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‘The fairies hid my toothbrush’: 16 reasons my kids are late for school

Late, again? (Picture: Getty)

Before my children actually started school I assumed that getting them there would be easy.

After all, they are the kids, I am the grown-up and they will do as I say, right?

Painting-&-Patience_Illustration_LibertyAntoniaSadler_Metro13 New Year’s resolutions parents have probably already broken

I had pictured us all having a leisurely family breakfast around the table and everyone would eat their food in less than three hours.

I also thought that my daughters would actually give a sh*t about being late for school.

But as with so many things in parenthood, I was wrong.

I am late for school most days.

On… Read the full story

The perfect bacon sandwich is made with white bread and ketchup

The perfect bacon sandwich
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Everyone remain calm: The ‘what is the correct way to serve a bacon sandwich’ debate may have been officially settled.

Finally, no more shouting matches over brown sauce.

A survey of 2,000 adults in the UK, commissioned by Holiday Inn Express found that the perfect way to have a bacon sandwich is on untoasted white bread with ketchup.

The bread should be buttered and the ketchup should be an evenly spread layer.

That’s the majority’s vote, and as bacon sandwiches are a democracy, that means that a bacon sarnie on white bread with ketchup is the correct way to do things. Chuck out your brown sauce, you revolutionist rebels.

Those… Read the full story

I’m not a bridezilla, but there’s no way in hell I’m letting someone else plan my hen party

Picture of hen party props including L plates
The idea of having a hen party fills me with dread (Picture: Getty)

For some reason, I’m finding the thought of my hen party far more terrifying than the actual wedding.

I’m a bundle of anxiety at the best of times, and a control freak to boot, so it won’t surprise anyone who knows me (or who has read even one of my articles) to learn that I’ll be planning my own hen do, thanks very much.

Why choosing my bridesmaids has been the hardest part of wedding planning

Yes, I know it’s against tradition.

Yes,… Read the full story

Video of child’s squeezy pirate squirting out mould is a reminder for parents to throw out old toys


An important reminder to all parents to stop letting kids use squeezy toys in the bath – and to make sure any bathtime toy is properly dried out before being used again.

In a video first shared on YouTube two years ago, a dad called Jack Toepfer squeezes a pirate toy to release black mould inside the bathtub.

That indicates that mould could be sitting inside squeezy toys used in the bathtub, lurking in there with no easy way to entirely clean it away.

‘Any toys that hold water,… Read the full story

Diet Coke launches new fruity flavours in fancy cans

New Diet Coke flavours
(Picture: The Coca-Cola Co. via AP)

Bored of the same old Coke taste?

Don’t wander over to the aisle of juice and flavoured water in a haze. Diet Coke is here to reel you back over to their side with a bunch of new flavours.

They’re a little bit out there, sure. We can’t imagine liking Diet Coke mixed with ‘zesty blood orange’. But Coca-Cola has done this for you, those who are easily lured away by the promise of fizzy fruit.

On Wednesday Coca-Cola announced changes to Diet Coke’s can design, along with new flavours and a new marketing campaign.

The new can is taller and slimmer, and has a… Read the full story

It’s official: Mourn for the loss of the old Irn-Bru you know and love

Barr are reducing the sugar in Irn Bru, the traitors
Barr are reducing the sugar in Irn Bru, the traitors

It’s official. Scotland is now in mourning for the passing of their beloved Irn-Bru – gone, but not forgotten.

Back in March 2017 AG Barr announced that they’d be dramatically reducing the amount of sugar in Irn-Bru as a way to avoid the looming sugar tax.

While Coca Cola has responded to the tax by upping the prices of their bottles, AG Barr made the controversial decision to change Irn-Bru’s recipe, reducing the amount of sugar from 10.3g per 100ml to just 5g per 100ml.

The news caused… Read the full story

Meghan Markle’s Marks & Spencer jumper is back in stock – but be quick if you want to buy it

Will M&S get jumper back in stock?
You can now get your hands on Marks & Spencer’s most sought-after jumper once again (Picture: AFP PHOTO / POOL / Dominic LipinskiDOMINIC LIPINSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Meghan Markle‘s now iconic Marks & Spencer jumper is back in stock – but be quick if you want to get your hands on it.

