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Take a look inside the seaside clock tower that has been transformed into a luxury two-bedroom apartment

(Picture: Solent News)

A seaside clock tower which has been transformed into a luxury two-bedroom apartment has just gone on sale, and it features the clock face in the middle of its living room.

The working white clock face – which is 6ft 8ins (2 metres) in diameter, is the centrepiece of the lounge in the split-level flat, which is part of a former Royal Marine Barracks.

The 1,201 square foot home, which occupies the top two levels of the Clock Tower and is half a mile away from the beach in Eastney, Portsmouth, has gone on the market for £575,00.

Mental Health First Aid – what is it and how can I do it?

Practical help can make all the difference (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

When we think of first aid, we think of treating physical emergencies; those trained in first aid know what to do if someone gashes their leg, faints or starts choking.

But what about if someone is behaving out of character, or is perhaps reacting to unseen stimuli, or is so distressed they’re talking about ending their life?

First Aid at work is common place, employers have a legal obligation to ‘provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work,’ but this just covers physical… Read the full story

Photographer captures life on an estate in Bristol


On the Southern edge of Bristol sits the Knowle West Estate.

A neighbourhood of around 12,000 residents, Knowle Rest was created in the 1930s following the clearance of slums in Bristol’s city centre. It rests right on the edges of Bristol, where dense housing meets agricultural land, on top of a hill that allows views of the rest of Bristol.

It’s a tight-knit community where women ‘run the show’ – mums heading up families, creating community projects, and connecting the neighbourhood together.

It’s tough to get a sense of that from an outside view of numbers and postcodes. The best way to get an understanding of the Knowle West estate is to go inside it, and to meet the people who call it home.

That’s where What Takes Hold comes in.

Photographer Tommy Sussex began the project back in 2015 when he moved to Bristol. Commissioned to create an extended photo essay focusing on his personal experiences with Bristol, Tommy headed straight to the Knowle… Read the full story

Boy recovers from a broken neck with the help of a teddy bear wearing a neck brace

(Picture: SWNS)

A five-year-old broke his neck on a garden trampoline – but is braving his recovery with the help of a teddy with a matching metal brace.

Riley Hoy spent two months in a frame which was bolted to his skull after he landed on his neck after a back flip.

Riley had broken his C2 vertebrae while attempting a back flip on the trampoline in his garden.

He landed on his head and let out a ‘yelp’. His worried parents Gemma, 32, and Steve, 35, called 111 and were told it was likely a muscle injury.

They gave him Ibuprofen but when he woke up screaming the next day, they took him… Read the full story

Kinder Surprise doughnuts come topped with an actual Kinder Egg

Kinder surprise doughnuts
(Picture: Instagram/@doughnuttime_uk)

Doughnut Time, Australia’s favourite Doughnut Shop which is now open in London’s Notting Hill, has created some amazing Kinder Egg doughnuts, which come topped with actual Kinder Eggs.

This isn’t the first time the doughnut shop has wowed us with a new creation. We also saw them launch some incredible Nutella doughnuts, which feature mini jars of the chocolate hazelnut spread, and then there was the mini engagement ring doughnuts which were launched in collaboration with Deliveroo.

The Kind-Er A Big Deal doughnuts look to die for.

They feature a white and orange cream glaze, and come topped with pastel confetti sprinkles, hundreds and thousands, and a… Read the full story

Valentine’s Day themed makeup trend is the perfect way to deal with a breakout

valentines day makeup
(Picture: workingwithmonolids)

So you’ve actually managed to land yourself a date for Valentine’s Day. Well done.

Naturally, you want to look your best. You’ve picked out an outfit, planned to wash your hair that morning instead of rocking your usual messy bun, and you might even make the effort of putting on foundation. That’s a big deal.

But what if you wake up on 14 February and find your skin has zero respect for the concept of a commercialised day to celebrate love and things covered with hearts?

What if – whisper it – you wake up to find your skin has broken out.

Of course, blemishes and bumps are nothing to… Read the full story

What you should know about scalp reduction surgery and Donald Trump’s hair

(Picture: Getty)

There’s a lot to criticise President Donald Trump for (his views about women, the accusations of sexual assault, the number of golfing trips he’s been on while acting as president, to name a few).

We’d rather not take cheap shots against him, such as questioning his weight or laughing at his hair. We reckon his food and style choices are just a distraction from the genuinely awful stuff he’s doing.

