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There’s so much more to Jamaica than just beaches and Bob Marley – here’s what you should do instead


Think of Jamaica and images of stunning beaches and Bob Marley will probably enter your mind.

Quite right too – situated in the Caribbean sea, Jamaica certainly has an abundance of postcard-perfect coastlines to explore and Bob Marley is arguably the island’s best-known cultural icon.

cape town table mountainNature, art and the best restaurant in South Africa: Why you should head to trendy Cape Town for your next break

But you may be more familiar with Jamaican exports than you think.

There’s Usain Bolt of course, and, in a way, James Bond… Read the full story

People aren’t happy with Kat Von D’s advert for her Basket Case eyeliner

(Picture: Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic)

If you name a product ‘Basket Case’ – even if it is in reference to that iconic Green Day song – you’ve got to expect some backlash.

The term is used to describe those with mental illness, implying that someone is crazy and unable to cope (the term originally came from World War Two, in reference to soldiers who literally had to be carried in a basket).

So we’re not all that surprised that Kat Von D’s limited edition Basket Case eyeliner is getting some criticism – especially when paired with its controversial reference point for the product’s marketing.

In photos posted to Kat Von D’s Instagram… Read the full story

From Blue Marlin to Bagatelle: How to party properly in Dubai


Looking out across myriad statement skyscrapers from my evening perch at the Level 43 Sky Lounge, situated on the top floor of the Four Points Sheraton hotel, my view is plucked straight out of Fritz Lang’s seminal science fiction movie, Metropolis.

Typical images of Dubai feature over the top buildings sitting in one of the least climatically hospitable regions in the world, and it certainly lives up to those expectations.

In the peak of summer, daytime temperatures can easily reach halfway to boiling point. But that hasn’t stopped a sprawling city rising ever-upwards, with architectural feats of ingenuity, such as the Burj Khalifa, indicative of a design ethic that screams ‘look at me’.

Big business put this former trading post on the map in a gargantuan way; if you think size matters in spots like New York City, then Dubai takes the idea to new heights, literally.

Where there’s work, there must also be play, and the original jewel of the Emirates has… Read the full story

Can you build muscle on a vegan diet? Yep – we’ve just gained 8kgs of the stuff


There’s a belief in many meat-eating circles that vegans are weeds.

To make gains, and I mean serious gains, you need animal proteins. You need to be eating gallons of egg whites, having steaks for breakfast and whey bars for elevenses.

At least…that’s what many will have you believe.

Because it’s just not true. It’s perfectly possible to build a tonne of muscle on a purely plant-based diet.

How do we know? Because we’re proof.

For the past 12 weeks, George and I have been trying to transform our bodies (and minds), by shredding fat, building muscle and reeducating ourselves on nutrition, fitness and the link between our physical and mental wellbeing.

Together, we’ve gained 8.1kg of lean muscle.

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So, how did we do it?


Tokyo is getting a cafe dedicated to the ‘breast slash’

Tokyo's first breast slash cafe is opening soon Getty/Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

You know the annoyance of the strap of a bag or a seatbelt separating your breasts into two distinct mountains?

Well, it turns out some people are really into that. They think it’s sexy. Who knew?

Over in Japan, the slashing in half of breasts is called paisura, a mashup of the words oppai (for boobs) and surasshu (referring to ‘slash’). It’s a noted concept that many observers really enjoy, caused by any kind of strap creating a diagonal line across and between the breasts, making them appear more prominent.

And of course, when there’s something people enjoy, it gets made into a cafe –… Read the full story

I had an STD in my eye

Everything you need to know before you get eyelash extensions
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The irony of me having a job where I talk about safe sex but still managed to land myself with an STD is not lost on me.

I carry condoms in my bag, and I get myself home tests regularly. I’m normally in check with my sexual health.

Obviously, however, I majorly f***ed up.

One Friday night I was out at after-work drinks obliviously enjoying my mojito, when I received a message on Tinder from a guy who’d previously ghosted me (screw you btw, Tom).

