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Where can I buy vegan hot cross buns?

Vegan hot cross bund
I’d love to slice you in half and toast you, hun (Picture: Iceland, Kingsmill, Sainsbury’s)

Hot cross buns are as big a part of Easter as chocolate eggs and Jesus.

They’re so delicious toasted and slathered in butter.

You’d be forgiven for thinking hot cross buns are no longer part of your life if you follow a vegan lifestyle, but nuh-uh, honey – you’ve got loads of options.

You can find vegan hot cross buns in most supermarkets – this list is not exhaustive, so please comment below if you’ve welcomed some into your toaster that we’ve missed.

Also, FYI, only a couple of these… Read the full story

Beauty bloggers are decorating their brows with Easter bunnies and we love it

(Picture: Instagram)

Easter is very nearly here, which means it was only so long until Easter makeup became a thing.

If you have plans this Sunday – which go beyond the family Easter egg hunt – you may need some Easter makeup inspiration.

The beauty bloggers of Instagram are showcasing Easter bunny brows.

Easter bunny brows are exactly as they sound – eyebrows with Easter bunnies painted on them.

The look is cute, and perfect for anyone who wants to go all out this weekend.

Blogger Chelsea Georgia recently shared an image of her own Easter look, which featured a sparkly pink eye and a pair of white floppy bunny ears above her brow.

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BMI discriminates against black people – and everyone else too

Weight illo
The BMI calculator doesn’t work for everyone (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I recently changed my life insurance provider and my initial quote was fantastic.

However, once it was processed through their system, I discovered it had increased.

Matthew Knowles says Bey wouldn't be as successful if she were dark-skinnedYes, light skin gets you further in the entertainment business, and probably in life – but change has begun

The reason why? My Body Mass Index (BMI) was too high.

Now in all fairness my BMI is higher than it should be but it did get me thinking about a long held… Read the full story

This Instagram account is perfect for those who love extreme beauty

Would you dare? (Picture: Ravvebeauty)

There are those of us who are so bad at makeup we can’t even find a foundation to match, and then there are the beauty trailblazers.

The men and women who go the extra mile and make you think, ‘I wish I could pull that off’ as you glance in the mirror and notice your tidemarks.

Well, dear reader. You can pull it off. You just have to believe.

If you’re looking for some extreme beauty inspiration, you need look no further than Ravve Beauty, an Instagram account set up by pals Juls and Gebs to celebrate the more ‘out there’ beauty options.

Here’s a taster of what they… Read the full story

Photographer travels the world capturing pictures of abandoned places where nature has taken over

Abandoned places taken over by nature Picture: An abandoned greenhouse, Belgium Credit: Jonk Photography
(Picture: Jonk Photography)

Jonathan Jimenez, also known as Jonk, has been traveling the world for sixteen years – all to take photos of incredible places and people.

He began traveling when he was seventeen, and has now visited more than sixty counties.

‘Photography has always been the main purpose of these travels,’ Jonk tells Metro.co.uk. ‘Religious ceremonies in India and Sri Lanka, beast markets in Guatemale and Ecuador, underwater fauna in Egypt and Malaysia, brutalist architecture in Eastern Europe.

‘I always found topics that brought me to buy a plane ticket and go away, most of the… Read the full story

Cocktail evenings just for dogs are coming to a bar in London

Credit: Smith & Whistle
(Picture: Smith & Whistle)

A cocktail night for dogs is coming to London and it sounds super exciting.

In honour of National Pet Month, which takes place in April, Smith & Whistle & Max is introducing a ‘dogtail’ menu – London’s very first permanent drinks list created entirely for canine consumption.

The menu is a ‘unique collaboration between the bar’s mixology team and David Jackson, a specialist canine nutritionist’, the website states.

Mum and teenage daughter both give birth just eight weeks apart

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A mother who fell pregnant at the same time as her teenage daughter became a grandmother two months before the baby girl’s uncle was born.

