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How did kissing become a romantic thing?

(Picture: Erin Aniker)

Whether it’s your nan coming in with a big fat kiss while squishing your cheeks, your parents, or even the dog, kisses are a familial form of affection.

But in other situations, kissing has romantic connotations.

Kissing is synonymous with romance, love, dating, sex, and almost anything that involves people engaging in bodily affection. It can be sexy or gross or highly anticipated or anticlimactic.

Were we born with the knowledge that kissing can be romantic and not just limited to familial love, or did someone at some point in history plant one on someone and decide it was pretty cool?

Or did it develop from kiss feeding where the mother… Read the full story

I didn’t have a childhood sweetheart so did I fail at being a teen?


Our teenage years, for all the acne and mood swings, are often regarded as halcyon years.

We had no responsibilities (bar, like, A Levels and UCAS). We were hotter (doubtful). We were cooler (again, doubtful).

And for loads of people, it was the first time they experienced overwhelming, reciprocal love.

Teenage love is supposed to be this all-encompassing kind of passion that means you can’t eat, sleep or revise.

It’s the stuff of teen books and movies. Every teen heroine ends up with her boy-man – whether that be Cher and Josh, Sabina and Harvey, or Kat and Patrick.

Everyone seems to have had one, and now even Ed Sheeran’s getting married to his school sweetheart.

Those kind of relationships are just fate, right?

Famous childhood sweethearts

Hollywood is full of folk who have been married to people they met as kids (and generally divorced as adults). Combine them with the fact that ever teen story ever ends… Read the full story

The 10 types of people you’ll meet when you start running

What a friendly bunch (Illustration: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Did you promise yourself 2018 is the year you’re finally going to get fit?

Maybe you’ve taken up a new sport, or joined the gym.

All the 2018 sleeping trends you should know about

Perhaps, like thousands of others, you’ve decided that running is the way forward – after all, you can go when you like, pretty much where you like and, depending on your ability, any distance you please.

You can go on your own or in a group, plus it’s free, until you really get the running bug and invest in all the… Read the full story

The World Thumb Wrestling champions are a married couple


What are the chances that the world’s two best thumb wrestlers are a married couple who live together?

The World Thumb Wrestling Championships have been running for 10 years, and have crowned Paul and Becky Browse, from Suffolk, the winners twice.

Paul, 36, won two consecutive years while Becky, 29, won in 2016 and was runner up the following year in the women’s division.

With some pretty powerful thumbs between them, they also won their first time in the annual competition.

There’s more to the art of thumb fighting than meets the eye.

Thumb-master Paul… Read the full story

Ex shares how she ditched her partner of five years in ultimate ghosting story

Sexual assault is not a problem we can solve with a ‘consent app’ (Sirena)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

One woman has told the ultimate ghosting story in a recent post to Reddit.

For anyone unaware of what ghosting is, it’s basically when you ignore the person you’re dating. You disregard their texts, calls and attempts to meet up. You become a ghost.

Which is exactly what this lady did after going over to her boyfriend’s house and finding him in bed with his ex.

In the post, the woman explained that she’d seen her partner cuddled up with his ex. She’d gone to surprise him with breakfast and a video game –… Read the full story

MAC Cosmetic’s brushes are now cruelty-free

(Picture: nstagram/dominic_mua)

Amazing news people: MAC has gone cruelty-free. Well, sort of.

The much-loved brand has announced they will be stopping the use of animal hair in their brushes, replacing every single one of its brushes with 100% synthetic hair.

While not all beauty products will be cruelty-free, makeup lovers have long been complaining about MAC’s use of animal hair, so this is at least a step in the right direction.

MAC announced the change in a recent statement. It read: ‘Our long-lauded brush line gets treated to a makeover! Introducing our 100% synthetic brushes, incorporating the latest innovations in fibre technology for superior performance and improved longevity.

Read the full story

Three potentially life-saving skills all parents should teach their kids

Toddler with toy first aid kit and teddy
Operating on teddy aside, how much do your kids actually know about first aid? (Picture: Getty)

Have you heard the recording of three year old Isabelle calling an ambulance when her mum collapsed at home?

It’s just amazing – and more than a little tear inducing.

