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Love a Muslim Day as an alternative to Punish a Muslim Day has got the wrong idea

Love a Muslim Day
(Picture: Twitter/BreatheMia)

You might’ve seen the horrid Punish a Muslim Day letters circulated to Muslim households around the UK.

The disturbing document boasted a ‘points’ system for completing brutal acts like throwing acid at followers of Islam.

Other punishments included butchering, electrocuting Muslims, and nuking holy site Mecca. It suggested that April 3 is the day to ‘help turn things around’ for Western Europe and start attacks.

In an effort to diffuse the racial and religious tension, people on Twitter suggested Love a Muslim Day as an alternative to the hate crime.

The idea is that instead of giving a platform to the bigots, you appreciate their enemy – the… Read the full story

These dogs had a maternity shoot and it’s blessed

***MANDATORY BYLINE***PIC FROM Macy Roth Artistry / Caters News - (PICTURED: Gizmo and Steele in Wisconsin,USA. PIC TAKEN ON 04/08/17) - An expectant French bulldog has celebrated her pregnancy by posing for radiant maternity photographs with the dad-to-be followed by an adorable newborn photoshoot with her puppies.Young part-time photographer Macy Siudzinksi said it was the first time she had ever shot maternity and newborn photographs with dogs but was delighted when she received the unusual request after posting an advertisement online.SEE CATERS COPY
(Picture: Macy Roth Artistry / Caters News)

These days, humans will use any old excuse to get professional shots of them and their bae looking off into the middle… Read the full story

Hubert de Givenchy – fashion legend extraordinaire – dies at 91

epa06598152 (FILE) - French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy poses for photos prior to the opening of 'To Audrey With Love', an exhibition of his work at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, the Netherlands, 23 November 2016 (reissued 12 March 2018). According to media reports, de Givenchy, who who founded the fashion house of Givenchy in 1952, has died on 10 March 2018. He was 91. EPA/BART MAAT *** Local Caption *** 53134594
(Picture: Bart Maat/EPA)

The fashion world has lost one of it’s largest (literally) characters.

Aristocrat and designer Count Hubert James Marcel Taffin de Givenchy died on Saturday, aged 91.

The 6’6” French designer was perhaps best known for the wardrobes he… Read the full story

Meghan Markle stuns in bridal white coat and hat as Prince Harry supports her for her first engagement with the Queen

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrive for the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Meghan Markle gave us a glimpse of what to expect on her wedding day today as she made her first official event with the Queen.

It was the former actress’ first public engagement with Her Majesty, and she was joined by future husband Prince Harry, as well as the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge.

Meghan wore a stunning white coat by Amanda Wakeley for the occasion.

The cream sculpted tailoring crombie coat will set you back £895 and the designer’s website currently has all sizes in stock. Hurry if you don’t want to miss out!

Read the full story

How to avoid irreparable damage from exercise on your boobs

(Picture: Shock Absorber)

Sports bras are a pretty essential piece of kit.

And yet, loads of us are going without.

Even I’m guilty. I often wear really tight crop tops and go on my way – running for miles without any real support.

But just because you feel secure, it doesn’t mean that you’re actually protecting your boobs.

It doesn’t really make sense; if you’re doing all this exercise in the interest of self-preservation (come on, that is a large part of the motivation), why skip out on the one thing that’ll stop your boobs from heading south?

The main problem, I think, is with the number of Instagram fitness bloggers who pose in barely-there… Read the full story

‘If I don’t write for a few days I get proper caught up in my feelings’– poet Hussain Manawer talks mental health on our weekly podcast


‘I think everybody has their own form of mindfulness release – mine just happens to be in the form of a pen or keyboard.’

Poet Hussain Manawer joined us on the latest episode of Metro.co.uk’s mental health podcast, Mentally Yours.

Speaking about his work he said, ‘for me I have to do it. If I don’t write for a few days I get proper caught up in my feelings.’

He caught the poetry bug at school and, at first, his family were baffled.

‘I remember the first time I ever said to my mum “I’m going to become a poet”. She started laughing.

‘She was like “what are you going to do that for?”

‘I was just like “Mum, I love it”

‘And then she didn’t understand it.

