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Men – it’s time you tried this fancy spa in Italy


I’ve written before about why men should not be ashamed about getting pampered at health spas and my latest trip to one in Italy has not changed my mind.

Despite what popular culture may have you believe, health retreats are not just for women and you can have a brilliant time there if you’re a man – whether you’re by yourself, with a mate or with a partner.

cape town table mountainWhy you should head to trendy Cape Town for your next break

I visited the Capovaticano Resort Thalasso and Spa in Costa degli Dei, on the south-west coast of Italy, and came up with a few reasons why you need to go there as well.

The location is perfect and it has brilliant views

What people don’t understand about mental health medication and weight gain

Medication can have unexpected side-effects (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

At age 15, I was referred to a psychiatrist for a serious episode of depression and anxiety (later known to be bipolar disorder).

With parental permission, I was put on an anti-psychotic medication olanzapine, to calm my mind.

metro illustrationsMedication really helps me manage my anxiety – so why are we so scared of it as a treatment?

What I didn’t know then, was that olanzapine is one of the worst drugs for weight gain, and although the drug calmed my mind, I put on several stone in weight.

As a vulnerable teenager,… Read the full story

Baby Brain is definitely real – here’s what actually happens to your mind when you’re pregnant

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Pregnancy is no walk in the park.

The swollen feet. The chalk cravings. The increased potential for poor mental health.

And to top it off, your brain turns into mush and you can’t remember where you left your keys.

Baby Brain or metal fog is something many women experience when they’re expecting, and now scientists have a much clearer idea of how pregnancy affects women’s brains.

Researchers from Deakin University have looked at the results of 20 existing studies on pregnancy and the brain in what is the first study of it’s kind – examining the cognitive function of 709 pregnant women… Read the full story

Should gyms stop ultra thin people from working out?


I used to go to a gym where an anorexic-looking woman regularly worked out.

And by regularly, I mean she was there every time I went.

She’d be on the gym floor for hours, slogging away on the treadmill for hours – not really going at any great pace but no doubt covering miles.

It was painful to watch her as she doggedly carried on, looking increasingly frail.

My mum’s got gym pals who spend entire days on stepper machines. I’ve swum alongside ill-looking women doing hundreds of laps in my local swimming pool. Most of us have clocked someone who regularly cycles marathons on static bikes.

Don’t gyms have a responsibility to reject these guys who are on a mission to exercise themselves into the ground?

It seems morally wrong to make money out of ill people.

Anorexia obviously comes with a whole host of health complications. You’re way more at risk from osteoporosis which means that your bones basically start crumbling – not ideal if… Read the full story

We all wish we had a boyfriend who cared as much about our new hair as this husband

(Picture: Praize Kirkwood/Instagram)

There’s nothing more annoying than spending hours at the hairdressers, only to come home and get NOTHING from your partner.

Don’t they realise you just spent three hours of your life getting preened? Don’t they understand that you blew £70 on looking fabulous? Don’t you deserve a goddamn compliment?

They just don’t notice this kind of thing.

But you know, #notallmen are like that. Not all dudes are useless at giving a crap about new haircuts (or at least pretending to).

Just look at Praize Kirkwood’s dad.

Her mum spent 20 years growing her dreads and a couple of days ago, finally decided to chop them all off.

Aldi’s looking for mystery shoppers and they’re giving £100 to people who get chosen

Aldi is giving away leftovers to anyone in need on Christmas Eve
(Picture: Getty)

Fancy getting a fortnight’s worth of groceries for free?

Of course, you do.

And here’s your opportunity: Aldi is looking for a number of mystery shoppers to go and review its supermarkets.

The budget store is offering a £100 gift card to anyone chosen for the role and all they want you to do is pop along to your local branch, spend the money and report back on your experience.

£100 might not get you very far in somewhere like Waitrose, but in Aldi, that’s bloody loads. And remember, Aldi recently won 50 gongs at the International Wine… Read the full story

Sun, snow, nature and luxury: how to experience the heights of St Moritz without putting on a set of skis

St Moritz, Switzerland
Stunning St Moritz (Picture: Carlton Hotel)

A winter holiday destination can’t get more glamorous than the spectacular Swiss mountain resort of St Moritz.