The black round-neck bell sleeve jumper became an internet sensation after Meghan wore it to Brixton radio station Reprezent FM on Tuesday.

Hidden underneath her Smythe coat at first, pictures of her from inside the radio station show the jumper in all its glory – a black knit with bell sleeves and a high… Read the full story

11 ways to soothe your sensitive skin in winter

A woman wrapped in a hat and scarf
You can’t completely stop the cold and wind from getting to your face (Picture: Getty)

Winter weather and central heating play havoc with sensitive skin.

Beauty resolutions to stick to in the new year11 beauty resolutions to stick to in 2018

Some people are blessed with a rosy-cheeked natural glow come the colder months but for those of us who suffer from harsh temperature changes, it’s a constant battle against dry patches, cracked lips, redness and tightness.

There’s no miracle cure or magic potion, however there are some valuable nuggets of advice that really do… Read the full story

Women who live in the countryside start having sex earlier

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

If your parents moved from the big city to a small village in order to give you a more innocent childhood, they might have been barking up the wrong tree. 

New research from the Center for Disease Control and Protection has found that women who live in rural areas are considerably more likely to become sexually active earlier, compared to women who live in cities.

Women who live in rural areas became sexually active on average aged 16.6 years, whereas city dwelling women became sexually active almost a year later, averaging their first time at the age of 17.4.

The research, which was conduced by the… Read the full story

Do brands like H&M and Pepsi advertise offensively on purpose?

H&M racist jumper
(Picture: H&M)

The latest offensive advertising scam has just outraged the public.

H&M felt the wrath after marketing a children’s hoody with the words ‘coolest monkey in the world’ – using a black model – which was deemed racist.

Musicians The Weeknd and G-Eazy have pulled out of their campaigns with the Swedish brand and countless people online have slammed the move, especially as the white child model was given a ‘survival expert’ jumper.

H&M told Metro.co.uk that as they are in their corporate silent period, they will not be providing a comment.

Shortly after, they came out with an apology on Twitter saying they’d just got… Read the full story

Naughty beagle mix Kevin gets caught with his head stuck in a cheeseburger box


Is it weird how strongly we relate to Kevin the beagle mix, a dog who found himself in an embarrassing situation after digging through the bin to find food?

Jason Allinson, 32, returned home from the gym to find piles of rubbish all over his floor.

It wasn’t tricky to find the culprit. With a quick look around the corner of his living room, Jason spotted his eight-year-old rescue dog, Kevin, with his head stuck in an empty cardboard box previously filled with cheeseburgers.

Turned out Kevin had been a… Read the full story

Ann Summers is now making gym clothes

(Picture: Ann Summers)

If I say Ann Summers, what’s the first word that comes to mind? 

Sex? Sex toys? Rampant rabbit?

Probably not ‘gym’.

But, despite the fact it’s not exactly what they’re famous for, Ann Summers is taking a leap into the active wear market and honestly we’re quite into their designs.

With the athleisure trend blurring the lines between gym wear and every day clothing, maybe it was only a matter of time until someone afforded the women to get a little bit sexier while working out.

The designs err on the side of caution, so you won’t end up looking like an extra from a Christina Aguilera video circa 2005, but there’s definitely… Read the full story

Gucci’s opened a restaurant in Florence because pasta is timeless

(Picture: Gucci/Instagram)

You might think the fashion industry is pretty anti-food.

Go to any London Fashion Week show and you’ll be able to eat your weight in flavoured popcorn but you can’t find a snack of substance for love nor money.

Over in Italy, however, carbs are more in Vogue than ever, because Gucci’s just opened a restaurant in Florence.

Gucci Osteria, based inside the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia, is a fine dining experience (what else would it be?) that forms part of the brand’s Gucci Garden – a museum space dedicated to the label.

Opening today for the first time, the restaurant will be serving up dishes between 12pm and 8.30pm, with the menu… Read the full story

Mum calls out Instagram for removing photo of her child for racist comments

(Picture: Jordyn Jones/Instagram)

When Jordyn Jones shared a photo of her daughter walking on the beach sporting a hefty tan, she couldn’t have anticipated the barrage of abuse that was to come her way.

