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Can we have gender equality if we’re still using gendered language every day?


Can we have gender equality if we have gendered language

We can talk about language and sexism till the cows come home.

It is pretty sexist that women are asked to declare their marriage status through honorifics like ‘Miss’,‘Mrs’ and ‘Ms’, while ‘Mr’ has no such implication.

Think of how many professions take the ‘man’ suffix (policeman, spokesman, firemen).

Then there’s air hostesses and male nurses, woman MPs, woman drivers, all which either sex can do and doesn’t need to be made gender-centric.

Why is male always the default setting?

In French, even if a group of women includes one man, the gender is still masculine.

In German, a young girl is given no gender, while a turnip is denoted as female.

Now that there are more than 63 genders, Mx, Ind, M, Mre, Msr, Myr, Pr, Sai, Ser or Misc being some of them, we need to be especially mindful of how we refer to people.

If we want… Read the full story

Meet Britain’s first south Asian plus size model- Bishamber Das

First asian plus size model
(Picture: Bishamber Das/Instagram)

Thank God we have body positivity.

The beauty standards of the past are being challenged and evolving every day.

Unfortunately though, like many industries, there is a lack of diversity when it comes to campaigns which call you to love yourself.

Plus size models are thankfully gaining a public platform, but a majority of them tend to be white.

So Bishamber Das is attempting to represent south Asians who may not find themselves reflected in the types of images that celebrate different bodies.

With Indian Punjabi and Malaysian parents, Bishamber has navigated her mixed identity and infused her culture and heritage into her modelling.

She has an impressive repertoire too,… Read the full story

Company is looking for bloggers to travel around Europe – all expenses paid

(Picture: Busabout/Facebook, Getty)

Travel company Busabout is offering the job of a lifetime – the chance to travel across Europe and document your experience on social media.

Oh, and it’s a totally all expenses paid trip, too.

The company will be selecting four people, who will be given the opportunity to embark on the trip for free.

They’re currently looking for a blogger, a vlogger, an Instagram fanatic and a Snapchat user to create content around the trip.

Each person will be selected on an individual basis – but you can apply as a group if you and your pals happen to be all of these things.

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Primark has launched some cheap dupes of Too Faced’s Chocolate collection

Primark Launches Dupe Version Of Too Faced Chocolate Collection Primark
(Picture: Primark)

Primark has released dupes of the Too Faced Chocolate collection and we’re all for it.

Gone are the days where Primark was only good for cheap clothing, now that they’ve become the number one place to go for anything Disney, super cheap false nails and makeup.

Their recent collection – which has also been named PS…Chocolate (totally not original, but we’ll let them off) features a number of products in warm brown, chocolatey tones which off a natural sun-kissed glow.

A Peter Rabbit themed afternoon tea is taking place in London this month

(Picture: Flemings Mayfair)

A Peter Rabbit themed afternoon tea is taking place at Flemings Mayfair all throughout March, in celebration of the new Peter Rabbit film, which hits UK cinema screens on 16 March.

Served in the glamorous Drawing Room at the luxury boutique hotel in Mayfair – which is part of an impressive £16 million refurbishment at Flemings Mayfair – a whole array of sweet treats inspired by Peter’s favourite vegetable patch will be on offer, along with a Champagne Devaux botanical cocktail.

Created by Michelin-awarded chef Shaun Rankin, guests will begin with a refreshing chilled tomato gazpacho, followed by a selection of sandwiches with fillings including mozzarella, pesto and basil,… Read the full story

International Women’s Day: 5 women rocking the comedy world

Ellie Taylor, Harriet Braine and Desiree Burch (Picture: Various)
Ellie Taylor, Harriet Braine and Desiree Burch (Picture: Various)

Women are taking the comedy circuit by storm.

We are finally seeing female captains on primetime panel shows, and headlining at comedy festivals in what was once a  male-dominated industry.

9 of the funniest gift books for new parents

Lynne Parker is the founder of Funny Women, a group that support females working in comedy.

She is also behind the Funny Women Awards, which showcase hundreds of up and coming comedians, writers and filmmakers every year. Previous winners and finalists have included Katherine Ryan, Zoe Lyons,… Read the full story

100-year-old woman says we mustn’t be complacent about achieving real gender equality

(Picture: Bupa)

Edith Pryor was born before women had the right to vote, back on Christmas Day 1917.

