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A rub-on contraceptive gel for men is being trialled next year

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Rejoice, men committed to not getting their partners pregnant: Soon, you might get to enjoy the responsibility of ensuring you’re using contraception.

Next year government researchers in the U.S. will test a snazzy new method of birth control method for men – a gel you rub on like lotion to prevent the production of sperm.

No, you don’t rub it directly on your balls. Instead you massage the gel into your arms and shoulders to let it absorb into your skin, reach your bloodstream, and use two synthetic hormone, testosterone and progestin, to block the testes from making enough testosterone to produce normal levels of sperm.

The… Read the full story

10 Cute Christmas food DIY ideas to make with the kids

(Picture: Getty)

Christmas food isn’t just about turkey and Brussels sprouts.

There are also plenty of cute Christmas foods that you can make with the kids that take very little time, although they may look almost too good to eat.

10 top recipes to make with the kids this weekend

The weather at this time of the year always seems to be unpredictable, making this a great indoor activity to keep the children occupied.

1. Strawberry Snowmen

Instagram Photo

Slice the tops off strawberries, and turn them into snowman with whipped cream or buttercream.

Poppy seeds or chocolate chips make perfect eyes.

2.… Read the full story

Meet Krampus – Austria’s terrifying alternative to Santa’s little Christmas helpers

A costume depicting the mythical Krampus who brandished a whip (Picture: Getty)
A costume depicting the mythical Krampus, said to be half goat, half demon (Picture: Getty)

I don’t know about you but I always thought of Santa’s sidekicks as being cute little elves in stripy, candy cane socks.

Then I came across the Austrian story of Krampus and Christmas is never going to be the same again.

Long before elves, or Mrs Klaus, or any one of the reindeer, there was Krampus, whose name is a derivative of the German word for ‘claw’.

He is St Nicholas’ original sidekick, a devil-like monster who punishes naughty children to offset St Nick’s niceness.

If he sounds scary, he… Read the full story

Dog with cleft lip gets new life as therapy pet for children going through cleft lip surgeries

Dog with cleft lip gets new life as therapy pet
(Picture: Humane Society of West Michigan)

Dogs are the sweetest creatures.

Sadly, some can be left abandoned while others are looking for their permanent home.

But sometimes though, a Disney style happy ever after can happen.

Sophie, a dog with a cleft lip who was abandoned as a puppy, will now be trained as a therapy dog to help children in hospitals going through cleft lip surgeries

Sophie’s adopter, Alicia Simatos, works at the Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation of Smiles, will train her to visit children in hospitals. She’ll also be visiting as an office dog too.

Read the full story

Mum organises her dream wedding for less than £2,000

(Picture: Trinity Mirror)

If you thought you were good at saving money, think again – because this thrifty mum has revealed how she’s managed to organise her ‘dream’ wedding for less than £2,000.

Gisella Layzelle wore an £11 lace dress from Amazon, £13 Missguided heels, and a £10 faux fur bolero from Primark as she walked down the aisle.

And there was no luxury make-up for the mum-of-three.

Instead, the carer walked down the aisle in Poundland lipgloss as she married partner Martin in front of 40 friends and family at Croydon Register Office in south London earlier this month.

A very crappy Christmas: 10 tales of the festive season going wrong

Oh, Fido! (Picture: Dave Anderson)

Why in the name of Egg Nog do people love Christmas?

It is hideous.

Woman reads a book and enjoys a glass of wine alone at ChristmasAlone at Christmas? Six ways to make your solo Christmas the best day ever

From having to spend time with our God-awful families (it’s OK, mine can’t read), to the rictus, ‘Oh how lovely’ present-opening grins, yuletide is really f***ing crueltide.

I hate it and so should you.

Don’t believe that Christmas is the git that keeps on giving?

Then read on, my bauble-brained pals, read my friends’ tragic tales of their worst… Read the full story

12 vegan recipes you need to try this Christmas

There are lots of vegan Christmas options – and they aren’t boring (Picture: Getty)

Turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing and a plentiful cheese board.

metro illustrationsA rub-on contraceptive gel for men is being trialled next year

All the makings of a satisfying Christmas dinner, right?

