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Women make thousands from eating pizza and pancakes

(Picture: YouTube)

It sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Get paid to eat delicious food. You’ll just need to do it in front of a camera.

In Kinoshita Yuka’s case, the lifestyle is even more dreamy because she doesn’t put on a single bit of weight.

Food challenges are nothing new on YouTube but some of these stars, like Kinoshita and Trisha Paytas, get huge bucks by making eating videos on their channels.

We’re not sure what’s so entertaining about watching other people eat copious amounts of food on camera, but these women have caught on quick.

Kinoshita has a following of three million people, amassing 1.3 billion views on… Read the full story

Last minute luxury skiing in Val d’Isere is something everyone should consider

(Picture: Consesnio/Elephant Blanc)

There’s no denying it, the Alps have had some of the best snow in years.

The strong start to the year has been the talk of mountains and resorts across Europe. So much snow that the risk of avalanches was set at the top level for quite a while and there have been curfews in place in some parts to avoid the danger.

The great thing about that is that the conditions are perfect.

In fact the conditions are so good that I would say it’s totally worth going all out and enjoying a bit of extravagance and luxury.

Just like the luxury we were fortunate enough to experience at Elephant Blanc… Read the full story

Is there any point to crystal-infused water?

(Picture: glaccebottles/Instagram)

Every so often, your Instagram gets invaded by a particular product or brand.

Seemingly out of nowhere, your feed becomes one big advertising platform for something you’ve never even heard of, let alone considered buying.

And yet, the more you’re exposed to it, the more you start to wonder whether you should cave.

Take crystal water bottles, for example.

Forget your humble lemon-infusion, the latest thing to spawn IG is water with a ‘healing crystal’ soaking in it.

We’ve never heard of anyone sticking a lump of stone in their water before…and now everyone seems to be doing it.

Crystals and crystal healing has been around for yonks…but adding stones to water bottles seem to… Read the full story

A London bar is selling a £100 cocktail and it includes edible diamonds

(Picture: The Bletchley/Instagram)

London alcohol prices are notorious.

A pint everywhere else might cost £3.50 but try and get a beer in zone 1 for under a fiver and you’ll be sorely disappointed.

And as for cocktails, well, its usually happy hour at All Bar One or nothing.

But if you do have a bit of spare cash and want to experience something rather special, then you might want to head down to The Bletchley on the King’s Road, where they’ve just come up with a £100 cocktail.

Yep, one hundred pounds.

‘The George VI’, as it’s been named, is made from Monkey 47 gin, Lanique rose vodka and Chambord raspberry liqueur, mixed with fresh… Read the full story

Parents build a Star Wars bed to get their son to sleep in his own room

A mum and dad from Oklahoma have created the ultimate Star Wars pad for their young son in a bid to encourage him to sleep in his own room. Derick and Kendra Winsett recently posted pictures from the ambitious project on their Reddit page, and as you can imagine the results received the thumbs up from sci-fans worldwide. The couple built the sleeping pod, which is suspended five feet from the floor and modelled on the Millennium Falcon, for Mavrick, 5, because he always wanted to be in his parent???s room. Ten feet in length and five feet in width the pod comfortably features a twin-sized bed and is fitted with colour-changing… <a href=Read the full story

A photo of a Brooklyn BBQ plate is getting grilled and with good reason

(Picture: Munchies/Twitter)

The internet has killed any nuanced debate or discussion.

Everything is either amazing or rubbish, with no in-between. And that’s led to some pretty wild claims.

Like the claim by Munchies that Brooklyn barbecue is taking over the world.

Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t even know what a Brooklyn barbecue entails, still less have I wondered at its hegemony.

But that wasn’t the thing that sent Twitter into meltdown.

No, it was the photo the company chose to accompany such a bold statement.

A photo of a few miserable, dried up pieces of meat, two cheap-looking buns and some pickle.

What is a rusty trombone?

Credit: Getty Images

When you tell people you want to be a journalist they often assume you’re going to go into war zones and bring back essential human stories. 

In this instance, they would be wrong. Instead, I’m going to explain to you what a ‘rusty trombone’ is.

