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Morrisons launches a range of heart-shaped burgers for Valentine’s Day

(Picture: Morrisons, Getty)

Skip the posh restaurant this Valentine’s Day for a dinner at home, as Morrisons has launched a range of new heart-shaped burgers.

The supermarket has launched ‘The Best Valentine’s Heart Cheese Truckles’.

The love-themed burgers come in two flavours: The Best Extra Mature Cheddar and The Best Mature Red Leicester. And they’re hand-crafted to look like little love hearts (albeit, roasted).

The ‘love buns’ come after a Morrisons survey suggested that 58% of people will be eating in this Valentine’s Day.

To make sure people spend their Valentine’s money in the store, Morrisons’ heart-shaped quarter pounders are being sold for a whistle, at £2 for two.

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People are asking their crushes out for Valentine’s Day and the results are adorable

(Picture: Theresa Tibbetts/Getty; Twitter)

People are braving texting their crushes to ask them out on a Valentine’s Day date thanks to award-winning sex and relationships blogger, Oloni.

Just recently, Oloni took to Twitter to challenge her followers. She wrote: ‘Ladies, ask the guy you have a crush on to be your Valentine this year & tell him you’d like to go on a date with him. Tweet me a screenshot of his response’.

People have seen this as the perfect opportunity to ask their dates out and not look back.

And, amazingly, there have been quite a few success stories.

People have been responding to the tweet with screenshots, as asked, to explain what… Read the full story

Pretending not to know who the Kardashians are does not make you seem clever or cool

(Picture: E! Entertainment)

Perusing Mumsnet earlier (no, I don’t have children, yes Mumsnet is my hobby) I saw a thread about Kylie Jenner. 

A user was asking if anyone else agreed that her secretive pregnancy was a really nice way to approach motherhood for the first time.

I clicked onto the replies, expecting a barrage of criticism to Kylie for being too young, too sexy, too plastic to be allowed to breed. But instead what I found was something even more irritating.

‘Who are the Kardashians?’

‘Wait, there’s a Kylie Kardashian?’

‘I thought you meant Kylie Minogue – that would have been good news.’

(There was a LOT of talk about how much everyone wished it… Read the full story

Give your loved one a fish and chip bouquet this Valentine’s Day

Simpsons fish and chips Valentine Bouquet
(Picture: Simpsons)

Valentine’s Day is truly horrendous, isn’t it?

It’s a day where couples feel obliged to make a huge show about how much they love each other even though they’re perfectly content the other 364 days of the year

Single people are made to feel awkward because it’s just a normal day for them yet media would have them believe they’re supposed to feel sad and lonely even though, hello, it’s 2018, people are perfectly capable of existing without a romantic partner.

You know the people I feel sorry for most, though? New couples. Couples who don’t know whether to introduce their partner as ‘my girlfriend’ or ‘this… Read the full story

Bearded men, you’re needed for this new dating service

(Picture: Mo Bros)

Facial hair can cover a multitude of sins.

Not only can they look sexy, but they also have benefits like preventing skin cancer, allergies, and providing asthma relief.

So don’t feel bad if you prefer a hairier face to a clean shaven one – it’s a perfectly normal phenomenon (just don’t be a twit about it).

Whether you’re just a fan of facial hair or have a righteous beard yourself, you can now sign up to an unusual dating experience that caters for that preference.

Bearded Attraction is the dating service that lets you judge a man by his beard and decide if you want to go out with… Read the full story

Why PyeongChang’s use of fake snow for the Winter Olympics is a problem

The freestyle ski and snowboard slopestyle course open for practice on the 7th February 2018 at Phoenix Snow Park for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea
Artificial snow isn’t as good as the real stuff (Picture: Sam Mellish / In Pictures via Getty Images)

Alongside the athletes who have poured into South Korea’s PyeongChang for the Winter Olympics yesterday, some 250 snow cannons were also brought in to manufacture artificial snow, should the real stuff prove elusive.

Once used to patch up balding ski runs, artificial snow is now used to guarantee and extend the ski season in resorts around the world, crucially providing snow during the lucrative Christmas and Easter period when… Read the full story

The makers of Cadbury and Milka are hiring chocolate tasters

People eating chocolate
This could be you but you playin’ with another employer (Picture: Shutterstock /Metro.co.uk)

It’s that time of year again, folks.