But if you’re vegan, you needn’t miss out on indulgent treats and culinary decadence.

These recipes will make you forget all about animal produce and will be enjoyed by non-vegan friends and family, too.

1. Beetroot and walnut hummus

Instagram Photo

Delicious and oh so pretty.

Recipe here.

2. Vegan spinach, mushroom and tomato quiche

Read the full story

Hamdia Ahmed is the first woman to compete in the Miss Maine pageant wearing a hijab and a burkini

(Picture: Brianna Soukup/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)

Hamdia Ahmed was born in Somalia in the midst of a civil war. She was raised in a refugee camp.

She’s now an aspiring model – and the first woman to compete in the Miss Maine pageant while wearing a hijab – and a burkini for the swimsuit section.

Following in the footsteps of Halima Aden – the Muslim woman who made history by competing in Miss Minnesota wearing a hijab, then went on to star in a Yeezy fashion presentation and Rihanna’s campaign for Fenty Beauty – Hamdia walked the runway wearing a gold… Read the full story

Meghan Markle’s engagement photoshoot dress is by British label Ralph & Russo and costs £46,650

(Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have unveiled official photos to mark their engagement and, as you’d probably expect, Meghan looks blimmin’ incredible.

The former Suits actress casually threw on a full-length gown with a sheer bodice and a layered, ruffled skirt, while Prince Harry wore a suit (don’t you feel bored for important men, sometimes? They really don’t have many fun options in the formal dressing category).

Meghan’s dress has divided opinion, mostly because it’s sheer and thus extremely risque. 

Ignore the fact that Meghan is clearly wearing a nude body underneath and no almost-royal nips are on show. A sheer dress for an official portrait is a… Read the full story

Top 13 vegan Christmas foods ranked

Veg and cashew nut roast, meat free turkey roast, vegan sausage rolls, soy and quinoa country roast
Who needs turkey when you can choose from the likes of these amazing dishes? (Picture: Various)

Being vegan at Christmas can mean getting by on sprouts and potatoes.

As long as they’re not cooked in butter or duck fat.

Mum organises her dream wedding for less than £2,000

But as 2017 has pretty much been the year of the vegan, we should expect less slicing of turkeys and more carving of roasted butternut squash.

Marks & Spencer are allegedly due to bring out vegan Christmas options but, sadly, I’ve… Read the full story

10 festive drinking games you need to play this Christmas

Make your drinking games a little bit more festive this year (Picture: Getty)

Ding dong, deck the halls and let’s all get merrily on high – Christmas ‘tis the season to get absolutely baubled.

If festive drinking games aren’t a tradition round your way then 2017 is the year to get involved.

Are magnetic lashes worth the faff?

Drinking games shouldn’t be limited to university halls.

Not only are they excellent fun, they bring people together and make us all feel tingly and warm.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Of course, all fun should be had in moderation. Drink responsibly, folks, and keep each other safe. We… Read the full story

10 Christmas slow cooker recipes that will save you time

Time-saving recipes let you get back to celebrating. (Picture: Getty)
Time-saving recipes let you get back to celebrating. (Picture: Getty)

As Christmas approaches, things start to get busy – a little too busy to spend half a day slaving over the hob.

Vegan Christmas bakes and sweet treatsChristmas 2017: 16 vegan Christmas bakes and sweet treats

When there is little time to make meals, these slow cooker recipes can be the solution.

You can also use the slow cooker to cook some of your Christmas dishes, which will free up your oven too.

So if you have a slow cooker and aren’t quite sure what do… Read the full story

How to avoid wrecking your feet when you’re wearing high heels

(Christian Vierig/Getty Images)

Oi, you, picking out your sparkly dress for your New Year’s Eve party. Be careful when you’re pick out your shoes – unless you want to risk neuromas, sesamoid problems, sprains, and painful bunions.

Kaser Nazir, a consultant foot and ankle surgeon, has issued a warning about wearing super high, wobbly heels over the party season.

‘Christmas revelry is great and a naturally happy time but it does result in a good many injuries and hobbling around in pain over the New Year instead of enjoying the celebrations to the full,’ Kaser warns.