What is a rusty trombone?

Often used as the punchline of jokes, a rusty trombone is a sex act which consists of giving your partner a hand job while also performing annalingus on them.

(Annalingus is also known as rimming – where you use your tongue to stimulate your partner’s anus. You can read more about rimming right here.)

5 people share their shocking experiences of being in a toxic work environment

Illustration of a woman being sexually harassed at work
Have you ever experienced a toxic work environment? (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

A positive and constructive work environment which values its employees is absolutely vital given the amount of time we spend at work.

A mum and dad from Oklahoma have created the ultimate Star Wars pad for their young son in a bid to encourage him to sleep in his own room. Derick and Kendra Winsett recently posted pictures from the ambitious project on their Reddit page, and as you can imagine the results received the thumbs up from sci-fans worldwide. The couple… <a href=Read the full story

It’s official: people who regularly exercise are in much better nick in old age

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

It might not come as any surprise to discover that regular exercise can help to slow the ageing process.

But now researchers at the University of Birmingham and King’s College London have confirmed that those who regularly workout manage to reduce their biological age as they get older.

They studied 125 amateur cyclists aged between 55 and 79 – 84 of whom were male and 41 were female.

They underwent a series of tests in a lab and were compared to adults who did not partake in regular exercise, but who were aged between 20 and 36.

And scientists found that as well as managing to keep hold of muscle mass and strength… Read the full story

‘Millennial’ isn’t a one-size-fits-all term – is it time we stopped using it?

Millennial isn’t a one size fits all angle – here’s why we should stop using the label altogether’ (Abby)
Not all millennials are the same (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The ‘millennial’ label seems more divisive than just about any generation’s label that came before.

Baby boomers don’t complain about being called baby boomers – they are the result of the post-war boom in births. It’s a fact.

What is a millennial?

Millennials came of age roughly around the millennium – also an undeniable fact.

A generation of people all experience the world within the same rough timeframe – but that’s about all they have… Read the full story

Doctor confirms that period pain can be ‘almost as painful as a heart attack’

(Picture: Ella Byworth)

Despite the fact that so many women are crippled with pain once a month, period pain isn’t taken very seriously.

Few women dare to call in sick or ask to work from home, despite feeling awful. Cramp is just something they’re expected to get on with.

But a doctor and professor of Reproductive Health at University College London has finally confirmed that menstrual cramps can, in fact, be nearly ‘as painful as a heart attack’.

In an article published by Quartz, John Guillebaud says that for too long, society has dismissed the severity of pain some women have to endure.

‘Men don’t get it and it hasn’t been given… Read the full story

Research reveals that this Mother’s Day your mum would like you to leave her alone

(PIcture: Getty)

So anyone who’s planning to spend Mother’s Day slathering their mum with love, might want to back off, because according to research by Mumsnet, there’s a strong chance that your mum would actually rather have some time to herself. 

Mumsnet polled just over 1,300 women who had at least one child over the age of one, and teh consenssus was that their dream Mother’s Day would involve some alone time. But how much?

67% of the women who responded said that an hour or more of alone time would be the dream.

Unfortunately, most mums aren’t actually getting their wish. When asked how much time alone they… Read the full story

‘It was like diving headfirst into a pool, knowing that I couldn’t swim’: What it feels like to confront a traumatic memory when you have PTSD

What it feels like to confront a traumatic memory if you have PTSD Picture: Ph?be Lou Morson Phebe
(Picture: Phebe Lou Morson for Metro.co.uk)

Sometimes in life, you experience things that are so painful to think about that your mind puts the memory into a box and pushes it away.

It gathers dust in a corner, never to be looked at again. At least, that was the plan.

metro illustrations20 things you only know if you have PTSD

But then, over time, you find yourself getting reminded that the box is there.

Maybe it’s a smell, a sight, or a sound that triggers you. Or… Read the full story

Millennials say they can’t eat healthily because food costs too much

vegan illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We’ve heard time and again that our generation is poor and homeless due to our incessant coffee and avocado habits.

