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Photographer makes billboards to portray the corporate greed of major brands

(Picture: Igor Dobrowolski)

A street photographer has created a series of billboards to highlight the corporate greed of major brands.

In one, Ronald McDonald is seen with a dustbin covering his head.

In another, a child sobs as bombs covered in red ribbons are thrown down onto a child.

So why did Igor Dobrowolski focus on brands? He tells Metro.co.uk his motivation was because ‘corporate greed leads to the greatest destruction of the environment in history which may block the possibility of any future.

‘It uses people in an inhuman way.’

Sleeping less than eight hours a night makes you more likely to experience intrusive thoughts

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Add this to the massive list of reasons to skip the late-night Netflix sesh and have an early night.

New research suggests that sleeping for less than the recommended eight hours a night could make you more likely to experience intrusive, repetitive thoughts – a symptom commonly seen in those with anxiety and depression.

A study from Binghamton University involved assessing the timing and duration of sleep in people with moderate to high levels of repetitive negative thoughts (such as obsessive thoughts over locked doors and light switches, or going over and over an embarrassing thing you did that day).

Participants were shown different images intended to trigger an… Read the full story

How much sleep do you need each night?

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler fot Metro.co.uk)

Is there anything more contemptible than people who can jump up as soon as their alarm sounds in the morning?

Photographer captures post-wedding photos with brides and their cats

Plenty of us suffer from tiredness and struggle to get up for work, which is caused by a number of factors from poor quality sleep to simply not enough of it.

But what is the right amount of sleep per night, and how do we make the most of the time we have?

These were the most popular pet names in 2017

(Picture: Getty)

We’ve already covered the top names humans handed out to cats and dogs last year.

But guys, cats and dogs are not the only pets, and we cannot bear leaving out the other animals who bring us so much joy.

Thankfully Pets at Home has sorted us right out by finding out the most popular pet names from 2017, surveying all the new additions to their VIP club.

Instead of just focusing on cats and dogs (those are mentioned though, don’t worry), they tracked birds, horses, reptiles, and even fish. Because all pets matter.

Take a browse of the top names below, and give yourself a pat on the… Read the full story

PETA is asking Greggs to launch a vegan sausage roll

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Greggs is an institution of British culture.

But if we were tasked with thinking of places to take a vegan mate for lunch, Greggs wouldn’t be near the top of the list. Their specialty is more along the lines of meat wrapped in buttery pastry than seitan.

PETA wants to change things (as they so often do).

The animal rights charity has launched a petition for Greggs do us all us veggies and vegans a favour by making a vegan sausage roll.

Imagine, meat-free pals. Imagine being able to nip into greggs for a pastry covered treat that doesn’t compromise our food-based ethics? Hooray!

‘Greggs says it’s “committed to doing the right thing”… Read the full story

Dry January app: How it will help you give up the drink

Are you abstaining from alcohol this month? (Picture: Getty Images)

Alcohol Concern has challenged people to abstain from booze for a month with its Dry January campaign.

You may be feeling the effects of over-indulging during the Christmas festivities, and you may want to give your body a break from beer, wine and spirits. After all – your body is a temple.

The main purpose of the campaign is to educate people about the health benefits of abstaining from alcohol. To help us along there’s a Dry January app to monitor progress.

What are the benefits of Dry January and how can the app help?

A recent report has suggested more than three million… Read the full story

7 reasons why you should visit Argentina’s wine regions


We’ve been doing it wrong, guys – the answer to your January blues doesn’t have to involve sand between your toes.

Instead, escape to Argentina’s wine regions for endless vineyards, the most delicious vino, and some of the world’s best steaks.

La pazHere are all the great things you need to do in Bolivia

Want to go on a lazy horse-ride to a wine-tasting? Swim in the pools of the most luxurious hotels with panoramic views of mountains? Even have a bath in the delicious grape-stuff?

You can do all those and more in Argentina.

February will be here before you know it, and in central and northern Argentina’s wine regions, that means high summer and the start of harvest time.