18-year-old Chloe Harrage had been with her fiance Nike Brooksby, 19, for two years when she fell pregnant.

Weeks later, her mum, Kelly Falconer, 38, announced she was having a baby too.

First came Chloe’s daughter, Lilly-Mae, born on 24 June 2017 weighing 5lb 11oz, followed by Kelly’s little boy, 6lb 2oz Archie, on 13 August – both arriving in East Yorkshire’s Hull Royal Infirmary.

Chloe had discovered she was pregnant after realising her period was late while out shopping. She bought a test and… Read the full story

An After Eight Easter bunny is here and it sounds amazing

After Eight Easter bunny picture: Getty Images/metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty Images/metro.co.uk)

Forget Malteaster bunnies – because After Eight bunnies are a thing and they sound amazing.

Yep, After Eights, aka posh chocolates that come in the form of thin squares of dark chocolate with a gooey mint centre, now come in Easter bunny-form.

Though it doesn’t have a mint filling, the Easter bunny is made from peppermint flavoured chocolate, and comes in the signature green After Eight wrapping.

How it feels to have a double lung transplant at 27


On Good Friday 2017, I had a double lung transplant.

I’m 28 and have had cystic fibrosis (CF) for most of my life, having been diagnosed at two years old. It’s a condition that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system.

As a child I was really lucky – although I had hospital check ups every three months and took a concoction of medicines I lived a pretty normal childhood.

My parents made sure I took part in sport and kept my lungs as healthy as possible, and while I was obviously aware I had CF it meant fairly little for much of my childhood. In fact, the bi-yearly hospital trips to London were great as it meant a day spent just me and a parent, with pizza as a treat at the end.

I did GCSEs and A-levels without having to worry about my health too much, but as is with the nature of CF it started to… Read the full story

McDonald’s launches a share bucket of McNuggets and Cheesy Bites

(Picture: Metro.co.uk)

McDonald’s has just launched a new share box, which comes filled with McNuggets and Cheesy Bites.

But, just before you head off to your local fast food chain, we have bad news. The share box is only available in Spain.

We know – why can’t the UK ever have nice things?

Alongside the massive share box of battered goodness, McDonald’s Spain also sells fries topped with cheese and bacon.

Little girl with burns across a third of her body becomes a swimwear model

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A little girl who was left with burns across a third of her body after scalding herself with boiling water is now a swimwear model, who shows off the skin grafts her parents describe as ‘mermaid kisses’.

At just two years old, Elsie Drysdale, now five, from Perth, Scotland, spent six weeks in intensive care, followed by three weeks on a general ward after pulling a pan of boiling water down off the hob, scalding her face, back, neck and right shoulder.

Her occupational therapist mum, Gemma, 34, recalled how skin was grafted from her thighs and she spent a year in a special pressure suit, designed to… Read the full story

Here’s how to support a transgender friend

• How to support a transgender friend (International Transgender day of visibility March 31st) 500 words (Fiona Thomas) Ella Byworth
Being trans can be difficult in many ways (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Transgender Day Of Visibility takes place on March 31 every year and is a day to show your support for the trans community.

It’s a worthy cause, and where better to start than with those closest to you?

Being there for a transgender mate might seem daunting and confusing, so we spoke to an expert to get some advice on how to be a good friend.

I spoke to Samantha Carbon, a psychotherapist who works closely with transgender individuals offering… Read the full story

Should you be ‘concerned’ about transgender people?

Well done, Adobe: you’ve put trans people in the picture

British transgender model photographed by Bex Day for Adobe Stock to raise awareness of Trans Day of Visibility and Adobe’s commitment to increasing diversity in stock (Picture: Adobe Stock)

March 31 is a day I wish weren’t necessary.

It’s International Transgender Day of Visibility, when trans people all over the world wave hello and make the outrageous claim that trans people are people.