The Alpine town, which hugs the shores of its shimmering eponymous frozen lake, has attracted celebs, royals and glitterati for over 150 years.

Why Andermatt in the Swiss Alps should be your next weekend break

And you don’t need to ski to enjoy it.

In fact, millions of Brits are heading to the mountains each year, without a ski pass in sight.

Instead, they are indulging in fantastic food, luxurious spas and hotels, and sleigh rides through the snow, while… Read the full story

An introvert’s guide to house-sharing

(Picture: Getty/Metro)

Introverts need their alone time.

Personally, when I’ve been in social situation for too long, I feel absolutely drained.

It’s like the obligation of speaking to people and being ‘present’ is too much to bear for too long, and all I want to do is retreat.

If I had my way, I’d happily live in my own little cave, coming out every so often to see my parents and one or two friends.

In reality, though, I have to share a flat with other people. Mainly, because I’m not made of money and live in London, but also because if I die in the house, I’d rather someone finds me in a… Read the full story

11 signs you have been a backpacker in south-east Asia

Once a backpacker, always a backpacker (Picture: Getty)

A backpacking trip through south-east Asia has become almost a rite of passage for those leaving school, or just emerging from university.

We all wish we had a boyfriend who cared as much about our new hair as this husband

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia – these countries (among others) are brimming with Brits on a journey of self-discovery, usually through the medium of drinking too much and having sex with strangers.

Regrets are inevitable, but life-changing experiences are, too.

Education is all-consuming up until the end of your teens and early twenties, and then there’s the part where… Read the full story

There’s more to Florida than Disney World: why you should visit Tampa Bay

(Picture: Visit Tampa Bay)

When you think of Florida, many people will imagine the magic of Disney World and the sandy beaches of Miami.

But there’s so much more to it than Mickey Mouse and getting a tan.

Wynwood, Downtown, Little Havana and South Beach: The best places to visit in Miami

I learned this when I flew to Florida just recently to embark on a six-day trip to discover Tampa Bay and Bradenton.

The Tampa Bay region – population 3million – combines everything people love about Florida: roller coasters, Cuban culture, year-round outdoor activities and waterfront sunsets all in one destination.

The City of Tampa… Read the full story

Apparently, men should aim to date women half their age plus seven

(Photo by Debrocke/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

Dudes are always dating women many years younger than them.

George and Amal. Donald and Melania. Mary-Kate and Olivier – the list of famous age-gap couples is endless. Leonardo Di Caprio seems to have an age limit of about 25 for prospective girlfriends.

Men trading women in for ever younger models is nothing new but apparently, there’s an actual equation behind just how young the women men should date should be.

According to a book written back in 1901 by Max O’Rell, men should date women who are half their age plus seven.

‘I heard the other day a very good piece of advice, which I should like to repeat here, as I… Read the full story

Why is body hair only celebrated when it’s on petite white women?

(Picture: Backgrid)

For centuries, the patriarchy has imposed sanctions on women’s bodies that have made it aesthetically pleasing to be hairless.

Many feminists have tried to reclaim body hair and tear down the sexist bullsh*t by letting it grow out. Others have stopped getting rid of their hair for sheer convenience.

But if you scour the internet and social media for examples of women who are taking a stand and letting their body hair flow freely, you’ll be met with a tonne of skinny, white women who are shown as edgy for embracing such a radical notion.

As encouraging as it is to see such women look totally badass in their natural state,… Read the full story

How women form friendships through compliments

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Have you ever gone to a bathroom on a night out and randomly made friends with a perfect female stranger?

Women manage to make gal pals in the most unlikely of places – be that in the office or Uber pool.

Chances are all those encounters started off with one small compliment, an easy, passing comment on something you’re wearing, the way you look/smell, and other available niceties.

It might seem like an outdated and reductive view of women (who are obviously multifaceted, sophisticated beings), but there is still a certain way we do things.

Women who aren’t well acquainted with each other often use a compliment as a… Read the full story

Over 10,000 women will find out they’re pregnant tomorrow

(Picture: Getty)

More women will find out they’re preggo tomorrow than on any other day in the year, a study has found.

