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What Christmas presents spell trouble for your relationship?

(Picture: Getty)

Buying presents is a stressful business. 

It’s even more stressful if you engage with the idea that what you buy for someone you love is any kind of indicator of how much you love them or how well you know them.

But, after many years of being incredibly nosy about other people’s relationships, I have realised that there really is a correlation between certain Christmas presents and the chances of the relationship lasting.

The big daddy of bad Christmas presents is bad underwear. If you think your boyfriend’s genitals are so hilariously funny that you want to swathe them in something with a reindeer’s face, a singing component or anything fluffy,… Read the full story

People are going crazy for Aldi’s carrot family plush toys

Aldi carrot toys
(Picture: Aldi)

People have been going crazy for Aldi’s Christmas advert-inspired toys, Kevin and Katie the Carrots.

And now, the stores are getting even busier thanks to its latest release of the Carrot Kids – Chantenay, Baby Carrot and Jasper, which went on sale today, 14 December.

People have been taking to Twitter to show off their latest purchases – while others have been a bit overwhelmed, as they were left standing in long queues and struggling to get their hands on the trio, who feature in Aldi’s second Christmas ad.

Twitter user Marie Davis shared a tweet explaining that she’d watched as 50 people formed their ‘own… Read the full story

Vegan body building week 6: how blood glucose should dictate your diet and exercise

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Six weeks in and we’re becoming more adept at macro-counting and managing all this hypertrophy training.

Having a two-week subscription to Fresh Fitness Food has, admittedly, been a lifesaver in teaching us what certain vegan macros should look like but that’s not been the end of the story.

Every morning before breakfast, we’ve been pricking our fingers and sending off our blood glucose readings to Justin from the Gamma Project, who then sends us our calorie limits for the day and training schedules.

Only once he’s seen our fasted readings do we get macro plans and calorie counts.


Well, because… Read the full story

Deer doing her Christmas shopping in a gift shop gets escorted out

(Picture: Lori Jones)

We’ve all experienced the horror of trying to do a leisurely shop, only to get hounded by over-eager shopfloor workers asking if we need any help.

‘Nope, just browsing,’ we say, through gritted teeth. We try to carry on, but feel watched, analysed. Another person asks if we need anything. It’s too much. We pretend to look at a jumper then hurry out of the store.

Can’t we just shop in peace?

This deer knows your struggle.

This deer, who happens to be a mother, popped into a shop selling gifts and supplies at a little gift shop at the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park at the foot of the Rockies in… Read the full story

How to battle self-doubt: the anxious extrovert’s guide to Christmas parties

11 reasons why being single at Christmas is awesome (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro) Monkia Piszcezek
Keep talking… keep it together (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro)

It’s a common assumption that only introverts struggle with socialising in big groups, while us extroverts thrive off of big parties and being the centre of attention.

How I wish this was true.

Your guide to doing Secret Santa right, and getting a great gift in return

While I may be a loudmouth who loves screaming in a pub with her friends and can hold my own at a bar wearing two petticoats and five-inch heels, nothing fills me with… Read the full story

GB Olympian Lynsey Sharp’s top running tips to keep you moving over Christmas

(Picture: Michael Steele/Getty Images)

Running is one of those activities you have to stick with in order to reap the benefits.

The first time you attempt at 10k, you feel like you might possibly die. Your lungs will definitely collapse. Your hamstrings are 100% about to snap.

But after that initial shock, running can be amazingly rewarding – addictive even.

In the winter and especially over Christmas, however, it can be super hard to motivate yourself to get out of the onesie and climb into your lycra to pound the pavement.

Which is why if you really want to up your fitness and commit to something, you’re best off signing up for a race in the new year.

Something like… Read the full story

Property porn alert: these are 2017’s most viewed properties

(Pictures: RightMove)

Property porn is a pure kind of joy. 

Who doesn’t love perusing property websites, looking at houses that you’d never be able to afford even if you did stop buying avocado toast?

So, please enjoy this magnificent list of houses that cost gabillions of pounds. Try not to feel too agonizingly jealous. After all, there’s always the lottery.

A Primrose Hill mansion valued at £28.5 million.

