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Tindersurfing is great – if you’ve got the privilege of being male

Tindersurfing is great... if you've got the privilege of being male (Ellie Hattersley)
It seems like a great idea, until it isn’t (Picture: Dean Noroozi/Getty)

‘Tindersurfing’ sounds exactly like what it is: couch surfing, but sluttier.

The idea is to save on accommodation costs by matching with people on Tinder, and asking them to put you up for the night.

4 actually realistic ways you can afford to travel more

Though not the first to use Tinder for budget travel purposes, Anthony Botta was the first to systematically use the app as a source of accommodation while travelling.

He used it to backpack through… Read the full story

Why taking a break could save your struggling relationship

metro illustration
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

There are no two ways about it, break ups suck.

Especially if you’re ending a long-term relationship. It can be messy.

But you don’t always have to break up to put an end to your issues – sometimes a break is all you need.

I speak from experience. I’ve been with my partner for five years, and last year we took a break. I won’t go into detail, the details don’t matter – all that matters is it worked.

We took a week apart after our relationship started going downhill. We did so because deep down we knew we didn’t want to end things – but something had… Read the full story

How to access the Boomerang secret menu and what does it do?

(Picture: Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Boomerang videos are the culprit for many an embarrassing moment.

Standing in the bar cheersing your glasses over and over again or wiggling and doing peace signs isn’t the most graceful activity.

However, we do what we have to do for the ‘gram, and the resulting Boomerang videos are super cute.

For those of you not yet inducted into the world of Boomerangs, they’re short videos that replay in a loop forwards then backwards. For example:

Instagram Photo

They’re easy to film and upload, but you often have to re-do them a couple of times to get the right shot.

Not if you’re a pro,… Read the full story

5 people tell us what happened when they told their employers about their mental illness

welcome back illustration for mental health at work
Returning to work after time off for mental health reasons can be a positive experience for some employees (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for metro.co.uk)

Having spent most of my adult life battling depression and anxiety, I’ve been in a variety of job roles where I’ve had to make the tricky decision about whether or not to tell my employer about my circumstances.

I almost never bring it up in an interview, although I do mention my mental health blog on my CV, so, technically, anyone can find out with a little research.

I asked a few people to share exactly what happened when… Read the full story

Adopting a dog is great for your relationship – here’s why

Good dog (Picture: Getty)

The first kiss with someone you’re beginning to adore is powerfully lovely.

The first date, delightful. The first time you fight and make-up; that awkward, blushing conversation about what’s going on between you? They’re nice, too.

16 adorable dogs to get you through Monday

Moving in together is joyous; the general consensus is that getting engaged is exciting; creating tiny humans is allegedly a blast.

These are all wonderful relationships milestones, to be sure.

But the most glorious of all, I think you’ll find, is actually ‘ready to adopt a dog’.

What other time in your lives together do you get to commit to caring… Read the full story

Photographer scales skyscrapers to capture stunning shots of high-rise apartments

(Picture: Zohaib Anjum/SWNS)

Maybe don’t look at these photos if you feel a bit funny about heights.

Or gaze at them and be very, very glad that photographer Zohaib Anjum took them instead of you.

Zohaib has to scale dizzying sky-scrapers to capture photographs of his new subject area: luxurious high-rise apartments in the clouds.

His work in Dubai has taken him to the tops of buildings as high as 264m tall, where he needs to walk on the edge of the roof to get the best shots.

Each shoot can take up to eight hours, as Zohaib has to climb up to the top of buildings in Dubai and carefully make his way… Read the full story

Vegan pet food: What should you feed your animals if you don’t eat meat?

Vegan pet food - what should you feed your animals if you don't eat meat? (Sareta) picture: Getty Images/metro.co.uk
Pet food is so complicated for vegans (Picture: Getty Images/metro.co.uk)

The last pet I owned was a hamster called Gizmo. He survived on a diet of seeds and nuts and sometimes the odd bit of fresh fruit or veg.

Well, kind of. Until I overfed him and he died.

Why I went vegan and why you should too

Since then, I’ve been too traumatised to get another pet.

