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Mother’s Day 2018: 20 great deals to treat your mum to in London

A mother and son looking at the camerahttp://
How will you treat your mum this year? (Picture: Getty)

This year Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, falls on Sunday, March 11. How are you planning to spoil your mum? Why not treat her to a meal out for Mother’s Day this year and to make it extra special take advantage of one of the many special offers at one of the London restaurants below.

Angry catIs your pet a better judge of character than you?

From unlimited prosecco and free meals to fancy afternoon teas and special cocktails you’re sure to… Read the full story

Cruelty free travel: 6 vegan tour operators you need to know about

Asian woman working walk in rice field in morning at bali indonesia.
Bali, Rwanda and India are among the destinations featured in upcoming vegan tours (Picture: Getty)

Right now all I can think about is sunshine.

Not this winter sun that sometimes sneaks out in between the snow and the wind, but actual warm sunshine that makes me glow – inside and out.

Where to head for a vegan holiday this summer

There are plenty of vegan-friendly holiday destinations, but if you’re looking for a company to take the stress and strain of planning a trip away, but know that mainstream travel operators won’t cut it,… Read the full story

Lidl is now selling selling hot cross bun flavoured ice cream

Lidl Is Bringing Out Hot Cross Bun Flavoured Ice Cream Tomorrow
(Picture: Lidl)

We’re nearing Easter now, which means eating hot cross buns for breakfast every day from now is totally acceptable.

It’s cold, it’s snowy, which means there is absolutely nothing better than waking up a buttery, raisin-filled bun. Bar a bacon sandwich, of course.

But you can now have a hot cross bun for dessert, too, thanks to Lidl.

The super cheap store has just released some hot cross bun flavoured ice cream.

Man eats all the food from Lord of the Rings as a tribute to his late father

Eat the food, Frodo (Picture: Getty – Rex – Lord of the Rings)

Losing a loved one is unspeakably tough.

Someone who was such a huge part of your life suddenly not being there anymore is a difficult thing to process.

Everyone grieves in a different way and no way is ‘the right way’. Many people will retreat indoors for weeks, some will spend time with those who knew the deceased and recall the good times, and then there are those who are determined to turn something bad into something good.

Nate Crowley is one of those people. When it came to the first anniversary of his father’s death on 18… Read the full story

Beauty vlogger Kadeeja Khan was dropped from a L’Oreal campaign because of her ‘skin issues’ in a casting mixup

kadeeja khan
(Picture: Kadeeja Khan)

L’Oreal is facing serious backlash after beauty blogger Kadeeja Khan shared screenshots of a message revealing she was dropped from the brand’s campaign – because they ‘can’t work with people with skin issues’.

‘I was first approached on my Instagram account,’ Kadeeja tells Metro.co.uk. ‘They told me they were interested in me and wanted to work with me.

‘They wanted people with “bad skin” for this project. They wanted us to talk about our skin and the effects it has on our daily life.

‘When I agreed to the campaign, that’s when I received the email with “L’Oreal can’t work with people with skin issues.”‘

The email Kadeeja received from… Read the full story

Why you seriously need to consider blush hues for your wedding dress

Blush pinks (Picture: Kiive Photograph/Colby Shelton Photography)

Everyone is obsessing over blush hues at the moment.

Designers are adding colour palettes galore to their wedding dress collections from blush pinks to pale blues, yellows, greens, nudes and even greys.

And the result is incredible. The dresses have all the glamour of a traditional gown with a deeply personal, and memorable, twist.

Ceilidh dancing at a wedding10 reasons why it’s better to have a cèilidh at your wedding than a disco

Take Keira Knightley’s blush pink tulle Chanel party frock or Anne Hathaway’s blush pink romantic look in Valentino.

While the blush hue… Read the full story

This video teaches Japanese schoolgirls how to remove wedgies in public without people noticing


We’ve all been there.

You get off your bike, jump up from your seat, or finish climbing some stairs, and realise your knickers have ridden up your bum.

Unless you’re a thong wearer  – in which case you live with a perpetual wedgie – then you’re probably not into this feeling.

