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Bridal pumps are now a thing in case you change your mind and need to run away

(Picture: Keds)

Getting married looks fun but it must be hell to go around in white stilettos all day.

You’ve got to navigate your way up the aisle without sounding like a lame horse, clip-clopping in a near-silent church/registry office/somewhere quirky.

You’ve also got to make sure your heels don’t catch on your train or dress. And if you do survive the actual ceremony, you’ve then got to stay wearing them for the rest of the day.

Imagine the pain you’d be in by the time you’re forced to do your first dance in front of everyone. Suddenly MJ’s Blood On The Dance Floor takes on a whole new level of meaning.

But…there is another… Read the full story

Men in Japan are judging the size of their penises by sticking them in cardboard toilet roll tubes

Men are putting their penis in cardboard toilet paper tubes to evaluate their size Getty/metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

Another day, another strange trend to do with people’s genitals.

This time around we’re not (thankfully) talking about putting something in vaginas that shouldn’t be there.

Instead people are putting their penises in places they probably shouldn’t be. Makes a nice change, at least.

Over in Japan men are getting wise to a seemingly handy way to evaluate the size of one’s penis: sticking said penis in the cardboard inner tube of a toilet roll.

Suddenly those sales of toilet roll tubes make a tiny bit more sense.

This technique isn’t new – a quick Google… Read the full story

‘You trod on that creaky floor board I warned you about’: 9 things all couples argue about once they have babies  

Illustration of a couple arguing
You’re both very tired (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Having babies can be tough on a relationship.

You are both overwhelmed, exhausted and trying to get your head around parenthood on barely any sleep.

‘The fairies hid my toothbrush’: 16 reasons my kids are late for school

Suddenly, before you know it, you’re having a major row over silly things, like who gets the extra slice of garlic bread.

With tensions and tempers running high, it is perfectly normal to fall out with your beloved during this time.

Usually about some of the following things.

1. Who is the most… Read the full story

Tindersurfing is the new way to backpack through Europe

(Picture: Instagram)

Just to set it straight, Tindersurfing is when you use the dating app to secure accommodation (among other things) while you travel.

It might sound a little wacky but one traveller swears it’s the best way to save some bucks…and also meet women.

Anothony Botta from Belgium uses Tinder Plus, a paid feature which allows users to choose the city they want to match people in.

The 25-year-old explains to Metro.co.uk how he travels though Europe without spending a single Euro on a hotel or hostel.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

‘I was hosted only by ladies I matched… Read the full story

We don’t need to get rid of grid girls forever – we just don’t deserve them yet

(Picture: Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Grid girls are synonymous with motorsport. They always have been. There is something about sex and petrol that just seems to have been placed together. Like lamb and mint sauce or cheese and onion.

But alas, in Formula 1 grid girls are set to be a thing of the past. A memory of a time when a leather-clad bum didn’t just belong to the racers.

And now, other motorsport fans are clutching their models tight as the threat of no more grid girls looms for them too.

Part of the problem with this is that the immortal pairing of grid girls and racing… Read the full story

This chef designs sushi cakes and it’s kind of amazing

(Picture: Jonatan Lopes)

Beaded and marble wedding cakes might’ve been all the rage in 2017 but that’s exactly the point, they’re so last year.

Sushi cake is where it’s at now.

And while sushi might be an acquired taste, cake is not.

One chef has managed to create the most intricate combination of the Japanese cuisine and everyone’s favourite dessert.

We’re not sure what it would taste like but it certainly looks breathtaking.

If you were thinking of ordering the salmon-covered cake, Jonatan Lopes is your guy.

But it’s only available in Brazil, although the creations have wowed people all over the world.


‘I was petrified he might murder me’: The everyday reality of life as a trans person

Even going to the toilet can be dangerous (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Earlier this month, LGBT charity Stonewall released their 2017 Trans Report and the results were sobering.