This was over 20 years ago and I’ve got to that stage where the companionship of an animal is… Read the full story

Diagnosed with prostate cancer and given two years to live, Kevin almost gave up. Instead, he started running marathons.

prostate cancer
(Picture: Kevin Webber/Prostate Cancer UK)

Kevin Webber was 49 when he was told he had two years left to live. Three to four, if he’s lucky.

He’d gone to his GP with the most common symptom of prostate cancer: constantly needing to get up in the night to pee.

After two months of testing and a biopsy, Kevin was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer that had spread to his lymph nodes.

‘The next few months I thought: What’s the point?’ Kevin tells Metro.co.uk. ‘I had two years. My life was already over.

‘I didn’t see the point of anything.’

In 2015 he started chemotherapy. It was then, feeling weak, cold, and without purpose,… Read the full story

Butterbeer hair is the colour trend Potterheads have been waiting for

butterbeer trend
(Picture: totallymeta)

Harry Potter is great, sure, but it’s kind of lacking in hair and beauty inspiration.

Hermione may have encouraged you to embrace your curls (even if they did get less frizzy and become loose waves as the films went on), and perhaps you once considered going Weasley red, but that’s about it, really.

The characters didn’t even wear fancy witch hats you could take inspo from. Agh.

Thankfully, some wise hair and makeup beings are spotting ideas in the smallest details of the Potter universe.

Coined by Revelist, butterbeer hair is the next big colour trend to take over the beauty game.

The look is a magical blend… Read the full story

Please enjoy this shiba inu’s excellent ‘I’d rather not, thanks’ face

(Picture: Instagram/shibainu.berry)

In search of a new favourite Instagram dog?

We strongly recommend Berry the shiba inu.

Berry is a lovely seven-year-old doggo living Osaka, Japan. He’s generally very happy and easygoing. There’s just one thing that makes him a little… stubborn.

Berry loves going on walks. He also enjoys being at home (as long as he’s not on his own). What he does not like, however, is going home after a walk.

He’d much rather sit on the stairs of his apartment and do the very important job of keeping watch.

‘Berry was a watchdog on a blueberry farm in the old days,’ Berry’s owner tells Metro.co.uk. ‘That’s why his name is Berry.

Read the full story

How soon after giving birth can you have sex? And will you want to?

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: How soon after birth can I have sex? And will you want to? (Violet)
‘Sex was the last thing on my mind for a long, long time’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

However much the pregnancy books sugarcoat it, childbirth can often mean carnage in the downstairs department.

Even if you have a ‘normal’ birth with minimal or no intervention, the chances are that you will feel as though your nether regions have done ten rounds with a particularly vicious bare knuckle fighter.

How to have a sex life when you have kids

The fighter in question may well be tucked… Read the full story

Why is cancer called cancer?

What is the origins of the word cancer? (Picture: Getty)

Cancer is when abnormal cells divide in an uncontrolled way and eventually spread into other tissues.

The abnormal cell keeps dividing and produces more abnormal cells and these cells form a lump, which is called a tumour.

The more it spreads, the likelihood is that several different parts of the body will be affected by the condition.

There are more than 200 different types of cancers and are divided into groups according to the type of cell they start from.

They include: carcinomas; lymphomas; leukaemias; brain tumours and sarcomas.

But how did cancer get its name? And where can the origins be traced back too?

The word has been… Read the full story

Can you die from lack of sleep?

(Picture: Getty)

For people who suffer from insomnia, the effects can be debilitating.

It can play havoc with your mental and physical states, leaving you feeling like you’re wandering around in a haze.

Sleep deprivation is actually a very hard topic to study, because you’d actually have to stop someone sleeping to monitor the effects, and obviously this isn’t something you can force on anyone.

Particular when asking whether sleep deprivation can kill you, it’s unfeasible to study this in any real way.

The best hotels of 2018 you should probably book a stay in

(Picture: Getty)

In need of a bit of travel inspiration?

We feel you. It’s only February and 2018 already feels like the longest year in all existence. We’d quite like to go dip our feet in warm sand to get away from it all.