Nope, we’re not talking about the time of year where you think we’re on the home run to spring and then winter starts all over.

We’re talking about chocolate taster application time.

Last year, we informed you that a chocolate company were hiring chocolate tasters and guess what, folks? It’s only bloomin’ happening again.

That’s right, Mondelez International – AKA the owner of Cadbury, Milka and Oreo – have opened applications for chocolate tasters, and they’re actual, serious roles, not a promotional gimmick.

The company is currently advertising for one… Read the full story

What to do when you find out you’re pregnant

(Picture: Shutterstock/ Ella Byworth)

So, you’ve taken a pregnancy test. It has multiple lines on it. You’re pregnant. 

What do you do next?

Well, probably you take a deep breath and have a little sit down. Whether this was intentional or accidental, it’s still a big bit of news and it’s going to take some getting used to.

Do you want to have a child?

If this pregnancy was intentional then you can skip to the next step. If not, you’ll want to consider your options. Are you ready? Is this right for you? Is it something you want to do?

If the answer to those questions is no, you can contact your GP or… Read the full story

Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit edition is dedicated to the #MeToo movement

(Picture: si_swimsuit/Instagram)

Sports Illustrated has dedicated this year’s swimsuit edition to the #MeToo campaign, with top models sporting empowering phrases on their bodies.

Entitled ‘In her own words’, editor MJ Day says that the shoot has been designed to combat the objectification of women.

The models, she says, ‘are as much participants as objects’.

Photographer Taylor Ballantyne says the project is about female identity.

‘Its purpose is to offer a platform for the participants to speak their truth by choosing positive words that represent who they are and what they strive to embody,’ she says.

‘I challenged these women to stay positive with their word choice regardless of what they were feeling in the moment… Read the full story

Zizzi bans people from using mobile phones on Valentine’s Day

(Picture: Zizzi)

Isn’t it the most annoying thing ever when your date keeps checking their phone every few minutes?

If you can’t stand it when bright notifications interrupt your conversation, then you might want to head to Zizzi’s this Valentine’s.

To keep the love alive, the Italian restaurant is banning bad dating etiquette and offering customers a ‘no phone zone’ to hopeful lovers.

You just hand your beloved phones to staff for safekeeping and they will return it to you at the end of your meal.

The handy move comes after research revealed that 60% of Brits hate it when a date keeps glancing at their phone during dinner.

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Is avocado good for sex?

4. Is avocado good for sex?
Sexy avacado (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Sex and food go together like, well, sex and taking appropriate precautions against STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

Aphrodisiacs such as oysters, chocolate and strawberries or incorporating whipped cream and ice cream into your bedroom antics are all traditionally linked with sex.

Now that we’re all chained to our smartphones, the aubergine, peach and banana emojis have also been added to the sexy food list.

Snowboarders v skiers: Why snowboarding is better than skiing

But the avocado? It conjures up connotations of the middle classes and hippies rather than getting down and dirty.

With Valentine’s Day just… Read the full story

Dog left heartbroken after his rodent best mate dies

A rat laying on a dog
This could be you but you’re not a rat (Picture: Mercury)

When you find a friend that makes your heart sing, it’s the best feeling in the world.

The first person you think of when you see a funny meme, the one you call when you’re in a crisis, that pal you always have a good time with.

A dog and a rat found just that when they first met three years ago, becoming totally inseparable despite the canine companion being a Puggle (a Beagle/Pug cross) and Beagles normally being used to hunt rodents.

Puggle Pippin and rat Leia became buddies when owners Hayley Lopez, 22, and Tyler… Read the full story

Britain thinks curry is romantic for some reason

hand holding spoon and dinner with Thailand food hot and spicy with herb on wooden table
(Picture: Getty)

Britain is a nation of curry lovers.

There’s no denying it -chicken tikka masala, saag aloo, or a bit of biryani have been the Saturday night takeaway of choices for years.

But is it…romantic?

If you’ve tried a curry (where have you been if you haven’t?) then you know all too well that a sweaty forehead, mouth draped open, and a runny nose after a vindaloo is hardly a sexy look.

But that’s not stopping people from indulging in a bit of the spicy stuff on date night.