Since then, the great-grandmother has seen some remarkable changes – not least in the realm of women’s rights.

‘When I was growing up, women were always expected to be a mother and housewife,’ Edith recalls.

‘There weren’t career options, the men would be the breadwinners and that was that. Women weren’t even allowed to have their own property! Of course, nowadays that’s different and it’s a joy to see women forging their own careers.’

Her own role model, Edith says, was the English actress, singer and comedian Gracie Fields.

‘Unlike other stars at the time, she had such… Read the full story

5 women who should inspire you this International Women’s Day

Elise Wortley in Himalayas
Elise Wortley following the path taken by Alexandra David-Neel in the early 1900s (Picture: Exodus Travel)

100 years ago it was exceptionally unusual for a woman to travel solo.

The female adventurer was vanishingly rare and those determined to break the mould – even dressing as men to get away with it – were often viewed with suspicion or even punished for their wanderlust.

Many were celebrated, of course, even if it wasn’t until some years later. Jeanne Baret. Isabella Bird. Amelia Earhart. Mary Kingsley. Lady Hester Stanhope. Nelly Bly – the list of inspiring female travellers and adventurers is endless.

Many went where no man had ever gone before.… Read the full story

Artist make art about her stillbirth in a bid to show survivors that pain does eventually fade

Successful artist Adinda van?t Klooster had the world at her feet. Her career was flourishing, with a PhD in the arts from Sunderland University nearing completion and she was looking forward to being a mother. But her joy soon turned to sadness when her baby daughter Elvira Elina was stillborn. Gripped by sorrow and heartache, Adinda went into a spiral of grief that lasted for years. Artist Adinda Van't Klooster who has brought out a book about her experiences having a stillborn child.
(Picture: Tim McGuinness/ncjMedia Ltd)

Successful artist Adinda van’t Klooster was finishing a PhD at Sunderland University when she suffered a stillbirth.

Gripped by sorrow, she spent the next few… Read the full story

But what about International Men’s Day?

Food and drink isn’t gendered – so can companies please stop marketing it as if it is?

Do these really need to be advertised to a particular gender? (Picture: Getty)

Yet again, a company has run into trouble by attempting to create a product specifically for women.

Hot on the heels of Doritos’ quickly canned ‘lady crisps’ idea, Brewdog are now doing a Pink IPA for women.

A guide to drinking whisky if you’re a weak female

They maintain that their beer stunt wasn’t in earnest, and that they were actually sending up the trend of marketing products to women.

In response to the backlash, they issued a statement saying that ‘the love of beer is not gendered’.

They’re right.… Read the full story

12 Mother’s Day beauty gifts to buy your mum for this Sunday

12 beauty gifts to buy your Mom this Mother's Day
(Picture: Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay, Space NK, Feelunique)

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means its time to say thanks to your Mum for everything she’s done for you.

Even though a present can never fully show our Mother’s just how much they mean to us, a thoughtful gift isn’t a bad place to start.

Specifically, a beauty gift. 

Sure, flowerschocolates and a bit of bling are bound to make your mum happy.

But we’ve rounded up a dozen super pretty beauty gifts for the mums in our lives who need some pampering.


1 Heathcote & Ivory Vintage Pattern & Petals Soap Flowers,… Read the full story

Yes, catcalling needs to be a crime and no, it doesn’t impose on your ‘free speech’

**ILLUSTRATION REQUEST**The long-term physical consequences of being sexually harassed (Kate Leaver)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

The first time I was catcalled I was twelve. 

I was walking past a group of men in their late twenties and early thirties and one of them made a comment about my ‘tits’ and whistled.

Given that I was 12, I was quite new to having tits. So having them remarked upon was also a pretty novel experience, and not one that I enjoyed. I wasn’t old enough to know what to do or how to respond, so I went bright red and walked away as fast as I could, confused, humiliated and upset.

It happened several… Read the full story

Kim Kardashian inspired lifesize cake contains £1.2 million worth of diamonds

(Picture: Adel Hanna/Cover Images)

Kim Kardashian is just everywhere.

It’s not a bad thing, but just feels like there’s nowhere you won’t find her. You can even get a manicure with a miniature Kimmy K twerking, in lingerie. Who doesn’t want that?

And while it’s not the first celeb-inspired food, this lifesize cake of Kim Kardashian certainly…takes the cake.

