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Tiny Swiss army house has a fold out bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom

(Picture: Leonardo Di Chiara / mediadrumworld.com)

Here’s a tiny home with a difference.

Rather than your standard studio, the aVOID home has its own bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It’s just that each one is folded into the walls, ready to fold out depending on what you’re up to.

The 96 square foot building, which cost £35,000 to build, looks like just a bare white room when you first enter.

It’s only when you unfold a bit of the walls that it becomes a home.

There’s a fold out bed (a single, sadly, but we can’t imaging sharing this house with a partner), a fold out kitchen setup complete with a hob, cupboard space, and… Read the full story

Here are 6 of the best female-friendly porn sites available right now

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When I began this article, I anticipated droves of incredible, female-friendly porn, each site an antidote to the male-driven, vagina-pounding, derogatory videos that are so synonymous with the porn industry today.

Then I began my research and a lot of what I found was, well, boring.

Sex in films vs sex IRL: How do they really compare?

It reminded me more of saucy, art house cinema or an upmarket car ad – all moody lighting, lingering shots of trees and a soundtrack played on an accordion.

It’s all very tasteful and beautifully shot, but do you really want to… Read the full story

‘His friends were sat in a corner trying to distract him by throwing food at us’: 10 first-date disaster stories that will make you feel better about your shambolic love life

It was all going so well (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, if you’re feeling deflated because you don’t have a date, let me cheer you up.

Years ago, I was on a date with a broker who was so obnoxious, when he snuck out to the bathroom I asked the barmaid to spit in his drink.

10 first-date success stories that will restore your faith in love

There was also the guy who looked like Friar Tuck and tweeted me after our date to ask for his £18 back, because I didn’t want to… Read the full story

Plus-size model reminds us all just how talented picture editors are

(Picture: lateciat/Instagram)

We know that a lot of what we see online and in magazines aren’t real.

Fitness influencers are photoshopped out of all recognition. Cover girls have any imperfections edited away.

In fact, the majority of images you see have been altered – and that can only have a negative impact on the people surrounded by these unrealistic notions of beauty.

It doesn’t just stop with making women skinnier, however.

Plus-size models are also airbrushed and touched up to appear as perfect as possible – without any hint of cellulite, bumps or uneven skin tone.

La’Tecia Thomas is one model who has shared side-by-side images of herself to highlight the problem on Instagram.

The… Read the full story

Get your card ready: cult beauty brand Kate Somerville is launching in the UK tomorrow

(Picture: Kate Somerville/Instagram)

Remember last year when no one had really heard of Glossier over here?

Now you’re nobody if you don’t plaster cloud paint all over your cheekbones (even Bey is a Glossier fan!).

Well, get your debit cards at the ready because another US cult classic is on its way to our fair shores.

Skincare giant Kate Somerville is launching in the UK tomorrow.

13 of the brand’s bestselling items will be available exclusively at online retailer Cult Beauty.

Kate Somerville is a skincare expert who’s been treating clients’ skincare concerns for over 25 years, dealing with everyone from Jessica Alba to Kate Hudson.

You can expect to find skin heroes like… Read the full story

Juicy Couture tracksuits are back, b*tches

(Picture: Juicy Couture/Instagram)

Just admit it – we all loved a good velour tracksuit back in the day.

If you didn’t own a pink Pineapple set with a top that finished about your navel and pants that started where your bikini line began, then who were you in school?

Well, get ready to relive your best teenage life because the velour tracksuit kings, Juicy Couture, are bringing them back.

And this time, we have more cash to splash on the real deal.

Juicy Couture has announced that it’s making its catwalk debut at New York Fashion Week next month.

Once loved by Paris Hilton et al, these days, the brand seems to have freshened up – with the likes… Read the full story

How to mourn someone who did something terrible


Grief is hard enough in itself.

But when your feelings towards the person who died weren’t all warm and loving, grief becomes incredibly complicated.

Take the death of Mark Salling, who took his life after pleading guilty to the possession of thousands of images of child porn. It’s natural to feel grief at his passing, but this comes tinged with guilt (are you allowed to feel sad when the person who died did a terrible thing?), resentment, confusion, and a lot of hurt.

Or the passing of a parent who treated you badly, or an ex-partner you cut out of your life, or a relative you had a complicated relationship with.