It’s so disconcerting knowing that your bum cheeks are gobbling up that cotton while you’re trying to go about your day, and it’s all you can think about, with small beads of sweat forming on your forehead while you try locate somewhere… Read the full story

What is a blumpkin and how do you do it?

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Blumpkins. What are they? Do they really happen? Why would anyone enjoy one?

If a ranking of Jacqueline Wilson’s incredibly bleak books didn’t do it for you, prepare yourself for a harder hit of nostalgia.

This time around: a flashback to hearing all kinds of truly weird sexual slang from teenage boys at your school disco, bragging about sexual acts that never actually happened.

Think ‘supermanning’ and ‘two in the pink one in the stink’. Those bizarre sex terms that refer to things no one is actually doing, but every teenage boy knows about.

Today we’ll focus on the blumpkin, because even a quick straw… Read the full story

Cancer Research’s ‘obesity is a cause of cancer’ campaign ignores the very real issue of medical fatphobia


Have you seen the adverts at the bus stop lately? Noticed a billboard on your commute to work? Witnessed the hullaballoo on Twitter this week?

Cancer Research UK have recently launched an anti-obesity campaign stating that obesity is a cause of cancer. Many people, myself included, have something to say.

I won’t be using the words obese and obesity because medical and social scientists alike have found that these terms serve to further weight based bias and imply that fatness is an indicator of health status and morality. Instead, I’ll be using the term ‘fat’ as a neutral body descriptor just like short, brown-eyed, and brunette.

The campaign’s print adverts feature bold black text atop a stark white background, but this issue is far from black and white. A tagline provokes: ‘Guess what is the biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking?’

The campaign’s accompanying video shows civilians reacting to the O word in a market research style… Read the full story

How early can you take a pregnancy test?

(Picture: Getty)

If you’re trying for a baby, you’ll be desperate to know if you’re pregnant pretty much instantly.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever that simple, and you do have to wait a little while before pregnancy tests can show whether you’ve conceived.

Of course, you can take a pregnancy test whenever you want. There are no adverse effects of doing so, except for the pointless money you’ll spend.

To find out when you should take a test, however, you need to work out your expected menstruation and ovulation times.

A guide to drinking whisky if you’re a weak female

Don’t be intimidated by this drink, ladies (Credit: Getty Images)

Sometimes it’s great being a woman and sometimes it’s just downright difficult.

Many of us have periods which can be really, bloody horrendous, especially when some of us are still made to feel ashamed of them– and some teenage girls are even missing out on school because they can’t afford basic sanitary items.

Then there’s the fact that we’re probably being paid less than our male colleagues for doing the same job, our bodies are constantly being sexualised without our consent, and we’re told to pipe down when we… Read the full story

Prepare yourself for sisu, the next big Scandi lifestyle trend

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Attention, friends. If you’re still indulging in hygge or getting into Swedish death cleaning, you need to catch up on your Scandi lifestyle trends.

You can keep engaging in both, of course. They seem like very positive approaches to life.

But if you’re keen on only doing the latest in the world of Scandi stuff, you need to know about sisu.

Sisu – pronounced sis-uh – is the catchy new term you’re about to see plastered on books sold in Urban Outfitters.

While it’s difficult to translate, sisu essentially means having some ‘fire in your belly’. It’s about tenacity, power, strength, and courage.

So it’s a little different to… Read the full story

Cheetah hugs and licks his human pal whenever they’re reunited


Dolph and Gabriel’s friendship is a little different. Namely in the fact that Gabriel is a cheetah.

Dolph C Vocker, 50, met Gabriel at the Cheetah Experience Breeding Centre in Bloemfontein, South Africa, where he’s volunteered on and off for four years.

They first met when Gabriel was just eight months old – and quickly formed a special bond.

Dolph would hand-feed the cheetah cub and curl up next to him out in the open.

‘It takes a long time to reach an imprinting… Read the full story

Ever desperately needed a straw cowboy hat with a knitted penis attached?

ever wanted a snazzy straw hat with a penis on it?
(Picture:  Etsy/badjamminmammie)

If you’re not spending your weekend taking a browse through Etsy, you’re missing out on all manner of hand-crafted delights.

