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‘I still have really bad days’– Josh Patterson of Made In Chelsea talks anxiety on mental health podcast Mentally Yours


‘I do have my up and down days.

‘I’m in a position now where I’m a father, I’ve started a company which I’m so happy about, I’m in a wonderful position, I have a girlfriend, we have a beautiful apartment together, we have wonderful opportunities in life and yet I still wake up in the morning, on the odd day, and I have really bad days.’

Made In Chelsea star Josh Patterson joined us on the latest episode of Metro.co.uk’s mental health podcast Mentally Yours to talk about growing up with anxiety and life in the public eye.

Last year the 27-year-old had his first child, India, with girlfriend Binky Felstead.

He said: ‘Being a Dad, it’s an incredible thing. I feel like it really does put things into perspective.’

However, Josh is keen to speak out about ‘the highs and the lows of being a Dad,’ to help other men realise it’s not all plain sailing.

He said: ‘In the public… Read the full story

Bad teeth is the number one turn-off on people’s dating profiles

(Picture: Getty)

Let’s admit it, we’re a shallow bunch.

But can you blame us? It’s only fair that we want our bae to be as good looking as possible (but not too attractive as to outshine us).

With Brits being known for having bad teeth, it’s no wonder we’ve become self conscious as a nation for our gnashers.

So what’s the number one turn-off when you’re swiping through the latest dating app? You guessed it, bad teeth.

With the majority of Brits (64%) admitting they spend up to an hour a day swiping for love, it’s unlikely they’ll hesitate to swipe left on bad teeth.

Online dating has many highs and lows so if you… Read the full story

Yankee Candle sells its own range of scented lip balms

Yankee Candle Does A Lip Balm Version Of Their Most Popular Scents
(Picture: Instagram)

Attention, Yankee Candle lovers: Your favourite candle company does its own line of scented lip balms, and they’re perfect for anyone suffering with chapped lips this February.

Okay, so these aren’t exactly new. Yankee Candle first released its lip balms back in 2009, but they ended up being discontinued, with the large candle jars seemingly being much more popular.

However, you can still find the lip balms on eBay, in several flavours.

Instagram Photo

According to Yankee Candle, the lip balms come in several popular candle scents, including Black Cherry, Sweet Strawberry, Vanilla… Read the full story

How to choose the perfect perfume for someone else

Fragrance, perfume and aftershave Black Friday bargains include Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and SJP
(Picture: Getty)

Heads up, it’s Valentine’s Day super soon.

One of the most popular gifts you can buy for someone is perfume or aftershave. But how many of us have had the hideous experience of getting a perfume that just doesn’t smell right?

It doesn’t mean your other half has terrible taste – perfume is a super specific thing to try and get right, and it develops differently on different people’s skin.

So, how do you avoid buying someone you love a perfume that they hate?

Metro.co.uk spoke to Linda Pilkington, perfumer and nose for luxury perfumer Ormonde Jayne,… Read the full story

How to avoid tinnitus and relieve ringing in your ears

Ways to reduce your risk of tinnitus
(Picture: Getty)

Did you hear it’s tinnitus awareness week?

If you aren’t aware, tinnitus is the sensation of hearing noises in your ear or head when there’s no external cause or sound. It can be a constant condition or it can come and go, and can vary in volume – so sufferers may experience intensely loud noises or a constant low-level buzz.

People with tinnitus typically head ringing, buzzing, whistling, or hissing, which can be low, high, or medium pitched. It’s caused by an issue within the auditory system, and is often the result of an underlying condition.

The condition can have a serious impact on a… Read the full story

5 things you might not know about Trichotillomania

If you’re compulsively pulling out your hair, then maybe you have Trichotillomania (Picture: Getty)

You might think that most mental illnesses are invisible, but did you know that many of the symptoms can actually manifest themselves physically?

how should we talk about mental health in schools? Experts weigh in (Lucy Nichol)Scary and unpredictable: what is dissociation and what does it feel like?

One such condition called Trichotillomania – also known as Trich or TTM – is when someone can’t resist the urge to pull out their hair.

With over 3.4% adults in the world suffering from the condition, it doesn’t get much funding or attention… Read the full story

Woman shares warning about the risks of scrimping on your hairdryer

(Picture: Facebook/Erika Augthun Shoolbred)

We all know the misery of our hairdryer finally going kaput.