She uploaded the picture of toddler Winter to her 94,000 followers – only for several people to start attacking her in the comments, calling her daughter’s skin ‘disgusting’.

‘It’s disgusting to see how dark your daughter’s skin in,’ said one person.

‘Have you heard of suncream? How about you start using it before your kid looks 40 at four. Horrible mother.’

Jordyn lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, where temperatures this week are predicted to go up to 34’C, and… Read the full story

You can now stay in a luxury Harry Potter themed apartment for £150 a night

(Picture: SWNS)

A luxury apartment dedicated to the Harry Potter franchise has opened to visitors.

Harry Potter fans will now have the chance to spend a night at Hogwarts thanks to the Potter-themed apartment that’s just opened in the Scottish Capital – the birthplace of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter books.

The magical apartment is the brainchild of Hogwarts super fan Yue Gao.

Read the full story

7 things I learnt after being admitted to the psych ward

inside a psychiatric hospital
Being a psychiatric inpatient was a distressing, dehumanising experience (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Depression has been a part of my life since I was a teenager.

Over the years, I’ve become all too familiar with these periods of darkness, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I’d be admitted to a mental health hospital.

How it feels to be partly recovered from depression

Being a psychiatric inpatient was a distressing, dehumanising experience, but nevertheless, those weeks of misery opened my eyes to some new truths.

These are some of the things I learnt during… Read the full story

If you’ve ever wanted Emmeline Pankhurst to give you an orgasm, here’s your chance

(Picture: Getty/Metro)

A top London sex boutique has named a vibrator after a suffragette. 

Yes, that sentence might sound like it was created by a game of Cards Against Humanity, but honestly, it’s true. They really have made a vibrator – sorry, to use the correct term ‘pleasure wand’ – and named it after one of the women who dedicated her life to getting women the vote. Emmeline Pankhurst.

It’s not entirely clear why Coco de Mer thought that people would want to shove a Victorian human rights activist up their tinker, but hey, each to their own.

The ‘wand’ in question costs a hefty £130 (it’s a really fancy shop) and is… Read the full story

Marks & Spencer in with a shot of designing Meghan Markle’s wedding dress after jumper hype

Meghan Markle Marks & Spencer
Meghan Markle is yet to announce the designer for her wedding dress (Picture: Getty Images)

After Meghan Markle threw her support behind British brand Marks & Spencer by wearing one of the store’s jumpers, speculation they will be design her wedding dress is mounting.

Meghan made her second royal engagement with Prince Harry on Tuesday, visiting Brixton’s Reprezent Radio station to see the work they are doing with youth in the area.

But it was the labels she had chosen to, ahem, Reprezent which were the real talking point, with the royal bride-to-be decked out head-to-foot in British designers.

Read the full story

Oliver’s Travels is a site dedicated to ranking how veggie-friendly countries are

(Picture: MylesGoode)

Travelling when you’re a vegetarian or vegan can be a pain in the proverbial.

It’s ok at home – you know where to eat and you can cook up all kinds of delicious plant-based food.

But on holiday, you can find yourself being forced to chow down on side salads and rice.

It’s like vegetarianism has completely skipped some parts of the globe.

Fortunately, there’s now a really simple way of planning your travels and making sure that you remain well fed as you go.

Travel website Oliver’s Travels have put together a map of the world’s most vegetarian-friendly countries.

Taking three factors into account, the overall Global Vegetarian Index Score for each… Read the full story

Criticisms of prepared packaged food completely ignore the thousands of people in the UK living with a disability

(Picture: Twitter/Metro.co.uk)

Awareness of the effect that plastic has on our planet has risen dramatically in recent years.

Landfills are piling up and Blue Planet showed us the damage that we are doing in the ocean due to our use of unrecyclable plastics.

We are more proactive than ever in cutting down our use of these materials, but we still have a long way to go.

Logic says that we simply remove pointless uses of plastic, right?

We’ve started charging for plastic bags, a scheme that that is widely considered a success, leading to a reduction of nearly 90% in their use.

But now there’s a new target: Pre-prepared food, mainly fruit… Read the full story

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