‘But then as time went on and I started doing shows with people like Ellie Goulding and Cher, and I was doing festivals and all of these things, everyone around me was just like… Read the full story

Art sculptures show the scars that abused women have been left with

(Picture: Marcelo Toledo)

Argentinian artist Marcelo Toldeo interviewed victims of domestic abuse and gender violence for his new series of artwork.

Each of his 14 sculptures were made with polished metal and boast a finish that’s been meticulously learned and crafted, after he spent years learning the medium of sculpture.

With each carving comes a story taken from one of the 14 women around the world who has suffered some form of violence.

He wanted the public to appreciate the beauty of his work but be left with a ‘dagger’ in their hearts.

Detrás de las paredes – or Behind the Walls – is a series which he hopes will shake people.

It’s also been selected… Read the full story

These giant pool floaties fit six entire adults on them

Ooh, yes please, sir (Picture: Sam’s Club)

Humans love a good pool float, we really do.

Whether it’s a mermaid tail float, or a giant sanitary towel, or a, er, swan-thing float, we’ll float anything on water.

The problem for those of us over the age of five though, is that we can’t fit all our friends on there – in fact sometimes we can barely fit ourselves without capsizing the damn thing.

Which is why these giant floats look so damn magical.

They come in three different designs – unicorn, flamingo and peacock – and fit up to six full-sized adults on each one.

Making… Read the full story

You can fly to North America and Canada for a bargainous £99 with Primera Air

Primera Air launches in the UK with ?99 flights to North America Wikicommons
Would you like to sit in this flying tube for £99? (Picture: Wikicommons)

The transatlantic route from the UK to the US is a competitive one.

Over the years we’ve had low-cost airlines like Norwegian and WOW Air muscle their way in and tempt passengers with their no frills services and cheap fares.

Now, Primera Air is about to join the crew, as it launches new transatlantic flights from Stansted airport in Essex.

The Nordic airline is celebrating its launch by offering £99 fares (one way) on its new routes to New York (Newark), Boston, and Washington D.C.

There will also be flights… Read the full story

If you’ve got a couple of hours and a ruler, right angle triangle eyebrows might be for you

(Picture: Instagram/vforvoid)

We give up.

There’ll never be a stop to eyebrow trends.

It doesn’t even matter how they look anymore, forget the good old fashioned days of having eyebrows that were just…hairy.

Nowadays we have ponytail brows, fishtail brows, negative space, and halo brows. To add to the ever growing list, geometric eyebrows are the latest trend we’ll happily skip.

It just looks like a whole lot of effort. Who wants to be reminded of trigonometry every time you look in the mirror, anyway?

That kind of horror should only be left in the classroom.

So while we might not be rushing for the ruler any time soon, we must admit… Read the full story

Straight women are more likely to regret casual sex if they didn’t initiate it

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Not every sexual encounter is followed by a post-orgasm glow, snuggling, and a cocky stride of pride back home.

Many of us will have sex that we regret soon after; either because we felt pressured into it, it wasn’t what we expected, or it had unintended emotional aftereffects.

Research shows that women are more likely than men to experience post-hookup regret.

But what makes that nauseous ‘I don’t feel okay about what happened’ feeling happen?

A new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences notes some important ways to decrease the likelihood of post-sex regret.

Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology… Read the full story

You can now be paid to travel and eat around the world thanks to the first ‘vlogger bursary’

(Picture: Jason Billam)

Do you want to travel the world eating fabulous food?

Are you completely broke with no chance of going beyond zone 4?

If so, it’s time to crack out your camera and get vlogging because ready meal company The City Kitchen is offering one lucky person the chance to eat their way around the world – and get paid for it too.

The City Kitchen is giving away a £8,000 travel fund, a vlogging kit and mentorship from one of YouTube’s rising stars.

The unique prize package, or ‘vlogger bursary’, is designed to equip one lucky winner with everything they need to carve out a career as a professional travel vlogger.

And ain’t that… Read the full story

I tried the ‘tampliner’ tampon that promises to stop leaks – is it a game-changer for periods?

Will these be a game-changer? (Picture: Callaly)

For menstruating women, there is no debate more polarising than what sanitary method is best.

For ages you were either #TeamPad or #TeamTampon, but now there’s a new kid on the bloody block.

