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We desperately need more mental health resources on bank holidays

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

As someone who struggles with mental illness, I dread the bank holidays.

On bank holidays, mental health support is next to nothing. Most means of resources completely disappear.

On bank holidays, it’s as though mental health stops mattering. People are simply expected to wait until the next working day to seek help – unless they fancy taking a trip down to A&E.

With physical illness, you’re still given the option for walk-in clinics, out of hours doctors and then, finally, A&E. You’re given options for every possible severity of illness.

With mental health, similar options aren’t available.

With mental health, you simply have telephone helplines – which can be busy,… Read the full story

Is this beauty membership club the new alternative to subscription boxes?

Caption: Is this beauty membership club the new alternative to subscription boxes?
Credit: Beauty Pie

Glossybox, Birchbox, and the various other boxed-based alternatives to spending all our cash on trying new products work well for some people.

I’d have never have even thought about some brands had I not been introduced to them through a subscription box of samples.

As with anything, though, times change, and there’s a new kid on the block to get your beauty fix – Beauty Pie.

Instagram Photo

It goes like this:

You pay £10 a month or £99 a year to become a member.

You purchase products… Read the full story

The winners of this amateur pet photography contest are too cute

A photo of two dogs cuddling on a cushion has won first prize in a competition to capture pictures of Britain's pets
Bobby and Cassy by Charlotte Barnes (Picture: Charlotte Barnes/Bav Media)

The winners of an amateur pet photography contest have been revealed.

Over 600 photos of cats and dogs were entered in the annual contest run by PetSavers, a charity which is part of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association.

This year’s comp encouraged amateur photographers to take pictures of what makes their furry pals special to them.

First prize went to an image showing Bobby and Cassy the Spaniels having a cute cuddle pile (above), in a furry situation that we would very much… Read the full story

Cat village in Taiwan is home to more cats than it is humans


A village home to more cats than humans exists, and we want to pack up everything and move there immediately.

Tucked away in the hills of northern Taiwan hides the former mining village of Houtong, which has been taken over by hundreds of cats.

The village’s mining pits closed in the 1990s, with just a few hundred left behind.

The village was first founded by Jian Peiling, who later become a cat photographer under the name of Mrs. Kitten.

Peiling was struck by the large cat population and… Read the full story

Flexible working and the gig economy: Why it’s a nightmare for new parents

ILLUSTRATION REQUEST: The xx kinds of mum you find on parenting forums (Emily-Jane Clark)
‘When my baby started to move around and became a toddler, it became harder to juggle working while entertaining my child’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I’ve never been one for a 9-5 formulaic job – perhaps it’s my creative nature.

And I’ve always loved the variety of my work as a journalist, belly dancer, vlogger and film-maker.

metro illustrations6 reasons why being a stay-at-home parent is stressful

Until I became pregnant with my first child and, the real difficulties on surviving off the gig economy and… Read the full story

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress will cost less than Kate Middleton’s gown did – and here’s why

Kate middleton wedding dress
Kate Middleton’s dress cost hundreds of thousands of pounds – but Meghan’s will reportedly cost less (Picture: Getty)

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress is the closest-guarded secret of 2018 – but there’s one thing we know for sure.

While it will be a bespoke design carefully created for Meghan and far more expensive than us mere mortals could afford, her gown will cost less than Kate Middleton’s did.

It’s not too difficult to find a wedding dress that cost less than Kate’s, given it did set her parents Carol and Michael Middleton back £250,000.

Having said that, the Duchess Of Cambridge, as she became known after her marriage, wed… Read the full story

These are the most right-swiped people on Tinder

(Credit: Cosmopolitan/Antonio Petronzio)

Some people are absolute pros on Tinder.

Their bio is funny but not too much, and they match everyone they swipe right on themselves.

It’s all a numbers game at the end of the day, but some people are doing serious numbers indeed.

Tinder has announced their most right-swiped daters, and brought them in for a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan to show the world what all the fuss is about.

By the looks of things the hilarious bio doesn’t seem to matter too much, as plenty of these Tinder pros have nothing in there at all.

