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National Love Your Pet Day: 7 people reveal how dogs saved their sanity

Good dog (Picture: Getty)

I’ve loved dogs since I was a child.

In 2014, I finally got Riley, my beautiful beagle named after the dog in the Call of Duty video game.

My ex boyfriend chose the name, I wanted to call him Truffle. Although, now I think of it, that’s actually seems worse.

Sadly, Riley passed away last year.

The loss of a pet is incredibly painful, but the love of a pet can save your life, and even your sanity.

Dogs especially, thanks to their unconditional love and natural intuition. They can sense your sadness.

For National Love Your Pet Day, and in tribute to my baby beagle, I have asked seven people to tell me how… Read the full story

Are you ready for the fishtail brow?

fishtail eyebrows
(Picture: hayley_bui)

Wait, did you think we’d left the weird eyebrow trends in 2017?

We’re so sorry.

The trend of doing strange stuff to the hair above your eyes may have taken a brief hiatus, but it’s back, and this time around we’re getting fishy.

Behold fishtail brows, the first bizarre brow trend of the new year.

Basically, the look is about splitting your eyebrow into two so it looks like a fishtail – one fin-like section upwards, one left as normal, with a slight gap in between.

The look started popping up on Instagram a few days ago, but got loads of attention once it was shared by Huda Kattan.

But… Read the full story

Why there’s so much silence around being sexually assaulted in the Asian community


I was ten years old when the priest who came to teach us how to read Arabic started touching me.

Twice a week he would push his hand down along my body and force me to touch him.

I never told anyone, keeping it silent until I spoke to other south Asian women to research this article.

Shamefully, this is the reality for a few of my Muslim peers. In one day I spoke to 13 of my friends who each had some variation of this experience, as though it’s some sort of disgusting rite of passage.

From casual brushes against our bodies to deliberate touching, to full on molesting, and even raping, south Asian women have kept quiet about their abuse and they continue to do so.

Needless to say these experiences are evident in all communities – sexual assault is not unique to Asian people. But why is there a culture of shame and silence particularly in Asian Muslim families when sexual abuse occurs?

Like… Read the full story

Japan’s laundromat cafes let you enjoy tea and cake while you wait for your clothes to be cleaned

Japan’s laundromat cafes make doing your laundry an experience. (Picture: PR Times)

Japan gets a lot of things right.

They were the first people to do the animal cafe thing. Japan’s the place with the best food, the best festivals (cherry blossoms or penis? Take your pick), the coolest fashion and the greatest skincare innovation.

There are so, so many reasons we wish we could up sticks and move to Japan, and loads more parts of life in Japan we’d quite like to bring over to the UK.

One of those parts of life: Laundromat cafes.

In the UK a visit to the laundromat isn’t exactly an exciting… Read the full story

5 things new dads automatically get used to, from projectile pooping to sleepless nights

Women with ovarian cancer symptoms are buying yoghurts instead of going to the doctor

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Oi, you. Stop ignoring bloating.

While a little bloat is entirely normal, persistent painful bloating that leaves you feeling as swollen as a beach ball isn’t something to quietly deal with.

Bloating is one of the most common signs of ovarian cancer – but a new survey of 1,142 women on behalf of Target Ovarian Cancer has found that women experiencing bloating are more likely to buy probiotic yoghurts than ask their GP for medical support.

The survey found that 50% of British women would change their diet if they were persistently bloated; cutting out certain foods such as gluten or dairy, consuming probiotic yoghurts and peppermint tea,… Read the full story

Rescued kitten with four ears and one eye finds a forever home

(Picture: Instagram/frank_n_kitten)

Little Frankie looks a little different. But that doesn’t stop him being blimmin’ adorable.

The 10-week-old kitten has four ears and one eye, earning him the name Frankenkitten (that’s Frankie for short).

He was found under a house in Geelong, Australia, with a severely deformed eye that required surgery to remove.

It’s not known why Frankie has four ears – the genetic fault is so rare that there hasn’t been much research into cats having extra ears – but he seems happy and healthy.