**ILLUSTRATION REQUEST** Exercising the vagina feature (Olivia Cassano)Here’s what happened when I gave my vagina a workout

Last month the internet was buzzing with the latest innovation in feminine hygiene products: the tampliner, a two-in-one tampon and liner hybrid.

Brought to us by Callaly, the same company who… Read the full story

People are piercing their fingers instead of wearing engagement rings


There are plenty of reasons you might not like to wear an engagement ring.

Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories of rings getting stuck and the wearer needing to go to hospital to get it (the ring, not their finger) cut off.

Maybe you don’t like the idea of a ring slipping off your finger while you do the washing up.

Maybe a big sparkly diamond just isn’t your thing.

Thankfully, there are alternative options (beyond just sacking off tradition entirely).

For a long time people have been getting engagement tattoos on… Read the full story

Why sailing the Greek Islands is the adventure you need this summer

My future pirate ship (Picture: Jen Mills)

If you’re going to the Aegean, you may as well do it properly.

Would Odysseus take a ferry if he started his island epic in 2018?

Nah. He’d want to get strapped to the ship when a storm swept in, and hear the waves lapping at his cabin when it all died down.

So, in the interests of authenticity, I joined a sailing trip from Santorini to Mykonos with Intrepid Travel and came back wanting to live on a boat.

Although we hauled some ropes where necessary, this trip wasn’t one where you needed knowledge of sailing beforehand – thankfully for me, or we wouldn’t have got very… Read the full story

‘I write a lot of lists. And then I lose them’: 3 people reveal what it’s like to live with executive function disorder

Hopeless at organising your life? You might have Executive Functioning Disorder (Violet Fenn) Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk
‘I end up with late fees and nasty letters on the doorstep’ (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Executive function disorder affects many people without them realising they have it or even knowing it exists.

I assumed I was just terrible at being a Proper Adult until it was explained to me that EFD is common in those with high-functioning autism (I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as an adult).

It’s also common in people with attention deficit disorders.

Executive functioning is important for developing independence and achieving goals.

But EFD… Read the full story

How parents can teach their children to be multilingual without spending a fortune

How to teach your kids languages at home Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk
‘Children don’t know language when they are born. They learn to speak by hearing what happens around them’ (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

What’s the best way for parents to motivate their children to learn a new lingo from an early age?

As the mother of a baby girl, I have been doing research on what are the best, non-costly options for raising not only a bilingual, but multilingual child.

Every baby is born with the ability to mimic the sounds of any language but, as they grow, their minds begin to narrow down the range of… Read the full story

Woman with constantly swollen legs poses in underwear to inspire others to love their bodies


‘Our differences make us beautiful,’ says Carmen Smith, whose lymphoedema means she has constantly swollen legs and feet.

Carmen discovered she had lymphoedema, a condition caused by the lymphatic system not working correctly, when she was just three years old.

She had been complaining that her feet hurt, and when her mother took her to the doctor, she was diagnosed with lymphoedema – meaning she was born missing lymph nodes, causing a blockage in her legs.

This causes constant swelling in Carmen’s legs and feet, as well as… Read the full story

This dog was returned to the shelter for being too nice and our hearts are breaking

Four-year-old Helena returned to shelter for being too nice
(Picture: LifeLine Animal Project)

Meet Helena, and look upon that adorable and angelic smile.

How anyone could give up a pup like that is beyond us but, alas, someone did.

Helena is a four-year-old boxer mix, and was initially adopted from Fulton County Animal Services.

The shelter – run by LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia – were happy to see her rehomed, but not so delighted when she was brought back only a few months later.

According to Karen Hirsch of LifeLine Animal Project, the man who adopted Helena recommended she be adopted by a women instead, because, ‘they are more into that petting stuff.’

Apparently it’s… Read the full story

Selena Gomez is teaming up with Coach to launch her own collection of bags and clothing

(Picture: Coach)

Say what you like about Selena Gomez’s music (c’mon, Bad Liar is a bop), but you’ve got to admit she has great style.

Seriously, she’s not one of the most followed people on Instagram for nothing. We want pretty much everything she wears.

So it made sense when, last year, Coach roped in Selena for a collaboration, getting her to appear in ads and create her own line of bags and accessories, Selena Grace, in 2017.

Following the success of that line, Selena and Coach are teaming up again – and this time, they won’t just be selling bags.

For the first time, Selena will be collaborating with Coach… Read the full story

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