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13 parents and experts share their tips for flying with children

Long haul with kids – sounds awful (Picture: Lisa5201/Getty Images)

Holidays should be a time to kick back, unwind and thoroughly chill out.

However, if you’re travelling with babies or children those dreams of relaxing may be put on ice until the moment the plane has landed at your destination.

There’s a few obstacles you need to overcome first.

We need child-free travel for those who hate screaming kids on flights gettyWe need child-free travel for those who hate screaming kids on flights

Long haul flights, not much room on board and a limited amount you can actually do while in the air… Read the full story

Thank you, antidepressants, for helping me keep my sh*t together

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Scientists just proved that antidepressants work. Which means we can officially tell all of those people who say we need to just ‘go for a run’ and ‘get some fresh air’ to shut up.

The news is brilliant. Not just because it confirms that medication is helpful, but also because it’s another step in reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Finally, we can stand up and say, yes, antidepressants are important and no, medication is not a ‘last resort’ or a ‘weak option’.

The discovery that antidepressants are an effective treatment was made by researchers at the University of Oxford, who carried out trials involving nearly… Read the full story

How I became a parent to my siblings

(MMUFFIN for Metro.co.uk)

My parents are very much alive and well.

I have loving parents who’ve provided a warm and stable environment for me and my four siblings to grow up in. In a lot of ways, my childhood was pretty similar to that of anyone else.

I was a middle child for a few years (so blame any complexes I have on that) but then respectively came two glorious young siblings when I was approaching puberty.

My parents fulfilled all their titular responsibilities; a home, food, clothes, presents, freedom.

Other responsibilities which don’t rate highly on their radar like mental health, sex talks, consent, diversity, and inclusion, have been unspoken… so they… Read the full story

Why we should admire – not shame – people who have had many sexual partners

An illustration of a sex party
In an era of sex parties and liberation, why do we still judge people based on how many people they’ve slept with? (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

It hasn’t been a good day for women who enjoy sex.

First, were the absurd claims that women who have more than seven sex partners will ‘100%’ be infertile, according to an actual Russian health minister (yes, really).

The imminent council tax rise will just make it even more regressive – we should scrap it altogether

Now, research shows not only that women with multiple sex partners are perceived… Read the full story

Four men open up about what it’s like to live with OCD


This week is OCD Week Of Action, when the charity OCD Action fights to raise awareness of the crippling mental illness that is obsessive compulsive disorder.

OCD is a debilitating condition in which a person experiences frequent intrusive and unwelcome thoughts, which are often followed by repetitive compulsions, impulses or urges.

OCD is generally split into four categories: Fear of contamination, checking, hoarding and intrusive thoughts. A person with OCD can suffer with all of these things, or just one. Though it seems intrusive thoughts play a part in all.

For this week’s We Asked Guys article, we decided to speak to men who suffer with OCD to see how it affects their day-to-day lives.

First, I spoke with Peter, 34, who’s had symptoms of OCD since he was a child. It started affecting him at university, and he got a proper diagnosis in his 20s. Peter has experienced various OCD tendencies including the fear of contamination and compulsive checking, though he says his intrusive… Read the full story

Fenty Beauty releases Dirty Thirty highlighter to celebrate Rihanna’s birthday

(Picture: Fenty Beauty)

Gosh, how can Rihanna only be 30?

Badgirl Riri has proved she can do it all, from singing, to acting, to producing a beauty line.

And she’s done a fantastic job doing all of them (Ocean’s 8 reviews pending).

So it’s only right that we unabashedly celebrate the star’s milestone 30th birthday.

Her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty has joined the party by releasing a glimmering new highlighter.

The Dirty Thirty highlighter, like queen RiRi herself, is flirty and fabulous, and is modeled after the Trophy Wife highlighter – a super pigmented, metallic gold cream powder which was an instant hit when the brand debuted last year.

Read the full story

Very considerate vibrator orders pizza after you orgasm

Pizza run is coming to the UK!
(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

Pizza has long been our top choice for the ideal post-sex food.

It’s easy to eat with your hands (it’s hard to go back to a civilised knife and fork job after you’ve been moaning absolute filth for the last twenty minutes), it’s okay to eat in bed, and it’s delicious.