He was brought into Geelong Animal Welfare Society where he was given stitches following surgery to remove his eye, cleaned up, and nursed back to health.

Read the full story

Meet the mum who freebleeds and breastfeeds while doing yoga

(Picture: carleebyoga/Instagram)

Carlee Beanear is not your average mum.

She lives in Texas with her three kids, aged 6, 4, and 18 months, but rather than going to work at an office, she’s a full-time earth mother.

Carlee started doing yoga after suffering post-natal depression when her first child was born. She decided to try something new when her second baby was born in the hope it would help with her mental health.

Her skills have clearly been well-honed, and you’ll now find her Instagram full of snaps of her doing handstands and showing off flexibility that most of us could only dream of.

While she’s defying gravity, Carlee often breastfeeds her youngest.… Read the full story

From finding the perfect view of the Opera House to sandboarding at Port Stephens: 5 things to do in and around Sydney if you’ve only got five days to nail it

A picture-perfect destination (Picture: Ellenor Argyropoulos/Topdeck)

OK, so Sydney is pretty spectacular as a city but there’s so much more to discover.

I’ll be the first to admit that Australia wasn’t on my bucket list.

Apart from the after-school ritual of double-billing Home And Away and Neighbours, and religiously listening to Kylie and Jason on cassette tape when I was seven, my only real experience with Australia came when my pals all scarpered off there during their gap year sometime in the late 90s.

Other places ranked higher on my globetrotting ‘hot or not’ barometer and for some reason, despite making countless Australian friends throughout my life, the prospect of travelling to the… Read the full story

Disney is searching for people to work on its cruise ship

(Picture: R.G.Williamson/REX/Shutterstock)

If you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life, they say.

So although an 80-hour working week might sound absolutely exhausting, if you get to live in a Disney cruise ship, how much of it will actually feel like work?

And who doesn’t dream of being paid to travel?

If that sounds like something you’d be up for, you’re in luck – Disney is currently looking for a youth activities counselor to travel on board its luxury cruise ships.

Some of the exciting places you could be visiting include Mexico, the California coast, Barcelona, and a private island in the Bahamas.

This 9-year-old taxidermist is destined to be the next David Attenborough

(Picture: Peter Goddard / Caters News)

I have to admit, I have no idea the kind of activities that interest nine-year-old boys in 2018.

Pretending to shoot civilians in war simulation games? Playing with replica dolls of YouTubers?

Whatever it is, it’s safe to say that taxidermy probably isn’t the average hobby for a child that age.

Angus Latimer, however, is breaking the mould, and making some super cool pieces in the process.

He began watching his mum Kate do taxidermy from an early age, and started collecting rocks and shells, as well as looking after his pet frog Slippery.

Read the full story

Starbucks is offering psychedelic colour-changing drinks that look almost too pretty to drink

Starbucks colour changing cold brew picture: STARBUCKS
(Picture: Starbucks)

Starbucks is always trying new things.

And more often than not, they’re pretty awesome looking.

The coffee giants will now be selling cold brews that change colour as amethyst, brown, and white sauces swirl around the cup.

And like always, it’s pretty Insta-worthy.

But because they have all the best things, the psychedelic drink will only be available from today in Asia, where Starbucks also released the millennial pink latte.

The Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew looks as delightful as… Read the full story

If you’re scared to run a marathon, take inspiration from 83-year-old great-grandmother Jean

(Picture: Mercury Press)

If you’re anything like us, you’ve always told yourself you’d love to run a marathon… but you haven’t done anything to take you closer to that goal.

A marathon feels too intimidating to tackle, the prospect of months of training looming in front of you like an impossible to climb brick wall.

But what’s really holding you back? Is it fear that you won’t be able to do it? Of discomfort? Of looking silly?

If you need a little nudge of inspiration to get you going, look to Jean Harcourt. At 83 years old, the great-grandmother has decided to train for the London marathon.

Jean hasn’t chosen to do a marathon to… Read the full story

Couple dress up as their favourite movie characters for brilliant engagement photo series

(Picture: @TheIsaacJames)

In celebration of their engagement, a couple have created a series of photos of themselves dressed up as well known TV and movie characters.

