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Balenciaga’s £600 Crocs have sold out already and they haven’t even been released yet

(Picture: Balenciaga)

Fashion folk are odd.

You see them walking down the Strand during London Fashion Week looking like something Ru Paul threw up, in outfits that will have cost more than your monthly rent.

They don’t give a crap how ludicrous they look – if it’s in, it’s in.

And here’s further proof: Balenciaga’s £600 platform Crocs have already sold out.

When the label sent them down the catwalk back in October, most of us presumed that they’d be a flash in the fashion pan. But no, they haven’t even formally been released and Barney’s has already flogged every pair.

They went on pre-sale on the store’s website on 1 February and within… Read the full story

‘Black Men Smiling’ is possibly the purest thing to happen on the internet

(Picture: @iamMelsmith/Twitter)

Twitter, for the most part, is a cesspit of misery and bitterness.

But this weekend, it’s become a space of joy and black pride.

On Friday, comedian Dennis Banks encouraged people to share photos of #BlackMenSmiling, in a bid to ‘normalise happy’.

February is Black History Month over in America – a chance to celebrate all the amazing things that the Afro-American community has done, and also remember the struggles it’s had to endure.

35% of American jail inmates are black men – with black Americans being five times more likely to be incarcerated than white people. Police killed at least 223 black Americans in 2016. African Americans have the highest poverty rate, at 27.4%… Read the full story

Snow is melting into watermelon-flavoured puddles of blood in America because, algae

(Picture: Joe Giersch/Glacier National Park/Facebook)

When snow melts here, it usually leaves a load of grey slushy mess and not much else.

If you go hiking to Grinnell Glacier in Montana, however, you’ll find that molten snow can be spectacular.

Over their, they’ve got puddles of ‘watermelon snow’.

Found in crevices surrounded by a load of rocks, bright crimson pools of water are appearing and apparently, they smell of sweet watermelon (ahhh, the Instagram dream!).


It happens when a certain type of red-pigmented algae (Chlamydomonas nivalis) that contains chlorophyll combines with snow to create bright red hues.

The pigment protects the algae from the sun’s radiation and also helps it to absorb heat – and that causes… Read the full story

If you keep getting distracted at work, how about wearing this FocusCap?


It’s impossible to concentrate in an office environment.

You’ve got your work wife to your left, regaling you with stories of what she ate for dinner and who she banged on the weekend. You have your work nemesis on you right, whistling and humming and tapping their keyboard like they’re some sort of morse code agent.

How are you supposed to get anything done?

With this nifty cap, that’ show.

Designer Hanner Grebin has come up with the FocusCap – a simple way of getting rid of outside distractions.

It’s… Read the full story

What is borderline personality disorder? Everything you need to know about the condition

‘The chaos going on in our minds on a daily basis more often than not causes depression and anxiety’ (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a psychiatric illness that affects how an individual interacts with other people.

It’s also surrounded in myths.

Here’s what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

‘A person with BPD is needy and attention seeking’; ‘A person with BPD will only ever love themselves’; ‘They straddle the line between psychotic and neurotic’.

All of these are complete tosh.

If you’d like to understand more about what having BPD… Read the full story

When does morning sickness end?

(Picture: Getty)

Before you can truly enjoy the miracle of bringing new life into the world, it’s likely you’ll have to deal with some morning sickness.

Nausea and vomiting are often part and parcel of being pregnant and, although the severity will vary, most people will get it at some point in their pregnancy.

Celebrities like Kate Middleton have been in the public eye with debilitating morning sickness (Middleton specifically had an extreme form of this with the condition Hyperemesis Gravidarum) and have been publicising just how bad it can get.

It’s probably little comfort when you’re hunched over the toilet bowl, but knowing how long it lasts and what to do about it is… Read the full story

Life after care – two men share their stories of leaving the system

Life after living in care (Picture: Getty)
(Picture: Getty)

We all know we need more than academia to develop life skills.

I babysat the neighbours’ kids, felt like a grown up by cooking my parents a three course meal (always spag bol, usually followed by Arctic roll), walked the dog and helped with the shopping.

But if you grew up in care, these opportunities perhaps didn’t arise so naturally.

So how does a life in care prepare young people for independent living?

The first time I considered this issue was when I watched Leaving by Paddy Campbell at Northern Stage in Newcastle (which is coming back to the stage in March).