17 January, now dubbed ‘Discovery Day’ comes just over two weeks since 2 January – apparently the most common day of the year for couples to conceive.

According to a study conducted by parenting site ChannelMum.com, more than 10,000 women will take a test tomorrow, to find two blue lines staring back up at them.

And once they find out that they’re expecting, the vast majority of women will continue to take tests to make sure the result is truly accurate.

62% of expectant mums carry on taking tests after getting a positive… Read the full story

Thrifty Kate Middleton recycles hot pink £1,500 Mulberry coat to hide baby bump – where you can buy one just like it

Seeing triple? (Picture: Rex)

Pregnant Kate Middleton is a girl after our own hearts, again proving her thrifty nature by recycling her striking £1,500 hot pink Mulberry coat for a royal engagement.

Of course, wearing a £1,500 coat more than once is by no means ‘thrifty’ to us muggles – but for a member of the royal family, it’s always refreshing to see they don’t have an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ policy.

The Duchess Of Cambridge first debuted the feminine outerwear during a visit to New York in December 2014 when she was five months pregnant with Princess Charlotte.

Glitterage is the new hair trend you’ll be seeing everywhere this festival season

(Credit: @daniellewadehair)

We all stocked up on so much glitter during the unicorn/mermaid mania that ensued last year, and we need to find ways to actually use it up.

It’s all very well to whack some on around the cheeks or eyes, but sometimes you want to be a litte (or a lot) more extra.

Unicorn and mermaid fans will be happy to see that there is a new hair trend that lets you get sparkly and fabulous in a whole new way: Glitterage.

Combining the technique of balayage – which is hand-painted, softer form of ombre hair – and glitter gives a vibrant but somehow kind of natural look, as if you’ve… Read the full story

Ways women say no, non verbal signals, and how to ask if they’re enjoying sex

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The Aziz Ansari allegations recently shared by Babe, and the ensuing conversation around the situation, have painted a disappointing picture of what consent means to a lot of people.

It undoubtedly has a lot to do with the phrase ‘no means no’, as well as some dangerous ideas about how women and men should act around sex.

Men, for example, are conditioned to think that sex is something to be obtained. We’ve all seen the movies, heard the songs, and even watched the porn that tells us there is a game for a man to play, with the prize being getting someone to sleep with… Read the full story

Do cosmetics companies think black people only come in two colours?

(Picture: Tarte)

The success of Rhianna’s Fenty Beauty range proved the importance of diversity and inclusion when it comes to cosmetic brands.

It showed that there’s a huge market for people who don’t feel their shades are reflected in foundation and concealer colours.

But clearly, Tarte Cosmetics was not paying attention.

The makeup brand attempted to sell their new Shape Tape Concealer, catering to whiter tones and only offering two darker shades –  rightly outraging its consumers.

One Twitter user shared an image with swatches of the concealer on a person with brown arms. The colours offered make a quick jump from a white nude to darker ones, with no in-between… Read the full story

Is it time stoma bags came in all kinds of skin tones?

Illustration request: Why are stoma bags only available in white 'nude' tones
(Picture: Ella Byworth for MEtro.co.uk)

A stoma bag is small pouch, often a ‘nude’ colour that sits on the stomach.

Over 13,500 people in the UK have colostomy surgery each year, with the most common conditions being due to colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease and accidental Injury.

You need it if you can’t pass poo through the rectum.

And most bags come in only three colours – beige, black and stone.

Surely the bags should be updated to reflect different skin tones as to accommodate darker complexions for those who want it to be inconspicuous?

If a person of colour… Read the full story

Do men find women who swear unattractive?

Do men find women who swear unattractive
(Picture: Wikihow)

It might be 2018 but women are still told that it’s ‘unbecoming’ of a lady to swear.

Preferences are preferences when it comes to dating and it’s understandable if you prefer a partner who doesn’t have a foul mouth.

But it’s disturbing when women especially are told that swearing is unattractive or that it is too masculine because it presupposes that women have a duty to appear attractive. We do not.

And it borders on how we view language ownership, and men seem to have some sort of monopoly on aspects of it, like profanity.

The same sexist attitude extends to women who speak in slang… Read the full story

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