It’s got its own wine cellar and bar, which is nice, as well as having a whopping nine bathrooms.

Which shops sell Christmas jumpers? The best options at Primark, Asda, Next and more

(Picture: George/Primark/Getty)

Christmas jumper day is just around the corner, and with Christmas parties and festive family photos on the horizon you will need your trusty seasonal knit.

Vegan body building week 6: using blood glucose to determine our diets

Whether you’re sporting Santa, reindeer, snowflakes, snowmen or presents on your Christmas knit, it’s all about taking part.

At this time in the season buying online may not be the shining beacon of convenience it usually is and so you will have to take to the streets to get your hands on a festive knit that is perfect for the celebrating season.

Here are… Read the full story

London pub launches glittery gravy for anyone whose dinner needs some sparkle

(Picture: The Fox Under the Hill Hungry Horse)

A London pub has launched the UK’s first ever glitter gravy – so you can add as much festive sparkle to your Christmas dinner as your heart desires.

The Fox Under the Hill Hungry Horse pub on Shooters Hill Road is offering guests the chance to ‘upgrade’ their traditional Christmas dinners with a side portion of glittery gravy throughout December.

The pub, which is famed for its generous portions, introduced the festive gravy to add an extra touch of sparkle to its Christmas menu.

The glitter-infused side order can be added to a selection of festive meals, including traditional turkey with all the trimmings,… Read the full story

Meghan Markle swears by yoga for keeping in shape as she shows off impressive poses

Meghan is due to marry Prince Harry in May next year (Picture: AP)

If you’re keen to get in shape after a festive blowout, Meghan Markle swears by yoga. And if it’s good enough for a future royal, it’s good enough for us.

Years before she met Prince Harry, Meghan was a keen yoga enthusiast.

She credits her mum, Doria Ragland, for her love of yoga, given that she grew up learning the correct poses as Doria is a yoga instructor in Los Angeles.

And in an interview with Best Health magazine, the 36-year-old former actress spoke of the benefits of yoga, as well as other workouts she enjoys.

Read the full story

You can get free mince pies in London on Friday if you wear a Christmas jumper

Free mince pies for anyone wearing a Christmas jumper this Friday
(Picture: Getty)

Christmas is coming, which means mince pie season is calling – and if you’re in London tomorrow, you can get a free one, courtesy of London bakers Konditor & Cook.

Like all things free, there is a catch.

You can only get your hands on a free mince pie if you’re wearing a Christmas jumper. But don’t worry, it’s all for a good cause.

And you don’t even have to go into work in your Rudolph-themed jumper (or whichever knit you fancy), either.

You need to check out Emirates’ luxury new first-class cabins which are basically mini hotel rooms

(Picture: Emirates)

Emirates is known for luxury travel.

But it’s really upped its game recently, but unveiling a brand new, state-of-the-art first class suit…which apparently costs around £7,000 a flight.

No longer will you have to sleep surrounded by oiks because you’ll get your very own cabin.

And these ‘game-changers’ come with their own 32” TV screens, gourmet dining and mood lighting.

YouTuber Casey Neistat was lucky enough to try the new suit out on a flight from Brussels to Dubai (now that’s a press trip we could all get on board with, amirite?), and he calls them the ‘all-time greatest aeroplane seat’.

So, what else can you enjoy on board?

Read the full story

Oh look, these wine glasses are wonky

Aren’t they funny (Picture: Present Finder)

Looking for the perfect gift for a wine connoisseur who enjoys things which are off center?

Or perhaps stuck for a Christmas present for someone that you secretly hate?

Well, if that’s the case, we’ve got the answer.

According to The Present Finder (who also brought you Giant Gin Glasses), they’re the perfect addition to your Christmas.

‘Make mayhem this Christmas when friends and family have had a drink or two. Are their eyes playing tricks on them or are those glasses actually wonky? (Extra points if you start the night in a normal glass and switch them round when the drinker asks for a second drink!)’

You hear… Read the full story

Indian woman with fair skin and ginger hair feels like a ‘foreigner’ in her own country

(Picture: Pooja Ganatra / Caters News)

A young woman with red hair, white skin and freckles born to Indian parents was shunned and bullied because people think she’s diseased.

