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Sleep is a simple concept – don’t let people tell you otherwise


Sleep is a pretty simple concept.

You close your eyes, let yourself relax and hey presto – you’re on the road to Bedfordshire.

We all need sleep and enough of it. Go too long without enough rest and both your mind and body start to cave in. If you’re trying to fit or slim down, your body won’t respond to whatever diet or training you’re doing because it doesn’t have enough time to rest and grow. Your concentration turns to sh*t. Your moods go haywire. You start craving sugar all the time.

Further down the field, a severe lack of sleep can result in any number of serious medical conditions. We hear experts almost every day talking about how dangerous it is not to get a decent amount of sleep.

The problem is, most of us are really bloody busy trying to live our lives. And to do that, we need to be awake and not in bed.

If you work eight or more hours a… Read the full story

Woman rehabilitates poorly pigeon by putting him in a stripy sock

(Picture: Brynja Eirksdttir / Caters News)

An animal lover has attempted to rehabilitate a pigeon by keeping him in her home and tucking him into a stripy sock.

Brynja Eirìksdòttir, 28, found the bird after it had been injured in her town in Millom, Cumbria and began to care for it.

She’d been out doing her daily shopping, when she came across the bird. She took him to the vets, who advised her to stop him from using his damaged wing.

Brynja said: ‘I was just out doing my daily shopping when I saw Pluvie almost get hit by several cars, people looked concerned but no one stopped to help.

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These ancient baby names could be set for a comeback

(Picture: Getty)

We’re so nostalgic for happier, less Trump-y times.

So it makes sense that when it comes to baby names, we’ve sped through the 90s comeback and gone to truly ancient options.

Nameberry reckons that there’s set to be a rise in interest in ancient names for babies, noting that Sophia, Amelia, Zoe, and Atticus, have all become more popular recently.

They note that ancient Greek and Roman names are increasing in popularity, perhaps because we’re bored of all the new names and trends so want to nestle into the cosy cocoon of history.

Here are the names the baby names site think are set to make a comeback.

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Black and white photos capture Easter celebrations through history

(Picture: Ancestry/Getty)

Easter weekend is around the corner and most people are ready to begin the holidays with their own little yearly rituals and traditions.

Whether you chomp on a chocolate egg a day or save it for Easter Sunday, you might wonder how chocolates came to be associated with religion and Easter.

Well the idea is that eggs resemble new life, like the way Jesus emerged from the tomb on Easter Sunday. Chocolate eggs became a big part of the holiday because, well, big companies just wanted to capitalise on post-Lent gluttony and sell some chocs.

And you’ll be glad to know people also gorged on chocolatey goodness for Easter back… Read the full story

What are the alternatives to sugar and are they any good for us?

Bye, sugar (Picture: Peter Dazeley/Getty)

We know sugar is bad for us, that it can have serious effects on our health and we should all be cutting down.

Eating too much sugar and doing little to no exercise could cause you to gain weight which can put you at risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

It may give you a temporary energy burst but consuming lots of sugar can also lead to tooth decay, worsen joint pain and can even make a man impotent because it affects the circulatory system which controls blood flow through the body.

Here’s why it always… Read the full story

A stunning house with castle towers has just gone on the market for £3 million

(Picture: Caters News)

An actual castle has just gone on the market and we are so ready to stock up on lottery tickets.

The magical house, which comes with a lazy river and splash cannons, has gone on the market for a cool £3.58 million.

The property – which is available to view through estate agents Geni Addicott, from Southern California – includes a fantasy outdoor pool that holds more than 80,000 gallons of water, a lazy river, jacuzzi, multiple waterfalls and water-shooting cannons.

Back in the 1960’s the original owner named the property and original house ‘Castle in the Sky’, it was designed by a then popular architect from Beverly Hills.

The home… Read the full story

Parents celebrate getting through a three year infertility struggle with a photo of their baby boy surrounded by IVF needles

PICS BY ALEX CRAWFORD / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: Alex and Chad Crawrford, with Seven month old little Wells pictured here, after his parents shared the incredible journey they went through IVF recently) - New parents are celebrating their three-year infertility battle to conceive in loving shots showing the 200 vials and needles used to bring their baby boy into the world. Alex and Chad Crawford, 31 and 36, of Jacksonville, Florida, USA, spent three years trying to conceive against ever decreasing odds. After a year trying naturally, doctors determined they were suffering from unexplained infertility - meaning they had a 1-4percent chance of falling pregnant, compared to the typical 20percent. They… <a href=Read the full story

Krispy Kreme has launched a Simpsons D’ohnut and we’re drooling Homer-style

(Picture: Krispy Kreme)

Nobody likes doughnuts more than Homer Simpson.

