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Browliner is the grownup take on glitter you need to try

browliner makeup trend
Picture: Instagram/browfelicia)

Attention, please. As we say a much-needed farewell to all the truly bizarre things we did to our eyebrows in 2017, it’s time to usher in a new set of trends focusing on the little hairs above our eyelids.

And this time, let’s actually make them wearable, yeah? Squiggle brows were never going to take off beyond Instagram.

The first brow trend to hit in the new year is browliner.

First spotted on BrowFelicia, we reckon this look could be the way to do eye makeup for big nights out and cool fashion parties in 2018.

You do it as so: Take a liner – in the case of BrowFelicia it’s a… Read the full story

Giving your pets a raw meat diet isn’t a good idea

Raw pet food trend is not a good idea picture: Getty Images
(Picture: Getty Images/metro.co.uk)

You, holding the slab of meat, stop right there.

We know you probably think you’re doing a lovely thing for your cat or dog by giving them fresh, uncooked meat (that’s what they’d eat in the wild, right?), but it turns out that a raw food diet really isn’t the best option for your pets.

New research from Utrecht University in the Netherlands suggests that in addition to a lack of evidence for any health benefits, raw meat diets for pets can cause dental and gut injuries, growth problems, deficiencies in certain nutrients, and infection.

It’s noted that raw… Read the full story

When is the Boots 70% off sale 2018?

Boots nappies
(Picture: Jason Alden/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The Boots sale is always a treat for bargain hunters.

The 50% off sale is currently underway, but each year the retailer puts these discounts down to a whopping 70% off to clear stock.

Shoppers are keen to know when they can get their hands on these deals, but Boots are being tight-lipped about the exact timing.

Read the full story

Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic are launching a makeup line

(Picture: Kim Kardashian West)

Is there nothing that Kimmy K won’t turn her hand to? 

Modelling, music videos, computer games, singing – may Jam (Turn It Up) never be forgotten – and of course cosmetics.

KKW already has her own cosmetics range, KKW Beauty which made a huge splash when it launched last year. But now she’s teaming up with her long time makeup artist and friend Mario Dedivanovic to create a collaboration.

Mario and Kim have previously worked together to present makeup tutorials, but this will be the first product to have both of their names on it. Unsurprisingly, beauty fans are seriously excited.

Read the full story

We really need to stop calling people living with a chronic illness ‘brave’

(Picture: Charlotte Cockell / metro.co.uk)

As someone who lives with a chronic illness, one thing I really can’t stand is being called ‘brave’.

I was first told I was ‘brave’ after undergoing emergency surgery to remove my large bowel after an attack of ulcerative colitis, a form of inflammatory bowel disease. I was given a stoma bag, where the end of my small intestine was stitched to the outside of my abdomen to release waste into an ostomy bag.

This, in turn, was another reason I was called ‘brave’.

I get it. Some people think I was brave to go through the surgery and to be given a stoma bag. But I don’t… Read the full story

10 of the best gluten-free fish and chips around the UK

Your guide to the best gluten-free fish and chips
Fish and chips doesn’t have to contain gluten (Picture: Various)

When I went gluten-free several years ago, there was one thing I missed the most: fish and chips. 

Yet, these are usually not remotely gluten-free friendly.

The 10 best gluten-free ready meals for when you can’t be bothered to cook (Jenna Farmer)8 gluten-free ready meals you need to try

Not only is the batter made with wheat flour but even the chips are out of the question since products are often cooked in the same fryer, which causes cross contamination. No, deep-frying doesn’t kill… Read the full story

Sneating is the new dating trend you need to watch out for

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Have you ever been on a date when the person you’re out with orders all of the most expensive items on the menu then goes ahead and chows down while making next to no effort to chat to you?

Think grunts in response to questions, wearing sweatpants instead of a date outfit, and making more eye contact with their lobster ravioli than with you.

Well, you were being sneated.

Being sneated – or sneating (sneakily cheating your way into eating a free meal) – is a new dating term we here at Metro.co.uk have come up with for those who’ve had their wallet totally taken advantage of… Read the full story

When does flu season end?

(Credit: Getty)

Recently, UK doctors have been panicking about a severe outbreak of Australian flu.

Flu in general can be fatal, and this strain is particularly dangerous.

If you’re worried about getting flu, it’s a good idea to find out when the season starts and ends so you can be prepared.

(Credit: Getty)

When is flu season?

Typically, flu season can start as… Read the full story

Kiss A Ginger Day: These meow-vellous ginger cats are all in need of homes

Cats Protection ginger cat
(Picture: Cats Protection)

You may or may not have noticed but it’s Kiss A Ginger Day.

It’s a very special day in the calendar when we’re reminded that yes, ginger people do actually have souls.

Kiss A Ginger Day was started in 2009 by Derek Forgie, who was sick of eye rolling at the really rather mean annual Kick A Ginger Day, which takes place in November.

People with ginger hair have long been the butt of playground jokes, and for some reason, people who have morphed into fully grown humans think it’s okay to take this weird prejudice into their adult life.

What… Read the full story

Vera Wang and Laduree have collaborated to make the worlds chicest cakes

Sexy little biscuits. (Picture: Vera Wang)

The Queen of bridal chic-ness is Vera Wang. 

The King of confectionery is Laduree.

So the fact that those two have never got together to make the worlds most high-end wedding cake is, on balance, quite surprising.

The collection features a coconut crème Chantilly macaron as well as a mango and coconut wedding cake. The recipes were created by Laduree, drawing inspiration from Vera Wang’s iconic bridal designs.