Transformation Street – how I sold my soul to reality TV

It showed that almost half of trans people don’t feel comfortable using public toilets through fear of discrimination or harassment, and a third have been discriminated against because of their gender identity when visiting a cafe, restaurant, bar or nightclub in the last year.

It went on to say that one in eight trans employees have been physically attacked by a customer or… Read the full story

Scientists discover the existence of ‘anxiety cells’ in the brain

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There’s still so much research to be done on anxiety.

Despite an estimated 3 million people in the UK experiencing an anxiety disorder, we’re still lacking information about what causes anxiety and how we can treat it effectively.

One new discovery might help us gain a little more understanding.

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have found specialised brain cells in mice that appear to control levels of anxiety.

Of course, they’ll need to see if the same sort of cells exist in the human brain, but should the lab findings translate to people, they could have a massive impact on treatment for mental illness.

Researchers made… Read the full story

Signs and symptoms of prostate cancer – early warnings to look out for

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Following news that prostate cancer is officially a bigger killer than breast cancer, we reckon it’s time to go over the signs and symptoms of the disease – and to encourage every man to get checked out.

One man dies of prostate cancer every 45 minutes in the UK. It’s a huge issue that we can’t stay silent about.

The earlier you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer the more likely treatment is to be effective.

So it’s crucial to get over any embarrassment or squeamishness around the prostate and brave the doctor if you feel something’s wrong.

Prostate cancer doesn’t usually cause any symptoms until the cancer has grown large… Read the full story

How to use your Boots Advantage card to claim points

How to use your Boots Advantage card (Picture: Getty Images)

The Boots Advantage card is one of the UK’s most popular store cards, allowing you to collect points with (nearly) every purchase you make in the popular shop.

There are approximately 18 million members who have an average of £12.50 of unused points, so you may be wondering how you can claim these points.

Signs and symptoms of prostate cancer to watch out for

The Boots Advantage card encourages shoppers to spend money while also earning back points and when you have claimed enough points you can use these points to… Read the full story

The next hot trend in Japan is super low-rise underwear

(Picture: Jam Press)

For the last few years high waisted pants and longline bras have been all the rage.

You’ll catch an occasional thong here and there, but our style preferences have shifted back in time to a more 50s look, all nipped in waists and things left to the imagination.

It’s natural that there’d be a bit of backlash to that shift. When we go high, someone goes low. What rises must fall, and all that.

So behold the hot new underwear trend taking over in Japan: super low-rise pants and bras.

Now to be clear, when we say super low-rise we bloody well mean it. Predator Rat’s underwear barely covers your bum, leaving… Read the full story

Sleep training: what is it and does every parent need to try it?

It’s not always easy to go from this… to this (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

I love to sleep, and I make no bones about it.

While my hubby seems to only need five to six hours, I can’t function properly on anything less than eight.

Metro Illustrations Ambitious MotherForget whatever goals you have for your maternity leave – you’ll be too busy keeping the baby alive

Which is why, for me, the sleepless nights were the most difficult part of becoming a parent.

After having my first child I finally understood why sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture.

I would… Read the full story

Inside the world’s sexiest hotel rooms

(Picture: Mr and Mrs Smith)

If anyone knows sexy hotels, it’s the travel club Mr and Mrs Smith

Whether you want a countryside break or a full blown trip of a life time across the world, they’ve got something to suit every taste. Small and quirky, huge and indulgent, they’ve got all of it.

So when they compiled a list of the sexiest hotel rooms in the world, we knew we needed to listen.

Prepare to experience serious wanderlust. Try not to reach for your credit card.

Cap Rocat, Mallorca, Spain 

A sexual assault survivor has created these anti-rape shorts

The shorts, locked (Picture: Safe Shorts)

A woman in Germany has created anti-rape shorts, which began as a personal project after she was attacked while out running.

There are two types of Safe Shorts – underpants and running shorts – and both are made from slash and tear-resistant material, and have a lock as well as an alarm.

The shorts are fastened with a cut-resistant cord, which is attached to the waist or pelvic area (depending on which style you have), and then secured with a clip that has a coded padlock.

