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What is catfishing and how can you spot it?

Catfishing is a form of online performance in which a user pretends to be someone they’re not (Picture: Getty)

Essential as many of us now consider it to be, the internet is truly a terrifying place.

And while social media can bring us together, it also destabilises what we think we know about who we are talking to.

Catfishing is a bizarre phenomenon that rose out of social media and ‘catfish’ has now entered our collection of internet-inspired slang words.

But what is catfishing? What are the potential dangers? Could you become a victim of catfishing?

Meet the feminist tattoo artist shaking up today’s ‘pale, male & stale’ art world

(Picture: Bluestone Babe)

Think of the tattoo world and you probably conjure up images of some black-clad dude covered in full-length sleeves in some darkened studio.

The tattoo industry, much like the art world, has been a male-dominated space from time immemorial.

But that’s all changing.

The Other Art Fair, which is taking place next week (22-25 March) is giving space to the new generation of female art stars shaking up today’s ‘pale, male and stale’ art world.

It’s not that fewer women are studying at the top art schools – they are. It’s about the opportunities they’re afforded once they leave the hallowed halls of Chelsea, Glasgow or the Slade.

But tattooing is something new altogether.

We’ve… Read the full story

Photographer takes out of this world pics using drones to create mountain halos

Photographer takes out of this world pics using drones to create mountain halos
(Picture: reubenwu.com)

Liverpool-born photographer and musician Reuben Wu is ridiculously talented.

Seriously, he takes the best pictures of starry night skies in the most imaginative ways and they look like they belong in sci-fi films.

Now living in Chicago, the artist has made a name for himself with his pioneering method of using drone lighting to manipulate the landscape and create breathtaking photos.

Capturing these images as part of his Lux Noctis series, Reuben tells Metro.co.uk about his work and how he gets it so perfect every time.

How much deep sleep do we need?

How much sleep is actually good for us? (Picture: Getty)

Sleeping is a pretty big deal, so much so that we spend around a third of our lives asleep.

When your head hits the pillow, your body starts doing things it cannot and will not do while you’re awake – things that are essential to your survival.

Not getting enough sleep can massively impact your health, but most people don’t make it a priority to snooze.

So how much sleep do you really need?

Going plastic-free: going home can feel like going backwards


Whenever you decide to make a big lifestyle change, you can find yourself at odds with the people around you.

Decide to go vegan and you realise just how much meat and cheese your mates eat.

Stop drinking and it can feel like you’re the only person in the world who isn’t drunk.

Commit to cutting down on your plastic consumption and suddenly, the scales fall from your eyes and you start to see the grim reality of the situation.

Plastic is everywhere.

Four weeks into my Lenten promise to try to give up plastic, I went home this weekend for to spend some time with my parents.

Having grown up in a pretty green household (multiple compost heaps, avid recyclers, sell by date refuseniks), I didn’t consider how my plastic-free living would be challenged by going home.

An hour in, my dad came back from the supermarket with six plastic bottles of fizzy water.

‘A soda stream only makes soda water – I want fizzy… Read the full story

Millennials are calling for the return of milkmen so they can go plastic free

Milk float in Earlsfield in London, England, United Kingdom. In Britain, a milk float is a vehicle specifically designed for the delivery of fresh milk. Today, milk floats are usually battery electric vehicles. They were once common in many European countries, particularly the United Kingdom, and were operated by local dairies. However, in recent years, as the number of supermarkets, small independent grocers and convenience stores stocking fresh milk has increased, many people have switched from regular home delivery to obtaining fresh milk from these other sources. (photo by Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images)
(Picture: Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images)

Love them or not, millennials are very environmentally conscious.

In… Read the full story

When to take a pregnancy test and can you take it too early?

When will a pregnancy test be able to tell you if you’re expecting? (Picture: Getty)

Theorising about whether or not you might be pregnant? There’s only one device that can tell you for sure.

Available from various brands in most chemists and supermarkets, a pregnancy test is the easiest and most accurate way to determine if you are indeed expecting.

But is there a window of opportunity when you can use one of these tests? Can you use one to test your wee right now?

Well, before you rush to put pee to stick, you should read below.

What happens when your best friend disappears off social media?

metro illustartions
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Social media is the best way to stay in touch.

Constantly documenting our lives online might have flaws, but it’s also the best way of showing, not telling our nearest and dearest (and others) what we’re up to.

So in the age of constant knowledge of one another, what happens when a person dear to you just goes offline? And not just social media, but when they stop technological communications altogether?

Well, you find out they’re suddenly in East Africa when you thought they were around the corner.

At least, that’s what happened when my best friend starting ghosting online.

Read the full story

Can you eat prawns when pregnant?

Is is true that you should avoid eating prawns when you are pregnant? (Picture: Getty)

Pregnancy is nothing if not complicated, especially when you want to ensure your health and the health of your baby are not at risk.

Some foods are best avoided when you’re expecting a child, and others you should refrain from eating (like liver, pate, and eggs without a Lion Code on the box) altogether.

But when it comes to seafood, the situation is a little more complicated. You might say it’s a prawny issue.

Should you be eating prawns when you’re pregnant? Let’s have a look.

What is tofu?

Vegetarians eat tofu as a meat alternative and it’s pretty tasty when cooked right (Picture: Getty)

Those who do not eat the flesh of animals have plenty of options when it comes to meat alternatives.

Among these foods is tofu, which you’ll probably be familiar with from restaurant menus and, increasingly, supermarket aisles.

To the uninitiated, though, tofu may seem like a bit of an alien substance, and it has a very unfair reputation for being disgusting.

Cooked the right way, tofu – also known as bean curd – is just as delicious as it is healthy. But what exactly is tofu?