Engaged couple Jackie Nguyen and Nate Huntley met while acting in a production of Miss Saigon. Taking the production seriously, they didn’t think as their relationship as anything more than a showmance.

But the couple grew close and noticed a spark in their relationship.

After the production finished, the couple parted ways. Nate moved to Colorado and Jackie to New York. They didn’t put a label on their relationship but they knew they had ‘something special’.

No one wants to name their child Harvey anymore

(Picture: Getty)

Baby names fall in and out of fashion, usually aligning with popular culture.

Disney’s Frozen, for example, rebirthed the name Elsa.

And Harvey might be a cool name, when you consider the suave and sophisticated lawyer Harvey Specter on Suits or Batman supervillian Harvey Dent.

But there’s a real-life supervillain that’s given the name Harvey bad credit.

In the last few months the baby name has seen a steep decline in popularity – and there’s a serious reason the name isn’t being used any more.

After the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal surfaced, understandably, few people want their sons to be associated with the name.

Hurricane Harvey last year, one of the costliest… Read the full story

Here’s how to make the best gin cocktail in the world

Beefeater Gin cocktail
Maxim Schulte’s winning cocktail (Picture: Debbie Bragg/Everynight)

Get a group of the worlds best bartender’s together, give them a bottle of gin and watch magic happen.

Picture of glasses of gin and tonic, with lime slices and juniper berriesThe best gin distillery tours in the UK – the perfect Christmas present for the gin hound in your life

That’s what happened in London when 31 expert mixologists, from all over the world, descended upon London for four days of intense heats in order to find the world’s best bartender and create the world’s best gin cocktail.

Hosted by Beefeater gin… Read the full story

How hard is it to become a famous influencer?

(Picture: Instagram/Forever Yours Betty)

Word on the street is Zoella makes around £50k a month.

That’s a very large sum for unboxing free stuff and doing a few makeup tutorials.

But, of course, it’s not as simple as that. Becoming an influencer – at least at that level – is a full-time job.

Zoella started her YouTube channel back in 2009, and has amassed a huge 12 million subscribers since then.

A year on from the creation of her channel, she had 1,000 subscribers, so you can see how long it takes to build your fan-base and how much this relies on a stroke of luck or a viral video.

The reality for most YouTubers… Read the full story

From exploring Mount Fitz Roy to sending postcards from the world’s southernmost city: how to spend a whirlwind 15-day tour of Patagonia


From stunning mountain peaks to gaping glaciers and fairy-tale forests, Patagonia is one of the world’s ultimate spots when it comes to rugged untouched beauty.

The area can be a little intimidating and with some 400,000 square miles to cover, it’s difficult to know where to start.

In a bid to get a taste of what this magnificent region has to offer, I booked on to travel company Exodus’s Patagonia Highlights tour, which covers a vast amount of ground in 15 days.

Here’s some of the nuggets you can expect on the group… Read the full story

Primark releases a new Aristocats themed homeware collection

Primark are selling Aristocats homeware from £3… and they’re purrfect
(Picture: Primark)

Just recently, we brought you the news that Primark has released a load of Alice in Wonderland accessories.

And now, following on with the Disney theme, the fashion retailer has launched a range of Aristocat merchandise, and it all looks dreamy.

Primark has just started selling some homeware inspired by Aristocats’ Marie.

It features a Marie trinket dish for £5, two Marie mugs for £3 and £6 and a frame of the cute cat’s face for just £4.

This isn’t the first time Primark has released some Aristocats goodies.

How to take your makeup off properly

How to take your makeup off properly
(Picture: Getty)

How to take your makeup off seems like an obvious question, right?

After all, our bathroom cabinets are full to the brim with skincare products. But in reality we aren’t all that sure how to apply them.

What we do know is that skin experts agree taking your makeup off is a boring but necessary requirement to help the health of your skin.

Being cynics, we like to think a lot of this expert concern is led by the desire to sell us more skincare products.

But actually, even independent experts talk about the problems leaving the day’s makeup on can cause.

Here’s how it happens.

During the… Read the full story

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