But just because we don’t want to laugh at these parts of the US’s dear President doesn’t mean they’re not worth discussion.

Donald Trump’s hair has been a subject of intrigue and wonder since long before he… Read the full story

90s kids, rejoice: Primark has just started selling Nickelodeon themed clothing

Primark 90s kids PJ range
(Picture: Primark)

90s kids, rejoice: Primark has just started selling some clothing that’ll leave you feeling all sorts of nostalgia.

In two recent Instagram posts, Primark showed off its new 90s-themed pyjamas, t-shirt and socks, which are each inspired by old-school Nickelodeon shows.

In the first post, the fashion retailer debuted some Rugrats pyjamas, with a black vest top labelled with ‘Old School’ featuring images of all of our favourite Rugrats Characters.

Instagram Photo

The pyjama shorts are also covered in the likes of Angelica, Chucky and Reptar.

Alongside this set, Primark has also released some Rugrats-themed socks, which are selling for £2.50… Read the full story

Is getting Botox worth the faff?

Botox - is it worth the faff? (Tristen Lee)
10 minute treatment, but is it worth the money? (Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Botox is an incredibly popular non-surgical treatment, which has been used to the extreme by Hollywood stars for decades in a bid to stretch and sculpt their faces into a uniform, plastic, slightly shiny product of the modern beauty ideal.

But what if you’re just the average Jane (or John) Doe with a bad case of resting bitch face, looking for a quick fix?

Lip fillers - are they worth the faff?Is getting lip fillers worth the faff?

I’ve been lucky enough not… Read the full story

Tiny bulldog lost all of her hair after being abandoned by a breeder

Hairless dog
(Picture: SWNS)

Uplifting photos show the transformation of a tiny hairless bulldog found wandering the streets – who now has a loving home and a thick coat of fur.

Little Lilou was just seven months old when she was picked up by rescuers. She was absolutely covered in sores and was suffering from a respiratory condition.

Her now-owner, Cora Frazer, 37, said much of the neglected puppy’s fur had fallen out, and she was terrified of everything and everyone.

Lilou, a bulldog mix, was first placed with an emergency foster carer in California, USA, back in September 2015, who helped her battle through a number of infections.

Incredible house covered in a million mosaic pieces has finally been revealed after years of being obscured by scaffolding

(Picture: Simon Jacobs/ Mercury Press)

You know those houses you walk past and think ‘that’s my dream house’?

Usually they’re painted in pastels or have a jazzy door. There’s not much you can really assess beyond the exterior.

In the jazzy houses rankings, all those pastel-painted homes will have a tough job beating this place in Chiswick, though.

Over in West London there’s a house covered in a million colourful mosaic pieces.

The reason you haven’t noticed it before: It’s been covered up with scaffolding for the last few years while the owner and artist behind the home, Carrie Reichardt, added the finishing touches.

Now, finally, it’s been revealed. And it’s pretty glorious.

Here’s the house… Read the full story

How to gently tell the person you’re having sex with that your clitoris is not where they think it is

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s unreasonable to expect that everyone you have sex with will be an expert in all things vagina.

No one’s perfect, and sexual pleasure isn’t a one size fits all solution. It’s unlikely someone will be able to get you off from the get-go, and part of the fun of having sex with someone on the reg is learning how to get each other off.

But here’s the thing: It’s impossible for someone to learn what you like if you don’t let them know.

And more so, it’s impossible for someone to know they’re doing isn’t quite right if you pretend it’s pushing your buttons.

Friends, today we… Read the full story

Parma Violets flavoured gin is here and we need to try it immediately

Parma violet gin
(Pictures: Zymurgorium /Swizzels)

Parma Violets are a little bit like marmite, you either love them or you hate them.

Anyone who’s a fan of them will be pleased to know that they’re now available in alcohol form – well, sort of.

Ladies and gentlemen: Parma Violets flavoured gin is here, and it sounds wonderful.

50cl of Zymurgorium Manchester Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur is being sold on Drink Supermarket for £25.89 a bottle.

The product description reads: ‘Sweet violet heaven made for the gods? Well not exactly, but a wonderful liqueur nonetheless.

‘Great replacement for violet based liqueurs as the role of 20 botanicals really do provide a unique taste. Enjoy any how… Read the full story

The Malteser McFlurry has finally made a return to the McDonald’s menu

McDonald's Just Brought Back The Maltesers McFlurry And It Looks Delicious
(Picture: McDonald’s)

Attention, people: McDonald’s has welcomed back its much-loved Maltesers McFlurry to its menu, and we’re so ready to get out our plastic spoons and dig in.

