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Are conversations around cultural appropriation actually divisive?


It seems like we bearly go a week without someone being called out for cultural appropriation.

The other week, it was Bruno Mars’ turn.

The racially ambiguous singer was called out for appropriating black music and making it his own – repurposing funk for mass consumption.

And more recently, a discussion on BBC Three saw Nike being slammed for culturally appropriating grime as a way of making money from black culture in their Londoner ad.

Both valid arguments.

After all, black music has, for the most part, been both a form of celebration and resistance.

Funk music originated back in the mid-’60s, with musicians like James Brown taking soul and jazz and re-working the rhythmic groove of the baseline. At that time, concerts were still segregated. Afro-Americans – artists included – still suffered from the injustices of institutionalised and societal racism. Martin Luther King was murdered in 1968; funk has its origins in that climate.

But we’d be deluded to think that the likes of James… Read the full story

People must be allowed to discuss trans issues without fear of being called bigots


• How to support a transgender friend (International Transgender day of visibility March 31st) 500 words (Fiona Thomas) Ella Byworth

Talking about transgender issues makes me nervous. 

Like a lot of people, I consider myself pretty nonjudgmental. So when it comes to discussing trans issues. the last thing most of us want to do is seem aggressive, transphobic or to condone the abuse that trans people already face.

Over the last couple of years I’ve found myself less and less likely to ask questions about topics, like trans rights, which have the potential to be incendiary. And the recent ‘Man Friday’ protest carried out by a group of women who are concerned about the impeding Gender Recognition Act is a perfect example of this.

In case you missed it, a group of women who connected over Mumsnet have founded something called the ‘Man Friday’ movement, where they ‘identify’ as male on Fridays. Last week they Read the full story

Instagram food pics you’ve posted will determine what you get served at this restaurant

Knorr, Eat Your Feed
(Picture: Knorr)

Whether you take forever to decide what you want or know what to get straight away, a restaurant that chooses food for you based on the things you’ve eaten before has got to be onto something.

Which is exactly what Knorr (that’s right, the stock cube brand) is doing with its first Instagram powered pop up restaurant.

The Eat Your Feed concept chooses what to serve you based on the food pictures you’ve posted on Insta.

So, bad news if all you do is post protein shakes. Fair dos if you enjoy the stuff but if you’re going to get a free meal out in London, you… Read the full story

Yorkshire Tea has just launched some tea and biscuits flavoured tea bags

(Picture: Yorkshire Tea)

You can now enjoy tea and biscuits without even having to open a packet of Rich Teas – as Yorkshire Tea has just launched a brew which tastes exactly like tea and biscuits.

The new blend has been created by tea experts at Taylors of Harrogate, who say the tea is best brewed with milk.

Biscuit Brew joins Yorkshire Tea’s best-selling Breakfast Brew and Bedtime Brew – to kickstart your morning, satisfy your afternoon and relax your evening.

Iceland is launching the UK’s first bleeding vegan burger you can buy in the supermarket

Get in our basket, right now (Picture: Iceland No Bull Burger)

Vegans have got bleeding burgers coming out of their ears.

There’s the Moving Mountains ‘bleeding’ B12 burger, which has just started selling in the UK at iconic veggie restaurant, Mildreds.

Then there’s the Impossible Burger, which is currently on sale in the US.

And now? Well, now there’s the No Bull Burger, which is the first ‘bleeding’ vegan burger to hit supermarkets.

And it’s being brought to you frozen food kings, Iceland.

Is this the world’s most passive aggressive public toilet?

Twitter @chinda0312
Hello, is this for men? (Picture: Twitter @chinda0312)

If you identify as female but were born male, should you be forced to use male toilets that you don’t feel comfortable in?

Should we just make all toilets gender neutral to make life easier?

For now, we still have mostly gender-specific loos, although some of them like to conceal their identity a bit more than others.

Have you ever been to a bar or restaurant and not been able to work out which toilet is right for you, because the sign was too small, or because you couldn’t work out what was on the sign? (Is that a woman on… Read the full story

Hair today, more tomorrow? What causes hair loss, which treatments work and what do they cost?