This really got me thinking. I have a three year old myself and although he loves his toy doctor kit and has a great time ‘operating’ on me, I don’t think he’d know what to do if I collapsed at home. Even worse, I also have a six and seven year old at home and I don’t… Read the full story

Everything you need to know about earlobe fillers

(Picture: Getty; Shutterstock)

If you’re not too busy obsessing over your arm vagina, we’ve got another body part for you to scrutinise.

Have you looked at your earlobes recently?

While once upon a time your lobes may have been as fresh and plump as a peach, as you age you may spot some droopage and thinning.

Suddenly, without you noticing, your ears have dangling lobes that feel paper-thin and ready to break.

This is due to the natural loss of collagen and elasticity, and can be made worse by wearing heavy earrings, which can stretch the skin further.

We could all just accept this as a natural part of ageing and let our lobes flutter freely in… Read the full story

Guy emails every Claudia at uni to find the one he swiped left on Tinder

(Credit: Twitter)

Internet connections (as in relationship bonds, not your wifi strength) can be fleeting. A quick scan of someone’s dating app or website bio can be enough for you to swipe left.

Sometimes first impressions and gut reactions are wrong.

Some have perfected the craft of bio-writing while others, not so much. It’s easy to get into left-swipe mode without properly considering each person.

When Hayden Moll accidentally swiped left when he came across Claudia on Tinder, he was quickly filled with regret – and went to great lengths to find the mystery woman, knowing very little about her.

He decided to email every Claudia at their university, Missouri State, in America.

As the… Read the full story

Instagram model shares side-by-side photos to show how serious IBS can be

(Picture: Instagram/alycecrawford)

An Instagram blogger has been sharing side-by-side photos of her struggle with irritable bowel syndrome, a common, long-term condition of the digestive system that causes diarrhoea, cramping, constipation and bloating.

Alyce Crawford recently took to Instagram to share photos of her bloated tummy.

Alyce, who’s been living with IBS for three years, said the symptom she suffers with most is the severe bloating. It began overnight while living in America.

She’d awoken one morning with an extremely bloated stomach and was experiencing sharp stabbing pains.

She says that from that day on, her life was ‘never the same’.

Alyce shared her photos to show the reality of living with the condition. The previous… Read the full story

16 tips to help you plan your first family ski or snowboard holiday

What you need to know before you hit the slopes (Picture: AleksandarNakic/Getty)

Hitting the slopes with your family can be a great way to unwind and enjoy some time together doing something active.

But if it is your first time skiing or snowboarding with young children in tow, you may be a bit apprehensive about what to expect and looking for some advice.

19 quotes about change to inspire you on Transformation Tuesday

I learned to snowboard in my late teens but, after having children, left it over a decade before heading on our first family snowboard trip with our seven and 12 year old in… Read the full story

If we hold minorities up as cultural heroes, the only way for them is down

Amena Khan has pulled out of the campaign (Picture: L’Oreal)

Surprise surprise – another icon has fallen victim to past Twitter indiscretions.

Amena Khan, L’Oreal’s first hijabi model to feature in a hair campaign, has stepped down after tweets were revealed which were said to contain ‘anti-Israel’ views.

She’s said that she wrote them back in 2014 and that she’s deeply apologetic for any ‘upset and hurt that they have caused’.

It’s just so predictable; we get this amazingly inspirational icon who’s breaking all kinds of barriers and suddenly, it turns out that they’re both anti-Israeli and anti-Semite.

Just like so many Labour MPs and NUS administrators (bizarrely)… Read the full story

22 Korean restaurants in London in which to try your first bibimbap

Classic giant bibimbap (Picture: Getty Images)

Something every Londoner needs to try at least once is a bibimbap.

For the uninitiated, it’s a Korean mixed dish of rice, vegetables, meat (usually beef), red chilli paste with an egg broken on top, sunny side up.

Why now is the perfect time to learn Korean

The whole thing cooks at the table in a large, hot bowl and you eat the meal as it cooks in front of you.

It’s not only a large, hearty meal but – as with all Korean food – it’s an entire experience.

That’s not all Korean food has in store for… Read the full story

Half the time you look up symptoms online, you’ll diagnose yourself with cancer

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

You know better than to head straight for Google the second you’ve got a headache.

But you just can’t help it. The temptation prickles, your hands reach for your phone or laptop, and soon you’re in a deep WebMD diagnosis hole you can’t escape from.