When you’re planning your trip, you probably fall into one of two camps. The first, the type who find the hotel first than plan around that. The second, the type that books whatever place is easiest to rest their head and isn’t too far from everything they want to do.

If you’re in the first group, you’ll definitely want to know about the TripAdvisor’s list of… Read the full story

Why do cats purr and what do they want when they meow?

(Picture: Getty)

You’re either a dog or a cat person, and most people will staunchly defend their chosen pet.

For dog people, cats are too aloof and independent, and cat people see dogs as far too needy and messy.

They’re actually pretty similar in many ways, though, as both species have evolved to be much more domesticated.

Essentially, our pets know how to wind us round their little toe-beans, and meowing is one way which they play us to get what they want.

Instagram Photo

How do cats purr?

Purring is the product of the rapid movement of the muscles of the voice box along with the movement of the diaphragm… Read the full story

What’s the deal with Februdairy?

Sorry to ruin this very cute picture for you, but cats shouldn’t drink cow’s milk. It’ll give them a dodgy tummy. (Picture: Getty)

If a month isn’t attached to some kind of holiday, campaign, or food, is it a real month?

October is Halloween. November is Bonfire Night. December is Christmas. January is, obviously, Dry January and Veganuary.

We thought everyone was content with February being the month of Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day and Valentine’s Day, but, alas, we were wrong.

Dairy farmers have come together to declare that from now on February is Februdairy.

What is Februdairy, other than quite a weak play on words?

Essentially it’s a retalliation to Veganuary and the growing trend towards milk alternatives… Read the full story

What time does Wetherspoon’s do breakfast?

(Picture: Matthew Lloyd/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

When you’re hungover, hash browns are a vital necessity. And, even if you’re not, they certainly make for a great start to the day.

For those of us who don’t want to spend £40 on some avocado toast (since the only thing keeping us off the property ladder) Wetherspoon pubs have plenty to choose from at breakfast time without breaking the bank.

The menu is pretty extensive, and you can get American-style pancakes, Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit, the famous smashed avocado bagel, and of course a full English.

Vegetarians are also well catered-for, and most things can be adapted to suit your dietary needs.

Read the full story

Fancy a getaway in Yorkshire? 10 of the county’s best luxury hotels

Get away from it all (Picture: Instagram)

Yorkshire is widely recognised for its beautiful landscape and historic landmarks.

Indeed, the many luxurious hotels and spas across God’s own county make for the perfect base to enjoy this wonderful region.

10 reasons all southerners should visit the north of England

Everything from glamorous city breaks, to relaxing spa weekends and historic country houses – all of which includes the finest decor, cuisine and customer service the UK has to offer – can be enjoyed in every corner of Yorkshire.

To get a taste of what northern decadence looks like, here are some of the most… Read the full story

8 things I want my kids to know about mental health

mum holding baby
Everyone has mental health, and everyone can suffer from a mental illness (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

When I was a child, mental health just wasn’t spoken about.

I remember euphemistic conversations about my great-aunt, who drowned after falling into a river; it was many years later that I realised she’d died by suicide.

What to do if you think your child has a mental health problem

And when I began to suffer mental health problems myself as a teenager, I tried – literally – to keep them under cover, wearing long sleeves and long skirts to hide the self-harm scars.

Today,… Read the full story

Oh lord, the blue light from your phone or laptop might be aging your skin


We know that the pesky blue light from our gadgets can have an adverse effect on our sleep. 

It sort of tricks our brains into waking back up – thinking that it’s being faced with actual daylight – so that after that 11pm pre-bed Instagram-fest, we’re left in sleep limbo.

But apparently, that blue light isn’t just having a detrimental effect on our minds, it’s also wreaking havoc on our skin.

High Energy Visible Light (to give it its proper name) is a natural part of sunlight but it’s also found in this technological blue light.

Visible light, unlike ultraviolet lights like UVA and UVB – which we already know causes skin damage – is light that can be seen by the human eye.

While there’s no evidence yet that it causes skin cancer is quite the same way, there have been studies that have found that blue light produces more hyper-pigmentation than UVB.

Read the full story
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