KKW Beauty model defends Kim Kardashian makeup line’s lack of diversity

(Picture: KKW Beauty/Instagram)

Not content with taking over our screens, catwalks and gossip columns, the Kardashian-Jenners are set on completely dominating the beauty industry too.

First Kylie dominated the lip market and now Kim’s got a new concealer line in the making.

It hasn’t hit shelves yet but it’s already been criticised online for its lack of diversity.

She debuted her makeup line’s new range on Instagram and Twitter, to a chorus of dismay.

Despite all the models in the campaign being of various ages, skin tones and sizes, people weren’t happy about the fact that most of the 16 shades on offer catered mainly for lighter skin tones.

After all, 16 shades cannot… Read the full story

Photographer makes homeless couple to look like fashion models


This is Sammy – AKA Blackie – and his girlfriend Virginia.

They’ve both been homeless for a while now. They met each other on the streets of Nairobi where they both lived, and before long, their friendship blossomed into real love.

And they’ve now been made the subjects of an inspiring photoshoot, thanks to a local photographer who works under the name of Muchiri Frames.

He came across the couple in one of the city’s parks and together with his team, decided to do something special for Valentine’s Day.

He asked Sammy if he’d ever been in love and immediately, ‘his eyes lit up and the question almost seemed therapeutic as he started describing his girlfriend’.

Why Cuba’s colourful capital Havana should be your next city break

(Picture: Getty)

Having been cut off diplomatically from large parts of the world in recent history, Cuba is a country that’s still suspended in time.

Following the death of its communist former leader Fidel Castro in 2016, tourists have visited, eager to experience it before it’s inevitably Americanised and a Starbucks is put on every corner.

But for now its capital Havana remains a city of crumbling grandeur; there are majestic buildings everywhere coming apart at the seams, live Latin music explodes from every restaurant and bar.

Advertising is still banned, but Castro’s face greets you everywhere.

Here are some things every traveller needs to do in one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Explore the… Read the full story

It takes 15 minutes of burpees to burn off a creme egg, but that’s not the point

Are you really that surprised by how much sugar a Creme Egg contains? Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

With just two weeks to go until Easter, you’re either going to be in two camps.

Either you’ll have eaten a Creme Egg every day for the past month and you’re planning to power through until the end. Or you’ll have given up chocolate for Lent and plan to eat your weight in the stuff on the big day.

Chocolate reaches its peak when it’s in Easter egg form.

But because we can never just enjoy the simple things in life, Fitness First has brought out a little handy guide to exactly how much or what exercise… Read the full story

Meet the full-bodied tattooed teacher breaking the mold

(Picture: freakyhoody/Instagram)

This is Sylvain.

He’s a Paris-based school teacher and a model and he’s covered in artwork from head to toe.

He came a teacher way before his tattoo journey began.

He tells Konbini that his interest was sparked after teaching in London.

‘I was inspired by all those covered Brits, comfortable with their own bodies,’ he says.

‘I have been a teacher for two years back then, and I got my sleeves, one of my legs and my chest done in local shops.’

While having loads of tattoos might be a hindrance here to getting certain jobs, back in France, Sylvain says that he’s free to look how he wishes – even if some… Read the full story

The rear first class carriage on Thameslink is secretly not first class

A photo of a young man wearing headphones while waiting for the train. He is on the right side of the image, and a red train is moving in front of him. The train has long windows that reflect the buildings in front of them. The middle section of the train is moving in a blur. There are truncated domes on the sidewalk between the man and the train. The man has short brown hair, and his headphones are black. He is wearing a gray short-sleeved shirt, tan-colored pants, black sneakers and a red and black backpack. A building with many windows is on the other side of the train. He is… <a href=Read the full story

Pret is giving away 300,000 free hot drinks

YOU get a drink and YOU get a drink and YOU get a drink (Picture: Pret; Metro.co.uk)

We all know that Pret loves giving out free stuff.

For a few years now, their CEO has been giving staff the power to give free food or drinks to customers they take a shine to – whether that’s ‘cos they find them attractive, funny, or because they’re the first person who’s come in that day without a face like a slapped arse.

Now, Pret is handing the power over to its customers.

Pret staff will be giving away over 340,000 free drink tokens from today (19 March) until Sunday (25 March), which… Read the full story

Should we really feel the fear and do it anyway? The benefits of exposure therapy for PTSD and OCD

If you suffer from night sweats, you’re not alone – 30% of women have them

(Picture: Getty)

Imagine the scene: You go to bed early, all wrapped up in your comfiest pyjamas…only to wake up in the early hours freezing cold and absolutely drenched in sweat.

You haven’t had any nightmares, your bedroom certainly isn’t hot enough to get you sweating.

So why are you there, in early March, dripping in perspiration?

Night sweats can be an unwelcome and regular part of our nighttime routines. It’s not only that you wake up cold and have to continually keep washing your clothes and bedsheets, but it can also affect your sleep quality. Having to get up at 3am to change your PJs is hardly conducive to a good solid slumber.

And you know… Read the full story

Dressed for success – Maison de Choup founder George Hodgson talks fashion, anxiety and OCD


‘Our designs are about mental health but they aren’t triggering designs. So someone isn’t a walking billboard for mental health.

‘They aren’t walking round with anxiety or depression on a T-shirt.

‘All the designs we create, they all have a story and they’re all very subtle…

‘But they open a conversation. So if someone sees the design and thinks “oh, what does that mean?” they can then explain the T-shirt and explain where the brand came from.’

(Picture: Maison de Choup)
George Hodgson (Picture: Maison de Choup)

George Hodgson joined us on this week’s Mentally Yours podcast, to talk about creating Maison de Choup, which he calls the… Read the full story

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