The reality is that we shouldn’t head to the internet when we’re feeling rubbish.

Not only will seeing pages of negative results send our anxiety skyrocketing, but you can guarantee that whatever you find will be worse than what’s actually going on.

In fact recent research from Bupa found that half of online searches for symptoms end up with British people diagnosing themselves with… Read the full story

Just because my friends are all getting married doesn’t mean I want to, so please stop asking when it’ll happen to me

metro illustrations
How do you know it’s not all I think about, but my partner is totally anti it? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co,uk)

No, I’m not thinking about getting married right this minute, thanks.

Now, to be clear from the off, this isn’t a one-woman, Bridget Jones-esque rant about bucking traditions and being bored to tears of spending my life at weddings.

10 thoughts you have when your friends start getting married

Honestly, it isn’t.

To be clear, I love it when my friends get engaged and I love going to their weddings even more.

I love how much I happy cry at engagement stories and at father-of-the-bride… Read the full story

Three 13-year-olds made the sweetest apology after leaving waiter bad tip

Waiter Gets Frustrated When Customers Tip Him Only $3.28, Doesn’t Expect This Surprise The Next Day
(Picture: Getty/ Seminole)

One waiter has shared the heartwarming story of how a group of teenagers made the sweetest apology after leaving just a $3 (£2.15) tip after a meal.

Imgur user Seminole shared a lovely handwritten letter from a group of 13-year-olds who had felt seriously guilty about their small tip.

Seminole had been the perfect waiter, but the kids didn’t really understand tipping – or how much constitutes to a good tip.

However, in the letter, the teens explained their mistake – and made it up to the waiter with what would have been the rest… Read the full story

OK, enough with making fun of women’s big feet


I’ve got big feet.

I may be only 5ft 4in, but I’ve been known to rock a pair of size nines on the running track.


Actually, I kind of think my feet are one of my best features (please believe me). It’s just that they don’t conform to those pesky beauty standards.

Women’s big feet are often the butt of jokes and boy, have I heard my share in my time (Krusty the Clown being a particularly persistent diss – thanks, friends!).

But why are longer feet considered to be so gross? It must be the most random body part to take offence to.

Woman magazine in Russia recently published a photo gallery of well-known women with big feet, after former beauty queen Anastasia Reshetova was dragged online for her ‘flippers’.

Instagram Photo

Others included in the feature were former WAG Olga Buxzova as well as ‘the Russian Victoria Beckham’, Aiza Anokhina who regularly makes jokes… Read the full story

Doting cat brings her owner a leafy gift every single morning

(Picture: Instagram/mostlyjustpicturesofmycats)

Forget what you heard about cats not being ‘people animals’, because one fluffy cat absolutely adores her owner – and she proves it by bringing him a nice new leaf every day.

Baloo the cat absolutely adores her owner, Ben. So much so that every morning without fail she brings him a new leaf to set aside for the day.

Baloo first came into Ben’s life while he was with an ex-girlfriend. His ex had surprised him with Baloo, but he wasn’t ready for a commitment, and so Baloo was sent back to her original owners. However, shortly after sending her back, the pair realised they’d made a massive… Read the full story

Will male sexbots make men obsolete? We ask the experts

Will men become obsolete? (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

It seems quite fitting that 2018 marks the centenary of the publication of the seminal horror story by Mary Shelley; Frankenstein.

After all, we have just had an announcement by a Harvard professor that men are due to become obsolete, as well as the fact that a realistic bionic sex doll for women is, er, coming on the market this year.

Which means we could soon have unstoppable frankenpenises rocking women’s worlds – and seriously putting a downer on men’s lives. After all, the makers claim this man will never, ever tire.

Read the full story

10 meals that all Brits absolutely adore

The ideal British afternoon meal – pass the clotted cream please (Picture: Getty)

For such a small island, we certainly have quite a few classic signature dishes.

Waiter Gets Frustrated When Customers Tip Him Only $3.28, Doesn’t Expect This Surprise The Next DayThree 13-year-olds make the sweetest apology after leaving waiter bad tip

British food isn’t all just about fish and chips, in fact there is so much more to it than just that.

And we are fiercely protective and proud of meals such as roast dinners, jacket potatoes and everyone’s favourite hangover saviour aka a greasy fry up.

We’re so accustomed to these culinary delights,… Read the full story

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