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This man asks hotels to draw Godzilla for him and Hilton drew him a masterpiece

Man asks every hotel he visits to draw Godzilla
(Picture: Hotel Champ)

We all have weird travel quirks. Some people really love mini fridges, others steal toiletries and some leave wall art hidden behind paintings at hotels.

But one frequent traveller has the most random habit whenever he stays at a hotel.

Patrick Feary asks staff to leave a hand-drawn picture of Godzilla in his room upon his arrival.

That’s right, Godzilla, a monstrous dinosaur. Not the easiest thing to draw.

Nevertheless, some hotels actually pander to Patrick (an Australian living in Amsterdam)’s fancy.

While most leave him a pencil drawing of the formidable Japanese creation, one particular hotel has left the 28-year-old with a breathtakingly… Read the full story

9 easy ways to make 2018 full of lovely little wins


Forget a mindfulness app or a colouring book, it’s easy to make 2018 a year full of lovely little wins, and it’s just as sweet as you’d imagine it to be.

You’ve probably heard a lot about mindfulness, there are a lot of benefits, and thankfully, it’s not all about sitting and stillness.

Making 2018 a fruitful year can be as simple as grabbing a packet of stevia-sweetened Fruittella sugarfree sweets in your local supermarket

Here are nine ways these naturally sugarfree treats are actually a gateway to mindfulness – and it all starts with an activity called mindful shopping.

Mindful shopping

Grocery shopping can be tiresome and time-consuming, but only if you let it be.

By preparing your trip in advance, you can allow your inner child to take over once you’re in the store.

Without exploring and taking a risk, you probably wouldn’t know that Fruittella sugarfree Fruit Foams and Sugarfree Fruit Gums are hidden among the confectionery aisle.

Open your mind… Read the full story

Boots launches brand new vegan lunch options and they look pretty tasty

Boots launches new vegan lunch range
Hello, new friends (Picture: Boots / Metro.co.uk)

Veganuary is a blessing for many, many reasons.

Firstly, new vegans get to have a go at being vegan at the same time as loads of other people, thus having a huge support network.

Secondly, people who are already vegan get to reap the rewards of businesses fighting for the business of the sudden influx of vegan punters. It’s a win-win situation for all.

So far this month, we’ve had Pret adding three new plant-based dishes to the menu, Quorn announcing its first ever vegan deli slices, and Tesco launching Read the full story

Alabama: Southern hospitality runs much deeper than you think

Birmingham: home to an ever-growing foodie culture (Picture: Getty)

Alabama is a state with a complex, dark past – and a bright future ahead.

I jumped at the chance to visit the Yellowhammer State: to explore its history, its innovation and its varied cultural offerings.

Filled with southern charm: 9 reasons to settle in or around sunny Seaford

Alabama is still growing and developing. and, while it values its agricultural and industrial heritage, there’s much more to it than corn and plaid shirts.

Once steeped in conservatism and constitutional racism, the Alabama of now is positive in its future trajectory, through a juxtaposition of history and modernism, of… Read the full story

Women tell us their worst experiences with tampons


metro graphics tampons periods

For a small piece of cotton, tampons can sure cause a lot of problems.

The risk of toxic shock syndrome is always there, and even just putting them in and out can be stressful.

My own personal tampon horror-story came when I’d gone out one night (tampon very much intact).

I went to change it, and the old one was just gone. No trace.

Obviously I had knickers on so it hadn’t just fell onto the floor somewhere, and I checked multiple times that it hadn’t gone walkabout. I wonder to this day where it is, and hope I’ll eventually get some answers to my many, many questions.

My mystery tampon tale isn’t the only distressing and weird thing to happen with the much-maligned menstrual product. Other women shared their stories with us:

Single dad claims that mother and baby aisles are sexist

**ILLUSTRATION REQUEST** The first month of being a Dad – The partying has stopped, but the late nights haven’t (Jamie Roberts)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The world of parenting is undeniably focused on women.

It’s way more common to find little boys running around women’s changing rooms, and many places have baby changing spaces in female loos.

Fathers, intentionally or not, are painted by brands and companies as the secondary player when it comes to practical parenting.

Which is why a single dad has complained that the mother and baby section at Superdrug is ‘sexist’.

Dave Darby has written a complaint on the store’s Facebook page, claiming that he was left ‘somewhat perplexed’ after he was… Read the full story

Is the Harvey Nichols sign that says ‘great men go down’ sexist?

