’s the correct way to cut a slice of bread?

Diagonally, so you get two triangles? Horizontally, so you get two short rectangles? Or vertically?

(Sorry to anyone who prefers to cut their toast into quarters. You are not included in this argument because you are a child)

It’s probably not something you’ve thought about much. When you have some toast you slice it the way you always do, never stopping to question if it’s the correct method.

But now this is something we must address.

Hallamnation, a student club night in Sheffield, has sparked a massive debate on Twitter by asking how people would prefer their toast to… Read the full story

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