One of the things that struck me was the… Read the full story

How to calculate how many calories you genuinely need (you might be pleasantly surprised!)

Weight illo
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Go onto fitness Instagram and you’re bombarded by influencers telling you how much better their gains are now they’re eating more.

They look incredible, obviously. And yet…they seem to be eating umpteen hundred more calories than we are.

It seems unbelievable that someone can look so much more toned when they’re eating way more. But they have a point.

Sometimes you really do need to up your calorie and nutrient uptake in order for the body to metabolise better.

Consistently undereating can obviously lead to weight loss, but if you’re exercising regularly, it can also prompt the body to start clinging on to whatever nourishment comes its way.

Your muscles stop growing… Read the full story

Why is a cold contagious and how to avoid catching one?

(Picture: Getty)

Colds are the cherry on top of rubbish winter weather and some of the most depressing months of the year.

They’re very common, and in our lifetime it’s estimated that each of us will catch a cold around 200 times, with each one lasting around five days.

Symptoms of a cold include blocked or runny noses, sneezes, coughing, aches and pains, and sinus issues. There’s also no known cure, meaning we’re left to simply suffer on through.

So, it’s no surprise that we’d rather avoid the common cold.

Is going vegan the ultimate feminist statement?


To counteract the phenomenal support that Veganuary has had both in here and in the states, dairy farmers are apparently trying to make this month ‘Februdairy’.

You see what they did there? LOL!

Milk sales have been crashing and that’s causing the dairy industry to freak the f out.

You see, as vegan propaganda spreads, more and more folk are waking up to the fact that meat and daily might not be the best things to consume regularly. They’re often pumped full of chemicals and antibiotics – and that’s before we get to the fact that animal milk contains actual pus.

But veganism works to end the continued exploitation of animals and not just our physical wellbeing.

It works to end the slaughter of animals, as well as the use of mothers’ milk which is naturally produced to feed their young and not our halloumi habits.

You see, milk doesn’t just naturally occur apropos of nothing.

Cows need to be pregnant or have a… Read the full story

‘Shoes for shoes’ is the proof that shoe design has finally gone too far

(Picture: cowgirl_fuckin_boots/Instagram)

First, there were thigh-high Uggs.

Then there were Balenciaga Crocs at £600 a pop (I say ‘were’ because they’ve all sold out now).

And now, in a final F*** YOU to any shoe traditionalists out there, Chinese brand Sankuanz is trying to force ‘shoes for shoes’ on us all.

The label has just debuted its F/W 2018 collection and it includes a sort of over-the-shoe shoe which keeps latched on to your first pair via ugly-chic velcro straps.

Sankuanz showed at Paris Men’s Fashion Week and paired the shoe-shoes with military tones, prints and patterns.

And while they do look kinda cool from afar…

Read the full story

Forget Nutella – here are 5 decadent vegan chocolate spreads to try

You can smother these chocolate spreads on pretty much anything. (Picture: Chocolate Pot)

Sometimes there is nothing better than a tub of Nutella, with a spoon plunged straight in.

The chocolatey, creamy spread is a UK taste sensation and is definitely a family favourite. And with World Nutella Day on February 4, there’s no excuse not to dig in.

8 of the best places to get a vegan burger in London and beyond

But if you’re vegan or dairy-free, you’re out of luck as it contains both milk and whey.

Fortunately, there are now plenty of alternative options, and they really taste as delicious as… Read the full story

National Sickie Day 2018: 6 people who were called out on their excuses

metro illustrations
‘So, you had a 24 hour bug? Of course you did’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

How are you planning on marking National Sickie Day on Monday?

Maybe you’re considering putting on a croaky voice, calling your boss and coughing through the conversation as you apologise but you can’t make it into work.

16 interview hacks which will (hopefully) help you land your dream job

Then lying on the sofa with a duvet and chocolate so you can binge on television boxsets all day long.

Well these tales of people being called out by their manager for pulling a sickie may make you… Read the full story

Doritos is launching special crisps for ladies that don’t crunch as loudly

Pinkies out, pals. (Picture: Metro/ Getty)

Oh hey, ladies.

Ever fancy a nice mid-afternoon snack, but don’t have access to a tea set or any freshly-made scones?

You search, desperately, for an appropriate thing to shove in your mouth. But alas, you can find only hyper masculine food like Yorkie bars or crisps.