(Picture: Twitter)

Men experience sexism and men can be judged, belittled and mocked just by virtue of being male.

Rob McGibbon certainly felt he experienced it when he saw a Harvey Nichols posted that displayed the words ‘great men go down’.

He took to Twitter to vent at his disbelief that the department store could put up such a risque double entendre.

The angry tweet said: ‘I have asked Harvey Nichols to take down its lewd and offensive poster. The anti-sexism debate must work both ways. It’s not the double entendre that irks me, it’s the double standard and casual hypocrisy. Eggshells for all.’

Others chimed in to support his view that the sign was sexist towards… Read the full story

Why you need to let go of the person you were before mental illness

Why cling on to the past? (Picture: MMUFFIN for Metro.co.uk)

I’ve decided that if I’m going to move forward, I’ve got to stop looking back.

I need to stop thinking that everything was perfect before I became unwell.

This is what it’s like to live with agoraphobia

No, I didn’t have to deal with all the symptoms, and everyday living was relatively easy compared to now – but life before my diagnosis was no picnic.

I had as many problems, challenges, limitations, disappointments and disasters as anyone else.

So why am I clinging on to the past like I was loving myself and winning at… Read the full story

This transformation of gross decaying toenails to glam feet is so satisfying

(Picture: Nail Sunny/Instagram)

Not all superheroes wear capes.

Beauticians are some of society’s most important people. Not only do they make us look good, they make us feel good.

One beautician certainly left this customer feeling much better after transforming the decaying green toenails into pedicure beauty.

Russian salon Nail Sunny shared the video on Instagram garnering over a million views with users saying the speedy clip was satisfying to watch.

But the video – which showed the fungus-infected nail chipped and polished – also raised some concerns with viewers saying the nail needs to breathe and covering it with acrylic will make the fungus grow even more.

Instagram… <a href=Read the full story

What to do if you think your child has a mental health problem

More children than ever are struggling with their mental health (Picture: Getty)

I was about 16 when I first went to the doctor and told him I thought I was depressed.

Why I’m embarrassed by my children’s fussy eating

Actually, that’s not exactly true: I went to the doctor and told him I was having trouble sleeping, and his questioning led to a diagnosis of depression and a prescription for Prozac.

This was in the 1990s, when we didn’t really talk about mental health.

Twenty-something years on, the landscape looks very different.

Conversations about mental health are much more open, but more young people than… Read the full story

Meet the women trying to make your period the ‘fifth vital sign’

(Credit: The Fifth Vital Sign)

Checking your breasts and monitoring your menstrual cycles are seen as vital to maintain good health.

However, issues like this are often overlooked by doctors when diagnosing problems.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommended in 2015 that periods should be considered as a vital sign, and they’re not the only ones.

Emily Varnam and Kelsey Knight are on a mission to teach people about their bodies, so they can learn what’s normal for them, and take action when something isn’t.

Kelsey started as a labour delivery nurse and Emily as a birth and postpartum doula (also known as a birth coach or birth companion).

Read the full story

This restaurant is so hipster its prices are written as times of the day

(Picture: Facebook – Rail House Cafe)

Whether it’s with lattes served in a hollowed out carrot or kitschy furniture and nostalgic decor, hipster cafes and restaurants certainly know how to draw a crowd.

One London restaurant managed to attract and annoy customers with its bizarre way of showing the price of its food and liquor: in the form of different times of the day on a 24-hour clock.

Sophie Gadd, however, wasn’t impressed with the gimmick.

Though not naming the restaurant understood to be Rail House Cafe, she tweeted: ‘Consistently amazed with the many ways trendy restaurants avoid writing prices e.g. £9.50 WE KNOW IT IS MONEY, WE ARE NOT FOOLS’.

It isn’t known… Read the full story

Trans man’s tweet about his top surgery is so heartwarming

(Picture: Twitter)

Self love is hard to hold on to. When you’re going through a drastic physical transformation, it’s even harder.  for most people but for a transgender man in New York City, it was especially hard.

We could all learn from the strength and courage on one transgender man from New York, who shared a shirtless picture after going through top surgery.

Top surgery involves breast removal (subcutaneous mastectomy) and male chest contouring, and can also include free nipple grafts, or nipple/areola resizing and repositioning.