Confronted with a need to buy a hairdryer, fast, it’s easy to be tempted by whichever model’s cheapest at Boots or on Amazon.

After all, you imagine, aren’t all hairdryers basically the same? How much you spend can’t really make that much of a difference, right?

While you probably don’t need to buy that fancy Dyson option (no matter how much we love it), please heed this warning: buying the cheapest hairdryer you can find could have consequences more serious than split ends.

Learn from Erika, a woman who bought a hairdryer from the brand OraCorp on Amazon which, erm, didn’t… Read the full story

People are loving this dad who hides cash all over his daughter’s house

(Picture: Imgur)

A dad has won over the internet after his daughter shared a number of photos doing what he does best – stashing cash away in secret places all over her house.

Imgur user somebodysmama shared a series of iMessage screenshots, showing photos of her dad leaving cash around her house for her to find.

In the messages, the Imgur user would share a photo of the money to her dad to thank him each time she found it.

In a follow up post, she explained that her dad started leaving money around for her because she wouldn’t accept it when he came over for dinner.

What kind of house does £350,000 actually buy in London?

Mental health series: How to look after your mental health when you're moving house, because it's bloody stressful
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that he’s giving Londoners first dibs on any new properties valued at less than £350,000.

Which is lovely. Only, this is London. £350,000 here will buy you a kick in the face from a chimney sweep and a week’s parking.

Okay, that might have some element of exaggeration, but let’s be honest, you can’t get much for £350,000. But how much is ‘not much?’

(For the purposes of the article we’ve counted London as zones 1-6 on the tube.)

Man transforms his home into a sanctuary for 300 cats

Meet the man who transformed his home into a haven for 300 CATS
(Picture: SWNS)

Oh look, a glimpse into my future.

At age 58, Chris Arsenault lives with 300 cats, giving them the life of luxury they deserve – complete with hammocks and heated perches to lounge on and roast chicken dinners.

Unlike us, Chris’s choice to live with that many cats didn’t come from singledom and a need to be surrounded by soothing furry creatures. His sanctuary for cats actually has a deeply moving backstory.

Chris decided to open up his home to cats to cope with the grief of losing his son, who died aged 24 in a motorcycle accident on… Read the full story

Cadbury partners with Deliveroo to bring Creme Egg toasties and fondue to your door

(Picture: Deliveroo)

Cadbury Creme Egg has teamed up with Deliveroo Editions to launch ‘Delivergoo’, a delivery service offering a combination of Creme Egg recipes, delivered straight to your door.

Available in four cities across the UK, including London, Leeds, Birmingham and Brighton, Cadbury Creme Egg fans can pay £6 – including delivery – to enjoy an egg-stra special (sorry) sharing dish featuring two recipes previously only available at Creme Egg Camp in Shoreditch, London.

The dishes include the Fire-pit Toastie, a toasted sandwich filled with gooey Creme Egg, and the Forest-top Fongoo; crispy breadsticks and strawberries served with a molten swirl of melted Cadbury Creme Eggs. Yum.

Is donating your eggs worth it? Everything you need to know

Illustration of woman contemplating donating her eggs
What are the benefits and drawbacks of egg donation? (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

If you were looking for a financial escape hatch to pay off student loans or mortgages by donating something that your body discards monthly, you should know something first.

***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** X men tell us why they've faked an orgasm (Olivia Cassano) picture: Liberty Antonia SadlerMen fake orgasms too – here’s why and how

You have better chances of making money by finding one of Cadbury’s elusive white chocolate Creme Egg than you do donating your own.

Unlike in the United States,… Read the full story

Waitrose is now running yoga classes

(Picture: UIG via Getty Images)

You might’ve popped in for some free-range eggs and organic kale, but now you can leave Waitrose stores feeling extra smug, having signed up for yoga classes.

Yup, the posh supermarket now offers yoga classes to its customers.

Waitrose might not be known for its bargains, (RIP to its free tea/coffee service) but it’s pulling customers in with a new series of classes which may roll out to its 353 branches in the UK.

The supermarket will begin evening yoga sessions at the Basingtoke, Newbury and Banbury shops.

If it’s a hit with customers, it will then be spread to its other stores.

Moira Howie, nutrition manager at Waitrose, said: ‘We know that… Read the full story

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos ice cream is an actual thing and it looks weirdly delicious

(Picture: Amazon – Instagram/foodwithmichel)

Hot Cheetos-infused ice cream is here and it looks and sounds amazing.