But for years we have had to lie back and hope our sexual partners will take our very obvious hints and order pizza, or do the awkward post-sex waddle over to our laptops and order some food for our damn selves.

It’s a lot of effort when you’re… Read the full story

10 of the best outfits to wear if you’re heading to a spring wedding

A selection of wedding guest outfits for spring
Got any weddings coming up? (Picture: Zara/Ownthelook.com/Kitri/Topshop)

March is nearly here, so chances are, you have spring weddings fast approaching.

However, it is more than likely that you have spent the last few months dressed in woolly jumpers, scarves and knitted dresses, and can’t contemplate the idea of wearing something spring-like.

The 10 best bridesmaid trends to look out for in 2018

Before you panic buy and choose an outfit you regret, there are some rules you definitely need to adhere to when it comes to spring wedding guest outfits.

Never wear all white – not only… Read the full story

Body positive activists recreate the Kardashian/Jenner Calvin Klein ad and completely boss it


Remember that Kardashian/Jenner Calvin Klein ad from a few weeks ago?

Wel it’s been recreated…and the newer version arguably trumps the original, despite the lack of reality TV royalty.

Four models have done their version of the ‘Our Family’ Calvin campaign in a bid to highlight the lack of diversity in the brand’s campaigns.

Body positive activist Diana Sirokai shared the image on her social media channels using the hashtags #OurBodies and #CurvesForKlein.

‘I hope these recreations will change the fashion world and that brands like Calvin Klein will use different types of models for their campaigns…we need it!’ she tells MiC.

She’s been working with photographer Karizza and other models… Read the full story

Spread your options: 10 of the best Nutella alternatives

Spreadable selection

Whether you spread it on toast, eat it out of the jar, or just curse the gods when it falls out of the cupboard and smashes on the floor, Nutella is delicious.

The winning combination of hazelnuts and chocolate in spreadable form outsells Marmite in the UK and, in news that will surely make the historians of the future judge us harshly, actually caused riots in France recently.

Ferrero, the company that produces Nutella, and its sister product Ferrero Rocher, consume  25% of the world’s hazelnut supply  in producing the two products, and while it seems ridiculous that one out of every four hazelnuts currently in existence… Read the full story

Running on a treadmill causes the most injuries of any gym activity

(Picture: Getty)

Gyms can be perilous places.

You’ve got a load of very heavy equipment that, should you drop them, could smash your face/chest/feet to pieces.

There are cables and motors everywhere.

But the most dangerous piece of machinery on the gym floor isn’t weight based…it’s the treadmill.

Yep, your good old running machine is actually responsible for the most number of gym-based injuries.

According to a data from the US National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, analysed by ellipticalreviews.com, jogging, sprinting or walking on a treadmill accounts for more than one in three gym-related hospital trips.

Most of these injuries involve shin splints, stress fractures and runner’s knee – most of which are… Read the full story

Woman grows a ‘hipster beard’ after a decade of shaving her face and finally finds love

(Picture: PA)

This is 26-year-old Nova Galaxia.

She’s got polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which has resulted in excess facial hair growth.

For many years, Nova has shaved her face – but after finding love with a model called Ash, she’s found the confidence to grow a ‘hipster beard’.

‘A boy in my class at high school pointed at my face and said I had a better beard than he probably ever would,’ Nova recalls.

‘By this stage, I was shaving every single day before school. It was getting really thick and I would have a panic if I ever forgot my razor at sleepovers.

‘I’d get up early and shave, pretending I was desperate for… Read the full story

Plus size activist questions why Topshop can make half sizes but not plus ones

Topshop Half Jeans
(Picture: Topshop)

We told you a couple of weeks ago that Topshop is bringing out half sizes, and we were pretty pleased about it. 

Lots of us have had to choose between having a nice perky bum but being in danger of bisection when we sit down, or lovely fitted ankles at the cost of strangled thighs. So a half size seemed like a nice compromise.

However, plus size activist Callie Thorpe has pointed out a pretty glaring flaw in the plan.

Woman gives birth to triplets after coming off the contraceptive pill for just two days

(Credit: Caters News)

Nicola Stead, 30, came off the pill for just two days before having the coil implanted.

