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The world’s biggest bunny is finally retiring from his lavish lifestyle

(Picture: Caters News)

The world’s biggest bunny rabbit and his glamour model owner are retiring together after their record winning eight year streak.

Annette Edwards, 66, who is currently the oldest UK glamour model, and her famous bunny, Darius, who is the world’s largest rabbit standing at 4ft 4inches tall, have finally decided to give up their lavish lifestyle for the simple life.

After her rabbit, Simon, died in mysterious circumstances during an aircraft flight last year, Annette was too frightened to travel with Darius and his other seven children, abroad.

And with it being Easter Bank Holiday Annette decided that this weekend would be the perfect opportunity to share the news that… Read the full story

In the heart of Provence: Where to stay during this year’s Tour de France

Sunset Lavender field Valensole, France (Picture: Getty)
Sunset lavender field in Provence, France (Picture: Getty)

Watching the last Tour De France I was struck by two things.

The Herculean strength and tenacity it takes to cycle up mountains at sprint pace for hours on end – and the mesmerising countryside the tour passes through.

Green, undulating hills dotted with chateaux, vast fields of lavender, their purple geometric rows fading into the haze of the horizon. Vineyards, cherry orchards and olive groves lining winding roads lit by the sun to a burnished gold.

I found myself Googling the Tour route to find exactly where the cyclists were passing through at that… Read the full story

Give yourself the gift of the bow brow trend

bow brow trend
(Picture: beautylizs)

If you thought the strange brow trends died in 2017, we’re sorry, but you were wrong.

In 2018 we’ve already seen garden brows, dipped brows, and fishtail brows. It looks like doing weird stuff to the hair above our eyes is going to be a thing for a while.

Next up: Bow brows.

They’re fairly self-explanatory. Using an eyebrow pencil or shadow, you draw on a bow design on top of your eyebrow, to make it look like your brows have been tied in a bow.

Why? We truly couldn’t tell you. This is just the world we live… Read the full story

If you’re sick of all the pseudoscience, follow #Nutribollocks on Twitter

(Picture: The Urban Kitchen/Twitter)

There was a time when nutritional advice amounted to eating three meals a day, trying to get in your five portions of fruit and veg and attempting to remain sober until 5pm.

These days, however, no one seems to know what, why or when they should be eating. If one study says a slice of bacon will shorten your life by 10 years…the next will say that vegans are at risk of dementia. ‘Clean eating’ has been rebuffed by some people but it does logically seem to be the healthiest option – if you ignore all food shaming that goes along with it, as well as the pseudo… Read the full story

8 things to know before you go to the Czech Republic

Beautiful Prague (Picture: Getty)

The Czech Republic is a definite must-add to that European bucket list.

7 things you should know before you go to Costa Rica

Even apart from the excellent and varied pun opportunities presented by its name, it has plenty to appeal to travellers: storybook castles, cobbled streets, astronomical marvels … and infamous pub crawls.

Though the language is mostly incomprehensible to the bumbling Englishman, the beer is cheap and the delights are many – it’s more than worth a visit.

Here are eight things to know before you go.

Czechoslovakia: no longer a thing

Some people still refer to the Czech Republic as Czechoslovakia,… Read the full story

It turns out you shouldn’t use shower gel or conditioner to shave your legs

(Picture: Shutterstock)

You know the drill.

You’re in the shower and fancy shaving your legs, armpits, or whatever other bit of your body is sprouting hair. You reach for the nearest shower gel to lather up, or for your conditioner if, like us, you’ve read the same tip in women’s mags for a massive portion of your life.

It turns out that drill is wrong. We’re so sorry.

Dermatologist Dr Anita Sturnham says that using shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner as makeshift shaving foam isn’t doing you any good.

In fact, she says, these products might make it harder to get a smooth shave.

‘Shaving has a naturally exfoliating mechanism of action, so you need to use… Read the full story

Over a third of new mums put up with uncomfortable sex for months after giving birth

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: How soon after birth can I have sex? And will you want to? (Violet)
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Are we taking the aftereffects of giving birth seriously?

According to a new Mumsnet survey, no, we’re not.

In a survey of women who gave birth between 2013 and 2016, over one third (36%) reported that they’d put up with uncomfortable sex for months after giving birth, while 42% said they experienced problems with continence or their pelvic floor.