‘One of the most common series of problems is caused by high heels.’

Kaser notes that wearing excessively… Read the full story

People are losing it over this tattoo that looks like a ball sack

(Picture: Twitter/Gutphobia)

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s a questionable tattoo.

The collective, ‘Hahahahaha oh god I’m so happy that’s not etched on me’ is deafening.

Remember the guy who got the same tattoo as his dog, in an act of kindness, thinking his previous owners had cruelly tattooed him – before being informed that it was a neuter symbol? Classic.

Then there was the British guy who got Taiwan tattooed onto his head in Chinese, the model left crying purple tears after her eyeball tattoo went wrong, and the man who got a beard made out of the… Read the full story

5 ways I’m going to use mindfulness to improve my Christmas

The Chrismas season goes by so fast it can be hard to really enjoy the moment (Picture: Getty)

The John Lewis marketing agency will no doubt be polishing the final edit of its new Christmas ad.

metro illustrationsA rub-on contraceptive gel for men is being trialled next year

Meanwhile, over at Sainsbury’s HQ they’ll be wondering if they’ll ever recapture the magic of Mog’s Christmas Calamity from 2015 (can anyone remember the 2016 ad by the way?)

The lights are going up, the mince pies are on sale and every garden centre is decorated in sparkles and tinsel to within an inch of its… Read the full story

A cat who was left severely burnt in a garden fire has found a new home


A kitten who was severely burned after a garden fire has found a forever home this Christmas.

Phoenix, a wild cat, was only six weeks old when she was trapped in rubble beneath a burning shed in Cleadon, South Tyneside.

She was left with severe injuries – her fur was almost completely singed off and she suffered burns to her skin, paws, and eyes after she… Read the full story

What does teabagging mean and how do you do it?

(Picture: Getty)

Why are we talking about teabagging today, just a few days before Christmas? Why are we ruining your cups of tea by chatting about suckling on someone’s testicles?

Well, dear friends. It’s all thanks to a cheeky little Poundland advert, which showed an elf gleefully dangling a Twinings teabag (Twinings has since come out to say they don’t approve of their teabags being used in such a way) on to Barbie’s face, as she lay, rigid, wearing a ‘power’ T-shirt.

I’m sure for many of us the meaning of the ad sunk in pretty quickly, and we either felt the whole thing was a little off or we let… Read the full story

The weird truth behind some of your favourite Christmas traditions

The truth behind your favourite Christmas traditions (Sirena) getty images
(Picture: Getty)

Perhaps more than any other time of year, Christmas is based around traditions.

These include everything from the customs we picked up from our parents as children and continue to recreate, to the strange little rituals we build as adults and repeat every year.

(Picture: New Line Cinema)Buddy the Elf quotes that will get you in the Christmas spirit

They give us a sense of comfort and help punctuate the passage of time.

There are some traditions that are incredibly common in the UK, which even if you don’t… Read the full story

How to order Starbucks Christmas drinks after Christmas

How to order Starbucks Christmas drinks after Christmas for web Picture: Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

As if the end of Christmas isn’t miserable enough, it’s worse having to give up the food and drink that comes with it.

Mince pies we can just about get on board with giving up

But Starbucks’ Christmas drinks? We’re dreading going back to a standard latte again.

Don’t spend too long worrying because you’ll still be able to enjoy your favourite festive drink from the chain according to insiders.

Although the Eggnog Latte, Gingerbread Latte, Toffee Nut Latte and the Fudge Hot Chocolate will only be officially on sale for the rest of December, you’ll still be able to… Read the full story

Study shows that married people are more satisfied with life than the rest of us

metro illustrations
Look at these two happily being happy that they’re happy, probably on a #DateNight (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Ugh, married people, am I right?

They’re all up in our grills on social media, posting pics of each other and writing long, heartfelt captions that would probably be better off sent as private messages. Or, you know, said in person seeing how YOU LIVE WITH EACH OTHER.

They’re the ones who touch your arm lightly at social gatherings while cocking their heads and reassuring you that, ‘You will find someone soon’ even if you’re not actually looking because hello, modern dating is a pit of despair.

I’ve always thought… Read the full story

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