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A puppy with a crooked face has found his forever home just in time for Christmas

(Picture: Caters News)

A puppy with a wonky face has finally found his forever home just in time for Christmas.

Woody was left with a crooked face when he was just five weeks old after being attacked by another dog. His owners refused to take the poor pup to the vet for medical treatment, meaning he has been left severely disfigured.

Woody was then abandoned by the owners when they moved out of their home in Tennessee. He was chained up outside and left to starve.

Thankfully Woody was taken in by neighbours, who took it upon themselves to give Woody food and water, and made sure he was doing okay.

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Can you put yourself up for adoption?

(Picture: Getty)

The laws and technicalities behind adoption and the rights of children and parents are complex, sensitive and mostly unknown by the vast amount of people.

IBD gift guide17 Christmas gifts for the inflammatory bowel disease sufferer in your life

For children who are living in an environment of neglect and abuse, getting away from their legal guardian may be in their best interest, in that case the system will do its job to put the child in a better situation.

Whatever a child’s reason for wanting to be adopted it is important we all know a little something more about… Read the full story

How to get rid of static hair and what causes it

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Winter is a bit miserable for many reasons.

Your feet are frozen, it’s dark when you go to work and dark when you return, and you’ve spent all your money on mulled wine and Christmas presents.

At least you get to wear cosy jumpers… but even those betray you.

For the moment you tug on your favourite jumper, your hair stands on end. It will not settle. It is the most irritating thing ever.

You have fallen to the curse of static. Evil, maddening static.

Why does this happen? What causes static? And, more importantly, how the hell do you make it go away?

Static is caused by the swapping… Read the full story

Happy birthday Jane Austen: her 12 famous male heroes ranked

Happy Birthday Jane Austen: Her 12 famous heroes ranked! (Alice Wright)
They are quite dashing (Picture: Getty/BBC/Columbia Pictures)

This week marks what would have been Jane Austen’s birthday.

The beloved author was born on the December 16 1775.

Giles Coren aims to prove Jane Austen books were rubbish in new documentary

While she only wrote six full novels, these books are still loved and widely read today, and all have resulted in various film and TV adaptations.

The success of these is in no small part due to the chemistry between the star-crossed leads and, of course, how we feel about the male hero.

But Austen’s… Read the full story

‘It is very difficult for the prosperous to be humble’: 16 of the best quotes from Jane Austen’s novels

Our Jane thinking up some new words (Picture: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

One of our best-loved authors and British export extraordinaire Jane Austen was born on the December 16 1775.

That makes it her 242nd birthday this week.

Jane Austen books, quotes and details on Chawton House on the 200th anniversary of her death

Witty, intelligent and prolific Austen opened a window into the world of women, but also provided a rather sharp commentary on wider society.

Her observations still hold true today more than 200 years later, and many of her quotes are words you could live your life by.

Some of them make… Read the full story

‘Shouldn’t you be on top of a Christmas tree?’: 8 people share the very real struggles of having a festive name

Nice one, genius (Picture: Getty Images)

Christmas is a time of peace and joy, food and presents, and, if you’ve got a festive-sounding name, so, so many jokes.

Names that are innocuous for 11 months of the year – perfectly normal names like Holly, Mary and Joseph – suddenly warrant a flood of quips, double takes and questions like, ‘Is that your real name?’

New girlfriends, watch out – don’t make your boyfriend’s Christmas party hard

I understand a little of their plight: as a Rosamund, I’ve had countless posh jokes, mispronunciations and questions about my name over the years.

Plus it’s a nightmare… Read the full story

How to practise self-care when the world has gone Christmas-mad

What's Christmas like for women escaping domestic violence?
Christmas doesn’t have to be frantic (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but when you have mental health issues, it can be anything but.

Late nights, too much booze, enforced frivolity, crowded shops – it’s no wonder so many of us struggle to keep it together.

Self-care: it’s not all bubble baths and scented candles

Amidst the busyness, it’s easy for self-care to slip down your list of priorities. But looking after yourself is essential if you’re going to come through the festive period intact.