13 men tell us the things that would make them swipe left on Tinder

Love is so goddamn hard (Picture: Getty; Shutterstock; Metro.co.uk)

So I wrote a probably award-winning blog about Tinder. More specifically, how men f*** up their Tinder profiles.

I’ve received several letters (none) from men about this piece – suggesting focusing on the hairier sex was plain old misandry.

• Xx girls tell us the things that would put them off a tinder profile (Bibi) picture: Getty/Metro.co.ukWhat turns women off your Tinder profile? 9 women tell us

My response? Don’t you ever make me reach for a dictionary again – and shut yer sensitive faces. I totally love and respect you fools.

The first… Read the full story

From Wales to Australia: This incredible guy literally walked to the other side of the world for charity


Many of us have taken part in a charity venture at one time or another.

Some may have tried a sponsored bike ride at school. Others, a charity skydive.

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life? Completed it, mate.

5 of the best things to do in Lombok, Bali’s up and coming neighbour

These are admirable efforts. Giving up your time and energy to raise money for others is commendable – although, let’s face it, you wanted to skydive anyway.

But how many of you would be willing to literally walk across the world to raise awareness and funds for your favourite charity?

How many of you would consider risking your lives in dangerous areas?

How about suffering through dehydration in soaring temperatures, or freezing your bits off in snowy, mountainous regions?

Well, one person actually did that walk.

Instagram Photo

Arjun Bhogal is an ordinary guy.

He was born in London, went to… Read the full story

You’ve been pouring beer all wrong – and that’s leaving you bloated

(Picture: Getty)

Beer can be a real b*tch when it comes to making us feel bloated.

Although there’s nothing quite like an ice cold pint to quench the thirst, it can cause all manner of problems for those of us who already struggle with digestive issues.

You might put this down to the glutenous profile of beer – it is, after all, made from hops.

But according to Max Bakker, the only Master Cicerone in New York (a certification that recognises exceptional understanding of beer brewing and pairing), much of the bloating caused by beer comes from the way it’s poured.

We all think that tilting the glass and pouring slowly creates the perfect, headless… Read the full story

Body positivity activist shuts down trolls who say she doesn’t deserve her boyfriend

(Picture: yourstruelymelly/Instagram)

The body positivity movement is still in full swing.

But there are still a load of cavemen types out there who refuse to be dragged into 2018, and who are determined to shut down anyone who’s happy with being bigger than a size 12.

Take plus-size blogger Melissa Gibson, for example.

She’s pretty big in the body positivity world and she regularly shares empowering photos to try to encourage other women to take pride in their bodies.

On New Year’s Eve, she posted a photo of her and her boyfriend, Johnathon, celebrating.

Yep, just a pic of one woman sharing a NYE kiss with her beau.

And that was too much for some people.

‘Go… Read the full story

Childbirth photographer shares the best candid snaps of mums in labour

(Picture: Lacey Barratt/ laceybarratt.com.au / Caters News)

It might not be for the faint-hearted but for Lacey Barratt, it’s her job to photograph the most real and honest moments of life.

She takes unapologetic, powerful pictures of women giving birth.

The Melbourne photographer whose candid images frequently go viral for their honest depictions of childbirth and motherhood, has revealed her 2017 roundup of her best pictures.

The 30-year-old snapper and doula has received global acclaim for her honest, thought-provoking and heart-wrenching images of mothers in labour with their newborns.

Dry January: 6 people share their experiences of going sober

Please don't call your Dry January mates 'boring'
This month, there will be a lot of soft drinks ordered (Picture: Getty/Dean Noroozi)

It’s that time of year again, when one in six Britons gives up the national pastime of downing booze, and decides to go sober for a month.

Dry January was an initiative launched by Alcohol Concern in 2014 and has since gained quite a following.

METRO GRAPHICS13 sobering facts about alcohol to help you through dry January

After the debauchery of the Christmas season, it turns out quite a lot of us are keen to detox in the new year.

It… Read the full story

You have ancient giant sloth poo to thank for your avocado toast today

(Picture: Getty)

Listen up, avo toast munchers.

The next time you go about smashing up your favourite green fruit, just say a little thank you to our friends, the old giant sloth.