Here are the common causes of hair loss and the best way to treat them hair man thinking head confusion mental health confused Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk
Where’s it all going? (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

Hair’s something we often take for granted: as the cliche goes, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

But hair loss isn’t just about vanity. It can seriously damage our self-esteem and self-confidence and cause great anxiety.

22 signs you’ve reached peak adulthood (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for metro.co.uk)22 signs you’ve reached peak adulthood

Some of us would do anything to solve it.

Unfortunately… Read the full story

British student with anxiety shuns the world to become a human doll

(Picture: Mediadrumworld)

Anxiety can be crippling.

Alice Hochfeidt’s anxiety caused her to shy away from everyone and live privately as someone else.

The south Londoner is now a part-time human doll.

And she’s gained a pretty huge Instagram following doing what she loves; dressing up like an animated character, complete with bold makeup, contact lenses, and other Japanese anime-like features.

Alice considers it an addiction and regularly slips into her doll character every other weekend, preferring to be alone.

Exposure to lavender or tea tree oils could give you man boobs

metro graphics
(Picture: Ella Byworth/ Shutterstock)

Bad news if you or someone you live with is really into essential oils. 

Research suggests that lots of exposure to essential oils, specifically lavender or tea tree, could interrupt your natural hormones, which can cause a whole host of problems including developing man boobs.

This discovery was made by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. study lead investigator J. Tyler Ramsey said: ‘Our society deems essential oils as safe. However, they possess a diverse amount of chemicals and should be used with caution because some of these chemicals are potential endocrine disruptors.’

The chemicals found in tea tree and lavender are referred to as ‘endocrine-disrupting’, which… Read the full story

Pets at Home to stop selling rabbits over Easter

Rabbit surrounded with Easter eggs
This face wants you to love it for many years to come, okay? (Picture: Getty)

Rabbits and dogs get a bit of a rough time of it.

Despite yearly warnings from animal welfare groups, many people still insist on giving dogs as Christmas presents – so much so that puppies are literally smuggled into the country to meet demand.

People often – and sometimes unknowingly – buy dogs from cruel puppy farms, then end up giving them away when they realise that puppies need as much attention as babies/their kid is bored of it/they’re super expensive to look after.

This year, Read the full story

Frozen pizza is apparently responsible for causing hypertension because it’s so salty

Pizza run is coming to the UK!
(Picture: Getty)

We know that too much salt can be bad for us.

Sprinkling it on all your meals is a sure-fire way of sending your sodium intake above and beyond the daily recommended limit. And that’s a one-way street to Hypertension Central.

But the thing about salt is that, like sugar, it’s often included in huge quantities in most ready-made foods – even if you can’t taste it.

Biscuits, bread and cereals often contain way more salt than you might think, despite their sweetness.

It’s that heady mix of sweet and salt that make them so lip-smackingly delicious and addictive.

But according to experts, it’s frozen pizza that’s especially problematic… Read the full story

Are so-called ‘backroom tattooists’ safe? We talk to the experts

metro illustration
Are backroom tattoists safe? (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

No longer the preserve of sailors and hirsute bikers, an estimated one in five Brits is now tattooed.

Such is our love of body art that 1.3 million of us settle down to E4’s Tattoo Fixers every week, while tattoo artists such as Kat Von D or Kevin Paul have risen to celebrity status.

Along with the rapid incline of high-street tattoo parlours, another type of tattoo artist has cornered part of the market: Independent inkers, working out of backrooms and bedrooms across the UK.

22 beautiful inkings that’ll tempt you into… Read the full story

Walt Disney World will be hosting its own Disney water park parties

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Angelo Cavalli/robertharding/REX/Shutterstock (876391a) Disney World, Orlando, Florida, United States of America, North America VARIOUS
(Picture: Rex)

Walt Disney World really is the place of dreams.

It’s filled with incredible amusements, the happiest of Disney characters and a range of magical foods to try all day long.

And now, magic is going to be happening to happen after dark, too, as the theme park has just announced an after-hours party for Disney World guests.

H20 Glow Nights will be happening at the Typhoon Lagoon water park.

The party will be hosted by Toy Story characters and there will be appearances by Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie.