She’d been on the pill for over a decade and decided to switch contraceptive methods with a minuscule break in between.

But that pause was long enough; five weeks later, Nicola found out that she was pregnant after she began suffering from extreme morning sickness.

And the biggest shock of all was that she wasn’t expecting just one child, but three.

‘I’d been taking the pill since I was in my early twenties and we were saving for our first home together when I started to feel unwell,’ she says.

‘I was experiencing extreme morning sickness and… Read the full story

Gucci declares that the next hot trends are third eyes and holding severed heads

Faces of pure joy (Picture: Getty; EPA; AP; WireImage)

The world of fashion is a puzzling one.

On the one hand it gives us some great clothes, yet on the other it gives us a furrowed brow as we gently whisper, ‘WTF’ and wonder if we’re the only ones who just don’t get it.

Last week, designer Kaimin blessed us by sending merkins AKA fanny wigs down the runway at New York Fashion Week, and this week it’s the turn of Gucci, who reckon severed heads and third eyes are what we’ll all be sporting next season.

The Italian brand showcased their new looks at their AW18… Read the full story

Acting up: top tips on how to ace your drama school audition

Welcome, fellow thespian (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Getting into drama school is a dream for many aspiring actors: a place where you can hone your craft, meet some great contacts, and kick-start your career.

It’s definitely not the only way to go about becoming a professional actor, but for some people it can be an incredibly useful experience.

When panto goes wrong – luvvies share their behind the scenes stories

But before you start on this journey of theatrical discovery, there’s the small matter of auditioning to get accepted.

Most drama schools will hold at least one round of auditions to select… Read the full story

‘World’s largest delivery pizza’ is now available in the US

(Picture: Mallie’s/Splash News)

There are times when one pizza just isn’t enough.

If you’ve got a hunger on or you’ve got people coming round to share, a 12-incher isn’t going to touch the sides.

No, what you need is one of these 6ft x 6ft doughy delights from Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar in Michigan.

Mallie’s is making what is being dubbed the ‘world’s largest delivery pizza’, which weighs in at a ridiculous 50lbs.

It’s already been successfully delivered to the local fire department, using a pickup truck, and now it’s time for the public to get a slice of the supersize action.

Crystal partings are the next hair trend and we’re not mad at it

Crystal parting trend
(Picture: Jade Madden/Make Me Stunning)

It’s fashion week, which is where we find out what we’ll all be wearing in a few months time. It’s also, lesser known fact, where we find out what the next big trends in hair and make up are going to be.

And if Markus Lupfer’s show is anything to do with, the next big trend might just be crystallizing your parting.

Instagram Photo

We fully accept that this is quite a look, and it might be a bit much for the office (though if you’re going to wear this to work, more power to you) but for… Read the full story

‘Meet me at McDonald’s’: Why do schools bother trying to ban certain haircuts?

The ‘Meet me at McDonald’s’ haircut (Picture: Twitter)

From the dawn of the teenager, kids have always pushed against the rules and experimented with their looks and style. 

From Teddy Boys to Rockers and Goths to Kardashian Klones, the awkward stage between 13 and 19 has always been a chance to explore and define yourself through dress, clothing and hairstyle.

Can’t we just scrap February half term?

Of course, often these styles step outside the uniform code of most high schools and we’ve come to expect the never-ending slew of newspaper stories of children ‘unfairly’ (in their parents’ opinion) sent home from school… Read the full story

Outraged lactivists blast ‘fear and anxiety’ promoting breastfeeding meter

(Picture: Mercury Press, Momsense)

A breastfeeding app has been slammed for causing unnecessary ‘fear and anxiety’ in mums.

Mums have urged Momsense to ‘leave nature alone’ and for stores to withdraw the breastfeeding meter from their shelves.

Tessa Clark, 30, has breastfed both of her children and says that the app, which tracks sessions, listens to babies’ nursing noises and tracks how much they drink, is ‘disgusting’ and targets ‘already vulnerable’ mums.

‘Mums who are already vulnerable are going to fork out quite a considerable amount of money when they could be saving money and getting a face-to-face appointment at a breastfeeding clinic or seeing a lactation consultant,’ she says.

‘A lot of people… Read the full story

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