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: * you think dating’s hard? Try using tinder while trans (dating apps really can’t handle anything non binary) (Carrie Marshall)Think dating apps are perilous? Try using Tinder when you’re trans

The way some people go on… Read the full story

No-BS Chef’s ‘inappropriate open letter to the Easter bunny’ sums up our thoughts entirely

(Picture: shannonskitchenaustralia/Instagram)

Easter is a time for enjoying good food, good wine and good times with friends and family. That’s why they give you so long off work – to get over the various sugar and alcohol hangovers.

Thanks to our obsession with clean eating and working out, however, more and more PRs and companies are turning Easter into one big guilt-fest.

We’re told how many calories our favourite treats contain, how long it’d take to burn them off, why we should opt for poached rather than chocolate eggs at all costs.

And one no-bullsh*t healthy food chef isn’t here for it.

Shannon Kelly White, AKA Shannon’s Kitchen, loves healthy eating but she thinks… Read the full story

How I was helped by CAMHS, the child and adolescent mental health service

How I was helped by CAMHS: child and adolescent mental health service. (Eleanor Segall) mental health parents children child doctor worry unwell worried couple kids Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk
My dad helped me seek help as a teenager (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

At aged 15, I saw my first psychiatrist, under CAMHS in the NHS.

I hadn’t been sleeping, my heart and thoughts raced and I was extremely fearful of the world.

How to help someone who?s going through psychosis Mental health woman brain worried partner couple man hell sad worried crying depression world Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.ukHow… Read the full story

So, Peta says people who buy puppies can’t be feminists

(Picture: Getty)

Peta’s said and done some shocking things in the past to hammer home messages about animal welfare (often, it has to be said, involving nudity).

But their latest memo is bang on the money.

The animal rights group has said that people who buy dogs can’t be feminists.

Why? Because buying dogs rather than adopting them supports the sexual exploitation of bitches who are used by their owners to produce puppies.

Female dogs who live in puppy mills are forced to undergo multiple births until they’re physically incapable of carrying more pups, Peta says.

‘In puppy mills and breeding operations, female dogs are trapped in a nightmare sickenly similar to the illicit sex… Read the full story

Mum’s viral Facebook post shows why fake pregnancy April Fools’ aren’t funny

(Picture: Kayla Lee Welch/Facebook)

Pretending to be pregnant is the oldest prank in the April Fool’s book.

But last year, one woman took to Facebook to explain why it’s not the hilarious gag some seem to think it is – particularly if you’ve suffered a miscarriage.

Kayla Lee Welsh shared her miscarriage story, alongside photos of her many pregnancy kits.

Her post began: ‘This is why your April fools joke isn’t funny. This is why it’s not funny to lie and joke about being pregnant.This is what it looks like to have a miscarriage.’

She’d started spotting and eventually found out that she’d lost her baby.

‘Please think twice before you post that… Read the full story

Please take a moment to appreciate these dads wearing their ‘most dad outfits’

Cheer Dad is Peak Dad (Picture: Jeff Holland)

We joke about dad fashion but you know, some dads have more swag than we’ll ever possess.

Those dads who manage to match their outfits to their babies. Those dads who revel in their dad status. Those dads who have absolutely no sense of sartorial shame.

These are the guys we salute.

Last night, sports blogger and father @edsbs asked his followers to share photos fo themselves in their ‘most dad outfit’.

This case of workplace lunch theft takes office drama to a new level

a tale of mistrust, cctv and lunch getty/metro.co.uk
(Picture: Getty/metro.co.uk)

We’ve all put something in the office fridge only to find that it’s gone missing later that day.

Milk. Lunch. Juice. It doesn’t matter what it is, someone will nick it and refuse to come forward when the search for the culprit begins.

A colleague of Zac Toscani’s, however, wasn’t prepared to let the thief get away with robbing his lunch.

No, he asked to watch the office CCTV footage. And they let him.

Thus began the greatest office-based detective story of the 21st century:

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