It’s not just any old cake either. Much like the fashion-forward glamour puss, the cake is adorned with £1.2 million worth of diamonds.

Wait, what? Who is putting that kind of order in?

Don’t buy lilies for Mother’s Day, it’s poisonous for your cats

Ginger cat sitting on a table next to a vase full of lilies
(Picture: Getty)

In case you didn’t already know, lilies are poison to your cats.

So if you were considering buying some for your mum this Mother’s Day, choose her second favourite flowers instead if she has a cat.

Lilies might smell like a wonderful summery day to us mere mortals but to our little furry friends, they can be toxic.

Cats Protection is issuing an urgent warning saying people should avoid buying the flowers which contain poisonous pollen.

The cat welfare charity says lilies are extremely toxic to felines and they can be affected simply by brushing past the… Read the full story

The UK’s sex workers are going on strike today

• How to support a transgender friend (International Transgender day of visibility March 31st) 500 words (Fiona Thomas) Ella Byworth
(Picture: Ella Byworth)

The UK’s sex worker community are going on strike today, to campaign for decriminalization. 

The decriminalization of sex work is an on-going debate, which sex workers say would make their lives safer, better regulated and help to end violence against them.

The strike, which is being organised by the Women’s Strike Assembly, is not just for sex workers but for all people who feel that the decriminalization of the sex work industry is important.

The organisers explained their mission, writing:  ‘We are calling on sex workers all over the country and… Read the full story

#Fitin5’s Paige Hathaway on why women should stop dieting if they really want to get fit

(Picture: Paige Hathaway/Instagram)

This absolute machine is F45 Global Ambassador, trainer, and creator of #Fitin5, Paige Hathaway.

Over the past two years, she’s rapidly risen to fame – thanks to her fitness blogging and modelling, which have won her over 4 million followers on Instagram.

And she’s completely redefined what it means to be a ‘ripped woman’.

She says that despite being sporty at school, ‘like most high school athletes, I fell off in my early adult years and became unfit, until I found the gym in my early ’20s’.

It was then that she started training for her first bikini show and the rest, as they say, is history.

So, it… Read the full story

‘The world is very different when you walk in women’s shoes’: Why International Women’s Day should be every day

when did international women's day start and who created it?
The world is very different when you walk in women’s shoes (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s International Women’s Day, and the boys are unhappy.

When’s International Men’s Day?’ they ask, because they don’t know how to Google.

Richard Herring does his best to educate them (and to raise money for the Refuge charity in the process), but they remain oblivious to a simple fact: not only do men have an International Men’s Day on November 19, but they have every other day too.

International Women's Day: Crowd-sourced with XX reveal how women… <a href=Read the full story

Ascot 2018 dates, how to get tickets and what to wear as annual style guide launches

The Ascot style guide has launched offering inspiration, rules and predictions (Picture: Ascot)

If you’ve got tickets to Ascot, you’ll want to check out its brand new style guide which has launched to offer inspiration and rules.

The seventh annual Royal Ascot Style Guide, which is in association with luxury cruise line Cunard, was unveiled this week.

Renowned stylist and photographer Damian Foxe helped curate the 2018 looks, which this year includes suggested styles for The Village and the Windsor Enclosures.

Designers featured in the Royal Ascot Style Guide include Emilia Wickstead, Zimmerman, Roksanda Ilicinic, ESCADA, Suzannah, Mother of Pearl, Coast, Karen Millen, ASOS and H&M. Milliners that have got involved include Philip Treacy, Sarah Cant,… Read the full story

So, McDonald’s is offering a three-course Mother’s Day meal for £10

This McDonald's Is Offering A Romantic Meal For Two This Valentine's Day picture: Getty/rex/metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty/rex/metro.co.uk)

Nothing shows how much you love your mum quite like taking her out for a slap-up lunch.

But you know what she’d appreciate even more than a three-course banquet this Mothering Sunday?

Knowing that it came at an absolute bargain.

And you don’t get many cheaper bargains than the Mother’s Day offer McDonald’s is putting on in a bid to ‘bring families together’.

Yep, forget whipping up a nice Sunday roast or trying your hand making something a little more adventurous.

McDonald’s is offering you the chance to treat your mum to a £10 three-course extravaganza of popular classics.

Here’s are… Read the full story

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