So how can we… Read the full story

Someone’s created a Christmas dinner lasagna and we don’t know what to think

(Picture: Mister Lasagna)

It seems a traditional Christmas dinner just isn’t enough for people this year.

We’ve seen a Christmas dinner burger, a giant pig in a blanket and even a an entirely battered Christmas meal – sprouts included.

And now, someone’s created the Christmas dinner lasagna – and we think that finally, someone’s taken it a bit too far.

Mister Lasagna, a London-based restaurant that offers 21 lasagna varieties, is launching a Christmas dinner-filled lasagna, and we don’t know what to think.

7 weird Christmas traditions from around the world

Weird Christmas traditions around the world (Ellie Hattersley)
It’s not all about the turkeys (Picture: Getty – Shutterstock – Metro.co.uk)

Everyone has a different way of celebrating Christmas.

Maybe for you it’s an annual Boxing Day family rugby game.

Tips and tricks for celebrating Christmas if you’re in an interfaith family

Perhaps you have grown used to the addition of cauliflower cheese to the Christmas dinner menu.

Or it might be that in your family, Father Christmas is strangely partial to a glass of Baileys rather than the traditional beer or whisky.

But elsewhere in the world, the wacky Christmas traditions are on another level.

They might… Read the full story

Hate Christmas? You can now smash up festive decorations for fun

(Picture: Design My Night)

Not everyone finds themselves getting into the Christmas spirit.

For some, the crowds swarming the shops are unbearable. The Christmas music irritating – and don’t even talk to them about the bits of tinsel that go absolutely everywhere and get stuck in the rug.

In fact, some people wish Christmas to be over before it’s even begun. But sadly, there’s no escaping it – which means there’s no escaping the rage it fills you with.

However, you can minimise that rage – thanks to a new Christmas Rage Room that allows you to smash up as many Christmas decorations as you like, without any consequence.

Ruldoph’s Rage Room is happening… Read the full story

Can we please stop judging other parents over how much they spend at Christmas?

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

Every single Christmas, without fail, I see parents being slammed for going ‘overboard’ on Christmas gifts.

People just can’t deal with the fact that some parents spend hundreds or even thousands on their kids every December.

I get it, it can be frustrating when you have a child and you worry that they’ll go into school and find out Santa bought way more gifts for another kid than he did them.

But, unless the copious amounts of presents actually say they’re from Santa, and as long as parents have made it clear the presents are from them, I don’t see the problem.

Regardless, slamming other parents for splashing out on… Read the full story

10 people whose Christmas office parties were worse than yours

office party
While the free booze is tempting, the repercussions of a disastrous office party are rarely worth it (Picture: Getty)

Dreading the big do? The one night of the year when work colleagues become your party chums, all in the name of ‘festive enjoyment’.

Yes that’s right, we are in the season of the – whisper it – office Christmas party.

Can we please stop judging other parents over how much they spend at Christmas?

If you’re already worried about whether to go, what to wear, whether or not you’ll get steaming drunk and make an embarrassment of yourself, or worst of all make a pass at… Read the full story

Why these women want to create Pussypedia, a free online guide to all things vagina


How much were you taught about the wonders of the vagina in school?

My sex ed didn’t even mention the difference between the vagina and the vulva (the vulva is external, the vagina is the internal bit, FYI), the female orgasm wasn’t discusses, and I don’t think a single student came out of those classes with an understanding of what the vagina can do other than have babies or contract STIs.

It’s embarrassing, really. Why are we still failing to educate people about their own bodies? Why are we too embarrassed and awkward to discuss female genitals?

When sex education fails, we have to look elsewhere to learn. For many of us that means porn, which hands us a bunch of unrealistic expectations about sex and human bodies, or sex-themed articles in magazines.

But soon there could be another option – a place where anyone and everyone can find accurate, reliable information and advice about the vagina and vulva.

Pussypedia is the creation of Zoe… Read the full story

Fancy trying out reindeer eyebrows for your Christmas party?

reindeer brows
(Picture: Instagram/bbxbeauty)

Don’t worry, people. There may be only 16 days left in 2017, but we’ve still got time for a few more ways to make your eyebrows look weird.

You’ve had Christmas tree brows, squiggly brows, and bauble brows.