If the mainstream narrative is to be believed, all we do is spunk our hard-earned salaries on wellness fads.

But it turns out that actually, the main barrier to younger people getting healthy is being unable to afford healthy food.

According to a survey by Aviva, more than three-quarters of young people are interested in eating more healthily but find themselves unable to afford fresh grub.

Women are more likely than men to say money’s an issue, with almost 80% of those surveyed saying that they struggle to… Read the full story

Naming Oscar-winning films on your dating app will get you more matches, folks

(Picture: Rex)

The films you’re into say a lot about you.

It’s also a great conversation starter, especially if you’re on a date. Watched Get Out? Talk about how Jordan Peele just became the first black screenwriter to win an Oscar.

Or about female solidarity among the highest-profile actresses.

The silver screen can provide more than just an experience. And for the cinephiles who mention big blockbusters on their dating apps, they’re more likely to find matches.

Oscar-winning films, in particular, are more likely to result in a higher number of messages from a potential date, research shows.

Deliveroo just made eclairs with cheeky messages for Mother’s Day

(Picture: Deliveroo)

It’s tough to know what to get your mama for Mother’s Day.

Just make sure you get her something. (Seriously, who doesn’t love their mum enough to get them a card and flowers?)

If she’s anything like you, by which we mean enjoys eating, then Deliveroo’s new eclairs might be up her street.

The food delivery service has collaborated with patisserie extraordinaires Maitre Choux, to create four delicious éclairs, all with a unique message.

It might be a sweet side order to the breakfast you’re planning to make for your mum, or a substitute for the generic heart shaped chocolates you get every year (or get both, whatever).

Read the full story

Screw chocolate, we want Lush’s Easter 2018 collection

(Picture: Lush/Metro.co.uk)

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s currently Lent, which means we’re hurtling towards Easter at a rate of knots.

If you’re Christian, Easter is all about remembering what absolute douchebags our ancestors were to Jesus back in the day, and how he surprised all the naysayers with a little, ‘Holler, I’m back, bitches’ as he came back from the dead and saved us all, like an absolute legend.

For the non-religious, Easter is all about chocolate and spring and eggs and bunnies, but mostly chocolate.

For some reason, us humans love paying over the nose for chocolate that has been moulded into… Read the full story

Domestic fennec fox and cat are the unlikeliest of friends

(Picture: Caters News)

This adorable odd couple of a fennec fox and a British Shorthair cat have become unlikely friends who do everything together.

Cute Kuzma and his feline friend, Zima, have been inseparable ever since they were brought home to Moscow, Russia, by Milana Valevskaya.

The two-year-old fox and his two-year-old cat love playing hide and seek and chasing each other’s tails while in the flat.

Although at times they do get on each other’s nerves, they always come back together and fall asleep cuddled up.

Is anyone really surprised by Anthony Joshua’s sexist comments?

(Picture: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

Please don’t let it be sexual assault, please don’t let it be sexual assault, I thought when I saw Anthony Joshua was trending on Twitter.

Let’s face it, every time a male star is being discussed for shocking behaviour, your mind immediately goes to the plethora of sexual misconduct cases that the world is plagued by.

Instead, the world heavyweight champion was being blasted for misogynistic comments about his niece.

In an interview with GQ last year, Anthony made comments which highlighted the double standards he had for his niece and his son.

But are we really shocked that a male athlete – lauded for his strength and masculinity… Read the full story

Adidas launches new Pharrell Williams collection inspired by Holi festival

Adidas Pharrell Williams collection Hu Holi
(Picture: Adidas)

Adidas are releasing their next collaboration with Pharrell Williams, inspired by Holi festival.

It’s a Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and the coming of spring, where revellers gather in the streets to throw brightly coloured powder at each other.

The Adidas collection comprises trainers, tennis shoes and apparel, and is splattered with bright colours, as you’d expect for a Holi themed drop.

You might be interested in a couple of very vibrant takes on the NMD trainer – remember Pharrell’s Chanel version? Good (overpriced) times.

The musician and Adidas took a trip to Jaipur… Read the full story

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