Grieving in these cases is a murky mess that can leave you feeling isolated and mentally tangled. Are you supposed to grieve? Are you allowed to still feel anger at someone who’s died?

Here’s some advice on coping.

Give yourself permission to grieve

Regardless of someone’s actions, as terrible as they may be,… Read the full story

Surprise, surprise, men are more attractive when they’re desired by other women

(Picture: Erin Aniker

Have you ever felt pretty apathetic towards a guy…only to decide that actually he’s a bonafide Sex God the moment someone else says they find them attractive?

Of course you have. That’s basically university dating 101: you’ll only find someone hot if there’s a chance your housemate does too.

And it turns out that it’s not just because you’re a super shallow idiot – it’s what we’re hard-wired to feel.

A new study from the St Andrews, Durham and Exeter Univerisity have found that men are given an ‘attractiveness boost’ when they’re desired by other women.

But it’s not because you start to wonder if underestimated his hotness, it’s because he… Read the full story

This restaurant injects molten cheese into its burgers

Yeah, we’d allow that in our digestive tract (Picture: Firely Burger  / Instagram)

A burger really isn’t a burger without cheese.

Cheddar cheese, vegan cheese, goat’s cheese – whatever cheese, it’s got to have cheese.

It adds another dimension to the ensemble, taking it on to a higher plain.

But don’t you hate it when your cheese doesn’t melt? It’s just not the same – no-one needs cold, sweaty cheese atop their patty, y’know?

Firefly burger bar in Abu Dhabi has sorted this problem though with their frankly ridiculous cheese injection burger.

A syringe is inserted through the brioche bun, which then injects molten cheese into the burger.

Look at that cheese go

Read the full story

Virgin Atlantic’s new planes will have onboard ‘love suites’

(Picture: Virgin Atlantic)

It’s almost like Virgin Atlantic want people to have sex on their planes.

Aboard Virgin Atlantic’s new airbus A330-200 planes, there’ll be three new suites in the upper class cabins: the Solo Corner Suite, the Solo Freedom Suite, and the Love Suite.

Yes, the Love Suite. That has to be for joining the mile high club, right?

The different suites naturally have different benefits.

The Freedom Suite offers plenty of space for solo travelers, while the corner suite offers an incredible view.

The Love Suite, meanwhile, is designed for couples. The seats are sat in the centre of the upper class cabin, designed to let you watching films and eat with the… Read the full story

Are burpees really the one exercise you should never attempt?

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

Burpees are the worst things in the world.

If you ever meet someone who says they love doing them, they’re lying.

They’re such hard work – which is why we do them even if we hate them. No matter how fit you are, do enough of them and you’ll soon tire.

But according to Zac Efron’s PT, Patrick Murphy, burpees are the one exercise ‘everyone’s doing in the gym’ that you should actually swerve.

He told Men’s Health a while ago that ‘burpees aren’t good for the human body. You know what burpees are good for? They originated in the military as a way of dodging bullets. They’re good for relocation’.

Although… Read the full story

When texts and emails go wrong: 5 people reveal their worst mistakes

XX people reveal the embarrassing messages they've sent by mistake picture: MMUFFIN
We’ve all done it at least once (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

Progress is great, of course, but technology isn’t always a friend.

8 people share their worst days ever – which definitely can’t be improved by inspirational quotes

Sometimes messaging tools, designed to make our lives easier and more convenient, can mess things right up.

From destroying work relationships, to screwing your love life.

One little missive, accidentally sent to the wrong person, can ruin everything and you can wind up with a lost date, or a P45 winging its way to you.

I… Read the full story

Ikea is trialling a furniture rental and buyback scheme

All of this could be yours…for a while (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/UIG via Getty Images)

The main problem in this age of perpetual rentals is furniture.

If you’re an avocado-loving millennial who can’t give up the green fruit enough to ever buy a house (just imagine how much money you’d have for a deposit if you stopped spending £1.20 on avocados every few days huh? HUH?) then you’re probably not too sweet on buying furniture.

In this age of unscrupulous landlords who charge over the nose to live in substandard accommodation (and then moan when you ask them to fix stuff like broken boilers/toilets/washing machines as if that’s not… Read the full story

A guide to shaveducking, the hot new dating trend to fill you with doubt

Shaveducking dating trend
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

You’re swiping through Tinder when you see him.