Because it’s them we have to thank for our current avo obsession.

According to the American Museum of National History, the ancient 15” sloth enjoyed eating avocadoes whole.

As they travelled around the land throughout the Cenozoic era, they pooed out the stones and avocado fruits started to grow in new areas around what’s now North and South America.

The Lestodon (the giant sloth) was one of the few creatures at the time who could stomach eating whole avocados – stones and all.

And if it… Read the full story

Someone’s making swimming caps specifically for black hair

(Picture: swimma_caps/Instagram)

Afro hair is amazing but it does have its downsides.

It takes forever to wash and dry. It can be bloody painful having it styled. No hats fit.

And as for swimming caps, forget it. Those tiny plastic napkins barely fit around a bald head, let alone your lush locs.

You end up with a massive gap underneath between cap and skin, which inevitably leads to your hair becoming waterlogged and heavy – which is hardly conducive to being streamlined.

Which is why one South African entrepreneur has come up with Swimma Cap – a new kind of swimming cap designed specifically for black hair.

‘I often avoided going swimming because I could not… Read the full story

No Cadbury, you can’t sell Freddos for 99p

99p Freddos! an OUTRAGE!
(Picture: bridiepjones/Twitter)

I know I sound a thousand years old, but back in my day, Freddos were only 10p – the rightful price.

So you can imagine the natural outrage that I, along with all the 90s kids who grew up chomping on the frog-shaped treat, when the minuscule chocolate bars were spotted at 99p in a Kingdom of Sweets store in London.

The Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate has been the cause of much concern and amusement in the last two decades as the price has continued to inflate.

For tearful millennials feeling nostalgic, Voucherland has even conducted extensive research into the inflation of sweet childhood favourites, if you… Read the full story

Lack of self confidence is killing female entrepreneurship

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

In the last ten years, thousands of small creative businesses have sprung up all over the UK, contributing £3.6bn gross value to the UK economy.

The creative industry has given people the flexibility to work their own hours and set their own rules – which is probably why it’s so appealing to many people.

While it has its many benefits, however, women are more reluctant to start their own businesses compared to men.

The number one reason behind this seems to be finding the right sales channels for their business, followed by taking ‘just an idea’ into a scalable business that can be grown and promoted.

But importantly, the… Read the full story

Are poor people less likely to have a successful marriage?

Metro Illustrations
(Picture: Monika Muffin)

Couples who marry later are said to last longer and report feeling happier in their marriage, according to a special report by The Economist.

And despite changing attitudes to monogamy and divorce, a recent survey of young British people has found that they are hopeful of finding The One, with 93% still aspiring to marry.

But are some people predisposed to have more successful marriages than others?

Older, middle class, and educated couples who find someone of the same rank are said to be more likely to have a long-lasting marriage and produce children who are equally successful.

‘Working classes have become much less likely to marry than the middle… Read the full story

Eating fry-ups during pregnancy can apparently boost babies’ intelligence

(Picture: Getty)

If you’re sitting down to a big fry-up this morning and you’re preggo, then congratulate yourself on doing your growing foetus a favour.

Because according to a new study, eating eggs and bacon during the last three months of pregnancy can improve your baby’s IQ.

Why? Because both foods are rich in choline, a nutrient that many women don’t get enough of.

The link between increased levels of choline and higher IQ has previously been established in mice, but has only just been proven in humans.

Researchers from Cornell Universtiy divided 26 people into two groups, with half the women receiving 480mg a day of choline – slightly more than the recommended 450mg. The other… Read the full story

Things to do in Dry January when you are not drinking

(Picture: Getty)

Huge well done to people who have already come this far in Dry January.

It’s no easy feat in our drinking-obsessed culture and, whether you’re doing it for charity or just for your own satisfaction, it takes a lot of effort.

Eating fry-ups during pregnancy can apparently boost babies' intelligence

Even if you’re absolutely smashing it when you’re on your own, there’s still the temptation that comes with being in social situations where drinking is often the focus. That might cause you to retreat and be completely bored or lapse and give in to drinking.

So, the best thing to do is find other things to… Read the full story

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