So the issues are common – but the women experiencing them say they aren’t receiving proper care.

This is down to a number of things: Feeling unable to ask for help out of embarrassment, doctors… Read the full story

Now Lent’s over, it’s time to ramp up the war against plastic


Nature is pretty good at making its own packaging.

Cauliflowers, for example, come in a cool green casing which you simply peel off in order to reveal their snowy white flesh within. Brussel sprouts, broad beans and root veg are the same.

So why then do we insist on adding another layer around this already perfectly acceptable protective skin (which has been deemed enough for centuries)?

That’s a question I’ve been asking for the past six weeks.

For Lent, I resolved to give up plastic. I thought it’d be a walk in the park as someone who’s too cheap to buy 10p plastic bags anyway.

Reader, it was not.

On Easter Sunday, I ate about three bags of crisps.

Forget the eggs, all I wanted was some of that salt and vinegar goodness that I’d been missing out on for the past couple of months. Crisps, like apparently every crispy carbohydrate, come in plastic packets.

These service dogs had a day trip to Disneyland and it made us believe in happiness again

(Picture: Twitter)

We truly do not deserve dogs.

Not only are they loyal and always happy to see us, but many dogs literally work for us as service dogs, providing often essential support.

Service dogs are perhaps the goodest of boys, and they need and deserve a break just like anyone working so hard.

That’s why our Grinch-like hearts grew many many sizes after seeing these adorable pups get a day off to go to Disneyland.

Twitter user Nicole Brown shared… Read the full story

The internet can’t decide if these are horses or really buff butts

The internet can't decide if these are horses or really buff butts Credit: Reddit
Would you touch it? (Credit: Reddit)

If there’s one thing the people of the internet love, it’s a conundrum.

This is definitely what the inventors of the internet had in mind when they were mucking around with TCPs and Ethernet cables back in the day.

‘We want people to fight with each other over who’s the wokest, and we also want them to argue about trivial issues like the colour of a dress!’ they (probably) cried as they celebrated the movement of information through wires.

What a time to be alive, hey?

Speaking of hay, we’ve got a… Read the full story

From Shinjuku to Shibuya: 10 places you need to visit in Tokyo

The bustling Shibuya crossing (Picture: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is a bucket-list location for many people.

It certainly was for me too.

When and where is the next Summer Olympics?

The mix of tradition and youth culture in the city, thrown in with bright lights and friendly people, is certainly a winning combo.

Although the population isn’t that different to London, it feels like it’s constantly bustling.

Just a look at the Shibuya crossing tells you that.

It’s possible to cram in all you want to do here though, as long as you’re prepared to really dive into experiencing this incredible city.

From getting off the plane… Read the full story

Queer black author talks about the moment he realised his male privilege on a panel

Male privilege as a queer black author
(Picture: Kosoko Jackson)

Awesome Con is a self-described geek convention that celebrates comic book and pop culture.

John Boyega, Tom Welling, John Barrowman, and Netflix’s Arrow star Stephen Ammell are some of the celebs who attended the event over Easter weekend, so you know, it’s a big deal to those interested in the superhero sphere.

Kosoko Jackson was delighted to attend the convention and speak at a panel about his book A Place for Wolves but was disturbed to discover something that plagues any patriarchal society – male privilege.

After a man from the audience came to talk about the book, Kosoko was left pondering over privilege and… Read the full story

Use this Zero Waste Map to find where you can buy sustainably-packaged goods

Zero Waste Map shows where to fix your stuff and shop plastic packaging free picture: Zerowastemap METROGRAB https://zerowastemap.org/
(Picture: Zerowastemap)

So you want to try to produce as little waste as possible.

A noble ambition.

But try and go a week without plastic and you soon find that it’s nigh-on impossible…if you shop at a regular supermarket.

There are, however, zero waste businesses around and this Zero Waste Map will help you locate them.

Simply enter your location and it’ll bring up your nearest plastic-free store.

10 ways to stay safe when travelling to a high risk country

metro illustrations
Stay safe out there (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

We all have our own interpretation of situations that we consider ‘high risk’, and this is because everyone has a different risk appetite.