Pass us a knife and the butter: Giant hot cross buns are a thing

(Picture: Tesco/Getty)

Thanks to Tesco, you can now gorge on hot cross buns without feeling bad about it, as it’ll only take one to fill you up.

Because the supermarket chain has released a line of giant hot cross buns.

They’re ‘softly-spiced’ and are enough for four people to share…which is just as well, considering they consist of 916 calories in total.

Mind you, it’s hard to stop munching on a spiced bun regardless of size.

This woman learned what it’s like to find out your ‘mum’ is actually your grandmother

Rachel struggled with her weight through her troublesome marriage. Now, she focuses on her physical and mental well being. (Picture: Rachel Osinaike/Metro.co.uk)

Rachel Osinaike has had a much tougher life than most.

At eight years old she found out that the woman she’d been calling mum was her grandmother. When she turned 17, she met her dad but he died just seven months after the reunion.

She was heartbroken.

Determined not to give up, she became a teacher, got married, and had two sons.

She struggled with her weight for many years during the course of her tumultuous, 19-year marriage and after her divorce, she decided to work on her fitness and overall well-being, dropping… Read the full story

What do those white bits on your fingernails mean?

(Picture: Getty/Rebecca Reid)

One of life’s really big questions, that. What do the little white spots on your nails mean? 

You might well have been told as a child that they were caused by calcium deficiency. Most likely by someone who wanted you to eat something which contained calcium.

However, that’s actually a total lie. The white spots on your nails are  called leukonychia and they have sweet FA to do with calcium.

Most of the time the white mark is caused by some minor injury to the nail – like bumping it or biting it – when it’s starting to grow.

Nails don’t generally speaking grow that fast. I cant take up to… Read the full story

Can padded envelopes be recycled?

What are we supposed to do with these? (Picture: Getty)

There’s no denying that recycling is A Very Good Thing™.

Waste that isn’t recycled is put into landfill, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there’s only so much space in the ground to bury our crap.

On top of this, as the degradable materials in the rubbish break down, they produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Methane absorbs the sun’s heat, warming the atmosphere, causing global warming – y’know, that thing which the actual President of the United States thinks is made up.

Recently we discovered that it’s imperative that you wash your recycling, and this… Read the full story

If you missed the news in 2018, you can follow what’s been going on through nail art

(Picture: Nail_sunny/Instagram)

It’s been a big year for nails.

From decaying toenail transformations to twerking Kardashians, to pole dancer nails.

And it’s not often that beauty trends align with the news agenda but Nail Sunny is no ordinary salon.

They’ve created manicures that follow all the major events of 2018; Black Panther, the Oscars, Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy, International Women’s Day, and even the Russian election. Trump also got a shout out for some reason.

Whether you would want to get these designs on your hands or not, you have to admire the Russian nail salon’s efforts.

Manicurists at the salon regularly create miniature popular culture models like the Kardashians and paint intricate… Read the full story

This Instagram account captures people running for and missing their trains and it’s glorious

Missedyabus GIF
New favourite GIF (Picture: Instagram/MissedYaBus)

Have you ever seen someone desperately running to catch a bus and sent all your will and might their way in the hope they succeed?

It really warms my cockles when I see they’ve made it, as I watch their panting back disappear from view.

However, it turns out that I also get the same amount of joy – if not more – from seeing people miss their train.

Some absolute legend in Australia has created Instagram account Missedyabus, which features videos of people running for and missing public transport.

Ironically, despite the title, it’s mostly trains. And what you need to understand about these videos… Read the full story

Kim Kardashian’s top tanning tip is to spray your hair

Love her or loathe her, you can’t fault the tan. Credit: Kim Kardashian/Instagram, Rex/Shutterstock

Love Kimmy K or loathe her, you really can’t fault her grooming.

It’s even, smooth and always a perfect shade of sun kissed. And it looks so natural that I’d always assumed that was her actual skin colour.

Apparently not.

She spilled the beans on her website, saying: ‘No matter what time of year it is, I always love a good spray tan. After so many years of having them done, I picked up an unusual trick that makes all the difference…’

And that tip? It’s having the parting in her hair sprayed, as well as her face and body.

Read the full story
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