‘They all come crawling back eventually,’ I thought, sipping my cocktail like some femme fatale… Read the full story

Valentine’s Day 2018: Where to take your vegan date or your mates in London

Shot of a young couple sharing spaghetti during a romantic dinner at a restaurant
Reenacting Lady And The Tramp is not compulsory (Picture: Getty)

So you’re dating a vegan and you don’t know where to take him/her for Valentine’s Day? You fancy a meat free night out with your mates? Or maybe you’re a V-Day cynic who’d just like to enjoy some good company and good (plant-based) food.

vegan lemon shortbread biscuitsHow to make vegan lemon shortbread biscuits

Whichever one sounds like you I’ve got you covered. Whether you fancy a hearty pub dinner, a supperclub, a bit of a knees up or a posh… Read the full story

This golden retriever holding an egg in its mouth is proof they’re the most gentle breed

Sookie the Golden Retriever (Picture: Twitter/Iaurdreyfuss)

If the movie Homeward Bound is anything to go by, golden retrievers are pretty amazing.

Movies don’t always tell the truth, though. After all, if we believed Air Bud, the NBA would be full of players called Rover and Buster.

However, home movies never lie, even if what we do see might be completely nuts.

For example, this video of golden retriever holding an egg in its mouth seems too bonkers to be real. But it very much is.

Read the full story

How Muslims date in the age of Minder

(Picture: MMUFFIN for Metro.co.uk)

When you think of dating, you don’t tend to think of Muslims.

We aren’t known as a group to have premarital relations, and a lot of us don’t have sex before marriage. We’re unlikely to pop up on your Tinder matches.

Skipping the dating scene and going straight to marriage is a traditional approach that’s suited Muslim civilisation for over 1,400 years. And it suits 21st century Muslims in the UK and around the world too.

Despite the popularity of arranged marriages (when a friend or family member plays matchmaker that is, and not the typical forced marriage situations shown in films and TV), many Muslims are opting to… Read the full story

This is what tinnitus sounds like

This is what tinnitus sounds like
(Picture: Getty)

Imagine a constant buzzing in your ears that won’t go away no matter what you do.

That’s the reality of life for the 600,000 people who suffer from severe tinnitus.

This condition is a persistent sound in the ears, and is thought to be an issue with how the ear and the brain communicate.

Many of us will experience it in some shape or form at one point in our lives (an estimated 6 million), but it’s different for everyone.

Although it’s usually described as a ringing in the ears it can vary wildly, with some hearing more of a thudding sound, and others hearing a hiss… Read the full story

How many plastic bottles are wasted every day?

Bakery has best response to people who think their geode cake looks like a vagina

The internet thinks this bakery's 'rock geode' cake looks a lot like a vagina picture: Nadia Cakes/Metro.co.uk
(Picture: Nadia Cakes/Metro.co.uk)

A bakery created the most beautiful geode rock cake – and as with all things wonderful, the internet completely ruined it.

Nadia Cakes, a bakery in Minnesota, was really proud of its newest creation, a lovely geode rock cake featuring a vanilla cake iced with pink vanilla buttercream and embellished with rock candy.

It was a stunning masterpiece – but the internet couldn’t help but notice it looked a lot like a vagina.

Well, if a vagina was covered in rocks, that is.

Filling up the comments section, people were taking to the photo of… Read the full story

Rejoice, for a Creme Egg ice cream pizza is here

(Picture: Facebook)

An ice cream man has created a Creme Egg and Nutella ice cream pizza and it looks to die for.

Ricky Hughes, 28, who also calls himself Mr Ricky, Prince of Desserts, is the master behind the new dessert, which is made up of a caramel flan base topped with ice cream, caramel and warm Nutella sauces, chocolate shavings, sprinkles and several Cadbury Creme Eggs.

Sure, it doesn’t have the doughy goodness that an actual pizza has to offer – but it still comes in a pizza box, so there’s that.

Obviously, the dessert isn’t very good for anyone watching their waistline – as it consists of a massive 2,200 calories,… Read the full story

10 questions to ask when you’re choosing your wedding florist

Don’t leave your wedding flowers to chance (Picture: Getty)

Choosing suppliers for your wedding is a tricky business.

What questions should you ask your potential wedding photographer?

These people are responsible for creating a day you’ll remember forever, but you only get to meet them once or twice before the big day – if that.