His favoured type?

A pink iced ring with sprinkles, of course.

Krispy Kreme are paying hom(er)age to the man himself by replicating the candy-coloured delicacy and it looks like all our cartoon dreams have come true.

The Simpsons D’ohnut is an original glazed, topped with strawberry flavour white chocolate truffle, and sprinkled with rainbow hundreds and thousands.

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Joan and Judy are sexually harassed every day on the way to school; they’re only 12


The sexual harassment of women is endemic.

Whether you’re a famous actress or a student, if you’re a woman, the chances are that someone has verbally or sexually harassed you at some point or other.

That’s not being melodramatic; this week the Equality and Human Rights Commission called upon ministers to take ‘urgent action’ to tackle ‘corrosive’ cultures – concluding that employers should be legally obliged to prevent harassment or victimisation after concluding that the problem had become ‘normalised’.

In Kenya, however, it’s primary school girls who bear the brunt of this behaviour.

Girls drop out of school as a result of routine harassment by men, as well as sexual assault and resulting pregnancies or HIV. They then don’t get an education, and this perpetuates the cycle of poverty and gender inequality.

When a new sugar cane factory was built near Fred Ogutu’s school, workers started to harass girls on their way home after their lessons. As a result, some girls were sexually… Read the full story

Why do we eat lamb at Easter?

At Easter we eat roast lamb, according to tradition, but why? (Picture: Getty)

On Easter Sunday, tradition dictates that we all sit down together – be it with family or friends – and feast on lamb.

The rest of Easter is apparently about munching chocolate, and on the evening of Good Friday we are supposed to eat fish.

Fish and chocolate eggs don’t gambol about in fields, making magical flowers blossom at their tread of their tiny hooves.

So why are baby sheep top of the menu? Is there a significance to the tradition of eating roast lamb on Easter Sunday? Let’s have a look.

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Duck who had both feet severed is learning to swim again thanks to his tiny boots

(Picture: Caters News)

A mandarin duck that had both feet severed in an attack by predators while swimming in a lake in Brazil is waddling around again after being fitted with replacement prosthesis that resemble tiny boots

The injured duck’s missing feet were restored in a unique 40-minute operation by a vet and a prosthetics technician, who created two lightweight moulds out of dental resin and bonded them to the damaged limbs.

Since the operation, which took place two weeks ago, the duck has amazed animal experts on how well it has adapted to its artificial, bright yellow feet.

The prize bird, which lives on a nature reserve in Sao Paulo, was found,… Read the full story

‘It’s a constant battle and a daily struggle’: 10 IBD patients share their Dynamo-inspired selfies

IBD sufferers
Dynamo is definitely not alone (Picture: various)

Over the last few days, magician Dynamo has opened up about his recent struggles with Crohn’s disease, as well as the many side effects the prescribed medication left him with.

One of the most prevalent is the ‘moon face’, one of the most common reactions to taking steroids for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (an umbrella term for Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis).

How inflammatory bowel disease ruined my body confidence

As a Crohn’s sufferer myself, I found it incredibly refreshing to see a celebrity openly sharing his life with the disease.

I asked 10 of my fellow IBD… Read the full story

25 men open up about what it’s like to live with suicidal thoughts


CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) has been making headlines all week with its #Project84 campaign, which aims to make a stand against male suicide.

The project tells the stories of 84 real men lost to suicide, representing the 84 men who take their own lives every week in the UK.

The campaign reads: ‘Alongside sculptor Mark Jenkins, friends and families bereaved by suicide took part in the making of 84 sculptures which stand on top of ITV’s This Morning studio and South Bank buildings in positions of strength, looking out over the capital in solidarity against suicide.

‘If you’re in London over the week commencing March 26th, we invite you to head down to the South Bank and see the #Project84 sculptures on top of the ITV buildings for yourself. Share your photos on social media with #Project84.’

Just over three out of four suicides – a massive 76% – are carried out by men, with suicide remaining the biggest cause of death… Read the full story

B&M is selling a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter egg for £1.99

(Picture: B&M)

Easter Sunday is this weekend which means you’ve only got a few days left to stock up on Easter eggs (well, at least what’s left of them in stores).