Forget oysters and chocolate-covered strawberries – if you’re planning a… Read the full story

Gigi Hadid’s plus-size cousin is celebrating her ‘belly rolls’

(Picture: joannvdherik/Instagram)

Gigi and Bella Hadid may be the faces of mainstream fashion but it’s their cousin who’s really causing a stir at the moment.

Joann van der Herik is the daughter of Yolanda Hadid’s brother and she’s also a model (seriously, what is up with that family’s genes?).

And she’s been giving everyone a lesson in body positivity, by showing fans her ‘belly rolls’ in order to prove that ‘people on Instagram aren’t perfect’.

Joann has recently been signed to London-based 12+ UK Model Management and has just been named as the face and body of Debenhams’ DD+ lingerie collection, Gorgeous.

In the post, she says that she’s ill and she’s felt ‘unhappy,… Read the full story

Mozzarella dippers have finally returned to the McDonald’s menu

(Picture: McDonald’s)

Attention, McDonald’s fanatics: Mozzarella dippers are back on the menu and everything in the world is good again.

Over Christmas time we said goodbye to the mozzarella dippers which were being replaced with four mini rounds of breaded Camembert served with a festive tomato dip.

It being a Christmas-thing, it was only a matter of time until the Camembert dippers were taken off the menu.

And we’re so glad they have been (even though they were amazing) because everyone knows mozzarella dippers are the best McDonald’s side.

If you love Dr Pimple Popper, you need this pimple-popping toy in your life


Few things in life are as satisfying as popping a great big zit.

The feeling of release as the skin bursts and a volcano of puss erupts is second to none.

Which is why so many of us are obsessed with Dr Pimple Popper videos – it’s just as incredible to watch as it is to do it yourself (and there’s the added benefit of not having to mutilate your own skin).

And now, dear friends, you can have the best of both worlds.

Because someone’s come up with a toy. A pimple popping toy.

Cook Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s magical engagement roast chicken

You could be as satisfied as Harry and Meghan this weekend if you cook their engagement chicken (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Who knew that perfecting the art of a delicious Sunday roast could bag you a Prince?

Meghan Markle clearly did, as that’s what she was slaving away over in the kitchen when Prince Harry got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife.*

And because we don’t think it’s fair for only Harry and Meghan to reap the rewards of their delicious Ina Garten recipe chicken, we’ve decided to reveal exactly how you can recreate the dish yourselves at home.

It’s the perfect meal to knock up for your beloved… Read the full story

A cafe is dishing out scoops of the world’s most dangerous ice cream

(Picture: SWNS)

You might think that it’s too cold for ice cream right now, but one cafe is serving up a cup of frozen desert hot enough to warm every bone in your body.

The Aldwych Café is serving up a Valentine’s Day ice cream special called ‘Respiro Del Diavolo’, or Breath of the Devil.

It’s so spicy that diners have to be 18 or older and can only buy it after signing a legal waiver.

The disclaimer warns that the ice cream carries ‘a risk of personal injury, illness and possible loss of life’, and staff who serve it have to wear gloves when they dish out scoops.

It’s 500 times hotter than Tabasco… Read the full story

Just FYI blokes, lingerie is the worst Valentine’s day gift

How to buy lingerie for your Valentine: A guide for smitten dummies
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Right, it’s less than a week until Valentine’s day, so if you’re in a couple where v-day is celebrated, you’re probably giving some thought to what gift to buy your special someone. 

Broadly speaking Valentine’s gifts fall into rough categories. Perfume & beauty, books and stationary, chocolates and flowers, clothing and accessories, and lingerie.

It’s lingerie that we need to have a chat about.


Buying underwear for your partner is a bit of a selfish present from the start. We all know it’s because you want your partner to wear it, look sexy in it, and because it’s a nice… Read the full story

Chinese New Year 2018: Where to celebrate the Year of the Dog in London



Chinese New Year in Trafalgar Square 2017
London is a great place to see in the Year of the Dog (Picture: visitlondon.com)

This year the Chinese New Year falls on Thursday, February 16. You can celebrate the Year of the Dog in many different places across London both on the day and throughout the week.

9 places to celebrate Chinese New Year in the UK

London’s official Chinese New Year parade takes place on Sunday, February 18 in the area around Trafalgar Square. However, there are many other workshops and events taking place to mark the new year.

If you’re planning to… Read the full story

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