The ice cream is the brainchild of Drill’d Ice Cream Mixasters, an ice cream shop in Orange County. It contains vanilla ice cream and comes mixed with Hot Cheetos and topped with a crushed version of the hot American crisp.

Steve Kim, one of the Drill’d founders, said the idea for the ice cream came in an attempt to differentiate their business.

His business partner, Eugune Inose, suggested they try putting the iconic snack food into ice cream.

Steve told Refinery29 that at first, he thought the suggestion was ‘whacko’. However, after trying it for the first… Read the full story

Does the ‘pay penalty’ exist? Part time working parents share their experiences

Working mums have suffered a ‘pay premium’ (Picture: Image Source/Getty)

Juggling work, a family and childcare is always a struggle.

And now a new study makes that struggle even more discouraging thanks to a ‘pay penalty’.

It suggests that working part time in motherhood is a key factor which sees mothers earning almost a third less than fathers, according to The Institute for Fiscal Studies report.

metro illustrationsNational Sickie Day 2018: 6 people who were called out on their excuses

Part time workers, the majority of which are women, are facing ‘virtually no wage progression’ according to IFS associate director, Monica Costa Dias.

‘It is remarkable… Read the full story

Teen with epilepsy creates poster to raise awareness of invisible illnesses

(Picture: Gazette Media Company Syndication)

18-year-old Tom Bell, who lives with epilepsy, is shining light on invisible illnesses with a poster campaign with Fixers, the national charity that gives young people a voice.

Tom has lived with epilepsy since he was born, and also lacks coordination in his movements due to dyspraxia.

He was just 11 years old when he first suffered a ‘stroke-like’ episode, which left him using a wheelchair for three weeks.

He said: ‘When I had the stroke, I remember trying to get out of bed one night for the toilet, but couldn’t find my balance and my speech was slurred. It was really scary.

‘I stayed in hospital for a… Read the full story

Childhood sweethearts marry 75 years after they first met

(Picture: Caters)

Forget The Notebook, this real life Allie and Noah are the new relationship goals.

Childhood sweethearts George Coffin and Irene Lanning, both 89, fell for each other when they were teenagers who lived just 200 yards apart.

Like any good romance novel, they were 14 and in love, but eventually drifted apart.

After George called time on their puppy love, the two, from Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands, moved on with different partners.

It was after the funeral of a mutual friend that the former couple reunited, wasting no time to rekindle their romance over a cup of tea.

Who said a bit of tea can’t solve any problem?

Read the full story

The three best tips for mums to improve self-care – from saying ‘no’ to buying earplugs

Why you should let your children see you naked (Emily Jane Clark)
Devoting time to yourself when you’re a mum is tricky (Picture: Erin Aniker for Metro.co.uk)

Self-care is definitely a buzz word at the moment.

Mums tend to put self-care to the bottom of their to do list, the kids and husband come first, leaving little thought or head space for themselves. I am guilty of this.

5 quick ways to declutter your home when you have kids

Until recently, my self-care routine consisted of drinking lots of wine and going completely overboard on the occasional girls birthday lunch, using moisturiser at the… Read the full story

The next big thing in the world of ASMR is cutting up soap

asmr soap slicing trend
(Picture: Instagram/asmr.soapqueen)

We know how important it is to stay on top of the latest ASMR trends.

Who wants the embarrassment of talking about whispering or slicing up sand when the world’s moved on to crushing bath bombs and crinkling bubble wrap?

The latest iteration of doing slightly odd things to satisfy people’s tingly cravings is soap slicing.

This is not to be confused with the previous move towards slicing bath bombs, as while they may both focus on bathing products, the experience is quite different.

Soap cutting is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s a quick guide. You get some soap – it can be… Read the full story

Your true love, Beyoncé, has just dropped a range of Valentine’s Day merch

(Picture: shop.beyonce.com)

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating true love.

So it would be the height of disrespect to spend that day honouring anyone other than Beyoncé, our queen, our saviour, our beloved ruler.

Thankfully, Beyoncé has helped us out with a way to celebrate our love for her without (or in addition to) just sitting in our rooms watching the full Lemonade film on repeat.

Yup, Bey has brought out a romantic range of merch that we shall now cover ourselves in like the loved up fangirls we are.

Annoyingly the range only currently appears to be on offer in the US online store, but you can always pay for international delivery.

Please gaze… Read the full story

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