Now, why not give reindeer brows a go?

The idea is simple – you use liner and shadow to turn your eyelid into a reindeer, then use your brow as your deer’s antlers, ideally decked out with baubles.

Feel free to add a red nose to create Rudolph brows, or leave plain to show some love for the unappreciated other reindeer pulling along Santa’s… Read the full story

National Geographic shares incredible photos of the top places you should go in winter

Look how pretty Japan looks in the snow. (Picture: Nancy Ostertag)

Are you one of those fancy types who has a winter holiday as well as a big getaway in the summer?

Well, aren’t you lucky.

If you’re searching for inspiration for where to go when the temperature drops, don’t just search ‘place to ski’ or ‘good cold place’. Take a look at National Geographic’s recommendations for the best nine places to go in winter. They know what they’re on about, and they’ve shared some incredible photos to convince you to jet off.

Here’s where they reckon you should go this winter.


Japan’s lovely year-round (especially when the cherry blossoms are out), but it’s… Read the full story

A new test could work out whether your anxiety would respond best to therapy or medication

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Working on your mental health includes a lot of trial and error.

Will this type of therapy help? Will these pills do anything? Might as well try it out and see what happens.

A new test could take the guesswork out of treating anxiety, meaning we’d be able to get the right help more quickly.

A study published in Neuropsychopharmacology noted that patients with higher levels of anxiety exhibit more electrical activity in their brains when they make a mistake (or what they perceive to be a mistake), which can be measured using electroencephalography (EEG) that records the brain’s electric signals. Researchers call this ERN (error-related negativity).

The… Read the full story

A pop-up is searching for men who’ll get their beards stroked to soothe stressed shoppers

(Picture: Getty)

Attention beardy men. Calling all those who can power through the stubble stage and emerge, victorious, with a fluffy blanket of hair attached to your chin. We may have a job for you, if you’re keen.

Grooming brand Mo Bro’s, the same people who brought us pheromone beard oil, is launching a beard-stroking station in Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester, for three days.

That beard-stroking station will allow stressed out shoppers to stroke the beards of men they do not know. Why? Because stroking can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and help to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Normally you stroke a cat or a puppy to get this kind of… Read the full story

Fashion magazine covers this year were the most diverse they’ve ever been

(Picture: Jean-Paul Goude/Vogue Paris/Steven Meisel/Vogue UK)

We’re all aware that fashion magazines aren’t getting it right when it comes to diversity.

The majority of the women featured are slim, white, and able-bodied. It’s easy to flick through page after page and see no one who looks even a tiny bit like you.

But here’s some sort of promising news: things are improving. Slowly, sure. But things are moving forward.

The Fashion Spot has just released their 2017 diversity report, analysing all the international fashion magazine covers over the last year, and have found that 2017 was the most inclusive year for magazine covers of all time. Hooray.

Reviewing 782 cover appearances… Read the full story

Mum takes to Instagram to share her painful experience of adult acne to remind sufferers they’re not alone

(Picture: Instagram/stephmkt1d)

When you have acne after your teens, you can feel like you’re all alone in your struggle.

We’re told, over and over, that acne is just a teenage phase. We don’t see acne on the faces of people on TV, in magazines, so we start to think that we’re the only ones still battling extreme spots.

That’s why it’s important for people to share their experiences – to remind people that there are other people struggling with acne too. To remind people they’re not alone through every course of accutane, every breakout, and every low moment.

Earlier this week we praised a dermatologist for sharing a photo of… Read the full story

Go on, put a Christmas wreath on your eye

christmas wreath eyeshadow
(Picture: Instagram/strashme)

Are you tired of the Christmas themed makeup yet?

‘Course you’re not. After bauble brows, reindeer brows, Christmas tree brows, tinsel lashes, and Christmas lips, we imagine you only want more ways to make your face as festive as humanly possible.

Enter Christmas wreath eyeshadow.

Christmas wreath eyeshadow doesn’t involve actually hanging a wreath from your eyelids, because, well, that would be quite heavy. And we don’t like the idea of pine needles sticking in our eyeballs.

Instead the look is about painting a wreath design around the upper eye socket, to create a festive arch above… Read the full story

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