A big turn of for these lot is the topless selfie and the dreaded gap-yah-sedated-tiger pic, as… Read the full story

Foodies will love this notebook that’s got waterproof and grease proof pages

The Chef's Notebook by Stone
The splatter-free chef’s notebook (Picture: Stone)

Do you have a notebook that you scribble recipes off Pinterest with?

Oh you do, good, not just me. There’s nothing worse than trying to cook a meal using instructions on your phone screen.

I love my recipe book as it’s a little trip down memory lane, guiding me through such culinary memories as being unemployed (I made a lot of cheap, homemade granola in that period), my brief yet beautiful obsession with baking extreme birthday cakes for my friends (the shark cupcakes were a particular highlight), and turning vegan (the recipes got a lot more creative).

What I don’t love… Read the full story

Mum lists all the things she’s tired of being criticised for as a parent

Picture: Instagram/ diaryofafitmommyofficial Bad mums list
(Picture: Instagram/ diaryofafitmommyofficial)

Parents have it hard, especially mums.

Sia Cooper can’t seem to get it right, according to all the peopleonline who can’t help but share a comment or two about what they think makes a bad mum.

So Sia, a fitness blogger from Florida, U.S, has compiled a list of the worst (and best) insults directed her way every time she posts something.

The mum-of-two who runs Instagram account The Diary of a Fit Mommy has just had enough.

Sia’s list included being called a bad mum for working out during pregnancy, working out after having kids, for caring about her looks and health.

She wrote: ‘I’ve been called a… Read the full story

Woman claims it took her 100 doctors’ appointments to get endometriosis diagnosis

(Picture: Mercury Press)

A 21-year-old actress was left housebound due to crippling pain – and felt like she ‘didn’t want to be here anymore’ – after, she claims, it took 100 doctors’ appointments to finally get an endometriosis diagnosis.

Throughout her teens Issie Lowe claims she was told she was just suffering from period pain and it took a hundred trips to the doctors before she was referred to a specialist – and only after a chance comment from a boyfriend’s friend flagged up the condition.

At its worst the endometriosis pain feels like she is being stabbed or kicked in the stomach, according to Issie.

The children’s entertainer has being living with… Read the full story

The UK’s oldest Barbie is still struggling to find her Ken


A mum-of-one who has spent over £25,000 on plastic surgery to become the UK’s oldest Barbie still can’t find her Ken.

Rachel Evans has spent over £25,000 on surgery in 17 years in a bid to be the UK’s oldest Barbie, aged 47.

However, despite her best efforts to look like the doll, Rachel explains that she still hasn’t been able to find her Ken.

Though she’s been in a relationship with her ‘dream man’ before, Rachel is now on the hunt for the classic Ken type – plastic, with a… Read the full story

Snuffy the porky beagle gives up deli meat to lose 25lbs

Snuffy was 54.5lb before her weight loss journey (before pic). See SWNS story NYCHUBBY; A morbidly obese pooch whose love of deli meat meant she was THREE TIMES the size of a normal beagle has made an incredible transformation and shed almost 25lbs in four months. Tubby Snuffy, an eight-year-old beagle, struggled to even scratch her ears without panting and spent her days downing whopper sized portions, snacking on handfuls of sliced ham and turkey in between meals. For eight years, Snuffy lived with an elderly couple who couldn?t resist treating their beloved pooch. But Snuffy?s bad habits and lack of exercise saw her weight trickle up to 64.5lbs ? three times… <a href=Read the full story

Woman who had both breasts removed due to cancer celebrates her body with an empowering photoshoot

Stop sanitising oral sex – it’s time we men embraced going down on our partners

metro illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Working on the principle that you can sell people a cure for anything if you first convince them they have a problem, pharmaceutical companies have spent the last few years gradually expanding their product range in one particularly delicate area.


metro illustrationsWhy men love hand jobs even though they can probably do it better

From the merely sinister, like ‘intimate wipes’ designed to restore freshness, genital deodorants, and scented suppositories, through to the truly terrifying – think bleaching, and even surgical procedures like vaginal tightening and labiaplasty – their message is clear: your… Read the full story

Can you help find this five year old girl’s missing toy bunny?

can you help find this little girls missing bunny rabbit
(Picture: Gemma Broxup/metro.co.uk)

Can you help find Sophia’s toy rabbit?