But if Cadbury or Mars aren’t what you fancy, and you’re a lover of Terry’s Chocolate Orange, you’ll be happy to know that it now comes in giant Easter egg-form. And it looks amazing.

The Terry’s Chocolate Orange Easter egg is being sold by B&M for just £1.99.

What is mitochondrial disease? The condition Peter Kay is raising awareness of through The Lily Foundation

The baby Charlie Gard died of mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome at 11 months, but what is mitrochondrial disease? (Picture: Getty)

Mitrochondrial disease is a term which covers a range of often devastating conditions involving the failure of mitochondria, which live inside cells.

The mitochondria have a key function as they provide energy to cells, and if they cannot do that it leads to grave problems for the body.

If the symptoms are neuromuscular – ie, they affect the nerve and muscle functions – this is called mitochondrial myopathy.

So what causes mitochondrial disease, what are the symptoms, what different forms does it take and can it be cured?

Is sticking your beauty blender in the microwave really a genius cleaning hack?

(Picture: metro.co.uk)

Ever since the internet discovered the filth lurking inside makeup sponges, we haven’t been able to look at our beauty blenders without suspicion.

But how are we supposed to deal with the lingering fear that the little sponges we’re smearing all over our face might be packed to the brim with grime and germs?

You could regularly replace your sponge the minute it looks a little worse for wear. But that adds up.

So it’s only natural that when people started tweeting about a way to refresh and clean old beauty blenders, everyone’s ears pricked.

Julianna Asouzu shared a video of herself trying a simple hack to clean her… Read the full story

What Anthony Joshua’s trainer wants you to know about boxing


This weekend will see Anthony Joshua try to defend his perfect 20 knockouts in 20 fights record, against WBO world heavyweight champ, Joseph Parker.

AJ is largely responsible for the tremendous surge of interest in boxing.

Once the sort of thing your dad watched late on a Saturday evening, now it’s not uncommon to find yourself queuing to get into a pub which charges £5 door entry to watch a match.

And it’s not just watching superstar boxers fight – more and more gyms are starting to offer boxercise classes, loads us are starting to incorporate jabs and uppercuts into our regular workouts and we all know someone who’s either fought or thought about fighting in a White Collar Boxing event.

You’d think this kind of boxing-mania would go down a treat with the professionals. It isn’t.

Gary Logan is Head of Boxing at Anthony Joshua’s luxury gym, BXR.

McDonalds opening times on Good Friday 2018

McDonald’s is always a last resort over Easter if you’ve got nothing better to munch on (Picture: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

If you’re planning to enjoy Easter 2018 by tucking into a Big Mac and fries, you better do a little bit of forward-planning.

On public and bank holidays, like Good Friday, McDonald’s sometimes varies its opening times – less so than doctor’s surgeries, however.

To be honest, it’s very unlikely that your local McDonald’s will be closed. Most of these restaurants are open 24 hours a day, almost all year (excluding Christmases).

There are exceptions, of course, and there’s only one way to find out definitively if your store will be… Read the full story

Bullied boy finds acceptance with rescue cat who has exact same rare condition

METRO GRAB - taken from the social media of Christina Humphreys with permission Madden and cat Bullied child finds cat with the same condition as him Christina Humphreys
(Picture: Christina Humphreys)

David Bowie, Mila Kunis, and Keifer Sutherland – all people with heterochromia iridum.

The condition, which makes each eye a different colour, is seen as a super cool trait by many.

For 7-year-old Madden, however, his unique eyes coupled with a cleft lip made him a target for bullies.

That could have left him pretty isolated, but a crazy twist of fate led to him meeting a best feline friend with the exact same condition.

Meet the ASOS model everyone on Twitter is loving

Credit: ASOS
(Picture: Asos)

‘The greatest photo of a bathing suit’ was spotted on ASOS as Twitter users commended the brand for using a beautiful black model to show off a yellow bikini.

The vibrant two piece was modelled by Vivian Eyo-Ephraim, represented by Bridge Models, who was glowing in the beach attire.

Users were not only surprised to see a dark-skinned model, but one that’s representing plus-size women – and slaying while doing so.

Vivian spoke to Metro.co.uk about her career and what it’s like to get so much appreciation for her work.

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