You can access this padlock in seconds with the code, but if someone else tampers with it, a 140 decibel alarm sounds.

The… Read the full story

Welcome to 2018: Lidl has a wine robot

(Picture: Getty)

If you’re not a full-blown connoisseur, buying wine can be an intimidating task. 

Most of us just pick the cheapest bottle that we feel okay about (personally it’s £7) or go for a nice label.

But what if you’re going over for dinner with people who know about wine? Or you’ve decided that you’re a grown-up now so you can’t just keep assuming that New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc goes with everything?

Well, you could go on a wine tasting course. If you go to a proper wine shop like Oddbins or Majestic they’ll be delighted to talk you through the shopping process. Or, those aren’t options, you could hit up the… Read the full story

Tubby beagle Honey loses more than half of her body weight and saves her own life

(Picture: Facebook/Niagara SPCA)

When Honey the beagle arrived at the Niagara SPCA last June, she weighed in at 68lbs – 48lbs heavier than a healthy weight for a beagle her age.

Honey couldn’t walk. She had pain in her legs. Her belly dragged on the ground. She was in such a bad state that the person who dropped her off wanted her to be put down.

Thankfully, those working at the shelter refused to put an end to Honey’s life. They were sure that they’d be able to help her lose weight.

It turned out that Honey’s owner had dementia, which caused her to frequently forget whether she had fed Honey – so… Read the full story

Can positive thinking really get you through a depressive episode?

metro illustrations
Practice is key (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

All the uplifting accounts on Instagram and Pinterest have got a lot to answer for if you ask me.

I’m sick of seeing watercolour graphics depicting patronising phrases such as, ‘Today, I choose to be happy’ or ‘good vibes only’.

women with arms around one anotherHow to support your best friend when they’re suffering from depression

As someone who has battled depression for the past six years, I find that not only am I particularly sensitive to these throwaway comments, but that people seem to quote them to me directly in an… Read the full story

This restaurant garnishes its margaritas with actual pig eyeballs

Would you drink this? (Picture: MONA/Faro)

How great are margaritas?

They’re probably my favourite drink, and I recently found out on a trip to Mexico that it is indeed possible to drink them from breakfast right through until dinner time.

The tang of the tequila, the sweetness of the agave, the freshness of the lime? Oh my.

While a traditional margarita certainly wets my whistle, I do love a twist on the classic.

Coconut kaffir lime margarita? Hell yeah. Passionfruit margarita? Yes please. Jalapeno margarita? Mmm hmm. Pig eyeball margarita? Wait, what?

Yup, a restaurant in Tasmania, Australia is garnishing its margaritas with a real-life, genuine pig’s eyeball.

‘Children often get sidelined when a family experiences loss’: why it’s important we talk to pupils in schools about grief

Why it's important we talk about grief in schools (Eleanor Segall)
(Picture: Phebe Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk)

Mental health in young children came to the forefront of the news agenda when the Duchess of Cambridge announced the Mentally Healthy Schools programme in association with Heads Together and other charities.  

The programme is an online resource for teachers, educators and carers – including parents – to support mental health in young people, including advice, resources and ideas, tailored to the curriculum.

How should we talk about mental health in schools? Here’s what the experts say

The Duchess spoke to an audience and visited Roe Green… Read the full story

A haunting look inside the factory where silicon sex dolls are made

(Picture: Getty)

Given that sex dolls exist, they have to be created somewhere. 

That somewhere is a factory. There are people who go to work every day and work in a sex doll factory.

The line ‘silicon sex doll factory’ sounds kind of funny. Like the pictures would be amusing.

To be totally honest, they’re not really. Actually it’s pretty creepy. The vision of lots of hyper exaggerated female bodies without heads doesn’t leave you feeling especially positive about the world. But it’s also fascinating.

These photos show a workers who create dolls for a company named EXDOLL, a firm based in the northeastern Chinese port city of Dalian.

Read the full story
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