He’s hot. You swipe right immediately. He swipes right too. You start chatting, you meet up, you flirt, and midway through you notice something.

His eyes are a bit close together, aren’t they?

His cheekbones are not as sharp, his jawline not as strong.

Is this person actually attractive, or do they just have good facial hair?

This feeling of confusion and wonder is shaveducking, a term we have just made up to encapsulate a problem that’s becoming increasingly common thanks to the shifting trend towards the beardier, the better.

Shaveducking describes the lingering unease that emerges when you realise that you’re not quite… Read the full story

Why you’ve already broken your new year’s resolutions… and what to do about it

*illustration request* January blues
Broken all my own rules (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

New Year’s Resolutions: most of us make them.

Whether we make them in private, with no more substance than vague intentions, or publicly on Facebook, hoping that the very act of making it official will shame us into keeping them.

5 things that happen at every family party

Most of us want to be better versions of ourselves in the future.

And for many of us that boils down to losing weight, quitting smoking and getting fitter.

But a couple of weeks in, you’re still nibbling at the Christmas sweets and have… Read the full story

If a new dad works during the day, should he be exempt from night-time feeds?

couple with baby
Both parents need their rest – but who needs it more? (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

Fathers these days have the opportunity to spend longer at home after the birth of their child if the mother opts to cut short her maternity.

However, it’s still very much a case of the majority of parents leaving mums at home while dads return to work.

Illustration of a toddler on a potty about to eat some poo11 nightmare potty training stories – from pooing in the ball pit to peeing in the B&Q display toilets

In this instance, it raises the question of… Read the full story

Help your pup fall in love at this pug-themed Valentine’s event

(Picture: Instagram/pugalier.sisters.and.pearl)

Pug Cafe is hosting a Valentine’s Day event so that all pugs and their owners can meet and fall in love.

Well, at least that’s what we’re hoping for.

Pug Cafe and Esquires Guildford have joined forces to invite pugs, pug crosses, and their humans to visit the event on 11 February.

The event description reads: ‘Whether you and your pug are single and ready to mingle, totally loved up or only have eyes for each other… come to our very special event where cu-pug will be drawing his bow and arrow.

What is transvestic fetishism? We investigate the fetish for dressing in the opposite gender’s clothes

Transvestic Fetishism - everything you need to know (Violet)
Plenty of men enjoy the thrill of wearing women’s underwear (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Despite being a common kink, the term ‘transvestic fetishism’ isn’t often used in mainstream media – perhaps because people generally know what it is without being aware of what it’s actually called.

It’s more often referred to as ‘cross-dressing’, or the slightly old fashioned term ‘transvestite’.

Would you push a rod down your penis for sexual pleasure? What you need to know about sounding

Typically, it refers to people who experience arousal by dressing like a member of the opposite… Read the full story

What Kate Middleton wore in Sweden – a rundown of Duchess of Cambridge’s looks during tour with Prince William

Kate Middleton has been a style chameleon for her tour of Scandinavia (Picture: Backgrid/PA/Rex Features)

Long before Meghan Markle arrived on the block and everyone wanted that Marks & Spencer jumper or her Stella McCartney coat, Kate Middleton was setting the style barometer.

And during her official tour of Sweden with husband Prince William, Kate has oozed fashionista appeal, wearing an array of enviable outfits from cosy comfort wear to sleek and daring gowns.

The royal couple arrived in Sweden on Monday night, kick-starting their four-day tour of Scandinavia on Tuesday.

Their tour will see them visit Stockholm, Sweden before traveling to Oslo, Norway later in the week and then heading… Read the full story

It’s 2018, so why do some black people still bleach their skin?

metro illustrations
Do black people still aspire to be light-skinned? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Stefflon Don’s old tweets have caught up with her this week.

In 2013 she tweeted: ‘All you dark-skinned hating on light skinned bitches dont act like if god gave you a choice you wouldn’t change your colour lool [sic]’.


metro illustrationsTo weave or not to weave: Why is black hair always politicised?

But it begs the question – are we still having this team light skin vs team dark skin (AKA colourism) debate? Do black people still aspire to be light-skinned?

Read the full story

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