Twitter user Chella Man, who goes by Chellamanart, has been documenting his transition online with his 10,500 followers.

He told his fans: ‘Today, I checked off one of the bullets… Read the full story

10 weird things only British people do with chips

More gravy please (Picture: Getty)

When it comes to fine dining and fancy food traditions us Brits are proud of the contributions we’ve made to culinary greatness.

Should gyms stop ultra thin people from working out?

After all, we are the land of high tea, Eton mess, Yorkshire puddings and crumpets.

But sadly, when it comes to chips we lose our sense of decorum and class. In fact, our obsession with chips has gotten slightly out of hand.

We see nothing wrong with dipping them into items such as egg yolk, or covering them under a mountain of cheddar.

Here are some weird things that all Brits do… Read the full story

How to hold onto your self-worth when your partner earns more than you

Money can cause relationship problems if you’re not careful (Picture: Phébe Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk)

Being in a serious relationship can and should change you.

There are so many positive changes that can come about from being in a healthy and happy relationship, but you’ve got to expect some challenges too.

**ILLUSTRATION AMEND** It might be awkward, but it's vital for couples to discuss money (Abby)It might be awkward, but it’s vital for couples to talk about money

In my relationship, money sometimes creates a problem – or, rather, I’ve managed to turn money into a problem.

I’ve always seen myself as an… Read the full story

A floating arctic hotel and spa that looks like a pile of sticks is coming to Sweden

(Picture: Off the Map Travel/Arctic Bath)

Okay, it’s time to re-do our wanderlust lists and put this hotel top of the ‘places we’d like to visit’ list.

Over in Kiruna, in northern Lapland, a very Scandi hotel is set to open this year.

The Arctic Bath Hotel is a wellness retreat (we’ll get to the health benefits in a bit, once we’ve covered the fact that this hotel is suspended in ice) that floats on the Lule River.

Well, when it’s summer, it floats. In winter, the hotel will sit suspended in ice.

The exterior looks like a pile of sticks lit from within, painted all-white to blend in with the surrounding ice and snow.

Read the full story

5 questions you should ask yourself before quitting therapy

***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** Think you're ready to quit therapy? Here's what you should ask yourself first (Olivia Cassano)
It’s important to figure out why you want to stop therapy (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Asking ‘how do I know if I’m ready to quit therapy?’ is like asking ‘how do I know if I’m in love?’: the answer you get is always ‘you just know. 

Easy enough if you’ve been there, but deciding to stop treatment is a big decision if you suffer from a mental illness – especially considering how challenging it is to get help in the first place.

7 things I learnt… Read the full story

How to enjoy sex even when your mental ill-health is working against you

metro illustrations
Anxiety and low self-esteem can seriously impact your sex life (Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

Ever had one of those days when your brain seems to be dead set on working against you?

You’re planning a nice bit of sexy time – whether with a partner or simply some solo fun – but your head’s just not in it.

However much you might want to get jiggy with it, your brain is skipping around elsewhere and you just can’t concentrate, let alone roll around in orgasmic delight.

Disability shouldn’t limit your sex life – here are some of the sex toy industry’s… Read the full story

Writing your to-do list before bed might help you to get to sleep more quickly

reading book
(Picture: Ella Byworth for metro.co.uk)

When you’re having trouble sleeping, you probably stick to traditional wisdom to try to finally get some rest.

You drink warm milk. You turn off all technology a while before bed and read a book. And, of course, you try to push your worries about all the things you need to do tomorrow to the back of your head.

It turns out that last bit might not be the best idea.

New research suggests that writing your to-do list before bed can actually help you drift off to sleep more quickly.

Researchers asked 57 university students to do one of two things: to either take five minutes before… Read the full story

So, how about these meaty hoodies?

so, how about these meaty hoodies? Getty Images/Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty Images/Metro.co.uk)

They say you are what you eat.

And nothing says ‘steak lover’ quite like a meat-print hoodie, amirite?

Meatheads everywhere will now be able to show just how much they live for the taste of rare beef, thanks to a spectacular array of steak-print hoodies, coursey of Rose Gal.

They come in three meat types – ‘lean’, ‘steak’ and ‘raw’ (which comes complete with strips of fat, yum).

Mercifully, the brand has a 60% off sale running at the moment – a small mercy for couples everywhere, especially if you’re thinking ahead for Steak and BJ Day. Clearly, Read the full story

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