But before you get excited, like all things truly wonderful, there’s a small catch.

The McFlurry is back as a reduced size, as well as having been launched as a Mini McFlurry (we know, it’s seriously sad news).

And, to make matters even worse, the Maltesers McFlurrys are only available in a small number of restaurants, as they’ve been relaunched as part of a test.

40 thoughts you’ve had if you’re turning 40 this year

(Picture: Getty)

It was the year of Kate Bush, Saturday Night Fever, and Grease.

Are you a 1978 child? Are you plagued by fears of aching joints, and middle age in general?

Do you hear the words ‘Life begins at 40’ and find yourself rolling your eyes?

Whether you’re due to reach this particular landmark this year, or whether you’ve recently passed it, here are just a few of the thoughts you’re liable to have as you approach 40…

Melancholy woman at home celebrating her birthday all alone30 thoughts you’ve had if you’re turning 30 this year

1. I can still remember my parents… Read the full story

Huda Beauty founder says Primark’s £0.60 beauty range is the ‘best thing we’ve discovered this year’

(Picture: Huda Kattan/Instagram)

The more you spend, the better quality.

That’s a maxim to live by, right?

Well not according to top makeup artist, millionaire businesswoman and all-round beauty guru Huda Kattan.

Better known as Huda Beauty, she’s come out calling Primark’s cheap-as-chips beauty range ‘the best thing she has discovered this year’.

Huda’steam has been reviewing the eyeshadows, lip topper and liquid lipstick on her blog.

Of the 28-shade glitter palette (£4), she says: ‘The glitters look really pretty patted on top of the eyelid, either on top of a cream or powder, but if you’re expecting a densely packed layer of glitter, you won’t get that.’

The packaging might be a… Read the full story

MDMA is being used to help people recover from eating disorders

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Recreational drugs have been touted as potential mental health aids for some time now.

LSD, for example, has been championed as a legitimate treatment for depression, PTSD and anxiety.

And now, MDMA is being used to help people recover from eating disorders.

It’s not the same stuff that you can easily obtain outside Koko on a Friday night, though. And it’s not a substance that should be experimented with solo. In fact, patients aren’t allowed to ever take it away with them.

This strain is to be used in secure environments only, as a psychotherapy aid.

It’s currently in the final stage of FDA trials – meaning that soon, this ‘pharmaceutical… Read the full story

A guide to Valentine’s Day depending on how long you’ve been dating

(Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler)

Too soon for expensive gifts but not too early for a romantic date and flowers? 

It’s tricky to know what to do for Valentine’s Day when you’ve just started dating.

How long before it’s acceptable to go all out on supposedly the most romantic day of the year? You don’t want to seem too keen or too detached.

And while you’re freaking out about what to do on the day, you might be stressing over the best present(s?) to get them too.

Is it too early for a bouquet of roses?

Luckily for you floundering lovers, research shows the top trends for a successful night of wining and dining.

And the… Read the full story

Valentine’s Day 2018: 20 deliciously romantic vegan treats to make for your loved one

Chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day
Whoever you love – say it with food

Whether you make them for your loved one, yourself, a friend, your kids or even your colleagues, whoever the recipient, these vegan Valentine’s treats are sure to be enjoyed.

vegan lemon shortbread biscuitsHow to make vegan lemon shortbread biscuits

It doesn’t matter whether your style is dark, chocolatey sophistication or pretty in pink – you’ll find a vegan Valentine’s recipe here for you.

There’s everything below from luscious chocolate pots to palest pink pavlovas and heart shaped biscuits to Turkish delight. Hey, there’s even a Valentine’s sushi platter.

Here are 20… Read the full story

How to spend a romantic weekend in Milan

Piazza del Duomo, Milan (Picture: Getty)

Whether you’re jetting down for an inaugural look-see with your newfound fling or embarking upon an umpteenth tour with your better half, Milan makes a magnificent destination for any romantic urban retreat.

My own recent romp with my partner meant I got to share a city I know fairly well with a willing Milan neophyte and come up with our own idealised list of loved-up activities.

Below are our favourite finds from our deliciously dolce weekend a Milano.

Don’t overdo the to-do list

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