24-year-old Pooja Ganatra has flaming ginger hair, deep emerald eyes and snow-white skin – she’s so fair that she’s easily mistaken for a true Gaelic lass from Ireland.

However, Pooja was actually born and bred in the bustling city of Mumbai, to ‘typically Indian’ parents who thought her freckles were a birth defect – and have no idea where her looks come from.

Worried that Pooja’s looks were a sign of a medical condition, Pooja’s parents decided against having any more children just in… Read the full story

Kids battling cancer will be given superhero radiotherapy masks

(Picture: SWNS)

Cancer treatment can be frightening enough for adults, let alone children.

But now, staff at a cancer centre in Glasgow has come up with a sweet solution to ease their anxieties.

Children will now be given superhero masks designed to look like Batman, the Hulk or Pikachu during radiotherapy to the brain, head or neck.

Not only will the revamped radiotherapy masks soothe them but it will help keep their head still so that the correct area is targeted.

It can often be claustrophobic for patients who lie on treatment tables and a mask is placed over their head and neck while fixed to the table.

Made using water-based acrylic paint, these… Read the full story

Sick of waiting in Christmas shopping lines? You can pay this guy to queue for you

Meet the guy that will queue up for you in any queue
(Picture: Caters News)

If you’re doing some last minute Christmas shopping this weekend, you might want to head out super early, or expect some lengthy queues.

If you’re lucky enough to be in New York, though, (because let’s face it, it’s the perfect Christmas vacay) you don’t have to wait in long queues – because someone will do it for you.

42-year-old Robert Samuel, from Manhattan, New York, has his own company, Same Ole Line Dudes, where his staff will queue for their clients no matter the weather.

Robert initially intended to make a quick $100 by waiting for the new Read the full story

Powerful art installation is made entirely from refugees’ belongings

(Picture: Twitter)

An installation artwork has been created out of hundreds of items discarded by refugees salvaged from the Greek island of Lesbos.

Suspended in St James’s church in Piccadilly is the brainchild of artist Arabella Dorman, one of the BBC’s 100 Women in 2014.

Arabella tells Metro.co.uk that she felt personally compelled to document the crisis of forced displacement across the world.

Even so, she recalls ‘nothing prepared me for the human drama in the beaches.

‘Two years on, the situation is no less desperate. It’s an even worsening crisis which seems to have gone out of sight.’

After observing hundreds of items of clothing strewn across liked debris, Arabella decided to use… Read the full story

These vegan treats make the perfect edible Christmas presents

These recipes are perfect for the vegan in your life (Picture: Nadia Al-Khaffaf)

Homemade edible gifts can make for a perfect present.

15 easy and delicious vegan recipes that anyone can make

They’re thoughtful, they’re made by your own fair hands, and they’re cheap.

But it can be tricky if the intended recipient is vegan.

But don’t worry – these recipes are easy, quick, delicious, and completely vegan – and you can make a great big stack of them to present to all of your friends, whether they’re vegan or not.

Chocolate peanut butter bark


200g dairy-free dark chocolate

1 tbsp smooth peanut butter

1 tsp coconut oil

1… Read the full story

9 unusual places to go skiing – including an active volcano and right here in Britain

Ascending Etna Mount is all part of the fun of the volcano in winter time (Picture: Getty)
Ascending Etna Mount is all part of the fun of the volcano in winter time (Picture: Getty)

Ski season is underway once again with hundreds of skiers hitting the slopes.

Val d’Isere: how to ski in luxurious conditions without breaking the bank (or your leg)

While most head to France, Germany, Austria or Switzerland there’s a whole bunch of places that’s aren’t quite as well known.

Think skiing in Algeria, Iran, Hawaii, Israel and even the UK… yes, really.

Here are a number of unique places to try… Read the full story

Model shares photos of her lupus blisters to inspire others to feel confident in their skin


Jokiva Bellard is covered with burn-like lesions on her face, hands, and body. She’s a regular at her local A&E, needing frequent care to treat lupus, the debilitating autoimmune disease that attacks the healthy tissue in her body.

But she isn’t letting that hold her back. And the scars and blisters caused by her lupus don’t stop her… Read the full story

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