So it’s very important that you know what you want from them, and you ask all the right questions.

When it comes to the florist responsible for your bouquet – and all the other flowers, plus, in some cases, extra decoration – these are the things you should be asking them.

Are you… Read the full story

Delta Airlines finally gives travellers what they want with a bag-tracking app

(Picture: Delta Airlines)

Except for missing your flight, losing your luggage is one of the worst things that can happen when you try to catch a plane.

Who wants to be stuck in New York City with nothing but the tracksuits you wore to get comfortable on the plane? If there were ever such a thing.

How does luggage somehow manage to end up in China anyway?

Delta Airlines seems to be on the ball though as they’ve just launched a new feature that tracks your bags in real time.

The new technology, which will be available on the Delta app, allows customers to keep track of their checked bags on its flights between… Read the full story

It’s more than just Carnival: Why you should explore Brazil’s southern coastline


This weekend, Rio de Janeiro will burst into life for the most famous party in the world.

The Samba bands have finished rehearsing, the costumes are in the wardrobe, and enough glitter to put Glastonbury Festival to shame is ready to go.

But if you’re already in the country, why not spend some time travelling south to discover coastlines surrounded by jungle, with water so blue and warm it rivals South East Asia, or trek to hidden waterfalls, kayak to lagoons and jump aboard a caipirinha cruise.

Explore an island paradise within easy reach of Rio

Ilha Grande (Picture: Rachel Anderson)
Ilha Grande (Picture: Rachel Anderson)

A ferry from the mainland takes you to… Read the full story

You can now go six-minute speed dating in the back of a taxi

Black cab speed dating Getty Images
(Picture: Getty Images)

If you’re single and looking, we’ve found the perfect event for you – and it’s happening just after Valentine’s day, so you don’t have to worry about any awkward dates as other lovebirds embark on some serious PDA around you.

TaxiApp UK and Date in a Dash, a London-based speed dating company, have partnered to introduce a new event which will see speed daters get to know each other in six minute sessions in the back of a black cab.

Black cab drivers have teamed up with one of London’s most popular speed dating companies to create the quick and easy dating event in… Read the full story

Thorpe Park is paying people to play zombies on a rollercoaster

(Picture: Thorpe Park)

If it’s anything like the film Adventureland, theme parks look like the most fun place to work.

You get to see fear turn into adrenaline everyday, you can test the rides after hours, you can play games, and run over to pals working on different parts of the park. What’s not to love?

Other than the occasional kid throwing up, maybe.

If you have the job of being a scare actor at Thorpe Park Resort’s biggest rollercoaster, you get to have some fun and dress up like a zombie too.

There could be worse jobs than scaring people at 127 feet into the sky.

But you’ll have to audition first as Thorpe Park… Read the full story

Nutella doughnuts topped with Nutella jars are here and we need to try one

(Picture: Instagram)

Doughnut Time, aka Australia’s favourite doughnut shop which is now open in Notting Hill, London, has created a couple of Nutella-filled doughnuts that actually come topped with a mini Nutella jar.

The doughnuts were created in celebration of World Nutella Day, which took place on Monday, 5 February.

Doughnut time has introduced two Nutella doughnuts to the mix: the ‘Tella She’s Dreaming’ and the ‘Montella Jordan’.

Instagram Photo

The Tella She’s Dreaming doughnut is a Nutella-filled doughnut covered in a chocolate glaze, Nutella drizzle, Nutella brownie, sprinkles and a mini Nutella jar. Oh, and it comes absolutely packed with a hefty helping of Nutella.

The… Read the full story

You’re the first ingredient in Glossier’s new solid perfume

(Picture: Glossier)

Imagine the next time someone asks you what perfume you’re wearing, you get to tell them it’s literally your own natural smell.

Well, with a bit of help.

That’s what Glossier’s You solid perfume aims to do.

Their luxury eau de parfum, launched last month, has been reimagined into a solid perfume that has a different smell from person to person as it affects their skin differently.

The four-year-old brand warns on the website that people should ‘be advised that the formula comes incomplete; You are the first ingredient’.

Fitted in a small capsule which looks more like a lip balm, the chic perfume, available now, is travel friendly and… Read the full story

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