Earlier this week Sophia’s mum, Gemma Broxup, brought the family to London as a treat – as it’s Sophia’s sixth birthday next week.

Of course, Sophia had to bring her toy bunny, Rabbit, with her, as it will be his birthday too.

But sadly, when they family were traveling back from a meal out, Sophia got lost along the way.

At some point on their Tube journey, between 8pm and 9pm on Tuesday 3 April, Rabbit was left behind.

‘She broke down in tears when we got off the Tube at Covent Garden realising she didn’t… Read the full story

Who was Dr Maya Angelou and when did she die as Google Doodle celebrates poet’s 90th birthday

Maya Angelou’s work was revered throughout her life and continues to be now (Picture: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

On what would have been Dr Maya Angelou’s 90th birthday, Google Doodle is celebrating the poet and author’s life.

Dr Maya Angelou is best know for her poetry and being a civil rights activist.

And to celebrate her birthday, the Google Doodle features some famous faces reading out lines from one of her most iconic poems, Still I Rise.

The voices of Alicia Keys, American Ferrera, Martina McBride, Guy Johnson, Laverne Cox and Oprah Winfrey all feature in the Google Doodle video, as well as Maya’s voice herself.

Some of the celebrities also paid tribute to the… Read the full story

Your brain might go to sleep without you even knowing

Young woman sleeping
(Picture: Getty)

Ever feel like you’ve been awake all night, only for your partner to accuse you of snoring in the morning?

Those of us who struggle with insomnia struggle to get to sleep and often spend hours tossing and turning in the hope of drifting off. But we might actually be catching more shut-eye than we think.

A new study has been looking at ‘sleep misperception’, examining the link between conscious awareness and sleep patterns.

Researchers analysed the sleep patterns and experiences of 32 insomniacs and 30 people who reported as having no sleep issues.

Using the traditional sleep study method of polysomnography, scientists examined the brain waves of each person by injecting… Read the full story

Webcam halls of shame and sound-system sadism: How BDSM is moving with the digital times

Digital domination Sex dominatrix worker sub internet camera mistress woman man fetish whip Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk
Taking control at home (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

The sex-workers, deviants, debauched and perverted are no strangers to using the latest technology to advance career prospects and kinks.

As soon as we had photographs, we had porn.

As soon as we had cameras, we had dirty movies.

Sex-workers were even at the forefront of using expensive answerphone systems in the 1950s: phone sex has literally built the telephone infrastructure for some nations.

Nowadays, systems that are used to verify online financial transactions, such as Paypal, were made from programming initially created so people could pay… Read the full story

3.5 million Brits – or 7% of Brits – now say they’re vegan

vegan illustrations
(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Every month (it seems), we’re seeing signs that veganism is becoming ever more popular and accessible.

Tomorrow Leon is bringing a roster of new vegan items to its menus. Makeup brands are increasingly going cruelty-free. Supermarkets keep bringing out new plant-based ranges.

The strength of the green pound is real…because there are more of us vegans in the UK than ever.

In fact, a new study suggests that as much as 7% of the population is now plant-based.

Research conducted by comparethemarket.com and sup[ported by Gresham College professor Carolyn Roberts, suggests there’s been an all-mighty spike in the number of… Read the full story

Oh, this ASOS dress looks like a vagina

(Picture: ASOS)

We can always rely on ASOS to bring us clothing-based joy… although it’s often unintentional.

Remember when they sold strap-on dinosaur tails? When they brilliantly styled out printing 17,000 bags with typos on? When they sold the waistband of a pair of jeans as a bustier?

This time around in ASOS making us smile, it’s a classic ‘this thing looks a bit like genitals’ one.

ASOS is currently selling what they describe as a ‘fluro two tone pink origami bow midi bodycon dress’.

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