Thankfully, the good, kind people over at Doritos have come to save all us hangry women with a snack that will fill our tummies without damaging our delicate sensibilities.

Do not fear, gal pals. We’re not talking about the Doritos you know of, that leave your hands covered in cheesy dust and crunch loudly enough for everyone to know that Read the full story

Mums predict that these will be the top baby names of 2018

(Picture: Getty)

Blame Kylie Jenner for all the baby chat happening this week.

We don’t yet know what she’s named her kiddo, but if she chooses to go down the trendy route, this list might signal some options.

We doubt she will, though. Those Kardashian-Jenners love an unusual name – it’s be strange if they went for a name that’s ultra popular.

But if Kylie is in need of inspiration, or anyone other than the Kardashian-Jenners happens to be having a baby, send thanks to NetMums for bringing us some inspiration.

The parenting website has put together a list of baby names they reckon will be BIG in 2018.

Some things to… Read the full story

One in five people wear their pants more than once without washing them

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

One in five of you filthy, filthy lot are wearing your pants more than once without washing them. 

And, not to perpetuate gender stereotypes or anything, but men are apparently worse than women on this one, with nearly a third (31%) of men confessing to wearing their underwear twice or more before washing, compared to only 10% of women.

(Of course it might just be that men were more likely to admit to it…)

In terms of logistics, 4% of men and 2% of women admitted to wearing their underwear inside out to get more usage, as if reversing the garment somehow makes it cleaner.

It will come… Read the full story

11 of the best experiential gifts for Valentine’s Day

11 of the best experiential gifts for Valentine's Day (Sirena)
These’ll spice up your love life (Picture: South Kensington Club/Biscuiteers/Team Sport Indoor Go Karting/iFly)

You’d be forgiven for thinking Valentine’s Day is nothing but a silly, capitalist, made-up holiday, but who doesn’t at least love an excuse for a gift?

'Shoes for shoes' is the proof that shoe design has finally gone too far

The great thing about this holiday is that it’s fairly low-maintenance, so presents can range from silly to extravagant without seeming too out of place.

But a good option if you’re planning to buy something for a friend or significant… Read the full story

Should ‘K’ for kinky be included under the LGBTQ+ umbrella?


‘What does LGBTQ+ actually stand for?’ someone asked me at a dinner party the other day.

It was only when I got past ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer’ where I started to falter. I was struck by the realisation that I didn’t know exactly which groups were included in the umbrella.

When I looked up the official definition of LGBTQ+ I found an article on the MTV website which gave the full listing as LGBTQIAPK. Which means lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual (agender is also sometimes included), polyamorous / pansexual and kinky.

The inclusion of the term ‘kinky’ in the umbrella is a highly controversial one, and one that, before I started researching this piece, I had no idea would become so emotive and inflammatory.

Using the word ‘umbrella’ seems right – because that chain of letters is about more than a shorthand, it means inclusion. Everyone who identifies with one of those letters is part of a club. Part of… Read the full story

Woman who sweats uncontrollably from her hands and feet wants to normalise sweating

Lydia has suffered with hyperhidrosis – or excessive sweating – ever since she was tiny. (Picture: PA Real Life/Collect)

We all sweat. It’s totally normal. But that doesn’t stop us from feeling embarrassed when we notice sweat patches on a shirt or feel droplets on our upper lip.

So imagine what it’s like to sweat constantly, no matter how cold it is. Imagine having no way to hide your sweat and feeling it form puddles around your feet.

That’s the reality for Lydia Carroll, 32, who suffers from hyperhidrosis.

Lydia’s condition causes her to sweat uncontrollably from her hands and feed, even when it’s freezing cold.

She was diagnosed with hyperhidrosis when she was 16,… Read the full story

One in 20 British men say they’ve never seen their other half without makeup on

(Picture: Ella Byworth/ Shutterstock)

Considering that the patriarchy constantly pressures women to look a certain way, it’s no surprise then that some feel dependent on cosmetics.

From the covers of magazines with perfectly sculpted faces to TV and films, women have felt the pressure to look a certain way, even when with their significant others.

According to a study, one in twenty British men have never seen their other half without some sort of makeup on.

While most of us might prefer to snooze a little longer, some women (15%) even admitted to waking up earlier in order to put makeup on before their partner wakes up.

Worryingly, one in ten women believe they… Read the full story

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