Some people would consider a trip outside the shores of the UK to be risky, while others think nothing of jumping on an aircraft to some of the more dangerous parts of the world.

Do you need travel insurance? What should you look for when choosing the right cover?

Whatever your risk appetite, it’s worth being prepared before you travel to mitigate the risks.

Here are 10 precautions you should consider… Read the full story

People are getting all sorts of advice from the Pornhub comments section

Pornhub bans AI-generated 'Deepfake' videos with celeb faces mapped onto porn picture: Getty Images
(Picture: Getty Images)

Where do you get your advice?

Your GP? Your parents? The trusty group chat? Or Pornhub?

It seems like a lot of people are opting to find out the ways of the world through other adult entertainment fans on the porn site, and actually some of the advice they’re getting is pretty damn good.

These patrons may have came for the anal creampies, but they stayed for the solid life guidance and friendships they made along the way.

Whether it’s recipe tips or life lessons, we never thought people would be chatting away under such explicit videos –… Read the full story

Young trans people who are able to use their chosen name are 65% less likely to attempt suicide

***ILLUSTRATION REQUEST*** Why friendship is so important when life gets difficult
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

It’s really not hard to be an ally to transgender people.

Ask people for their preferred pronouns and use them. Call them by the name they ask to be called. Call out any transphobic nonsense you encounter.

But for reasons we don’t understand, some people seem to find this really difficult.

So to hammer home just how big a difference it makes to do the tiny, easy act of calling someone the name they’ve asked to be called, here are some stats.

A new study has found that young trans people (between the ages of 15 and 21) who… Read the full story

Primark launches Beauty and the Beast makeup collection

(Picture: Primark)

Primark has launched a Beauty and the Beast inspired makeup range and it’s all absolutely to die for.

The range features a bunch of Disney themed products, including eyelashes, false nails, nail files and brushes – which each come with a Beauty and the Beast themed design.

The false nail range is particularly beautiful, they feature a mixed selection – including white nails with Mrs. Potts featured on them, red nails, red nails with glitter and finally, golden glitter nails with a tiny red rose on top. Stunning.

A man’s ‘eye-opening’ Twitter thread on what it’s really like living with women

The holy trinity of house shares (Picture: Craig Shapes/Twitter)

Last year, Craig Hayward moved in with his girlfriend and her best friend.

Now, from the off, we already have evidence that these women are solid, because not many friendships would survive someone’s boyfriend moving in. No-one wants to feel like a third wheel in their own freakin’ home.

So, the DJ from Kent moved into a flat with girlfriend Billie Jacobina and her bezzie Sarah Wright, and was immediately floored by what he saw.

We’re talking a ridiculous amount of hair grips, having to be surgically removed from dressing gowns and incessant poo chat.

Most women reading this won’t bat an eyelid – that’s… Read the full story

Marc Jacobs launches hella cute sparkly soda sweatshirts

Marc Jacobs soda sweatshirts
Cute and expensive (Picture: Marc Jacobs)

If you like sugary drinks and kitsch clothing then it’s your lucky day, sunshine.

Marc Jacobs has launched a collection of soda-themed sweatshirts and they’re super cute.

They’re also super expensive, as you’d imagine – maybe it’s got something to do with the sugar tax? We just don’t know.

Anyway, these sweater aren’t just any old sweater emblazoned with fizzy drink logos – they’re sweater with sparkly fizzy drink logos.

You heard – glitter.

The sweatshirts were first seen at Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2018 runway show, and now they’re available to buy, hip hip hooray.

Sprite short sleeve sweatshirt, Sprite, £415

Read the full story

Boyfriend body shames girlfriend saying it’s ‘just weird’ that her ‘gut might stick out’

(Picture: Twitter/@babyyygucci)

If you’re going to criticise your partner for their body, don’t be surprised if you get bollocked for it.

Shelby Johnson, from Oregon, U.S, posted some screenshots of a conversation with her boyfriend in which he told her that it’s weird for her ‘gut’ to stick out. And Twitter users went to town to criticise his unkind moves.

After having issues with her weight for a long time, Shelby finally became happy with her body, so she was extremely hurt to hear the harsh comments.

Tweeting about the conversation, Shelby revealed that her significant other told her it’s weird for her to have a bigger stomach than him, even though she… Read the full story

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