We’re talking beanie babies with vulva sewn on, aprons with hidden penises, pom-poms made by Adele.

And, of course, Etsy is home to the one item of clothing you’ve likely been searching for for the entirety of your human existence: A straw cowboy hat with a knitted penis attached on the brim.

Crafted by badjamminmammie, who also makes such items as a plush frog with a knitted penis, a Santa with a… Read the full story

Couple fight the Beast from the East to get married in the snow

Snow wedding With permission Sean Elliott Photography
(Picture: Sean Elliott Photography)

Let’s be real: None of us were adequately prepared for the snow, ice, and blimmin’ freezing temperatures brought on by the Beast from the East.

While the grim weather conditions didn’t derail most of us beyond a slow train journey or the need to walk very, very slowly on the ice, for some the unexpected weather came at the worst possible time.

For one group of women, the snow left them trapped in Edinburgh with nowhere to stay for their hen party.

And for Jemma Swainston-Rainford and Steve Lucock, the snow hit on the day they planned to get married.

Undeterred,… Read the full story

Why discounting exercise as a mental health aid is short-sighted


There might be a prescription for meds, there’ll probably be a referral to a therapist, and there’ll almost definitely be an NHS leaflet about ‘depression and low mood’.

Inside this leaflet, there will be all sorts of handy tips to start conquering your depression/anxiety, such as getting enough sleep, reducing your alcohol intake, and practicing breathing exercises.

Then, there’s the classic – getting regular exercise.

It’s the one that’s banded around the most by doctors, your aunt who always thinks she knows best, and total strangers on the internet who think they know more about your life than you do.

And yet…it’s often the first one to be dismissed.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen outraged people on social media posting about how they can’t believe their GP had the audacity of suggesting that yoga might help their anxiety, or that going for a swim might make a dent in their depression.

And it… Read the full story

Referring to women by their first names and men by their surname is a form of gender discrimination

Walsh, Cole, Mandip and Jodie? The stars of Doctor Who’s 2018 series (Picture: BBC)

There’s something I’ve noticed about celebrity gossip.

It came about some weeks ago in a Doctor Who fan group, when it was pointed out to me that while we usually refer to previous Doctors as Smith, Tennant, Eccleston or Davison, we’re far more likely to refer to the new Doctor as ‘Jodie’.

Why is this? Is it simply a question of being nice – a friendly welcome, designed to stand as a show of support for the actress?

Or is there something else going on? My instincts told me it was the latter.

Read the full story

I don’t hate my grey hair, so why do I feel like I should dye it?

From Soweto to Safari: 6 reasons why you should visit South Africa


The sound of cracking bones fills air already thick with heat, and the smell of dead flesh.

Even from our observation point – the back of an all-terrain Land Rover, well away from the ferocious banquet – the stench is overpowering, and the sight impossible to look away from.

Despite the luxuries involved in a safari, the brutal realities of nature hit you in the face harder than a lion taking down a gazelle.

A pack of hyenas gorging on the insides of a giraffe carcass – while fending off hungry vultures – is just one case in point.

Like many things about South Africa, watching this macabre drama is an utterly unforgettable experience.

It’s a place that defines the idea of Big Country wilderness, and yet still finds room for compelling urban narratives filled with art, culture, and experimentation, many of which are direct products of a complex national history.

It is one of the world’s most fascinating destinations.

Here are 6 reasons a trip to South Africa will be nothing short… Read the full story

6 things you need to know before you go to Ecuador

Looking good, Quito (Picture: Getty)

Ecuador might not be the first country you’d think of visiting in South America, but honestly that would be a mistake.

It’s got tonnes going for it: it’s the home of the first UNESCO world heritage sites, incredible biodiversity, and fantastic local crafts.

Soata in Colombia (Picture: Getty)6 things you need to know before you go to Colombia

Plus, it’s small and manageable compared to the sprawling giants of Brazil and Argentina.

And the currency is US dollars, so you don’t have to go through the painful process of grappling with confusing coins.

Here are six things you should know before you… Read the full story

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