We’ve got a pretty strong vision of what the wedding these belong at looks like, and it’s probably not your local registry office followed by a piss-up at the pub…

This is what an orgasm looks like when it’s turned in to a work of art

(Picture: Lioness)

Have you ever wondered what your orgasm looks like? 

We’re not talking about what your face or body looks like (best you don’t know – worrying about that odd thing you do with your eyebrows can be quite the buzz kill) but rather what an actual visual representation of an orgasm would look like.

Well, the team at Lioness, a sexual health start up, decided that they wanted to answer this question, so using their invention, the Lioness vibrator, they set about finding out.

The Lioness vibrator is a relatively classic style – it has a shaft and a clitoral stimulator. But that’s where the normality stops. Because the vibrator takes… Read the full story

Should restaurants be responsible for how much we drink?

Should a restaurant be responsible for how much we drink?
Sometimes it’s not as simple as saying no (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

About two drinks into a meal that’s looking more boozy than your average dinner, my friend turned to me and asked whether restaurants sometimes served too much alcohol.

It was a couple of months ago and the meal we were sitting down to involved several courses with alcoholic interludes.

This is what happens when the man behind one of the world’s best bars turns his hands to restaurants

This wasn’t all that unusual in the restaurant world.

There are many restaurants in… Read the full story

Super-hotness aside, what makes men swipe right on Tinder profiles?

things that will make guys swipe right on Tinder
It’s not just about body parts (Picture: Getty/Tinder)

I wrote a beautiful lil’ blog about Tinder – more specifically, what makes women swipe right on a profile.

We took away the ‘because I wanted to dry-hump my iPhone when I saw his photo’ option (and disinfected it) and asked what profile qualities – other than super-hotness – would sufficiently move the ladies to flick east.

METRO ILLUSTRATIONSWhat makes women swipe right on Tinder profiles? 10 ladies tell us

Today I’m asking men the same question: Cuteness aside, what makes you feel a Tinder… Read the full story

When is Pongal 2018? Images, messages and greetings for the Tamil festival

(Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The Thai Pongal is a festival held in January and celebrated by Tamil people across the world.

The origins of the festival date back over 1,000 years, also referred to as Makara Sankranti, is referenced in the classic work of Hindu astrology, the Surya Siddhanta.

But, what is Pongal and how do people mark the occasion?

An Indian student… Read the full story

Sex education is failing to teach teenage girls about safe lesbian sex

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Imagine if the majority of teenagers didn’t know that you could catch an STI through penetrative sex without a condom?

That’d be an outrage, right? A sign that sex education is failing to teach teenagers about the need for safe sex?

That’s the situation for lesbian and bisexual girls, who new research suggests are being majorly let down by sex and relationships education.

A new study led by researchers at the Centre for Innovative Public Health Research in collaboration with researchers at the University of British Columbia and the City University of New York found that the majority of lesbian and bisexual girls in the U.S. don’t… Read the full story

Food-loving couple organise grub themed pre-wedding shoot

‘I do-nut’. (Picture: Samsara Photography)

Let’s be real – pre-wedding shoots are usually incredibly lame.

Professional photos of you feigning intimate moments with bae (for some reason, often in woodland) that you’ll use as your Facebook profile and cover photo forevermore (or at last until you get those wedding day ones)? *shudders*

There are some exceptions to the rule though – like the woman who had a pre-wedding shoot with her terminally ill grandma. And the groom and groomsman who did their own bromantic shoot? They were great.

We’ve got another one to add to the list – a Mumbai couple who organised a shoot involving all… Read the full story

What is microcheating and are you a little bit guilty of it?

Doomed love: Can an affair ever turn into a healthy relationship?
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Cheating is a complicated beast. 

We all think that we know what cheating entails, until we start discussing it, at which point it becomes clear that everyone has a different definition.

Is kissing cheating? Does it count if you’ve only been going out for a couple of weeks? What about messaging? If your partner is confiding their deepest secrets in another person and lying about it – is that an emotional affair or just an extra marital friendship?

What about watching porn? Some people even think that high levels of masturbation constitute a betrayal, if it’s in lieu… Read the full story

Plus-size activist Jewelz wants to inspire people to reclaim the word ‘fat’

(Picture: Lauren Bridle / Barcroft Image)

Julianna Mazzei, who goes by Jewelz, hasn’t stepped on the scales for year.

She refuses to lose weight. She has no issues with posing in a bikini on a beach. She feels sexy and she loves her body.

So basically, she’s managed to shut out all the pressure to lose weight and look a certain way, and be entirely body confident. We could all learn from her.

Jewelz hasn’t always been body confident, mind you.

When she was younger she was regularly on the receiving end of nasty songs and name-calling, and was even dumped because of her size.

‘I hated school,’ says Jewelz. ‘There were so many times where… Read the full story

Sexual assault is not a problem we can solve with a ‘consent app’

Sexual assault is not a problem we can solve with a ‘consent app’ (Sirena)
It would be impossible to know whether someone ticked the consent box because they are pressured, scared or intoxicated, for example (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When there is a problem to be solved, our 21st century default is to turn to technology for solutions.

This is how we’ve managed to create a world where you can press a button on your phone and have an Uber waiting for you within minutes; where you can watch any movie or TV show you want at any time of day or night for a small monthly fee; where you can… Read the full story

Free gym passes you can get hold of across the UK today

(Picture: Getty)

It’s likely that the gyms have calmed down in terms of being so busy, as people cast aside resolutions and resign themselves to binge watching shows and eating pizza once again.

If you’re late to the party, but still want to get fit, you might want to try using a free gym pass.

They’re a great way to try a gym before committing to a membership, plus we all love a freebie.

Here are the best free passes available right now all over the UK.

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